Lee Status: Adopted

Name: Lee

Breed: Lurcher

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Male

Location: Leonard Stanley Stonehouse Glos

11/12/12 Lee is an 7 month old Lurcher puppy who has very sadly been returned as he was a bit too much for the small resident dogs as he wants to play all the time and is quite full on. He is a lovely and very attractive little boy who is inquisitive about the world and is a really people orientated pup. He does have some separation anxiety which is something his new owners will need to be prepared to work on.  He will need to attend puppy training classes where we think he will excel as he is very responsive. He meets and greets very politely, will sit and pass other dogs without pulling. He loves playing with other dogs and would love a friend to play with in his new home. So a larger and perhaps slightly older dog who will bond with him but take the lead and not be bowled over by his enthusiatic play would be great.  He is a quick learner and will easily adapt to new routines. He greets people gently and is still a bit of a baby although unlikely to grow much bigger.

07-03-13 UPDATE
Lee (Barlee) is a lovely playful pup, quite stunning to look at with his apricot/caramel/stripey coat and liquid toffee coloured eyes.  He loves to play with other dogs of all sizes, and sometimes needs putting in his place when he gets over enthusiastic.  He’s quite the little drama queen too when it comes to telling tales: “SHE started it mum” and “look at my poorly leg/paw/somewhere-or-other” in a very convincing manner.  In other words he can be a bit of a wimp as well as a bossy boots.  But he responds very well to firm clear guidance. He’s very bright and learns fast, so he will love going to training classes with you.



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