Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is a rescue based in South Wales but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. We also take in a small number of cats each year. Read more ...

Many Tears Animal Rescue, Many Tears Rescue and Many Tears are all trading names of Many Tears Animal Rescue a company registered in England and Wales No 6200947.

Reg. Office: Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA14 7HB.

Photo courtesy of Adrian Sherratt

Many Tears Animal Rescue was set up as a Not For Profit Company. The objectives of this Association are: to take in and re-home unwanted dogs; to provide a special living environment; to help them adapt and find permanent homes of their own.

Latest News & Requests

On November 23rd 2013 Harvey went missing at 10pm. Twenty one minutes later he was killed on the M62. Due to the inadequate procedures of the Highways Agency his fate was not discovered for 13 weeks. His owners had a Facebook page up and running with over 5,000 members, they had posters, banners and people on the ground searching for him. Harvey’s story at the time was also put into the local papers. His owners were in constant contact with Highways, Dog Wardens, and all the other relevant sites and departments in search of him, and each time they had the same response no reports of a dog matching Harvey’s description.
.....Yet 13 weeks later they were informed by Highways a dog matching his description was killed on the Motorway, yet it cannot been confirmed it was him as they have disposed of his body. Imagine the heartache, frustration and distress caused because of inadequate and unenforced procedures.There are numerous documented occasions where people's pets have been shamelessly discarded without consideration, respect or compassion for the owners rights.
.....Harvey's owners have requested Legislation to enforce a formulated process ensuring that HA Departments abide by the following: Compulsory scanning of all domestic animals retrieved from the highways; Log report filed and circulated to both Police and Dog Warden; Photographs of the deceased to be held with the log report to be used for identification purposes.
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Many Tears Scratchcards are now available to raise money to help our dogs. For more information CLICK HERE.

Dogs of the Month

Bowie (was Sinders)
Collie Cross
3 Years Old
Shih Tzu
7 Years Old
Bichon Frise
4 Years Old
Chihuahua Cross
3 Years Old
Enya (was Fire)
Terrier Cross
5 Years Old
Toby (was Nasir)
7 Years Old
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