Happy Endings - February 2017

Hello Many Tears,
Three weeks ago we made the journey from Durham to collect Patch now Meg with our lovely girl Hetty, also an ex breeding Basset from Many Tears in 2012. Hetty is so gentle with her as I knew she would be and has not once shown dominance towards her. I have not known such a frightened, nervous girl as Meg but from the beginning she trusted Hetty and my Aunties dog Sally enough to know that if they could do it then so could she. Meg has a beautiful personality. She is loving her food and is putting weight on slowly as she was and still is extremely thin. We are attending fat club at the vets for occasional weigh ins. Meg was petrified of the leader so secured her by collar and harness to make certain of her safety. She is improving on the leader but continues to look back at the house all the time we are within visual distance but then she relaxes and walks around the park with her tail in the air wagging all the time and has a spring in her step. She does have a problem with older men and you can see her fear immediately but she is now taking food out of my dads hand as long as he is seated and takes off his cap. I cannot believe how she is developing in such a short time and its lovely to see this new puppy side that is emerging. I would sincerely like to thank Marion (home vet) for being so kind and helpful (especially her time on a weekend), Anne-Louise (fosterer) for the advice and assistance as always and of course Jenna (fosterer) who got Meg over a difficult period of being shut down and for showing her the light.
Eileen xx

Hello there, I thought I would send you a quick update on our beautiful boy we collected from you on Wednesday 16th February. He has settled really well and is slowly getting used to his new surroundings. Thank you so much.
Marian Holden


Hi there
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for allowing us to adopt Fusspot the chocolate dachshund pup 5 weeks ago. She's now called Lilie. (The German spelling of lily since she's a little German sausage!)
She is so funny and her big brother adores her, as she does him.
We thought it a bit odd that such a puppy ended up in rescue but we believe a deformity of her lower jaw is why she was not sold by her breeder. She may well need referral dentistry work to sort out her teeth when they come through, to stop them digging in to her palate. Insurance won't cover it so the holiday this year has been staged down slightly! but we are pretty sure that fate brought us Lilie, so we could sort this out for her :)
Here are some photos. You must get huge numbers of 'thank you' emails and I'm sure you have enough to be doing, but we really are so thrilled with her (as is she with her new life) that we wanted to thank you.
Ysobel and Matt


Just to let you know that Milo is almost a model dog now! Still has an eversion to Postmen and White Vans - progress not perfection!
He has become very attached to the cat, and they sleep close together. He adores the Grandchildren and plays and amuses them everyday. We spent a wonderful New Year over in Guernsey staying in a cottage on a farm near the West Coast - so lots of beach walks and cosy nights by the wood-burner. He is a constant and devoted companion to Molly - she is visually impaired, and he cares for her, reassures her and is her constant companion. So between Molly, the cat and me he has his work cut out - a real man about the house. We enjoy long walks up country and through the woods, and his re-call is really good now. He has grown and matured beyond all our our expectations and we could not imagine life without him. Thank-you for all you do for these deserving dogs, it is greatly appreciated by us all.
Take care, and many thanks,


My name now is Barney, I live with my 2 sisters Rosie another blenhiem and poppy a tri. We have great fun together we go to our caravan in Cornwall and I run on the beach, I had never been on sand before. We also have regular trips onto the moors in Devon where we live and have fun playing . When I first arrived at my new home I didn't know how to get down the stairs indoors I kept falling but my sister Rosie (who is like a mum to both poppy and me) saw I was having problems and was frightened and showed me how to do it. I followed them out to the garden and learnt that was where I was to go if I needed to. I was told I was a good boy and within a week was "house trained". I love my new home my sisters and my humans. They are so happy that many tears let them have me and we are all a family.


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
Daisy is the most incredible little dog. Brenda her owner is quite deaf and after going through ovarian cancer, a full hysterectomy and a course of chemotherapy Daisy is the best medicine she could of had.
Steven and Angela did a brilliant job in the foster home. Giving her and her little friend Boogie a headstart in living in a home. We had a jealousy issue at first with my 12 year old border terrier Aggie. This was nipped in the bud straight away and now she loves Aggie and allows her to lead the way. She is not really phased by much except bigger dogs which we are working on. She has been on a bus and a train which she loves and her afternoon car rides to off lead walks with Aggie and myself I think is her favourite time of day. She tears around and encourages Aggie into a game of chase. Which she sweetly slows down so that Ags can keep going. They actually really love one another.
Again thankyou all for uniting us with her.


Thought I'd give you an update on Pittter Patter, now known as Nelly who we've had for just over a month.
The transformation is amazing, she's gone from a terrified, skinny girl who didn't trust anyone to being a happy dog, gaining confidence every day, she charges around the garden with out other dogs and walks on and off her lead. Many thanks to Steve who advised me on strategies for helping with the lead training, which was the most challenging part of her rehab. I didn't rush it and after about three weeks I think she got fed up with being left behind when the other dogs went for a walk and just decided one day to come along.
She's still got a few neuroses, such as metal gates closing and anything approaching from behind her but even these are getting better each day.
She's a lovely dog and we're all very pleased with her. Thank you for all the hard work you do rehoming all these desperate dogs.
Best Wishes


We were very lucky to be able to give Sam his forever home
What an adorable little chap he is, he has so much love to give and we have so much to give him in return.
We read about Sam and whoever took the time to write all about him let me just say well done because you were spot on.
We collected sam January 21 and so many of your staff came to say goodbye to him, some in tears.
The car journey was nearly 3 hours and almost 200 mile and all this time Sam was so good in his cage, not a sound
Got home went for a walk and he did his business (bless him)
1st night he howled for all of 2 minutes........... next morning he had messed in his cage, I guess I expected it with the journey and strange excited new owners.........
Let me tell you that was the first and last time he not only messed or weed not only in the house but also in the garden.......he has at least 5 walks a day so good on the lead, so clean he has been to the pet parlour, memory foam bed he's so good and we so love him
We will keep in touch
A BIG thank you to everyone at many tears for all the hard work and dedication you give
Christine, Steve and Sam


I like it here very much, but Christmas can be confusing...decorations and all that,they do get tangled up everywhere!
Anyway, I have been living happily with my new family for just over two years now, and wanted to thank Many Tears for offering me shelter while I waited for them to find me. They do a fantastic job of re-homing so many.
Now that I'm here, I spend two or three hours a day walking on beaches and in woods, I have an awful lot of energy, but the family find it fun too.
Thank you so much for this chance to have a proper home and so much fun, I wish they would take this tinsel off me now though...


I adopted Bonnie in July 2016. Initially she was nervous of the house, the car, traffic and open spaces. She didn't sleep in her bed to begin with. Now she has to ruffle up her blankets to get extra comfort! We have taken things slowly and she has come on leaps and bounds. Initially walks were an effort, but now she loves her walks and chasing her ball. Our first visit to the beach was SLOW. But we took our time and after 2 hours with the boot of the car open she decided to be brave enough to jump out. Now she willingly jumps into the car. She loves visiting new beaches. She wouldn't cross the road for weeks now she will. She is so much more confident and loves to explore on her walks which is a big improvement. Bonnie has gone from pacing the house all night long to settling into to domestic life. She still likes to wake up early!! (Must train her to lie-in on a day off!!) She is really quite mischievous now which is fun. She hunts down anything soft like socks! So we need to keep a sharp eye on her else they will be in holes! She loves training and gets really excited when she grasps the skill. Bonnie loved her first Christmas with us and was so good. She kinda got into the opening presents idea and also helped with unwrapping my birthday gifts. She coped really well on a weeks holiday recently in Cornwall. She was so relaxed. Poor old Bonnie had to have an operation back in November to remove her ear canals which were in such a state due to a previous lack of care but has recovered really well. Quite simply Bonnie wags her tail more than ever now and that says it all. I adore her. She is beautiful in appearance and character. I adore her.


We adopted Mississippi 1 year ago today. We call her Missy and this is what she looks like now. She had just been to the groomers when this was taken. We think she is very happy, she should be she rules the roost. Many thanks for letting us adopt her we love her to bits.

It's Casper 's ( Bono) first Gotcha day. We are so grateful to you.


It’s been almost 6 months since we adopted Nutmeg (was Nosey), our little shih-tzu x bichon. During this time, she has transformed from a shut down and scared little girl who would hide from us, into a sweet and affectionate companion. Nutmeg quickly learned to walk on a lead and this seems to have been key to her progress as she LOVES her walkies! We’re lucky to live in a rural area with plenty of quiet fields in which to walk and this is when we really see the happy, confident and carefree dog that Nutmeg should always have been. She loves tearing around and exploring with her brother Truffle, as well as rolling…lots of rolling (in anything, the smellier the better!!).
Nutmeg was initially wary of my husband Andrew although all this changed over Christmas when he was around a lot more. As you can see from the photo, Nutmeg (in the middle) is now only too happy to join Truffle and our cat Roo in piling onto Andrew for an evening snooze! She does remain nervous with new people and in busy places but given the progress she has made to date, I’m sure this will come in time. It gives us enormous pleasure to see the transformation in this little dog and we love her to bits. Thank you to everyone at Many Tears for rescuing Nutmeg and for all the wonderful work you do.
Best Wishes
Sarah, Andrew, Truffle, Nutmeg and Roo xx


So, Connie and Tiny Dancer (Now known as Darcy) have been with us now for just over a week, and they have settled in brilliantly.

Upon arrival at the house, they both came in and made themselves at home as if they have lived with us for years and greeted everyone who came to visit them with wagging tails and a lot of fuss. Their first night was a little unsettled, as it was all new and unfamiliar to them. However that was short lived, and ever since then they know when it’s bed time and take themselves off to their bedroom ‘the family room’, where they both curl up on their sofa and we don’t hear a peep from them until the following morning. They get walked 2/3 times a day, in the morning, lunch time and in the evenings. We are extremely fortunately to live in such a beautiful part of the country, so they spend their walks either playing in the field, or exploring the woods behind the house.

I have attached a few photo’s for you, to show everyone what loving Beagles they are and how amazing they are with our children. They love nothing better than to follow the boys around the house, and they really like getting involved in the games they are playing with their friends. Connie and Darcy have captured the hearts of our neighbours children as well, so they regularly come around to see them and we usually have about 4 kids walking them with us during the evenings.

We will send further updates from time to time to let you know how they are getting on – but for now they are both extremely happy and content living in our home, they have been socialised with my in-laws family dog, so we look forward to spending time walking them together.

Kelly, Adam, Oliver and Rory Clark


Hi, we wanted to send you an update of Frankie we adopted 23 Dec 2016. Having never lived, or ever even been in a house, it was understandable he was excited he was for the first few hours. However we were amazed by how quickly he settled, after arriving home at just 2pm, by 7pm he chose to ignore his own new bed and climb in alongside our deaf Dalmatian Henry where he slept peacefully all night and has chosen to go ever since.
We have been doing some basic training and for a 9yr old dog his learning skills are unbelievable (especially as he only arrived from Cyprus in November so language also a challenge for him) sit, wait, down, come, no, GOOD BOY and sign language!
After initially trying to chase every bird that flew by, he started to calm and grow used the daily walk sights and sounds of Pembrokeshire. His recall has become so fantastic we have briefly let him have a run with a ball on secluded beaches, where he comes bounding back for a fuss and treat . He has also become very perceptive towards Henry whilst out - particularly if he is on occasion off his lead .
He is like my little shadow and always eager to jump back in the car or charge back through the front door of home. We have not had a single accident, nothing has been chewed or touched (okay, perhaps the odd stolen bra from a pile of dirty washing!) even when on occasion left for a couple of hours.
He is such a responsive, loving dog who gets along with everyone he meets - cats included.
Thank you so much Many Tears for entrusting gorgeous Frankie into our care, he is such an adorable addition to our family and always will be loved.


It is 12 months since Anwen came to her forever home and it has been lovely to see her develop into the happy little lady that enjoys life and we cannot wait for the better weather to arrive so we can spend even more time in the local common. It has given us so much pleasure to watch her develop and become such a happy girl many people who we meet on our walks say that she always seems to be smiling, they seem amazed at how she has changed. We are having so much pleasure being with her and being part of her life, christmas day was a lovely time she had never had a wrapped present before and did not know what to do, it did not take long to find out now she wants to unwrap everything. Thank you many tears for giving this little girl a chance to be a happy and lovely member of our family.


It will be six months in a few days since we adopted our Cocker Spaniel who is now called Ralfie (A bit more about that later), he was chosen from the website and we travelled down with our female little staffy cross, the final decision was hers and although we had taken her to meet a couple of dogs locally none seemed to have the knack with her. (She herself is rescue).
On arrival we were shown to Ralfie by a very helpful and caring lady, we were greeted by a very noise and scared dog, who wouldn't even come for a treat. Despite his nerves we took him out for a walk with one of kennel mates and after a reluctant start, we had a walk.
Perhaps a walk is not quite the way to put it, Honey our dog walked with him, they buffeted and sniffed which was unheard of, we smiled. She had just chosen him and as shown in the photos below they have become best pals. He was Alfie, but my Mum said it was the most common dogs name and he was not a common dog so I added an R!!
Ralfie has been the perfect addition to our family, he has been a fast learner and food is a great motivator for him. He does his basic commands, and is good off the lead in the local area, but we don't let him off anywhere new. He seems to like hi sown company sometimes, and doesn't always hear us !!.
There have only been a few wee accidents in the house, and once he learnt he was going to get let out there have been no more problems. He enjoys his walks and his muscles have firmed up, he rubs against our shins when he sees his lead, really he is like a puppy in a a big dog body. He is adored and people often admire him, he loves our other dog and is her shadows though he goes out on his own and jumps up on the bed for his own cuddle now.
So if you are reading the happy endings like I did before we met Ralfie, please look at the dogs, Many Tears are so helpful and friendly. The dogs all deserve a second chance, why spend hundreds on a dog that you know nothing about, and develop health problems. The Many Tears dogs need love and care thats all, the results are amazing in a short time. I don't know that he will ever forget he previous life but I know that being part of our family will heal him and he has enriched ours.
Ralfie has been our Happy Ending, and I would say if you can offer a dog a home then please consider one from Many Tears.
I have not been on the site really since we had Ralfie, and I read Sylvia's Diary today. If anybody has any doubt about Many Tears then visit and see the place, its not a 5* kennel, but full of love and care. Its not the team at Many Tears that should be the subject of anger but the people who lead to the dogs getting put there in the first place. Anything and everything counts here ,from talking to the lady who was looking after Ralfie it is apparent that every penny goes to the dogs and not to line any body's pockets.
P.S. If you do get a dog then ask to go to the second hand container, its an Aladins cave.
Best Wishes to you all and many many thanks,
Ralfie, Honey-Bean, Liz and Troy. XXXX`


Hi, just thought we'd give you an update on Luck (now Daisy) who we adopted from you 2 weeks ago. She's proving to be a superstar:-) she managed the long journey to Plymouth with ease and has been clean in the house from day one.
She quickly got the hang of walk on a harness and now a collar too. I've attached some photos of her enjoying a gallop on the coast overlooking Plymouth sound today.
Giulia Ash


Hi, Just sending an update on our dogs that we adopted in 2012. Winter was fostered by Cheryl and Whisper (Reggie) was born in Terry's home with his four siblings we would love to know how they all are. Winter is fine now even though she has EPI she is a little terror if someone knocks door butlooks like an angel. Whisper is a very energetic Cav and loves his ball will run forever he is a very loving dog they both get on really well with our Willow another Cav. Many thanks for letting us have these lovely dogs. Carole Jones


Crumble aged 11 months. In comfort after a busy day, and playing with his little 'cousin', my daughters 6 month old Jack russell, daschund cross. The little one is smaller than Crumbles head, yet Crumble allows him to climb all over him, even pull at the hair around his mouth, they are devoted to each other.

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