Casia Status: Adopted

Name: Casia

Breed: Cross Breed

Age: 4 Years

Gender: Female

Location: Fareham Hants

 27-06-13 Casia is a 2 year old crossbreed girl who has come from Cyprus to find a new, loving home. She has gone straight into a foster home. Casia is one of the lucky few to get out of the pound in Cyprus and come over to the UK to find a loving home. Despite not having the best start in life Casia is a gentle girl who seems very well socialised. She is very puppy like in behaviour, she arrived yesterday and was very quiet and respectful when meeting all of my dogs but this morning she has been bouncing around, play bowing and trying her best to get them to play with her. I think Casia would like to live with another playful dog. She seems to like children and loves to be cuddled and stroked. 
.....Casia travels well in the car, walks very well on a lead and has eaten with my dogs without issue, she slept all night downstairs with my dogs and was still asleep when we came down this morning. Casia is very small, and slightly built, smaller than she looks in her pictures. Casia has been spayed; is vaccinated and has her own passport. She would make a lovely family pet and deserves a family who will make sure that she has the basic training she missed out on as a puppy and is loved and cared for for the rest of her life.

20-07-13 UPDATE
.....Casia has been with us a couple of weeks now.  She was clean in the house within 3 days and has been a lovely house guest with no issues. She has been enjoying her walks and is very good with all the dogs she meets but I think she would chase a cat as she does show an interest in them if she sees them whilst out.
.....Casia has been left for a couple of hours with my dogs and was fine but she would like a family where someone is around much of the time as she loves human attention.
.....Casia is an all round lovely girl who is waiting for her forever family.

19-08-13 UPDATE
.....Yesterday Casia went to Pine Ridge Rescue Dog Show where she won prettiest bitch class. I wasn't surprised as she is beautiful.
.....Casia is lovely and is waiting for a home where she will be loved and cared for.  She would be fine as an only dog if there was someone at home with her, otherwise she will need another dog in her home as she does not like to be completely alone and even then she still wouldn't like to be left for long periods.

.....Casia is not particularly high energy but she does really love to be out and about so would like a home where she would get out at least twice a day although that wouldn't need to be for hours at a time.

From a Friend of Casia's Foster
.....I was lucky enough to receive a visit from the lovely Casia and her fosterer at my home. Casia came in and was a polite guest from the very start. She was inquisitive and had a good sniff around but was very calm in the new environment, considering what a young dog she is.
.....We took Casia outside and she trotted along nicely on the lead; she was a pleasure to walk with! She even met my friend’s Labrador who is a calm older dog. Casia greeted him playfully but he didn’t want to play, so she diplomatically gave him space and they were soon walking together like old friends.
.....The only thing that surprised me is how tiny Casia is! I was expecting something Cocker Spaniel sized, well, Casia is much more Jack Russell sized. She has a slightly longer body so there may even be some Dachshund in there. She is very dinky and whatever breeds have been mixed to produce her, the result is absolutely perfect.
.....Casia really is a beautiful looking dog – she is like a Disney princess! Silky, flowing golden hair, dainty features, gorgeous eyes... Her incredible good looks are matched only by her sweet nature. When I cuddled her to say goodbye she snuggled right into me with her head over my shoulder. She is simply heavenly, and deserves to find someone who can love her as much as she will love them. Why on earth is this stunning girl still waiting for her forever home?.....

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