Happy Endings - April 2017

A big thank you to all at Many Tears who have enabled us to adopt the amazing Wilf! He was given such a fantastic start by Steph and then Laura at MT that he's thriving in his forever home. We've had such great advice along the way from the staff manning the phones to the home check to the handover chats with his foster mum. Thank you to all!

Good morning all at Many Tears
I thought it was about time I updated you on Shawshank’s (now Poppy) progress. We adopted Shawshank on 4th Feb via Sharon Gray
As you can see from the photo taken this morning, she is growing into a gorgeous young dog.
Her experience list is ever growing. Starting with trips to the school gate, local park and coffee shop. Last week she had her first holiday, a week in Pembrokeshire, including beaches, the sea, miles of coastal walks, crabbing and a boat trip.
Yesterday was a big day too, she passed her ‘Bronze award for obedience’ We will go on now towards Silver.
Kind regards and many thanks
Rob, Cathy, Amelia and Freddie Watkins

Dear All.
Our beautiful dogs continue to thrive.
They are simply adored and l believe that they are starting to identify that not all humans will harm them.
They are timid , and many times show their fear and concern.
None the less - however slow progress can be , they have great companionship with one another and with Cumberland the resident senior Sausage dog.
They are charming beautiful dogs and each day bring so much happiness into mine and my family's lives.
Thank you , and bless you all.

I wuvs Tuesday eve, my hoomans have started me doing something daft called flyball, I go with my doggy cousin Pippi, he is very small but we luvs each other!!!
Just think when my hooman mumsie got me May 2016 I was 4kg!!! Same as Pippi is now (Mumsie has put a picture of Pippi as well)
Crumble Payne

A year ago today, we travelled from Cornwall to Wales to get this dear little JR. We didn’t know she was a miniature until she trotted round to meet us. What a lovely surprise. To begin with she was a bit grumpy . To be expected, she was one confused frightened little dog. She wasn’t used to being handled. It took her a little while to get used to being handled, but now she is a lap dog and loves cuddles. She has turned into one lovely little dog. She is a good eater and loves her food. When we got her she was 5 kilos but now she is 6.5 kilos. We couldn’t have asked for a better little dog.

Hello everyone, one year ago today we travelled to Poole to pick up Amber was Amble from the wonderful Jan Chatterton. We had lost our previous little furbaby three years before and when Amber came into the house we realised how much we had missed having a dog. Three months later we adopted Ruby was Shambo and they have become soulmates. Best thing we ever did, keep up the good work Many Tears. Best wishes from Eddie, Liz, Amber and Ruby Smith.
Ps As you can see she loves her balls!


We adopted Rose in September 2015 when she was a puppy, she will be 2 in May - how time flies! She is a very clever girl and loves all sorts of agility and Frisbee games.She is a sensitive soul and can be frightened of loud noises and sudden movements. She is nervous around other dogs but loves our other dog Darcie and enjoys cuddles with her. Rosie has very strong herding instincts and will herd up any moving objects such as my ducks! I would love to hear news of the other pups in her litter. I know she had a sister called Beech and often wonder how she is doing. Rosie is always on the go and is brilliant for keeping us fit. We look forward to many more happy years with her, many thanks to you for allowing us to adopt her.


Bailey (formally Tex) is having an amazing time in his new home! He enjoys long walks every day, going to the beach and goes to puppy class every weekend. He is doing so well and has settled in well as a member of the family and we would be lost without him! We have found out he is a Posavac hound! xxxx


I just wanted to wish Sylvia all the best for her long walk.I have put a cheque in the post.My sweet Hilly[Pom] is now doing everything a normal dog should do. She is fully house trained, walks beautifully on and off lead and is an absolute joy. She has achieved all of this in 3 months.I have attached a few photos.

Very best wishes, Hilary Summerfield


I would just like to update you on Miss T who came to us in 2010 at the age of 8 years old….now in 2017 at the grand age of 15,Miss T is still going strong,little did we know that back in 2010 we would still have this old girl with us 7 years later.Im writing this just to say,we thought a 8 year old dog wouldn't be in our life long enough and heartache would be too soon,well as I say,7 years have passed and I would adopt another elderly dog in a heartbeat.Miss was very unsettled I know in kennels Vicky one of your staff at the time would take her home at night and try to help her,but settled in home life really well .Shortly after having Miss we adopted another 3 MT dogs,kootch,squeak and morgan,sadly squeak passed away just before his 5th anniversary with us last year,but all the rest doing well.THANK YOU MANY TEARS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR SAVING SO MANY PRECIOUS LIVES XX

Hello - we adopted Daisy and Molly in January and want to tell you about their progress. They have settled in very well after weeks of not being able to touch them, lots of barking and lice and ear infection - they put weight on, love long walks, cuddles on the sofa and being with us. They don't bark at strangers anymore and sleep through at night now. We took them first time to the beach and all slept in the campervan together - they loved it. They are both so lovely, beautiful girls, thank you Many Tears for the wonderful work you do.
Annette and Russ

Dear Many Tears
Just a progress report on Polly (was Chancey). she has turned from a nervous frightened dog into a more or less confident one. In the house she is a cuddle monster, demands strokes etc when she wants a cwtch. Her BFF is Maisie, who is so laid back she's almost horizontal, which has helped Polly no end. She's got her funny ways, she steals my emery boards when she can find one and chews them to pieces; she won't eat her dinner if I am watching her, so she's fed in the dogs' room while Maisie is fed in the kitchen. She gets excited when I'm putting my boots on for the first walk of the day and stands on her hind legs, like a pony rearing trying to climb my legs to kiss me.
She is nervous of people though, when out walking the streets she can cope with one or maybe two people coming towards us but any more than that and she freaks; she's not very dog friendly either (considering her background as a breeding bitch that's understandable), so when we are over the fields she is always on a 10 metre training lead, which gives her a lot of freedom but controlled. I'm sure she is a working cocker rather than the pet variety as she is always tracking and would chase anything that moves if not on a long lead.
All in all she is a lovely little dog, and to see the trust in her eyes when in the beginning it was only fear is a beautiful thing.
Picture 1 is Polly the first hour I got her home.
Picture 2 is after her first haircut a few days later.
Picture 3 is Polly and her BFF Maisie.
Averil Rhys
Hi everyone,
We just wanted to send this email to thank you for letting us adopt our boys.
Indie, our German Shepherd, has had his ups and downs in the four and a half years since we brought him home but he is a happy chap and we wouldn't be without him for the world. He really loves his brother Alfie (a cockapoo, was Drum) who we adopted from you in October 2014, and the feeling is mutual.
Here are a few pictures to let you see how they are getting on.
Many thanks, Levi and Guy

Hello. We adopted Sapphire (was Taggy) and Melody from Many Tears in January 2017.
We meet Sapphire with her foster parents in Go Outdoors in Swansea in a chance meeting and to plagiarise a classic film quote she “had us at hello”. We couldn’t get the adoption forms in fast enough! We had expressed that we were looking for 2 dogs and the staff at Many Tears recommended that we meet Melody as she had a similar background to Sapphire and they’d make a good pair – how right they were!
When we went to the centre to collect them, both were petrified of people and loud noises. It was heart-breaking to see and the drive back to Aberystwyth with them was very difficult. We were informed that both were ex-breeding dogs and had not had much of a life, although Sapphire had spent a few weeks in a foster home and started to come out of her shell.
As soon as we got through the front door they both explored their new surrounding and settled in straight away. Sapphire immediately claimed the sofa as hers! They soon got used to regular walks, treats and play time though.
The first couple of weeks were very tough as we went through the motions of house training and lead training which was emotionally demanding. Every couple of days we could see them adapting and becoming much happier – each developing her own character. They soon started to walk off the lead and enjoyed the freedom of an open field and watching them run about with tails wagging was a great feeling and made all the challenges worthwhile.
We all went on a walking holiday to the Lake District in March and although our mission to climb Scafell Pike was scuppered by heavy snowfall (Melody loved the snow), they thoroughly enjoyed their first holiday.
They have a wonderful bond and are now inseparable. We often find them ‘cwtched’ up together on the sofa after a long walk. They have learnt to enjoy puzzles and have started to sit on command. We are making good progress with response commands when out and about… but they still have the occasional bout of selective deafness! We’ve had to factor in some extra time on our walks as so many people want to stop and fuss them.
Our lives have changed completely but all for the better. They are wonderful companions and are loved dearly. We are so happy to have been able to give Sapphire and Melody a loving home after their tough start in life.
As we write this both are snoring quite contently on the sofa next to us! They ventured up Cadair Idris for the first time yesterday and are planning a trip to Ben Nevis in the summer.
We are so grateful to Many Tears and especially to Sophie for introducing us to Sapphire and Melody – Thank you
Emyr, Nikki, Sapphire and Melody

We adopted Crystal in October 2016 then Olive in March 2017,
Crystal is a Yorkie cross and Olive a jack Russel cross,
Crystal catches everyone's heart as she is very beautiful and allways rolls onto her back for a tummy rub,and would like to be cuddled 24/7,she's getting better on the lead but lets you know when she's had enough and wants to be carried ,she also insists on giving plenty of kisses ,Olive is a cheeky monkey and likes to hoard by dragging my clothes off my chair and under the bed,she also sits on my chair and drags my boots to snuggle with,she throws her food bowl around including the water bowl which she loves tipping over,she has now mastered the stairs,
They are both very loving and get on with my other dog Tofi ,at first Crystal never barked but Tofi has shown her ,her own voice ,we are so pleased we adopted these wonderful dogs and wouldn't give them up for the world .

Hello many tears
I wanted to let you know how our beautiful Gracie May ( was Lacey) has been getting on since we picked her up 5 weeks ago.
Gracie settled in almost immediately, helped along by the guiding paw of our other rescue Jimbo! Although Gracie ( ex breeding girl, brought over from Southern Ireland by yourselves) wasn't house trained and had never been on a lead, she immediately followed Jimbo, and toilet trained herself without any accidents by copying her lovely big brother.
Gracie was very nervous, but the change in our precious little girl has been amazing to watch and be part of.
Gracie now loves nothing better than walks and runs along the beaches, going swimming, and generally discovering the great outdoors.
She has truly developed into the most loving little character and has truly brightened our lives.
Thank you many tears, for the tremendous work you all do, and for giving us our much loved Gracie May.
By the pictures, you can see how quickly she settled!

Hi Many Tears,
Just wanted to send you a little update about our gorgeous boy. Seb is just unbelievable. In just four short days, we have a chilled out, happy boy who has fitted in so quickly and taken to his new environment. We have been so happy with his progress, that we made the brave decision to let him off his lead on his walk on Thursday night. We didn't expect to
do this for another month, but after two days of saying come and rewarding him with a treat, we felt he was ready. He doesn't go for more than 10 feet from us. Everyone he has met has fallen in love with him. He is walking beautifully on his lead, doing wonders with his toiletting, likes a crate to sleep in at night and has so much fun on his three walks a day. This darling boy has brought so much to our house already. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him. We love him. Best wishes Shirley Lee

I'm just sending you a quick message about my dog Finn. We rescued him through your centre a few years back, he was called Junior when you had him. He brings my family so much happiness and we love him to bits, so I just thought I'd send you some photos. Thank you so much for what you do, Finn is so happy and healthy and we feel blessed to have him.
Emma Blake

Our update from October 2016. We have just returned from another week in St Ives and had a lovely time. Now, as you could see from the video's we are back to normal walking in some local woods. She is acting well to the whistle, hand commands, as well as the voice. She is becoming a confident dog, allowing people to approach her to make a fuss. Carlee will now ignore noisy children and not back off. She is following our other dog's routine now, not being afraid to be hosed down when muddy, she will push in front to be dried by the hair dryer and likes to be vacuumed daily!!!!!
We are so pleased with her and love her to bits. Anyone considering a dog from Many Tears, if they are prepared to be dedicated and put in the hours of work which may be necessary, we are sure they will be rewarded. Providing they don't expect it to happen overnight.
Kind regards
Chris and Jan Bissix

Dad says now I'm in my forever home (really? I have a WHOLE sofa to lie on) I have to let you know how I'm doing.
I really don't like going in the car, and I pretend I'm too unfit to jump in. Mum says she has a cunning plan to train me. I'm hoping it involves doggie treats. But Daisy always comes with me and we get to go on what Mum and Dad call "walkies".
Yesterday we went to a place called Puddleducks and had a walk by the river. There were sheep (I pretended not to notice) and ducks on the grass verge. I was prepared to introduce myself to them, but Mum said 'No' ( what DOES that mean?)
We went to Beacon Fells Country Park near Preston today and I got to meet other dogs, some teenage girls and I played off lead in the woods. Sometimes I got a little lost and wasn't quite sure who I belonged to - and then Mum or Dad turned up with a treat or that special whistle sound which means love, treats, and strokes.
I got my VERY FIRST OWN toy yesterday. The moment Mum came through the door with it I knew it was MINE. I got so so excited and have carried it around in my mouth ever since. When I wake up in the morning, first thing I do is check it is still there. It is !! It is !!
They took me to Puppy Class last night. There were lots of other dogs to say hello to - and every time I heard a click I got a doggy treat. I didn't want to come home and when they tried to get me out of the car I asked if I could go right back. They said, "for the next 5 weeks". That's a lot of treats: I'm such a happy girl.
Doggy licks and xxs


Dear Many Tears,
Ten days ago we made the long journey to collect Storm an English Springer Spaniel from your rescue centre. He is now settling nicely into our home and it feels like he has been part of our family forever. The visit to the groomers was an experience but with much encouragement he came out looking (and smelling) sensational. Being a Springer he has lots of energy and loves his walks on Cannock Chase foraging through the fern. As yet, we haven’t let him off the lead but will in time. Storm loves to play ball but hasn’t learnt that he needs to release the ball for us to be able to throw it again, he is very protective of his toys. We have discovered today that he is able to jump the dog gate which is something we are going to have to rethink. He is the most affectionate dog and enjoys cuddling up close. We cannot believe how lucky we are to have found Storm and know he is going to bring us much pleasure, thank you Many Tears.
Paula, Stuart and family xx


Hello all you wonderful rescuers.!!
Just a quick one from Macy and me. She is doing fabulous. A very sweet , loving , cute and a bit feisty dog.!! She is, of course, perfect all round. She enjoys her daily walks around the nature reserve. She has encountered horses on many occasions, and after the initial reaction of.. I want to kill it... I'm sure I could take it..!! She has now calmed down, and barely second glances them. She fitted in seamlessly with my other three and was house trained 80% after 2 weeks...completely after 4. She took a two hour romp up the Dales last week in her stride, and I am sure she will do the same on the beach in the summer... The photo when she is staring into the oven glass... she kept growling, convinced there was a westie, who just so happened to look exactly the same as her, hiding in there!! She was determined to get it.... Oh I did laugh...!!


Good evening
We just wanted to send you a quick update on Wendy, who we adopted March 1st. She has settled in so well! We all love her and enojy endless cwtches, especially my 2 year old, but she has also made firm friends with our 8 month old kitten Milo. Wendy has been renamed Biscuit by our 4 year old and is responding well to the name change. She has quickly found 'her place' on the sofa and claimed my favourite pair of slippers, which i have found in the garden several times. Wendy had her first walk around her extended garden the local lake today. She came across lots of new and interesting things such as ducks, angry swans and horses.
Thank you for allowing this lovley pup to become part of our family, she really has found her forver home here with us.
Kindest regards
Eleanor Shaw


We are so thrilled with him, he is such a character, a very different dog to the first week, we are now charging around, loves to play ball and rides in the car. He is going for play dates at the vets each week so the vet is not always horrible! Growing so fast and learning really fast, one bright button. He’s met lots of people big and small young and old loves everybody, although he is still not sure of the bin lorry!
Thank you for letting us adopt him, Sylvia’s excellent grooming demonstration – we have concluded he is a tart as he loves everything being groomed! The harnessed we picked for him no longer fits so I have donated to our local dog rescue.
One very happy family and an ever growing Rudi fanclub!
Zoë and Nigel


Hi all
Well its been a year since we travelled up to Many Tears from Cambridgeshire to pick up our little girl ,she was such a shut down little scrap I wondered if we would be able to get through to her, but she did seem to like our old lady Lucy who I would like to add we still have she will be 16 yrs old in may .When we arrived home after a 5 hr run Lucy took over and took Ellie into the garden that was when we found out she was afraid of the grass and didn’t seem to know what it was ,she was afraid of so many things in those first few weeks, We made a little cave where she could escape to when she felt she needed to . One thing which with a Shih Tzu is a good thing she would let us groom her, while I wont say she enjoyed it but I don’t think she hated it.She had drops for her ears which I have to admit was a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end. The day when she lifted her tail up over her back and stalked around the patio was a great day we felt she knew she was home,, from that day on there seemed to be a first everyday, first tail wag, first bark, and first play with the toys we had bought her, which she still has one of she has destroyed the others but pink bunny has always been first choice ,Ellie loves our static caravan and took to it straight away and while she s not keen on the sea she loves the walk on the sand.She still has a few issues the hoover and the lawnmower to name .Although I wouldn’t say she is fully house trained as she doesn’t ask to go out but she does stand near the door we just watch her accidents are few now..7 weeks ago we adopted another little girl so family has grown now and Ellie has a new friend..Thank you for letting us adopt Ellie she is a joy ..

Hi Everyone
I’ve attached a photo just to let you know we aren’t always fast asleep (just most of the time lol). Izzie the Blenheim Cavalier was known as Isabelle when she was new in MT’s, she has been with me for 4 years and will be 11 years old this July. After losing my beautiful Black and Tan Cavalier Katie (she was previously named August at MT’s) had massive heart problems and had to be put to sleep aged 10 years, Izzie was lost without her and began chewing her feet making her fur pink colour, although a visit to the vet in case she was chewing her feet for some other reason came to nothing I really new she was missing Katie so decided to adopt another Cavalier from MT’s and that’s when Bonnie (known at MT’s as Twist) came into our lives last September and she worked wonders for Izzie as she stopped chewing her feet, they have bonded so well together they even drink out of the same bowl at the same time, and are always cuddled up together.
We (me, Izzie and Bonnie) want to thank you for bringing my girls into my life and a special THANK YOU to Noel who is the fosterer (in Llanelli) that I have had all my Cavaliers from as he’s the most thoughtful, helpful person you could ever wish to meet, I keep in touch with him almost daily.
Lorry loads of love from me (Sandra), Izzie and Bonnie xxxxxxx

When Robyn was rescued by Many Tears in June 2016, she was severely underweight, had hardly any fur on her chest, no fur around her bottom and the white fur on her tail was stained yellow where she had been sitting in her own urine. For the short time she was in MT kennels and in foster, the road to recovery began and this continued when we adopted her in July. She was so weak we often had to carry her outside to the garden. We fed her three small meals a day to build up her strength and gave her medicated baths to improve the condition of her fur. The photo on the left is when she was first rescued, and fast forward to now (and the other 3 photos so you can see the transformation), we have a little girl who is the perfect weight, with a thick glossy coat, who enjoys short walks and likes to run in the garden...and her tail constantly wags as she is so happy. Thank you Many Tears as we are so grateful to Many Tears for letting us adopt her.
Fiona, Logan, Glenn and Brooke X

We adopted our second Many Tears rescue, Didi, from you just over 4 weeks ago. What a beautiful little thing she is! For a dog thats never lived in a home, her house training and recall are fantastic! She's happy going in the car and sleeping in her crate at night. Our other two dogs have welcomed her in, shared their bed and their walks. She even had presents on her birthday!
All in all she has totally enriched our lives and has been spoilt rotten.
Thank you Many Tears, once again for saving her little life!

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