Amak ^


Amak ^ Status: Available

ID: 18763

Name: Amak ^

Breed: Pomsky (Pomeranian cross Husky)

Age: Less than a Year

Sex: Female

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

23-03-17  Amak is a 9 month old Pomsky (Pomeranian x Husky) pup.  She is a gorgeous natured girl who is very inquisitive and happy with life! Her name means play in Inuit and that is what Amak wants to do.  She is good with other dog and fine to handle.  Amak is happy girl who would love to share her home with a friendly and confident role model but she could be an only dog in the right circumstances.  Although she is not a young pup Amak MUST attend training classes to ensure she grows into a well behaved adult dog.

Pomskies are a "designer" cross breed dog who are very popular in the US. Amak is one of a number of pups who have arrived at Many Tears after they were bred but not sold as they have not proved to be as popular in the UK. We are aware it might be difficult to find suitable homes​ as despite their small packaging they can also be as bold and fearless as a husky and need clear guidance.  ​Nevertheless they are... Read More

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