Crystal Status: Adopted

Name: Crystal

Breed: Sprollie (Collie cross Springer)

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Female

Location: Mold Flintshire

24-11-13 Crystal is a lively and full of energy 1 year old sprollie who has been returned for separation anxiety which made her destructive when left.  We think she will need a home with at least one other dog which may help her settle.  Crystal is playful and affectionate and simply super! She loves to play with a tennis ball and will chase it frantically. After catching the ball she will run in circles with it for a while before eventually returning it to you. She doesn't drop the ball yet but will allow you to take it from her. Crystal sits and lies down when asked and walks very happily on a lead.  She will need some further training to walk to heel as she does pull at the moment but is very open to training using treats and toys as rewards. Crystal is a beautiful softy of a dog and is looking for a loving, ACTIVE home.

25-11-13 UPDATE
.....Crystal has been here for a few days and has settled in really well.  She's young, playful and energetic, so will need some lovely long walks to expel some of her energy.  She is one beautiful girl who may like to try flyball or agility.  She has had a few toilet accidents inside, but she is happy to do her 'business' outside.
.....Crystal does pull on the lead as she puts her nose to the floor to smell all those lovely smells, so she will need further training to help her improve.  She sleeps peacefully all night and loves to see you in the morning.  Crystal is looking for a home where there are no cats, and where there is a resident dog who loves to play 'sprollie style'.

15-12-13 UPDATE

I am sad that Crystal has been returned but happy that as her original fosterer back in the summer, I have been able to take her back.   She is kind, loving, clever, so willing to learn, completely clean in the house, fine left in my utility room with 2 playful dogs while I’m out at work for a few hours, and has not shown me any separation anxiety since I’ve had her.  The key to Crystal is plenty of exercise and a doggie friend for  company.  She has been very social with my dogs, and had lots of fun playing.  I have access to lots of open countryside and she has enjoyed off lead walks - she runs around flat out to start with, but never goes far from you and has a fantastic recall!  She has had a little agility taster, and I think with training she has the potential to be really good.  So please, please consider this lovely girl if you can offer her a busy and active life.

29-12-13 UPDATE
OK, now that Christmas is over.....I’d really love Crystal to find the fantastic forever home that she deserves.  She’s been back with me for a few weeks now and she is such a delightful dog to have.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She is a big softie, and would love a family who will take her on lovely long walks, and she’d love a dog to play with.  Please help make 2014 the start of a wonderful new life for this beautiful girl xx


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