Stevie Status: Available

Name: Stevie

Breed: Pekingese

Age: 4 Years

Sex: Male

Location: Llanelli Carmarthenshire

19-05-2014  Stevie is a 4 year old ex stud Pekingese although he has lived in a home. He walks well on the lead and has met both male and female dogs without any issues. We were informed that he was involved in a fight at the breeders. Stevie travels well in a car and has already spent a couple of days in foster where he had to be kept separately as he was quite vocal towards the other dogs. Stevie loves being groomed and has previously slept on his owner's bed.  He has been with a young child aged 13 + but hid away when a baby was in the house. We think Stevie would prefer to be an only dog, in a home with no small children. Stevie is a very handsome chap who deserves a happy and secure life as a much loved pet.

22-05-14 UPDATE
.....I took Stevie home when he came to Many Tears to foster him to see how he would be with my dogs in a home environment. He was visibly unsure at first when my dogs sniffed him, but when they wandered away he relaxed and we have had no problems with him so far. He likes to wander around the house following my terrier cross and at the moment he tends to ignore the other dogs in my home.
.....Stevie is FULL of personality! He is - in the words of my13 year old - a "really cool dude" and is incredibly affectionate and outgoing. He walks brilliantly on a lead and just loves to have cuddles. He enjoys spending time in the garden, soaking up the sunshine and he simply adores people. He gets so excited and gently jumps up your leg demanding cuddles and fuss.
.....I would be very happy to rehome Stevie as an only dog as it is people he follows and he wants to be in a home where he can be the centre of someone's world.

29-05-14 UPDATE
.....Stevie has been neutered now and has really settled into home life. He is totally clean in the house and very outgoing and oozes with charm.
.....Stevie likes the finer things in life and expects to have your undivided attention to lavish him with cuddles and affection. He adores people and his heart's desire is to please you and I think he will be utterly devoted to his beloved person.
.....I think Stevie's ideal home will be with someone who needs a companion dog and will adore Stevie as much as he will adore them. Ideally he could be an only dog to have his person all to himself .

15-06-14 UPDATE
Aww, what's a lad like Stevie got to do to get a home? Yes, he's happier in a home without other dogs but he does try his very best to be good. As an only dog in the home, this lovely dog will be an absolute superstar! He loves to go for walks and is the most glamorous little chap on the block...he beams with pleasure as his tiny legs trot up the road. He does bark at cats! Stevie is clean in the house and is desperate to be loved.






04-09-14 UPDATE

 Stevie is a stunningly handsome chap who is full of character and charm. Stevie would suit a retired person perfectly as he walks beautifully on a lead and enjoys having his long, flowing coat groomed daily. He is housetrained and walks well past dogs he meets in the park but would prefer to be an only dog in the home as he gets jealous easily. A home without children would be best as Stevie is so driven by food that he would do anything to steal it if he could. Poor Stevie has waited a while for a new home because he has needed eye treatment which is now finished. Stevie would absolutely thrive as an only dog, he is incredibly loyal and he is sad to be all alone in the kennels. Please come and meet this special boy.


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