Yemmy Status: Available

ID: 21077

Name: Yemmy

Breed: West Highland Terrier (Westie)

Age: 6 Years

Sex: Female

Location: In Foster in
Helston, Cornwall

11-01-18 Yemmy is a 6 year old ex-breeding Westie. This little love is nervous and shy. This is because she has never traveled beyond her breeders before so the world seems huge and daunting to her. She is easily startled and will need a calm, quiet , adult home to help her best to shed her fears and start to relax and settle into a new life of love and kindness. She will need a well adjusted and confident dog in her new home to help her learn new things like house training and walking on a lead. In time this gentle little lady will discover how wonderful her new life is.

14-02-18 UPDATE
Yemmy is growing in confidence greatly each day and loves being around other dogs. She does not yet walk on a lead but is learning to walk on a harness and hopefully she will begin to enjoy the experience after a few more days. Yemmy had a difficult spay as she had adhesions to her bladder that could not be separated.  Our vet feels there may be a... Read More

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