Happy Endings - December 2016


Hello to all at Many Tears
We adopted our beautiful cavalier cross, Alice (was Amethyst), back in July 16. She’s gone from being a very scared little dog to a happy and cuddly member of the family. She is seen here with her new best friend, poodle cross, Duffy, and my two year old granddaughter who visits every week.
It has been so rewarding to see her gradually grow in confidence and blossom into such a gorgeous waggy-tailed girl. She can now go off-lead in the park and on the beach, and stays close to us once she’s had a good run around. She even came on holiday with us all the way to Yorkshire.
Many thanks to her fosterer, Jo, who eased her gently into home life, and to Sylvia, for being such a wonderful person and saving so many dogs from their misery.
Love to all from Geraldine and Steve.

Just a thank you to you and all the staff at MTAR. What you all do is remarkable and of such enormous value. Please keep up the marvellous work.
Bethany, now Bonnie, is coming on really well and getting on beautifully with her new brothers and visiting friend. She is eating, sleeping and toilet training well but also beginning to show enjoyment in her surrounding - tail wagging and excited in anticipation of mealtime; she especially loves running about outdoors and almost playing with her new friends! She is exploring and letting us get a little closer by the day without scooting off in fear. We feel very lucky when we watch her coming out of her shell and beginning to relax.
A very Merry Christmas to you all. We realise you need more than just warm words so we will visit your website and make a donation.
Shelagh Pickering and family.


My new owners are amazing and I get lots of walks, when I first came here there was an old cat called Barney who was very nice and liked hugs he helped me settle in to my new home. Now sadly he has gone, we were all sad. I play with some of the other dogs in the street as they are my owners friends and when they come home from school they meet up to take their dogs out together. When my owners take me out for long walks it’s sometimes on the moors or the forest I love running around the woods. Before I came here I hadn’t seen the sea before but as we live so close to it I am in it most days, I love to swim in after my ball or a stick. Which means I need to have a shower….alot!

My new family love boats and I always go out with them too, I even have my own buoyancy aid. Which proves handy for getting in and out of the water.

I like nothing better than a good long run so I can snuggle up on the sofa with my family. Oh and I have a new name too its Sally.


Dear Yvonne at Manytears,

thank you so much for rescuing me and finding me a forever home.

I am settling in very well. I am very excitable and sometimes nip and jump up, but I am a puppy still and I am getting better. I love to be fussed but find it hard to sit still and act like a bag of jelly and fall all over the place.J

When I first came here I jumped the stair gate and went upstairs, but I soon realized I am not allowed and now sit patiently at the bottom of the stairs, even when the gate is open. I did whine a little to start but soon realized they go up and down the stairs a lot, so I am learning to trust them

I love all the land that my new owners have and they take me out on a lead so I don’t run to far. Sometimes they let me off for a while and call me back, which I am getting used to. I have been running up and down the field like a mad puppy and I could hear how happy my owners were. I did play them up a bit as I wouldn’t come back in the house and stood on the doorstep, running away when they came close, but when they shut the door I wanted to come in J

I am good when they are eating food, I will sit and stare at them, but when they tell me to lie down I will and then don’t bother them.

I inherited loads of toys and now don’t need to chew the furniture, although I have destroyed an indestructible kong.

We had a lovely evening on my first night, we went for a walk, then I had my tea and we played for a while. Then my owners watched a Christmas film and I curled up at their feet in front of the fire. I love to lie wherever they are and they have now put a bed in the study so I can lie with them while they are working. I follow them everywhere….

I have been very good with house training and have waited until I am outside, even being dry all night.

Wishing all the Staff, volunteers and my doggie friends at Manytears a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cassie (Was Auntie Sue)


Hello there my name was Tibet/Blue..(.on account of my one blue eye,) but now my name is Daisy. I was very good for the first few days in my new home until my dad went to pick me up and I didn't like it, so for a short time I rebelled. But I knew everything was good when they took me to register and meet the local doggy doctors who were very nice to me. I had a problem with my anal glands which got sorted and then I felt much better. My mum also took me to the grooming salon where I had 'the works' as she called it and this made me feel like a new dog. Now I love playing and there is nothing better than having a rumidge in my mums open handbag, I have lots of toys and regularly have them all out and carry them from room to room . My favourite is a ball of wool in a popsock and I love teasing My mum when she wants to put the harness on me before my morning walk.Anything dropped on the floor is fair game to play with and clothes regularly sprorut four white legs and move around the room! When we are out on our walks someone always wants to stop and say hello to me and I have met all the neighbours as well. I like being out in the garden helping mum and she said she has a new flower growing in the garden. Best of all is having lots of love and cuddles.................Love Daisy xx
So, everyone at MTAR and to Jenny her foster mum, thank you for allowing us to adopt this little flower. She is so full of character, she loves to play and have cuddles she also has excellent manners she has settled in so well, even after the little hiccup at the beginning. Daisy is still a little bit weary of men but is getting better all the time. Our mantra is Patience Perseverance and Priase and she gets lots of that. She has made us laugh and smile again and we love her very much. A Happy Christmas and Happy 2017 to all.

Dear Everybody
My name is Berta and I lived with you until about 2 months ago when my forever mummy and daddy took me home. They love me very much and my mummy says I am a very good, very pretty girl and I am becoming a very cuddly little girl.
Here I am all ready for Christmas with my special top knot band. I have a stocking hanging on the mantelpiece and I think it is full of new toys and nice things to eat! I think I may be just a little bit spoilt?!
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and please send a special lick to Jenny who looked after me at Many Tears and tell her I love my new home and my new Brother Beethoven.
With love from Berta. xxx

Attached is a photo of our current 3 dogs in Slindon Woods where they walk every day. Hoola is on the left and came from Many Tears in September 2011. She is a great character if a little quiet and reserved. She has gone on to save the lives of at least 3 other dogs through blood donation! Harry is in the middle. He’s another rescue who came to us in 2008 - we are his 6th (and forever!) home and he is very much the father figure of the trio.
Puddle Jumper (aka Alfie) is on the right. He came from Many Tears in November 2016 at around 5 months old, and is already very much part of the gang. He’s still a little too lively for some of our 7 cats and the peacocks try to stay out of his way but he’s developing into a real character - intelligent (sometime a bit TOO intelligent!), mischievous, full of fun and a great play-mate for Hoola. We are very lucky to have 3 such fantastic dogs as part of our family.
Thankyou hugely for all the fantastic work you are doing.
Kind regards
Richard Edwards


Hello, as my pal is called Candy we wanted to carry on the sweet theme so I am now called Toffee. I am very happy in my new home I have plenty to eat, lots of cuddles and am now going out for walks on the lead with Candy. Thank you for rescuing me and I hope you and all the other animals have a very happy Christmas. Love from Toffee.


LILY (was Bumble, adopted March 2013) and DAISY DORA (was Olga adopted October 2013)
We are so lucky to have Lily and Daisy Dora in our lives; they are both ex-breeding bitches, so they are still a little nervous, particularly of new things.
But on the whole they seem very happy. They both particularly like mornings, they get very excited at the thought of a new day, and breakfast, and they also love bedtimes. They sleep on our bed, of course and my husband built them a set of steps to get up onto our bed because of their short legs.
I have attached a picture of them at home, and one of them on our local beach (one of their favourite places).

Thank you so much for the amazing work you do.
Regards Lissette Roberts


It is six months today since I adopted my lovely little boy, my Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jasper. I had been considering adopting a second Cav for ages when I found “Bump” on the Many Tears website. The description warned that he was very nervous and not used to being handled or to living in a home – but nothing could prepare me for the tiny little boy I came to meet! On our visit to the rescue centre, he was so sad and frightened. He tried to curl into a ball and hide under the legs of my 10 year old Blenheim, Bobby. I was very apprehensive when I took him home. He was too afraid to leave his crate or to eat, and shook with fear when handled.
I’m delighted to say that he adapted to his new home very quickly. He started to relax when stroked gently and to having the words “You’re safe!” repeated quietly everytime I approached him. He soon began to follow Bobby like a little shadow around the house and garden and was house trained in less than two weeks. Likewise with walking on a lead: he was fine as long as Bobby was walking along side him and would constantly look up at me for reassurance. He enjoyed the freedom of an extension lead and started to enjoy exploring the local beaches and woodland paths with Bobby. My greatest joy was the first time he jumped up to join Bobby and I on the sofa and cuddled in to be fussed.
He has come such a long way in a short time. His personality is growing everyday. He makes everyone we meet smile and is extremely sweet, gentle, funny, loyal and devoted. He’s a real little treasure! I’m so glad he’s part of my family and look forward to many happy years with him.
I want to say a big thank you to all staff and volunteers at Many Tears for making it possible for Jasper to find his forever home with me.


We adopted Daisy on 27th November 2016 from a lovely fosterer Jane, she has settled in very well with our other Yorkie, Jet; she s loving her walks on the beach and through the woods and is slowly gaining our trust and greets us with a waggy tail and excitement ......we all love her to bits and can't thank Jane and Many Tears enough.


We have has Gizzy almost a year. She was a sweet little girl until we adopted Jessie earlier this year. She, Jessie, was a terror, into everything, has to be first in the queue, on our laps, for food and walks.
Gizzy is nervous of lots of things, Jessie goes in feet first, then coming running back to us for safety.
With two older "Charlies" as well, we do have our hands full but it does keep us OAPs active
The photo of the four taking up all our motor home seat was taken in the summer on one of our many holidays. Jessie did have a yellow rosette for coming third at Netley dog show for the prettiest bitch, Gizzy came nowhere!


We have had Jessie now for 6 weeks, and just wanted to let you know that she has settled in so well and was off the lead within 3 days.
Absolutely loves Ollie our springer and keeps getting in his bed with him.
Considering she hasn't been around young children she is absolutely great with my young grandchildren.
Thank you so much Many Tears.
Tracey and Gary.

Izzy has been with us for five weeks now and is making herself at home with her new friend Amy our poodle/shih Tzu cross. She has been such a welcome addition to our family since our other Many Tears rescue Betsy died this summer, she has help to heal the heartache we all felt, none more so than Amy who had never been an only dog before, to say she was thrilled to bits to see Izzy was an understatement, they love exploring the garden together and Izzy is learning all the naughty things like chasing squirrels etc!! She sleeps upstairs in her bed with never a peep from her until the morning when she is a bundle of fun always wanting a game and absolutely loves her walks in the woods and on the beach. When my husband takes the dogs out he lets Izzy off her lead because she is very good with him, me she tends to ignore when I call her, so I don’t take a chance yet, although on the beach last week I did because there were not many people around and I was with my friend who could run faster than me should the need arise!! She is a little sweetheart and we love her very much, so thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt her, she has brought us so much joy.


Hi All,
Our little darling. She has been with us eight months now and is a confident little thing who enjoys every day. She loves playing with Gracie (Sea) and Henry (Marley). Can't believe the resilience of these little creatures. Love to all. Jean Amelia and Simon xxx Happy Christmas to you all. You deserve all the best that can be had. It was great to see Sylvia on This Morning she spoke so well. Xxxxxxxx


Here is bob who we have had a month now he has settled in really well with our other cockapoo sadie but they can be little monsters at times had to lift a few pots up in the garden but just love them thank you so much.
Annette Ozkan

So Beatrice the Bernard been with us for 2 years now. Still a complete nutter cannot let her socialise with other dogs other than our Pom wilbur who she adores and you can see the huge friendly goof ball she would have been with a better start in life when she plays with him. However her life is very good she loves us we love her she is 65 kg rather than the 45 kg she was upon her arrival here but very healthy and not at all over weight she is a very strong girl! She makes us smile every day she's a handful but she's worth it.


Hope you are all keeping well.
As you can see Benji is doing well. He loves all his toys, Ollie the octopus is his favourite, he gets thrown around everywhere, we have had to move ornaments as Ollie lands on them and they get pulled off by Benji. He has got an adorable character, he loves people, and all our visitors get an over the top welcome. He also has a love of music, he actually sings along especially to Katherine Jenkins. He is a delight to have in the house, the best thing we did was to adopt him.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
Best wishes
Delyth and Malcolm Phillips, Llandybie

Mr Lockie and I would like to thank everyone at Many Tears for your brilliant work and to wish you a very happy Christmas. We have sent a donation for £50 and Mr Lockie would like you to know he is now a UKA agility Champion despite his little legs!


Bonnie came to stay with us six weeks ago and settled in so quickly that she took only 1 day to decide that our bed was the most comfortable place to sleep at night and she now sleeps there every night. We're sure that she's been well treated in the past as she has such a gentle nature and loves to curl up on my husbands lap in the evenings, lying on her back to get her tummy tickled. She will often look to our other dog 'Boogie' if she's unsure what to do and then she copies him which is funny to watch. He's the world's biggest softie so we're really pleased that she has such a lovely temperament and today for the first time we found them curled up together in the same basket, so it looks like they're going to be good pals. The only time he keeps out of her way is when she's really happy because then she absolutely tears around the house like a maniac leaping onto sofas and beds, in fact we've now nicknamed her 'Bonkers Bonnie' ! We're also pleased that she likes walking as much as we do, and she certainly likes it when we stop for a picnic as you can see from the picture.
We feel very lucky to have Bonnie join our family and are very grateful to everyone who looked after her until she came to us.
Thank You.
All the best, from Gill


I just wanted to drop you a line as it is one year ago today that we collected Jake our beagle terrier cross from you.
He is very much a fully fledged member of our family and we couldn't be without him. He has really good recall, doesn't pull too much on the lead, is great at fetch and loves to play with other dogs. He particularly likes other beagles, Springer spaniels and pugs!
The boys adore him and he loves a cuddle with them.
I hope you are all well and wish all at Many Tears a very good Christmas.
The Atkin family xx


Hello, just to let you know how Alabama is getting on. She is now called Missy. She is super smart and learns very quickly. She is doing very well with house training and settled beautifully. Missy has been out everyday for short walks, doing well but still very much work in progress, early days. Our other dog, Murphy has taken to her and they have started to play.
Fran Quarterman.


We were very lucky to have been chosen to adopt Frankie.
He is a 4 year old ex-stud Bichon Frise. When we first met Frankie at his foster home, they had already helped him to become clean and walk lovely on a lead. We had no worries at all adopting him.
Frankie joined our family on 5th November. He has made himself at home, loves cuddles and his big brother, Alfie. He sits on command, knows his name and he is so well behaved.
We would never have worries about adopting an ex breeding dog.
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