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Obie is a 14.3, bay, 3½ year old, Irish Sports Horse. Obie has been castrated, is passported and is up to date with his tetanus vaccine. He had his teeth rasped last year and had 3 wolf teeth removed. He has his feet trimmed every 6 weeks and they are in fantastic condition. He has lived at Many Tears for most of his life, but had a very hard start, before he came to us. His mother died during his birth and he was dumped at a different rescue centre. During those first few very important months he did not have his mum, but instead, due to a lack of space he was stabled, with an older colt who bullied him badly. We do not know the dam or sire of Obie and cannot be sure of the height he will reach, but expect maybe a couple more inches maximum.

I am a BHSII SM and have had a lot of experience with young horses. I have worked hard with Obie over the last 2 years, that I have been employed at Many Tears. Obie has had a substantial amount of lead rein work, including stepping over different surfaces, meeting traffic and long walks out on the roads. Obie has now also been backed and understands round penning and lunging. Obie is not yet an easy ride, generally I will give him some kind of exercise before mounting him. He has been worked in walk, trot and canter and over a pole, along with being hacked out. He has also done some loose jumping over small fences.

I have a close bond and a great relationship with Obie. I find him good to lead and handle, however I would not ask an inexperienced handler to lead or groom him. My bond with Obie has grown, with a lot of time and hard work. Obie loves clicker training and will smile, dig and bow when asked. When he's in the field and I call him, he will call back and race me to the gate. Obie has a huge amount of trust in me and I can sit and love him, while he's laying down. However there is potential in the wrong circumstances or if handled incorrectly for him to kick. Unfortunately he is also fairly spooky and I believe that a part of this was due to an incident when we were hacking out, where a postman and a hedge cutter trapped us and it really upset him. Since then he has hacked out and continued work normally, but tends to find life a little scarier. I'm very much hoping that this will lessen over time.

Obie needs an experienced lifelong home. He needs a person who will continue his education and work with him consistently, following similar techniques to those which I have been using. He needs daily routine, but variety in his exercise. He will need access to turn out and a stable along with other equine company. Obie is full of character and potential and deserves to find his forever family.

Anyone who is interested in Obie will need to complete an application form.
Please Email canvasbags@hotmail.co.uk for more information.

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