Happy Endings - January 2017


Hi, here are some photos of our lovely boy. He was adopted in September 2015. I hope you can see that he appears to be happy enough. He is a little bit spoilt!
We have recommended you to several people.
We are lucky to have him.
Kind regards
Carol Whiteway


Many tears are so proud to see one of their puppies doing so well at agility.

We adopted Amy from many tears in Llanelli in September 2016 she was really nervous when we picked her up but over the last few months she has become one of the family and is enjoying life to the full with her best friend molly, thank you many tears xxx


Our happy ending started in August 16 when we rescued MT Patty now Betty, who came to us totally shut down . She has gained weight and a new lease of life and in December she gained a new brother MT Taz now George. We drove through the night from Cornwall to Manchester to fetch our new furbaby, and he was underweight and weak on his back legs. Weeks on he has gained weight and his legs are strong from playing on cornwalls sandy beaches. Couldn't be without our little trio of shihtzu or as we say in cornwall our shindig of shihtzu.
Thankyou Many Tears x


Just a short email to let you know that Olly is fine and settled himself in like he has always been here. He's had a complete makeover and is now a pampered pooch. Special thanks you to Chelsea who looked after him at her home before we adopted him, he's a little sweetheart, has lovely ways and we have no regrets, thank you to everyone at Many Tears who do a fantastic job.
Julie and Dave Mazzoni.

I was called Cafe before I left Many Tears and went to my new forever home at the end of June last year, where I now live with my family Derek and Lynne and my special Norfolk terrier friend Ziva (that's us together in the picture). My family refer to me as the "cuddle sponge" because I like nothing better than a cuddle when I'm indoors, and I take full advantage!
The village I live in is very dog friendly and I have made lots of friends. Every morning my family take me and Ziva for a long walk through the fields close to my home. We meet our friend Ray and his three dogs, and all go off and play together. I have become an expert at chasing and retrieving a ball, and love to catch it in the air, but the best fun is to chase the others when they get to the ball first and bark at them. I love to explore, but Ziva always keeps an eye on me to make sure I'm safe, especially when we all follow the trails of the squirrels and rabbits in the wood. The squirrels love to sit high in the trees and laugh at us.
At home I love to wrestle with Ziva and we play tug together, or race eachother round the garden and bark at the birds. We have lovely warm beds and lots of toys (most of which end up in my bed) and my family say I am a very bright little girl - well, you have to keep one step ahead of them don't you. Many Tears said I would become someone's "little treasure" and that's just what I have done. I am very happy here and just wanted to let you all know how I'm getting on. Thank you Many Tears for finding my new family for me.
Derek Hood


Sophie... who was Dimple.. became part of the family in early December after we sadly lost our rehomed Yorkie to congenital renal disease at only 4. A friend who had adopted from you sent me Dimples mugshot... and well... that was that!!!!!
She has a big sister Milly, a Welsh Border Collie (from a sheep farm in Wales) who is 8.
Sophie, who now lives in Devon, has had lots of new experiences so far.. country parkland.. beaches... Dartmoor in the snow... cafes and the odd dog- friendly pub...and has a bed in virtually every room!!! She comes with me when I go to my craft studio which is a complex set in 400 acres of park and woodland .. so no shortage of walks and sniffs there!
Thank you, Many Tears, for all the amazing work you do!! And to all your fosterers... and a big thank you to Mary, Sophie's foster mum in Penzance who also knits the most amazing doggie jumpers too!!!


Thought you might like to see how happy these two are! Hamish (Marcus) has been with me nearly 4 years whereas Noodle (Simmy) only joined us in June 2016. They have really bonded although totally different in character, and both have not an ounce of malice. I feel very lucky to have two just wonderful companions.
Kind regards
Jackie Cook


It is now seven months since we adopted 'The Chaps' and although at first it was a real rollercoaster and at times fraught, they eventually settled into our family and we simply can't imagine our lives without them.
We wanted a companion for our Westie Allan and browsing the Many Tears site, I fell in love with the one eyed nine year old Bichon Rupert. On contacting and arranging a visit to the Wonderful Penny List who was fostering him. When we saw him, he was a quiet almost withdrawn character who at almost 9 years old had never been a pet, he had been shown no love in his life and this is reflected in the fact that he still can't really show affection to humans HOWEVER, the love he shows for Roly is utterly beautiful, they are as close as siblings, maybe closer.
They were put together in the centre and bonded immediately, two lost but kindred souls who helped each other through the stresses of the unknown.
In Penny's foster care they became inseparable, a fact that when we saw them together, it was completely unthinkable that we would take one without the other.
New to ex breeders and adoption we couldn't have done it without the help and support of Penny who is always there with advice still and due to the nervousness of The Chaps we still drive the hour long Journey to her to have them groomed, they would probably be ok now to go to Alan's groomer but seeing Penny helps and reassures all of us she is still their 'Other Mother'.
Six days after adoption, Roly, the most highly strung dog I've ever met,( imagine Jimmy White, wide eye and frantically pacing around a snooker table and you have an idea) escaped his harness and was on the loose for nearly five hours. The details are etched in our minds and that feeling will never leave us but is a story for another day, in short, four teenagers saw him running free and chased him, caught him, called the vet and via Facebook we were reunited with him, amazingly none the worse for it.
I cannot tell you how luck we felt and to their eternal credit the boys, so modest you wouldn't believe, refused a reward and were happy to help, all I could do was inform their Head teachers of their kindness and how proud the school should be of them.
Since then, Roly really doesn't like the great outdoors, but the garden and short walks is fine, he has relaxed and amazingly turned into a cuddly, ready for a fuss dog, with my wife Debble. He is NOW super affectionate with her and now tolerates a fuss from me too, he is also a treat monster and sits in front of me every opportunity he gets, with those soulful eyes, I need all my self control to say no lol!
Rupert is still much more reserved and wary, but he is tolerant of most folk whilst Roly still fears strangers. Ruperts devotion to his friend though, is one of the sweetest things I have witnessed in my life, his one remaining eye has a cataract and his vision is poor but if anyone goes near Roly, for any reason, he will get up and come and investigate, if we are fussing Roly and he is unsure of what's happening, he will lay his body over him as if to protect him.
Rupert has a large cushion in front of the tv from where he suveys his world, he is now ten but can be as sprightly as a new lamb if he wants, his occasional low growl if either of the other two approach his treat is hysterical, since the other two rapidly back off, the relationship between the three is terrific no domination issues, they all respect each other, Roly and Alan play and play fight regular and Rupert is never threatened by this at all.
Whatever we do for these two is only what they deserve and the joy they bring us is enormous.
Older dogs, poorly sighted dogs are every bit as rewarding as puppies I urge anyone thinking of adopting a senior dog, just do it, you will not be let down
MT do an astonishing job, I don't have words to properly describe my admiration for all at the centre and all the wonderful fosterers, every dog rescue would join with me in gratitude.


I adopted Tara in November 2011, she was with one of your lovely foster mum's.
At 5 months old she was a little skinny bundle of energy. She loves everything and everybody.
Now, she is a 5 1/2 year old stocky bundle of energy! Non stop, Eveready batteries fitted. We moved house last year and she now has 3/4 acre of garden to run round in, which she does, digging, rummaging, into everything. (We have had to put up solid tall fences to keep her away from the local farm animals).
She is a pest. She is loving. She mugs you for food. She greets you as if you have been gone for years, even if you just walked out for 5 minutes. She is friendly to visitors, but warns if strangers are around. She rolls in unspeakable things. She loves her bath. She destroys her toys (except her dulux dog one that she came with). She has a smiley face toy that is The Best Ever.
We had had her for about a year when a very good friend of ours died. Colin was happy in his life, although he had very little, a lovely man who would do anything to help a friends. The only thing he worried about was his dogs (Hannah and Taz) another of his friends had Hannah - who was ok with her Indy dog and we inherited Taz, a basset beagle cross. A bit of a rocky start with them, because they both competed for james' attention, but they both settled together after about a month. Both of them come everywhere with us, we are reenactors and we are camping at least once a month, so lots of people and new places to walk.
I wouldn't be without either of them for worlds, they drive me crazy and keep me sane.


5 years ago Today my mummy and daddy went to Hampshire to see if I was suitable to be adopted.
That was the start of an amazing new life for me.
I did come with a lot of issues but with a lot of time, patience, kindness and love I am a now a very happy little lady.
I am sending you some photos which have been taken on our holidays. We go away 5/6 times a year. I have been to Norfolk, Yorkshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Brecon Beacons and looking forward to our holidays this year.
I wanted to let you know I am one very lucky lady who has found her forever hone.
Tia King


Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to say Wellington is doing brilliantly and it's like we have always had him. He's settling in brilliantly.
My husband has heightened the fence and Welly is really enjoying exploring outside with his new sister Ginger. This morning they have had a big run in a secure field that's just down the road, and are now both snoozing in front of the fire.
Happy days!
Love Lorna, Lee, Ginger and Wellington x


Shelley was named by the foster carer which we kept as she seemed to answer to her name. She has been with us for 6 months now and has settled in lovely, she has regular grooms which she is slowly getting used to but doesn't like a bath. She is no longer a frightened little girl, can be picked up and touched without her feeling scared and is growing more confident daily, she likes a cuddle on the sofa and in bed. She likes her treats and loves going for walks. She has been let off the lead at the beach and has good recall, Shelley doesn't have much road sense so is not been let off yet near roads. Shelley does not like the car much but is slowly getting use to going for drives to the beach. She loves her resident dog and they have become very good friends, Shelley is currently experiencing her puppyhood she never had and will occasionally chew things despite having toys.
Regards Gemma McManus


Dear Many Tears,
We wanted to send you an update on our dear little Bella who we adopted from you just over a year ago in October 2015. She is an ex breeding dog but has adapted to her new life wonderfully! She has been such a happy little girl and settled so quickly. Her tail is constantly wagging and as soon as you sit down she's there snuggled up to us and just loving the kisses and cuddles she gets. She loves her 2 Cavalier sisters, Lottie and Tilly as you can see. Tilly (also an ex breeding dog) was also a Many Tears dog who we adopted 2 1/2 years ago and who also has blossomed and is loving life. Lottie, we have had since a puppy and she has welcomed her 2 sisters.
Bella loves to play, thoroughly enjoys exploring the garden and is so excited each time she goes out. She especially loves toads (but doesn't hurt them)! We take them all for lovely walks every day and our lives are so blessed by all 3! They all sleep on our bed and Bella always makes sure she has the best spot between us each night!
Thank you Many Tears for bringing us together with Tilly and Bella and bringing Lottie her sisters.
Kind regards,
Karen and Kevin


Bonnie is my 3rd Cavalier that I’ve had from your rescue, she’s absolutely adorable, and the name Bonnie fits her perfectly as she’s a real smasher.
Right from the day that she arrived she fitted in straight away and never looked back, my little Izzie adores her and as you can see from the photo’s they do what Cavaliers do best ‘SLEEP’.
Before Bonnie came into our lives Izzie was missing our other Black and Tan Cavalier ‘Katie’ she was such a good beautiful girl but unfortunately she developed a big heart problem and wasn’t eating or wanting to do anything so the decision was to let her go to her happy hunting ground in April 2015 and as I say Izzie was showing seperation problems and was chewing her feet, no matter what the vet prescribed she wouldn’t stop and I knew if we had another Cavalier this would help her, and it certainly did the trick, since Bonnie’s been her Izzie has stopped licking her paws. Although Izzie will be 11 in July of this year Bonnie has brought new life back into her. She copies Bonnie in the mornings when I get up they both run out of my bedroom into the lounge and roll around and run from room to room before going out into the garden. They shadow each other all day.
Thank you for bringing these dogs into my life, I’ve had many breeds over the years ie Old English Sheepdog, Great Dane, 2 German Shepherds, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 2 Jack Russells, Patterdale, 2 Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature long haired Daschund, then the latest 3 Cavaliers.
Hope you like the photo’s it’s difficult to actually take a photo when they’re awake and I have a camera at hand.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
Much love
Sandra xx


Just wanted to share a little video with you of Millie and Milo enjoying the snow. They have been with us for 6 weeks now. We've been working on our recall and so this is one of their first few walks off the lead. They are doing really well and although still anxious about being left and follow me a lot, they are making little steps of progress every day. They have both started to enjoy playing with some of their toys now too.
We are really enjoying them and they are a great addition to our family.


I thought I'd give you an update on Ruby (was Twitch). She's such a gentle dog - a darling in every sense. Everyone loves her here. She's made quite a few doggie friends now and has enjoyed running around with greyhounds and dachshunds.
She settled in here very quickly. After the second night she's been completely quiet overnight, and gives us a very waggy greetings in the mornings. She loves chilling out in front of the Aga listening to Radio 2 but only tends to do that when we're in the kitchen ourselves.
She loves playing ball, both inside and out.
Kingsley Tart


Hi All
Just an update for Alice. She has now been with us 5 months and has settled in so well with her new family.
She had been going to obedience classes and picks things so quickly. She also goes to agility too and is a superstar at that and really loves it.
She loves meeting new doggy friends and has learnt to realise this is fun and not a frightening experience.
We are so pleased with her remarkable progress in such a short space of time. She loves playing with her sister Lola too and they are great to watch together.
This bundle of joy has really stolen a place in our hearts and we love her so much .
Wendy Orr xxx


Hi Many Tears,
Happy New Year to you all.
We adopted Nemo back in July and wanted to let you know how well has settled into our family. He is quite a character - we have to be careful not to leave our shoes out - he seems to have taken a fancy to chew on them occasionally!
He is doing really on short lead walks now and doesn't pull...his long lead walks are gradually improving but he still is attracted to the birds (as you can well imagine). We are doing more agility classes and developing his recall response - but we do still have quite a long way to go. He is beginning to enjoy playing ball in the garden and responding to a whistle call.
My daughter and I took him to an agility class and he has taken to it brilliantly. (Nemo has made it quite clear that I am the beginner!) He loves it and Josie, the trainer, really sees the potential in him. I have also attached a family photo taken at Christmas and one of my father in law and I walking Nemo together.
Best wishes to you all.
Dave, Lea, Will and Annie
PS We are so thrilled that 'we have found Nemo!'


Just a few pictures to let you know how well Annie is doing. We picked her up on October 10th from Pauline in Andover where she had been in foster care for less than a week.
She is settling in very well with us and our Spaniel Elsa, and although still nervous of lots of noises, we are sure she will over time feel completely safe and secure.
Pauline Lodge


I thought you might like an update on Finn (was Able) who I adopted in August from the lovely Vicki in Midhurst. She was right, he is a complete star! Very snuggle bug and very fun. His fursister Tilly, who I adopted from Battersea, really took to him and they play all the time. She's about 5 years older than him, so the added activity is really helping her as well. He still has messy moments indoors occasionally, more that he plays to much he forgets to take care of business... and he has become quite the toy stealer. But everyone just loves him.

I am so lucky to have 2 of the best JRTs in the world. Although Finn's DNA also says he's Jack, Parson's, Chihuahua and Yorkie!
All the Best,
Amanda Tait


I collected my lovely dog in November 2015 where she had been fostered in Nailsea. I have named her Gigi. She has dry eyes and this went untreated before she arrived at Many Tears. When I got her I was concerned about one of her front paws as there was a very misshapen toe. My vet and I felt it needed to be amputated so it didn’t catch on anything and do more damage. She healed well and is fine. She has a fear of any metal sounds and jumps at any sudden noise. She does not like any dog coming up to her face. I have no idea what was done to her. My groomer said she had found two scars on her back. However, that is all the bad news. She is now settled here and she and my blind rescue dog get on well together. I thought you might like to see a photograph of her.
Regards, Xana Mason


Thanks for letting us give Henri the loving home he deserves. He was one of the poor unfortunate dogs that were rescued by you earlier this year. We asked to adopt him at the end of September and were lucky as his brothers and sister were transferred to one of your foster homes in Manchester shortly afterwards. Since arriving at his new home he has settled in really well and loves having cwtches, going for walks and bossing our three cats around until they have enough and put him in his place lol. He was neutered in December and was groomed for the first time just before Christmas, he was really good for them. We all can’t wait to come home to see him and his face lights up so much. We took him on a caravan holiday with us and he loved every minute of it, especially the long walks on the beach every day. He also loved Christmas and unwrapping his present by himself. He is such a loving dog and is a big part of our loving home. Thanks again for everything you do to help these poor animals find their forever homes.
The Smith Family and Henri


Hi I just wanted to give you an update on Lilly the Bichon. We adopted her 5 yrs ago and she's 7 now. She was very timid and quiet when we got her but slowly she came out of her shell and became the dog she should have been, with the help from are other bichon. We love her to bits, she follows me everywhere and wants to be into everything you do. She knows when I'm due home from work and is waiting at the window for the car to drive up in front of the house and goes mad when she sees me.
Andrea makepeace

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