Happy Endings - November 2016

Here are my three Many Tears ex breeder girls on their first holiday all together. They are from l. to r. Dulcie, Phoebe and Nancy now living in fun and freedom and enjoying the lifestyle they should have had from birth but were denied for so long. They are now strong and healthy and their coats are sleek and shiny. It has been wonderful to see the fear and stress fade from their eyes to be replaced by confidence and trust. They are loving, funny and loyal and enjoy their walks, warm beds and lovely food. They are always up for an adventure and are the best friends and companions one could possibly have. They are a constant source of joy and delight.
Those of us who cherish and love them would like to thank Anne-Louise, Meryl and Anne (fosterers) for their love and care, Anne, our home checker, for her encouragement and support and all the people whose names we don’t know who have played a part, however small, on their journey into a very Happy Ending.


We adopted Connie in August from a very nice couple in benfleet who were kindly fostering her. We have now had her nearly 3 months and she has settled in so well. From the few weeks she was in foster, she was house trained very well. 18 months before we adopted Connie we had adopted another westie Lola. She has taken a very long time to adjust to us, but when Connie arrived they got along so well and has encouraged Lola to come out of her shell more. Thankyou so much for all your support in getting Connie to us and for looking after her before we got her. Please find attached some photos of Connie and with Lola.

Hi All,
As it is my 1st BIRTHDAY Today!!!
Which I am sharing with my new bestest friend Squiggle, who is 8 years young Today. I thought I should send you an update of our latest Adventures.
We spent a week at the end of September for Mum's Birthday traveling around Norfolk and Suffolk, what fun we had! Captain Squiggle and Bosun Scally on the Broads!!!
Here are some photo's for you.
Hope you like them time for my Hot Dog Birthday Party now... YUM!!!
Lots of love and Licks xxxxxx

My husband and I adopted Dana from MTAR early on in the year. She has absolutely transformed into a beautiful, confident and hilarious character! We also have two cavalier boys who just love her and she is so gentle with our oldest lad, who is an amazing 17yo!
I run a stables locally and Dana is as much a part of the family there as she is at home. Fearless but sensible around the horses and a favourite with my clients and visitors.
Dana is so popular amongst our friends and family, she even has her own Facebook page and a twitter following! facebook.com/danathebugg and @Danathebugg
She is such a fun little dog who makes me smile everyday. We have done some research into her breed and she is a bugg (boston terrier x pugg) and I am regular poster amongst the 'Bugg Owners' Facebook group who also have such fabulous stories about these little dogs. She has so much energy, incredibly intelligent and a wonderfully caring little dog. We have passed our puppy classes with flying colours, taken a family holiday to Dorset where she explored beaches and discover ice cream, and is my best friend. We love her so very much and thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to give this bundle of love a home.
Rosie and David xx
(and Dana, Billy and Oz)


Hi everyone,
Well, I have been with my mum and dad for just about a year now. I get taken for long walks everyday in the Royal Parks nearby. I can swim now and and I'm very good at it too. You can see my two lovely older sisters in my photo, Tess plays ball games with me which I love and my smaller sister plays rough and tumble with me so I am getting the best of both worlds. When mum and dad go on holiday I get to stay with Auntie Julie who fosters dogs from Many Tears, I love it there also. Thank you very much for finding me a lovely home,
All my love Eddie


Saw your article in Mail this week and thought you might like to see attached photo of my dog which I adopted from you in January 07. He was being fostered in Kingston. He was 10 weeks old. He was called locket but we changed his name to Jimmy.
He is now 10 years old and is a delightful good natured dog who likes to spend his time collecting sticks and swimming.
Keep up the good work!
Lynn x


Our beautiful now 8 year old bassett hound Snoopy came to us February 2016 and we absolutely adore her. We were told her owner had become increasingly ill and despite having her from a tiny pup, had to give her up, which must have been heartbreaking. She's the most amazing, loving and playful girl. Loves her walkies and running with the kids, but just as much loves her cuddles and kisses. She has an amazingly loud bark and people often think there is a huge dog round the corner before they realise it's her :) hubby made a special bed for her on the end of our bed and she comes up every night without fail. She snores, she barks and she'll easily eat ur carrots and apples but she's so beautiful and special to us. Thank you many tears for giving us the opportunity to have our snoopy :)


It has been a whole year since Priceless came home to live with us and we're happy to report that she has made great progress and has settled down into family life.
We are very fortunate that we can walk out of our garden into open fields,woodland and the river Frome and since her first week home Pricey has been off the lead roaming free with our other dogs.She has learnt to play ball especially ropeball which she enjoys daily. At first we had problems getting Priceless back through the back gate after a walk but eventually after much effort and coaxing she returns now with little problem. In the house she is very well behaved, loves to find a bed to lie on and has a great relationship with Mutley the cockapoo. Priceless on a lead in civilisation needs a bit more work and training, she is comfortable on known routes but new situations make her very nervous and she really hates sirens and horns!! Over the last month she has become even more affectionate and sleeps on my wife's lap just like a cat. She is a sweet, lovely dog who retains a wildness which makes her a pleasure to have around.
On a sad note old age caught up with our blue merle collie Fudge in August who we adopted from Many Tears in 2007. She was much loved and sorely missed.
Best wishes to all two legs and four at Many Tears. X


Dear Many Tears
Oscar has settled easily in his forever home and he is my other dog Paris' best friend. Oscar is great in the park and follows Paris around and walks by my side. We are so happy to have adopted Oscar. Thank you Many Tears Rescue for giving these poor animals a second chance.


A very big "Thank You" to everybody, who has helped to look after Jonas at Many Tears Rescue. Jonas has lived with me here in Tewin in Hertfordshire only since last Sunday and has given me so much joy and happiness in such a short period. He follows me around the house and prefers to settle on my lap, as soon as I sit down. Waiting for his food, or getting ready for a walk Jonas turns into a circus-performer - walking upright on two legs, sitting upright and offering his paw! Can't help but laugh, so much fun to have him around. He does take his responsibility of "guard dog" quite serious as well, with loud barking, if somebody arrives at the door, but then greeting everybody with his familiar wagging tail and front paws reaching up. He loves to go out for long walks over the fields, which surround my home. He is already a sort of celebrity in our village community, as he greets everybody with so much enthusiasm as if he has been here forever.
Tonight we are sitting in the lounge in front of my wood-burning stove, nice and warm. Jonas has been so relaxed, sleeping on his back paws up in the air so I can tickle his tummy, which he just loves.
I am just so happy to have Jonas and all the fun he has given me in this short time.
With love Dagmar


Hi Dogs lovers.
Thought I'd send this photo of Willow and Poppy with their Remembrance Poppies.


Just wanted you to see some pics of Cwtch. We picked her up on Sunday. She's a pleasure to live with and everybody loves her.
Thank you for allowing Cwtch and I to meet each other. We are looking forward to spending lots of exciting times together.
Look out Bournemouth we're coming to visit!


Hello Everyone,
It’s almost a year since I adopted Vix, now called Kitty, from Many tears, and what an amazing and rewarding year it has been.
I picked her as she was such a pathetic little scrap that I thought she might be the sort of dog that gets overlooked:
She arrived as a very damaged and totally fearful lady, a pretty typical ex breeder by all accounts. It takes patience, lots and lots of patience, to move even the tiniest step forward. It’s difficult to toilet train, teach or gain trust when they are too terrified to even take the most delicious piece of chicken from your hand as a reward. You just want to pick them up and hug them, such a human reaction, but totally terrifying to a dog unused to any physical touch, let alone having their feet off the ground. There were times when I even wondered whether a dog like her would be better off living in kennels as that was all they had ever known, and she just seemed to be anxious all the time. Everything stressed her, house noises, humans in general, having a collar on, the lead, going in the car, traffic etc etc.
This is where having a happy balanced resident dog is invaluable. From day one, from the safety of her crate, Kitty watched all our interactions with Molly our beautiful labradoodle. Molly is the biggest people lover ever, so is a great teacher. Little by little Kitty started to trust and gain a little confidence. The first time she took some chicken from my hand was a real wow moment. Even more so was the time when I was fussing Molly and she slowly came over and put her head under my hand. The bravery and trust that involved for her was phenomenal, as was the reward for me.
Over this year her trust and confidence has continued to grow, we even spent some time on bonfire night in the garden with rockets and bangs all around, and she was totally unperturbed. There are still areas to work on, and more confidence to be gained, but we just go at her pace.
She seems to love life now, and is never more happy than when running about off lead in our local country park, politely meeting lots of dogs and she even approaches people in the hope of a treat or a fuss! She is a lovely gentle soul who we love dearly, and look what a beauty she has become – even when covered in fox poo!
IF you want instant gratification from a dog, if you want to pick it up and cuddle it and have it lick your face, or play crazy games with it on day 1 or even day 90, then an ex breeder is not for you. You will work long and hard for your rewards, but when they come they are so special; and to assist a dog from such an awful background to be able to live comfortably in our crazy world is an amazing reward for them. To spend a day without stress must be heaven for them.
Thank you for entrusting this wonderful dog to our care, and thank you for all the amazing work you and your fabulous fosterers do. It’s not an easy path to follow, but it’s such a rewarding one for all concerned.
Eileen, Molly and Kitty
Ps. There has been much speculation about her heritage so I had her DNA tested. 50% Bichon Frise, 25% Parson Russell, 12.5% Yorkshire Terrier and 12.5% Fox terrier -100% beautiful!!


Thought you might like an update on Crumble the OES we adopted in May, well, when he got the coal again today, seriously thought about sending him back!!! (not really!)
He is a little devil, very friendly and active and boyant. He has caught up in weight and size and bosses our big boy Ernie around, poor Ernie, he is wary of our old lady Pheobie and does exactly what she tells him, settled in beautifully and has had 3 beach holidays as well, he know quite likes the sea. First photo is his first evening with us, through to present day
Janice Payne

It is now 8 weeks since we adopted Amber, and she has come a long way since then. She has settled very well in her new home and gets on very well with our other dog Alfie, who I must say has been brilliant with her.
She now loves her daily walks and is no longer afraid of people and other dogs if they approach her.
She is slowly learning to play with her toys
Getting Amber is the best decision we ever made, she is a sweet gorgeous girl and everyone has falling in love with her.
Here are some photos of her, before and after grooming and with her buddies Alfie and Nico at the country park.


We adopted Marge from Many Tears in September and she has settled in so well. She and our first dog ‘Ponyo' were firm friends almost instantly, sharing a bed within a week.
They run around our house at lightning speed chasing each other and then silently wrestle for hours. Marge puts Ponyo's whole head in her mouth, but he seems to not mind! We go for long walks and she is great off the lead, with better recall than Ponyo. She loves people so much and attempts to get on the lap of anyone who is sitting down, (not always welcome!) We love her so much and can’t imagine what it was like before she came to live with us. Thank you so much for all the work you do and introducing us to our furry baby!


We picked up brother and sister Toby and Trixie from their foster Mum Kate just over two weeks ago, and what sweeties they are!!
They both settled in immediately and are very loved, and (of course) they are being very spoiled!
I've attached a few photos of them, including one on the sofa which they have completely taken it over - it's definitely their favourite spot.
There are also photos of them in the stable yard - digging holes in the paddock and "helping" with the mucking out. They very quickly got used to the horses and are now real yard dogs!
There's also a nice one of them from when we took them for a very long walk last Sunday. They really enjoyed it and slept very well afterwards.
Thanks so much for allowing us to have them both.
Best regards and lots of love and licks from Toby and Trixie.

The meaning of the name Anwen is very beautiful and it seems that this is true in Anwen's case on 26th febuary this year we collected her from Many Tears, very soon we watched her blossom from a confused little lady to a very confident and happy member of our family. She got over all her little fears very quickly and is now very happy to greet strangers and loves nothing more than to visit the local common where she can run and greet her friends many thanks to you and this is all due to the chance given to her by Many Tears.
She has learned to play with all of the dogs we meet on on our walks and is most put out if none of her friends are about and of course the best part of the day is an hour with the brush and comb the first picture shows her first night and you will see how she is today. Today people ask about Many Tears and we seem to spend a lot of time explaining about the wonderful work you do.


I thought you might be interested to see some pictures of When (now Brandy) having had just over a week to settle in her new home.
She has done remarkably well having lost most of her initial nervousness and now treats the place as though she has always been here. She has a new best friend in Whisky, my other Golden Retriever who I think loves her as much as we do and to watch them playing together in the garden is a real joy. Brandy loves her walks to the beach and the park and this weekend she had her first experience of being off lead away from the home. I would not say we have totally mastered recall but if I call Whisky to me she is never very far behind.
She had her first vet check on Friday and when they saw the pair of them together asked if I would be prepared to provide a Christmas themed picture for their advent calendar - I hope you agree that it is rather cute.
Thanks again for allowing us to have Brandy. I know she has had a troubled past but I promise she has the best possible future to look forward to.
Steve Haseldine


We adopted Beau 10 years ago, in November 2006. Beau was an 8 week old Golden retriever puppy who had been handed in by his breeder as he had a heart murmur (This turned out to be just a puppy murmur and had completely disappeared by the time he was neutered) I had actually been looking for a scruffy mutt of 1 or 2 years old but fell in love with him online.
We feel so lucky that we were allowed to adopt him, you could not ask for a more loyal, obedient, kind dog; he really is one of a kind.
It was also the start of my Many Tears journey; we adopted another Goldie, Ginny (was Mandy) in April 2010, whom we sadly lost in April, age 14 and following her death I started fostering and have now fostered 12 dogs since June, including 2 that stayed, Monty (was Oreo) and John.
Beau has welcomed every single foster dog into the house with a waggy tail and calm demeanour and is a fabulous role model for all of them.
Thank you Many Tears for 10 years of unconditional love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for our little Willow. She is such a treasure. She has a wonderful personality which we have seen blossom since we adopted her in March this year. She follows big brother Cuthbert everywhere, runs out with him to scare off the murderous postmen and bin men or to welcome me back home after work. Loves going for walks (she is ready at the gate before I finish getting my coat on). She still has some issues and will panic if something scares her although I am glad to say it's not too often nowadays. She has her fair share of problems after her bad start in life but we love her dearly
Kind regards


We have had Lady with us for 3 months and she is settling in with us and our cockapoo Raffles really well. She is now house trained and is learning to play with Raffles and other doggy friends. She was very clingy to start with but is now more confident and I think she knows we all love her loads. She's a little sweetie but can also be really funny and cheeky. We can let her off her lead and she comes back no problem and has discovered the fun to be had playing in the river nearby with Raffles. We wouldn't be without her and we are very glad we were able to give her a forever home.
From Susie and Dave France. Xx


We adopted Poppy in March, when she was about four months old; she was part of an unwanted litter. Poppy is doing really well, such a lovely and affectionate dog, and a full member of our family - totally crazy, but then so are we. In the absence of knowing her exact date of birth we decided to celebrate her birthday today, the 25 November, on what would normally be a sad anniversary for us; now the date is about joy and fun again. The photos were taken earlier this evening, with her special birthday chew.
You all do an amazing job; please keep up the good work.
Best wishes
The Bryce family
This is Lucy, she came to our family one month ago. Lucy was very depressed and shut down. We gave this beautiful girl loads of love and attention and she seems to trusts humans again. Lucy is enjoys the garden and the living room, where she feels safe, constantly seeking our presence. She loves cuddles and fuss and she is a good companion for our little Milka.


Just to let you know that Whiskey, now known as Harri, is thriving. We adopted Harri at the start of October when he was 16 weeks. He came from Ireland and has settled well in our home. Harri enjoys his walks on the beach and having his tummy tickled. He is full of curiosity and loves his food. Harri is a good companion to our other Westie and understands that he is not top dog! Thank you for saving him and giving us an adorable, athletic little scamp!


Dear Many Tears
Just wanted to drop you an update on Winnie. Winnie came to us from her fosterers in Corsham on the 7th of August 2016 as a tentative and unsure dog. She took ages to come inside and sat on the porch watching us through the open door. Once she ventured inside she was frightened of any noise, even the sound of me putting cutlery back in the drawer, our hearts were sad for her but it took only a few days and she slowly got used to her new surroundings.
NOW, oh my goodness, we cannot believe Winnie is the same dog we adopted in August. She loves her basket and makes her own bed to get comfy. She loves her walks and is really good off the lead in the fields where she loves to run. She absolutely loves her snacks, so much so that the ‘sit’ command is impossible for her because her excited wagging tail gets in her way.
She has learnt to play with toys, especially tennis balls, her rope toy, squeaky bone and even her poor teddy gets a good toss around. More recently she has learnt that a game of tug of war is good fun too, but her absolute favourite toy is a pair of socks. During downtime she loves to cuddle on the couch with whoever is willing to sit and tickle her until she dozes off.
Winnie stole our hearts the first time we saw her on the Many Tears website and continues to crawl deeper and deeper into our hearts every day. Thank you Many Tears for letting Winnie come into our home and be part of our family.
Warm Regards
Tracy, Haydn, Liam and Winnie


Hi All
Here is Delilah, 3 months after adopting her, after having her Pre-Christmas groom. She was amazing taking it all in her stride as she does with everything. She was signed-off by Rowe Referrals in October into the care of our local Vet who incredibly is an ophthalmologist. Her daily eye routine is no problem for either of us and I think you'll agree her eyes are truly beautiful? Her limited vision and deafness do not stop her enjoying life to the full and we are so proud of her.
Merry Christmas to everyone at Many Tears!
Love from Delilah, her Ma and Pa and Sisters x x


When my husband took early retirement we decided to adopt a companion for our young active Yorky. When we visited Many Tears site I was amazed to find some gorgeous puppies , their Mother was a black Scottish Terrier and when the rescue took the poor Mum to be spayed it was discovered that she was pregnant, so we can only guess as to the father. Tilly has great fun with our other dog, they are good friends and play chase and tug of war , so our living room is never quiet with 2 young dogs having fun and we love taking them to the coast for a run on the beach. We took Tilly to a puppy training class, which was great, and taught us a lot. Tilly has completed our family. Thankyou Many Tears
Susan Evans

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