Happy Endings - April 2016

We adopted 3yr old Ozzie in June 2014 shortly followed by 8mth old Rosey. Just wanted to update you on how wonderfully they have integrated into our family.
Ozzie has come on enormously, although unpredictable with some strangers he is a very loving dog who has learnt to walk on the lead well, loves walks and water and now seems to trust us implicitly. His behaviour has nearly completely changed and although he is not your average dog he is improving week by week.
Rosey is your average border collie, mischievous, inquisitive and very loyal. She has been a joy to train and although there is still work to do is progressing well
They really are like brother and sister and are spoilt when it comes to love and cuddles from us. We can't thank you enough for what you did for them. Most recent picture attached (Rosey had been playing in the mud!)

Wendy Slade x


We rescued Cybil on the 31st March 2016 from Manytears. Cybil (now called Tootie) was a very nervous ex-breeding bitch, terrified of the outside world and very nervous around the human race, which is no supprise. Tootie has been with us such a short time I felt you would like to see what can be achieved with love and kindness her progress amazes us. When we collected Tootie she was a terrified little girl and I cried. We thought we had a long long road in front of us before we saw a real improvement, but Tootie has progressed at such a rate it is astonishing. I think this is due to the fact we are with our dogs 24/7 and also our little Bedlington has taught her so much. We now understand how very important it was to have a resident dog when rescuing an ex-breeder. Tootie loves her lead walking and sits in front of me to have her lead clipped on, her tail does not stop wagging. She runs freely with Crackers now and is excellent on recall, returning to me and sitting, quite astonishing but so rewarding to see a once terrified little dog now emerging into a confident happy little dog who is enjoying life to the full. Tootie is a good house dog and car dog! it is amazing how well she travels she loves to paddle, but most of all Tootie loves her Food. She is gentle loving kind and very intellegent, a truly beautiful little girl who we love. Tootie has helped us and Crackers with the loss of our darling dog at 18yrs. We have helped each other and brought each other great happiness, there is nothing more rewarding. Crackers loves his new companion and Tootie loves him. Thank you for your help it is so much appreciated we had tried to rescue a dog before I became aware of Manytears. We were about to give up as it was proving impossible. Manytears are so efficient, words cannot express our thanks. Di Jones.

Do you remember me? I was was Lymington, but I am now Nina.
I love it in my house with my Dad and dog sister Saffie.
I was caught sat in a chair last week and my Dad told me off (after he took my picture), he tells me off but he's so soft with us dogs. So really I got away with it. I get away with lots and lots.
I've had some training and I want to go to training classes with other dogs soon.
The only thing that I am still not happy about is being left alone, (well I do have my elder sister with me) when my Dad wants to pop out.I bark but I will master that as well.
I have put on lots of weight and I’m now about the size and shape i should be (and Im really strong) and I have lots of toys.
I go to the local beauty parlour, Dogs Palace. and i like all the attention and the posh, what they call, the ‘half show cut’, just like my sister Saffie has.
I love to go out for long walks, i really love The Downs in Bristol but because i get really really excited I have to stay on a long lead. I think that if I was allowed to be free I would just run and run in my excitement and get lost. The I wouldn't know where my Dad was and I don't want to be homeless again ....and Im going on my first holiday in June, Im going to Cornwall
I love my life
(I have even managed a bit of typing)


I was just looking around the internet and had a peek at Many Tears, which is where we adopted our Westie, Bambi, from back in March 2010. She was being fostered in Bristol. I thought I would send you some pictures as she is such a wonderful little girl and I am so often so grateful we were able to take her in. The picture called 'Bambi update...' is the picture off your site when we got her.
She had been aged at 4 when we adopted her, but the vets said she was at least seven or eight, so she is about thirteen or fourteen now. She likes to sleep a lot more, have a cuddle, has some arthritis now and is going rather deaf and doesn't see as well as she used to, but she still enjoys a play and a rag with a toy... and lovely walks. She has been to quite a few places with us, including Shropshire hills, Peak District, Lake District, Wales (up Corn Du), Old Hunstanton Beach, and elsewhere. As soon as we got near the top of Corn Du she sprang into life and had a 'mad half-hour' racing around with happiness. She liked the high altitude! Bambi is ever so good off the lead - just follows around and never goes too far. She is our wonderful girl.
Thank you again.

Nicola Atkin


Being a fosterer for Many Tears and loving dogs as we do, there is always a chance that a foster dog will arrive that you just can’t bear to let go of and you become a “failed fosterer”!
Farrar was a 7 year old Bichon who went to a specialist foster home near Many Tears to have her puppies and after a few months had gained in confidence, so they asked me if I would like to foster her, thereby leaving a space for another pregnant girl! I agreed and she came to me in January 2015.

She was here for a couple of days and seemed fine and then just totally shut down. Wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink, I had to lift her out of a crate to take her into the garden to toilet. But the thing that “got” to me from the moment I laid eyes on her, was her beautiful, haunted dark eyes that looked at me as if to say “please don’t hurt me and love me”.
Within two weeks I had made the decision that she wasn’t ever going to have to move home again and adopted her. All of my dogs have flower names and she became Poppy. Poppy’s road has not been an easy one, she is still a worried and scared girl, especially with people she doesn’t know. But for those she loves and trusts, she gives them her whole heart (like my Mum who she ADORES!) and you see the bouncy, happy, fun Bichon that she should always have been.
I adore my gentle, loving, sweet natured girl so much and cannot imagine a time when she wasn’t part of my fur family. The thing that touches my heart so much with my girl – she “mothers” all of the foster dogs that I take into my home and I watch her lick them and cuddle with them and assure them that all will be ok and that they’re safe now and will be loved.
Here are a couple of pictures, the first when Poppy was first rescued and the rest showing Poppy doing what she does best – taking care of some of my fosters.

The work Sylvia and her team do at Many Tears humbles me to the core – if it wasn’t for them, I never would have had my beautiful girl. Thank you xxx


Well its been 3 years since we adopted 'Alfie' ( was Frank), as a little puppy.
He has grown into a very handsome boy as you can see. Alfie is a content and happy lad who enjoys lots of walks over the fields and particularly loves swimming and is in the river all weathers and seasons!.
He comes everywhere with us and enjoys many holidays in the motorhome on the south coast.It is so rewarding knowing he is enjoying the best life a dog could have, when his future could have been very different. Keep up the good work many tears! Thank you for Alfie, he is just gorgeous. X


Well everyone Melrose signing in. So much has happened and I am now officially in what is called my 'forever home'. In fact I have two homes, one in Kent which is my main residence and the other in Devon, where I shall be going to 'take the air'.
I shook a lot when I left my foster Mum and all my friends. On the car journey to Kent I felt I had a very wet head. My new friend Mabel said they were tears and humans drop them out of their eyes when they feel sad. So it meant my foster Mum was sad to let me go. We write to her every day and send lots of photos which she loves. We will be seeing her next month too. I have a soft red bed which is very regal and a shiny blue bone name tag on my collar which matches. A name tag helps me if I get lost. I have a new name which is complicating my identity - Bas-Louis. There has been some new research and it appears that my forefather's had roots in the Court of Versailles. SO, not only am I a Yorkshire Terrier, l am The Laird of Melrose and NOW Count Bas-Louis of Versailles.
The worry you couldn't believe, l just power nap. My distillery in Scotland produces the finest malt and my reputation has to be upheld. The demand for my tartan has caused chaos and is 'OUT OF STOCK' again.
My foster Mum loves France and used to live in Paris. There is a serious discussion that we may all travel out to invest in a suitable vineyard. Everyone thinks that with my expertise l could have success in another country too. She always loved a bright red drink in a big glass when I was with her and she told us that it kept her going when we were all playing up. I went on my tablet and can tell you all that it is RED WINE from a vineyard. I wondered why she was so keen to get us on the ferry!!!
I have a super, dog friendly garden and lots of humans come who have the name 'friends'. I seem to be a celebrity here already and the summer is packed with invitations to open Garden Fetes and appear at School Sports Days. I have a very temperamental valet who keeps threatening to give in his notice. I wonder why?
My feature in Which is coming up, so our gorgeous friend Sue will post it on her page for you to read. She is a beautiful lady who brought me to Taunton in Somerset, to be collected by my foster Mum who was nervous like me. This was the start of my wonderful adventure to love, kindness, lots of cuddles and happiness.
Thank you for all your amazing interest in my journey.
Bye for now.
Bas.(just a ordinary guy at heart)xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi, just a quick update on Beccy now called Lottie. We adopted her at the end January to come and live in Kent, Sandwich. She has been real gem! She is great fun and has changed a little bit every day. She has continued to be clean the house, plays very well with Grimsby our boxer cross staffie as they have the same type of play. She has good recall and sits on her return however if she gets a sniff of something she would be off...but comes back. We have to take her out on long lunge rein unless she is is in our paddock.
We now wake up with her between us often with her head on the pillow snoring!! Trying to get her to stay at the bottom of the bed with Grimsby, they do not get get on the bed until early hours when they sneak on. She has been on her first holiday to Peak District staying at the Grace cottage there...which we can highly recommend.
Thank you again for this lovely dog.
Shani and Tony


Dear Many Tears,
Thought it was time we updated you on our hairy horror! B.B. (was Obey) has been with us a year now. She's come on in leaps and bounds and has certainly worked her way into our hearts. She's a real little character, winds us round her little finger, all the while looking at us with those big black eyes as if butter wouldn't melt.
She and Bailey Fauve, our elderly French Basset are great pals: he's resigned to her sharing all their beds (at last count 5!) and they love their walks together (B.B is usually the one charging ahead with Bailey following several paces behind like the Duke of Edinburgh).
At the moment her party piece on the training front is 'sit!' Oh - and Ms B.B. is a dab hand at 'fetch,' just not the return bit - loves sneaking her toys off to bed and shaking them to death (all the longbods have had to have their squeakers surgically removed).
She can get a little spooked occasionally but most of the time you'd forget about her background before she came into rescue. All credit to fosterers Jenna and Kim for welcoming her into their homes and giving her a foundation of love and care on which we've been able to build.
Thanks to everyone at Many Tears for letting us adopt our little lady. Even if she does spend more time at the hairdressers than I do!
best wishes
Jane & Martin Sigrist


Hi Nikki
I just wanted to give you an update on Poppy the Beagle who was a ex breeding dog that we adopted from you in October 2015. Poppy has settle well in her new home and has experienced lots of new things. She enjoys running through the woods and on the beach with Floss the black lab. Poppy enjoys sleeping on the sofa with Floss and Jess the cat. She is still learning recall as she is really nosy. Sometimes she has bad days where she is a little skitty but they are getting less and less.
Regards Keri


Its been a year since our new addition Bella. Formerly known as Deidre, our 5yr old ex-breeding Fox Terrier has brought us all nothing but happiness.
When we first got Bella, we were worried due to never having adopted an animal before. However, all of you at MTR were amazing at helping us through the process. On meeting Bella for the first time, she was a poor looking little dog who was shy and wasn't too overly keen on our Ralphie ( an immature Lakeland x welsh). She was skinny ,as you picked her up you could feel all her ribs and she did not even bark. However, we got her home and she settled in well.

Over the last 12 months Bella has developed in ways we did not expect. She has found a brother in Ralphie and he has become her comfort and confident, wherever he is, she will be close behind. She has found her 'unusual' bark and uses it at every opportunity to express her excitement. She has learnt to love food and has put on lots of weight and muscle. Bella has even experienced her first few holidays, weekends away in the Isle of Wight have become a highlight in her life, she loves nothing more than chasing Ralphie on the beach, paddling in the sea and the odd pub lunch! However, she is not such a fan of having a shower and washing the dirt off that she spent all day running through. She loves crashing out at the end of a busy day on a big double bed!
Bella has become a very social dog, she loves to stop and greet everyone we pass when out walking and loves to clean the teeth of big dogs!
We are so pleased with how well Bella has settled in and has become part of the family. She shows us nothing but affection and we are so grateful to have her.
We are excited to see what else she will learn and develop over the next few years. Bella enjoys every new experience and we cant wait to share them with her.
Thank you for all of your help and excellent work!

The Chesterman Family, Ralph and Bella! "


Here is Bobble, one of the 65 poodles, and Lottie (previously Diane and Hiccup) They have both taken a long time to settle in with us and our other two dogs but now they are so happy.
Lottie has at last learnt to play with toys and enjoys treats and cuddles too. Bobble adores our male patterdale terrier and although she is still quite nervous of people keeps us all amused with her dancing prancing ways.
They both enjoys their forest walks running off the lead but making sure we are always in sight. It has been a real privilege to see them develop and we are grateful to Many Tears for starting their journey to a good life.

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