Happy Endings - January 2018


We adopted Poppy (previously Shalake) and Stanley (previously Chase) last year. All in all we have a house of 3 dogs and 3 cats who, surprisingly, live in harmony.
Poppy and Stanley are best friends despite their size difference! Our other dog, Meg, does her best to keep them in check but it’s a tough job!
Here are some pictures of both the pups- they have been a truly wonderful addition to our family!
Best wishes,
Katherine, Jill, David and Emily

We adopted Mia (MT Eagles) in October 2017. She has settled in so well and we just love having her around. When we got her home she was very nervous and not sure what was expected of her. With the help of our resident cairn terrier she began to relax and gain confidence around us.
She had a groom just before xmas and we couldn't believe how pretty she was afterwards. She was a beautiful girl waiting to emerge! Today was a lovely milestone as it was the first time we let her off the lead on our walk. We realised how far she had come from that shy nervous little girl who kept stopping and starting on her lead and needing lots of encouragement to her now sprinting across the park chasing and barking at the seagulls! It's been an absolute pleasure to see Mia transform in our care. We adore her and thank you for allowing us to adopt her.
Alison and Richard Hubbard.

We adopted Choccy (now Suzy) in September. She was overweight and unfit and to start with, she had to be dragged up the lane for her daily walk. Just a short walk made her tired and panty. But now she is a totally different dog. She is now slim, fit and full of energy, loves walks and car journeys, and absolutely adores her outings to the many local beaches. Watching her gain in fitness and come to enjoy her walks and exercise has been so rewarding; it is just wonderful to see her running and jumping about with pure joy, as the pic shows.
She is the most perfect dog; very gentle, easy to train, loving and biddable with no problems apart from an allergy which she arrived with and which is proving difficult to cure. But we are working on that.
She has also now decided that this definitely is her forever home - she proved this the other night by barking very loudly when she heard a strange noise in the night. It was the first time we’d heard her bark at all, and it was pretty loud and intimidating - and it made me very happy, because it showed she’d finally settled in.
I read about the “3” rule: 3 days/3 weeks/3months for a dog to settle. With us, this has proved classic. For 3 days, she hardly ate. After 3 weeks, she suddenly seemed far less stressed but still had to be close at all times. And now, after 3 months, she has become totally happy and relaxed (and, as the barking showed) completely part of the pack.
After we lost our last dog 3 years ago, we thought we’d leave it to chance whether we got another. All our previous dogs were “unofficial” rescue dogs - passed on privately from people who couldn’t manage or keep them. But then it just didn’t happen, and so we started to look on-line - and just happened to spot Choccy. And we are so very, very thankful that we found her. She wakes me every morning with a wet nose gently pressed to my face to tell me it’s time for her breakfast. I just hope we can find a cure for her itchy skin, which keeps us both awake on many nights. The thought that she may have had this all her life, is just horrific and I am determined to find the source.


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