Lucky ^


[Awaiting image] Status: Available

Name: Lucky ^

Breed: Cross Breed

Age: 6 Years

Adoption Fee: A minimum donation of £100

Gender: Male

Location: In Foster in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

15-12-2017 Lucky is a 2 year old cross breed who has come to use from truly appalling conditions in Romania. He has witnessed and experienced things no dog should see and he was saved by a Romanian rescue who have very little funds. Thanks to our wonderful supporters we were able to offer help to 28 of these dogs and so now Lucky is here to find a home probably for the first time in his life.  Despite all he's been through Lucky is desperate to please people.  He is good with other dogs both small and large and would like to share his home with another which will also help him with house training should he need it.  Whoever adopts Lucky really is going to be lucky - a super boy looking for a super home. He has a passport.

27-12-17 UPDATE
Young Lucky is doing fantastic. He is well and truly made himself at home and is around 80% clean the house and now sleeps through the night. He loves his chews and toys and likes to get all the toys out at once. He travels like a superstar. He just lays down and goes to sleep. Loves his comfort. Amazing with all dogs that he's met so far. He’s just a puppy wrapped in a 3 year olds body.
Lucky loves nothing more than a good play fight with foster brother Gaffa and play bites us too. So full of love, cuddles and kisses to give. He’s great with his food as well. Walks superb on a lead and totally ignores the cat and fish.
Poor Lucky has had some trust issues but bless him he’s slowly getting through them as we teach him were not going to hurt him. Apart from that considering what he must have been through out in Romania he is a brilliant boy and is fitting in very well in a home environment. He still remembers living on the streets and likes a good bin raid. However this is becoming less frequent as time goes on. He will make somebody a perfect companion as long as they are patient and understanding about his past as it’s very early days for him. He thinks he’s a lap dog and try’s to climb up for cuddles. So cuddles on a nice warm settee are readily accepted.

07-01-18 UPDATE
Well this week has been an eventful week for this gorgeous boy. We have seen him deal with fireworks really well. He wasn’t too worried by them at all unless they were very loud then he came for reassurance.
I left Lucky with my Mum and Dad for a little while with our 2 boys to start with them the following day on his own to see how he coped for a short period. He was absolutely fine and loved all the fuss and attention. He had a bath which he wasn’t so keen on but put up with it.
Saturday saw him enjoy his first off lead walk. He’s a bit nervous of people and dogs he doesn’t know while he’s out at the moment. So sticks with us or our 2 resident dogs. But hes fine with people and dogs when they come into the house and wants to play with the dogs when they visit. He has also visited a dog friendly pub for lunch and behaved like a true gentleman and layed down the whole time.
Lucky had finally found the trust to let us brush him and ended up really enjoying it. He still hates being picked up but is starting to trust us enough to let us pick him up at times. We feel this is just a trust thing as it’s getting better with time and patience. Lucky is a gorgeous boy who wags his little tail all the time. Walks well on a lead, travels well in the car, is great with other dogs and cats, sleeps well all night without a crate, eats well and is now about 95% house trained.

13-02-18 UPDATE

Today was one of my first proper encounters with Lucky. Lucky is an extremely sweet happy dog, he enjoys all fuss he can get, and is quiet when it comes to getting attention. I took Lucky for a walk and he is a pleasure on the lead, he doesn't pull often, and only needs slight correction for him to stop.
Lucky doesn't take any notice of the cats in the local area. We would like Lucky to go as a companion to a larger female, as he doesn't get along as well with smaller dogs.

21-02-18 UPDATE

It's hard to believe that Lucky has had such a horrid past by how he greets you, tail wagging and complete trust. He is a sweet boy who loves his walks and human affection, he even jumps in the car like a pro.  Lucky has been waiting too long for his forever home and I can't see why, all he wants is his own person who will show him just how good life can be.  If you feel that that is you then please fill in an application form and make this boys dreams come true.

28-02-18 UPDATE

Lucky is a happy go lucky boy who is easy to look after. He's easy going, and is not demanding. He walks past other dogs barking at him in kennels and takes no notice of cats either. He's got a lovely personality and is an affectionate boy, and takes treats very gently. He'd be an ideal only dog. He will chase a tennis ball, but hasn't learnt to bring him back yet. He loves his walks, and I don't think he'd need much exercise.

02-04-18 UPDATE

Today Lucky started some training and he is learning to sit. It was a bit hard work doing it in the kennel, but when we tried in the sandschool Lucky learnt well. He is generally an easy going boy who is not really interested in toys and he is not overly energetic. He would like to be homed with a more mature person as he would like a quiet life. Lucky does jump up for a cuddle but he does this very gently. Tomorrow we are going to practice sit and try down, hes a bright dog so it shouldn't take long!

04-04-18 UPDATE

Lucky has been practising sit and now he's got it!  Next we are now moving on to learning to give paw.. Lucky is very food motivated so it makes training a lot easier and he seems to be enjoying it.  Lucky is not motivated to run around, exercise is really not his thing, i think he'd be so happy to have a space on the sofa and not to have to get up for many walks!

21-04-18 UPDATE

Lucky has moved from my section, so I haven't spent a lot of time with him, and he gave me a lovely welcome. We learnt give paw today and he learnt quickly, with treats of course! Lucky takes treats gently. Lucky now shares his kennel with two kennel large girls and seems to be okay with them, but we would re-home him as an only dog.

24-04-18 UPDATE

Just a quick update on Lucky today. We've been practising paw, and we're learning to give left paw which he's nearly learnt and then he's going to learn right paw. When training, Lucky loves his treats, but he also loves attention just as much! After our walk today, we just sat on the bench and had cuddles, he loves to cuddle into you and will make a great companion to someone. He's very easy and met some visitors nicely today also.

30-04-18 UPDATE

There's a dog for every home, and a home for every dog, it's just taking a bit of time to find the right home for Lucky! We took a lovely walk down to the river today, and he had a good mooch all the way and was very good on the lead. As soon as he saw me put my hand in my pocket, he would sit, expecting a treat. Lucky had a really good time paddling and sniffing and it was great to see him relaxed and wagging his tail.

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