Fallum Status: Adopted

Name: Fallum

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Male

Location: West Parley Ferndown Dorset

04-09-12 Fallum is just the cutest, sweetest little 4 month old Pomeranian male puppy. He has come to us to find a lovely new home as he was not sold by the breeder. Fallum has come in with his brother and is the bigger of the two.  They both have some sore skin and hair loss which we are treating.  Fallum would need to go to puppy training classes and will to be neutered at the age of six months.

28-09-12 UPDATE
What a lovely, inquisitive pup. He is walking well in the woods with us on a harness & lead. He sleeps in the kitchen with the others, so he’d probably like a little companion.  His brother left yesterday & he didn’t make a fuss last night. Toilet training is a work in progress, but progressing well. He is happy to travel by car. He goes to clicker training class where he’s working on recall alongside Huskies, German shepherds, Labradors & he isn’t fazed by them, although he’s the same size as some of their heads!! He’s been cuddled by children & adults & seems to be a well-rounded pup. I adopted an ex-breeder pom from the same place last year & he’s doing really well at agility now, so if you’d like a new hobby, take this little man on, he’ll go all the way with you & you’ll both have fun. Poms aren’t just lap dogs you know.

04-11-12 UPDATE
Fallum is such a lovely, happy young dog & bright, too. He can ‘sit’ & do ‘down.’ He is dry all night now & good in the day if let out regularly. He doesn’t ask to go out yet. His recall is good & if he’s distracted just a clap of the hands & another call & he’ll come. He loves cuddles & playing with my dogs, so he would like a companion to play with. He is still quite tiny, so wouldn’t be suitable for a family with young children. He does tend to bark at new things that puzzle him. He sleeps in the kitchen with my other dogs & is quiet all night. He has had car journeys of over 2 hours & has curled up & slept quietly all the way. He is a very special boy that needs a very special home.


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