Acer Status: Available

ID: 18496

Name: Acer

Breed: Collie

Age: 2 Years

Sex: Female

Location: In Foster in
Cowden, Kent

Beautiful Acer is a collie who is nearly 3 yrs old.
As I was leaving Many Tears we got a call to pick up some unwanted dogs. A failed sheepdog who was too loving and a cocker (ex breeder) There was no room at the inn so Acer found her way into my car. She is so lovely! Here she is playing with a 8 week tiny puppy and is lovely with all my dogs.
She is a bit bewildered at the moment but an absolute cuddle monster! She's spent her life outside so is just working out what indoors is like. Acer travelled well And is a darling! She is a great dog and would love a home with another dog to help her settle and enjoy being a loved pet

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