Happy Endings - February 2016


I just thought I'd give an update on Sid's progress. Sid is a Dalmatian that we adopted from Many Tears last summer. Sid was 10 weeks old and completely deaf; we also have a 12 year old hearing Dalmatian called Milly .

Sid has come on beautifully and lives life to the full. His deafness does not affect his approach to life and he loves everybody and everything. I was initially anxious about taking Sid on because he was a puppy (I'm no spring chicken) as well as him being deaf. I needn't have worried as he is a joy to have around,

My daughter and I went to mainstream puppy classes in St Brides, and Shaun the trainer gave us additional 1-1 support to help further.

Sid quickly learned signs for sit, down, come, crate, drop, toilet, how do you do, leave it and finished. We are working on Sid checking in with us more often and his recall is a work in progress! We use a 50' training lead when exercising.

If anyone is considering adopting a dog that is deaf I would say do your research and then go for it. There is lots of information available and the resources on the Deaf Dog Network are brilliant.

Sid loves Milly and he follows her everywhere. He is sometimes a bit full on for Milly and one of the photos attached is Milly showing she's had enough - yes that's Milly hiding under her blanket. Sid has just been neutered and has hit adolesence full on, acting as if he doesn't know how to respond to his signs-apprently this is due to teenage years (10 months old and 29 kgs of pure muscle) rather than anything to do with his deafness! He still loves having a cwtch though!!

Sid is a lively, friendly, affectionate and confident young dog who proves that deafness is not a reason for rejection.


He is now called Benji, he has settled in really well. He is an adorable loveable, playful little boy, although he is also a very feisty character. He loves the car, and his walks. He does not like big dogs, you'd swear he was going to eat them, he is gradually getting used to them as our neighbour has three big dogs, we are introducing them a bit at a time.
Best wishes to you all at Many Tears.
Delyth & Malcolm Phillips


Hi. Just a quick email to give an update on how Tay is doing. I'd like to let the staff who put a lot of time in with her know how far she's come.
When we got her in January she was still very shy of people but much better than when the organisation first received her in August last year. Reading the write up on how she'd refuse contact with people and how staff had to work on her to gain their trust.
She loves our other dog Rosie that we also got from Many Tears a couple of years ago, and they've settled together in no time and are inseparable. She is growing in confidence more and more each day and seems very content. She loves her walks and can't wait to get outside to have a good scout about the park.
She's so affectionate and loves cuddles and being made on. She's a little star.
Kind regards
Darren & Deborah


Hi... this is my pup Moriarty - He was called Burnie when we adopted him from you guys at 10 weeks - he's now 1 year and 6 months old (born 11 July 2014). I thought you might like a update for your happy endings page. He is incredibly awesome - he's trained himself to be my depression support dog, and he's changed my life. I couldn't cope without him.
We love him. Thanks very much.
Ashley Hanlon


Hi, This is a picture of our little Miss Willow, formerly Beaver, who came to us via lovely Sue from Teignmouth, last March. We love her to bits and try not to think of the horrible things that happened to her, before she came to us, and has left permanent scars. She is always the centre of attraction, wherever she goes, as she looks so cute. She hates walks, playing and loves our bed, the setee and the log fire......but loves car journeys. Thanks for letting us have her.
Olwyn and Trevor Barker, miss Willow and Beau.


Hello Sylvia and team, thought you would like an update on List. We call her Autumn. We adopted her from you a week ago, she’s an absolute dream, for us it was love at first sight.
As expected she was scared of all the household noises but has soon come out of her little shell and shown her playful side, by pulling my cushions off the sofa and shredding some newspaper that we keep for the wood burner and do we mind ? Not one little bit, its fantastic seeing her playing in such a short space of time.
Her appetite is very good and she’s enjoying her walks. My other dogs have started to bond with her as you can see from the photos. Her house training is going really well, we have only had one accident in the whole of the week!
Autumn went to the groomers the end of last week, although I was worried about her being nervous of the drier, she took it all in her stride, the little gold bow on her collar is from the groomer. We think the colour matches her perfectly!!
Thank you all so much for the wonderful care you have taken of her during the time she was with you. Autumn is one less dog for you to worry about, we promise we will do our very best for her. She is truly our Forever Autumn!!
Warmest of wishes, Gill & Paul Phillipson

To Everyone at Many Tears
We were already the proud owners of two Shih Tzus called Rodney and Denzil, when I discovered Rose on your website in September 2014, and that’s when our relationship with Many Tears Animal Rescue began!
Once completing the adoption request form we were contacted by MTAR and also Rose’s foster carer (Sally) who told us all about this little grey and white Lhasa Apso who had been rescued and found to have cataracts, for which she had undergone successful cataract surgery. After all our checks we went along with the ‘boys’ to meet Rose, and we all fell in love with this nervous little dog. Since joining our family, we have watched Rose grow into a gorgeous, cheeky little madam who keeps Rodney and Denzil in line! She was very nervous of everyone and everything but has gradually grown to trust us all, although it has taken quite some time.
We thought our family was complete, until we discovered Blue, in September 2015. She was a tiny gold and cream Shih Tzu who was also being fostered by Sally. Once we met her, that was it and our family grew by one more. Her name was changed to Bluebelle and she soon found her feet! Bluebelle has certainly settled down and spends most of her time playing with Denzil. She is also quite noisy despite being the smallest one in the pack, and always manages to make us laugh.
We live only a short distance from the beach, and spend every day walking there. It is an absolute joy to watch Rose and Bluebelle interact with all the other dogs we meet, and to just watch them explore as if every day is the first day there.
We are so grateful to Many Tears for allowing us to rescue these two delightful little dogs, but also giving us the opportunity to meet Sally and Pete whose devotion to their foster charges is clear to see.
Thank you Many Tears from all of us xxxxxx
Susan Milliner


On the 1st February it will be a year since we adopted Teddy (was Dee) labradoodle. She was 8 months old and had come in from a breeder. She took to me straight away and gets on well with our 3 other dogs but she hadn't been socialised and so was and still is frightened of people.
It took 7 months before she allowed my husband to stroke her and the only other people she is comfortable with are my daughter and grandson, although she will take treats from strangers. So we continue to work with this and also the odd occasion when she is still worried about coming in from the garden.
She loves her walks. Especially when off lead on the beach. Chasing after the other dogs and going in the sea. She has been the most challenging dog that we have had but she is very much loved and enjoying her life now I think.
Many thanks to Many Tears
Sara & Dai


Here is an update on Pipcota, we have also written to the lady who rescued her from the Portugal killing Shelter to let her know how much we love her.We drove 4 hours from Surrey to collected a 4 month old Pipcota now named Rosie by our 5 year old daughter in January from Many Tears, she was rescued from a killing Shelter in Portugal by a kind lady. Rosie is a such a sweet gentle little ball of fluff and a great companion to our 8 year old Schnauzer who is fascinated by her . Rosie loves cuddles, sleeping on the sofa with a smile on her face, food, playing with toys, walks and playing chase with our other dog. She attends puppy school and is a very bright. She sleeps in her create at night and in the morning fly's up the stairs and jumps on the bed and rolls all over the place with happiness. We love her so much and want to thank Many Tears and the lady in Portugal for doing such incredible jobs.--


Hello Many Tears,
We wanted to give an update on our Portuguese pup, Bertie (was Mozart), who was adopted at the beginning of January. He's settled into our home extremely well and is a very confident little guy. He's so happy all of the time and loves meeting new people, he was even excited to go to the vets for his second vaccinations. He came to us at four months old having been rescued from a high kill shelter in Portugal so he wasn't toilet trained at all, but he's learned incredibly quickly in the two weeks we've had him. He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and will go fast to sleep on your lap, but he's also happy to sleep in his crate at bedtime and sleeps the whole night through. We're not able to take him for a walk yet due to vaccines, but he has been to some dog friendly coffee shops where he's loved all the fuss and attention from strangers and all the new smells. He also loves roaming the garden and trying to play with the neighbours cat, unfortunately the cat isn't as enthusiastic towards him! We’re easing him into being left alone for ten minutes at a time, but haven’t had to leave him alone in the house yet. He loves to play and he's fantastic at fetch. We're so happy that we got him; he's just a little bundle of joy and fun. To anyone in two minds about rescuing the other Portuguese pups still at Many Tears, don't be put off that they've come from abroad or that they were once street dogs, because Bertie is a dream and we think that the stress he's been through has only made him more confident and appreciative of a good home.
All the best, The Sinnott family

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