Happy Endings - March 2016


As the mum of two Many Tears dogs, Paddy (adopted November 2011) and Tommy, (adopted August 2015), I wanted to let you know how Tommy has settled in with our little family.

We collected Tommy from his fosterer, Vicky, in Midhurst, Sussex, on August 13th last year. He was perfectly behaved on the long journey to Gloucestershire and as soon as we arrived home, he raced to the toy box in the kitchen and grabbed a ball which he took to the back door waiting for us to throw it for him! This has been the story of our lives ever since! At every possible opportunity Tommy brings balls and toys to whoever will throw them for him. He's a very active boy and would run until exhausted if we let him.
Tommy is a very sweet natured little boy, he loves everyone (even the vet when he had his 6 month check up!) and has lots of fans, including our small grandsons who love to play with him. He lives for his walks, and for chasing and retrieving anything which is thrown for him.
A typical day for Tommy is to gently remind me that I should be awake and throwing his rope toy for him. He jumps up on the bed (if he was not already on or in the bed!) and softly licks my cheek. If that doesn't wake me - sometimes I pretend to still be sleeping - he lays his face on mine. I personally can't resist that, so he always succeeds in getting me up! We then go and get the breakfast, but Tommy doesn't eat his straightaway, as Paddy munches away, Tommy and I go into the living room where I throw the rope toy for between 50 and 100 times, depending on how energetic Tommy feels. He then goes and eats his breakfast and waits for my brother in law, John to arrive. Like my husband and I, John is retired and visits every morning to walk the dogs with my husband and have coffee. Since Tommy joined our family, John also has a session of throwing the rope toy for Tommy too! Things go quiet for a while after John leaves and then after lunch, the main walk of the day gets underway. We put the dogs in the car and drive to a nearby lake, river, country park or big enclosed field. We go somewhere different every day to keep things interesting and when we arrive at our destination we throw the ball for Tommy as we walk, while Paddy happily potters around. Usually Tommy ends up in water, he loves it and is a good swimmer.
The pictures I've sent are of our recent trip to Swansea. We can't know for sure whether Tommy ever went to the seaside before we adopted him, but we don't think so because he seemed really confused by the waves moving in and out at first and on the first day he drank sea water before we could stop him and ended up being sick! He's a clever boy though and he didn't do that again. We carried a bottle of water and a special collapsible bowl with us so that he could drink fresh water whenever he got thirsty.
We are so happy that we adopted Tommy, he's a very lovable little dog, just like his older sibling Paddy. We often get asked what breed they are and if they are litter mates! When we explain that they were both rescued from Ireland by Many Tears, but four years apart, people are very surprised.
Thank you for all that you do for dogs in need of new forever homes and for making it possible for us to have our two lovely boys.
Best wishes,
Julie Underhill


Here are some pictures of Rosie (Paz) and Millie (Pernod). Getting on well with Honey their new sister. Settled in really well, eating and steadily putting on weight. After a nervous start they have now adapted to home life very well. Slowly getting used to their leads and now house trained.
Mr and Mrs Elt


In June 2015 we adopted Fawn at 8 weeks old.
In the last 9 months she has enjoyed long walks with her friends Bunny and Bear. She loves sticks, the bigger the better and if she could carry a tree around in her mouth, she would.
She has enjoyed several holidays, in particular Cornwall, where she loved running on the beach and diving into the sea. She loves her fluffy duck and carries it everywhere. We think she thinks it is her puppy as she has destroyed every other toy. She likes digging in the garden and often comes in with a very muddy nose. She always sleeps with her tongue hanging out and snores very loudly which makes us laugh. She has given our chihuahua a lot of confidence and has helped her to really enjoy her walks now. She is bright, intelligent, funny and a joy to be around and she looks like Spit the dog!

Fawn is a cuddly bundle of fluff and we love her to bits.
Thank you Many Tears for allowing her to be in our lives.


Hello i adopted Clemmie who was Buttercup from her lovely foster carer Adrienne mid September 2015. Poor Clemmie she was almost blind caused by neglect while a breeding cocker spaniel.She was 6 years old when i took her on as an exbreeding dog.
Took Clemmie to vet for treatment for her eyes, nothing could help so instead treating her eyes herbally and homeopathically, certainly improved, though know will never be normal.
Clemmie is a wonderful little girl and she has bonded so well with my older gorgeous black spaniel, Amy. They both sit together, lay together and Clemmie follows Amy wherever she goes.
Unfortunately i had accident end of november hence for the time being cannot take both dogs out but my Daughter is fabulous and comes and takes both out together each morning before starting a gruelling shift at work, so grateful to her, hence both Clemmie and Amy walk beautifully together and Clemmie shows no hesitation in walking, though her sight is very limited.
I enclose a few pictures of both spaniels who i love so much and grateful to Adrienne for allowing me to have the privilege of caring for her and loving her to bits.


In November I travelled down from Leeds to adopt a westie called Dawn French and I just wanted to update you on her progress. We have renamed her Maggie and she has settled in beautifully. She's a really loving gentle girl who loves anyone and everyone who will scratch her belly. Her favourite pass time is sitting on my sofa barking/huffing at anything that moves or passes by.
I have attached a collage picture showing the photos of her on your website, a photo the day we got her home and some photographs from today. Thank you for all the work you do and rescuing Maggie. Hopefully stories like this can keep you motivated.
Many thanks
Dan Ripley


We have now had Freya for nearly 4 weeks (came home with us on 27th Feb 2016) and she is absolutely lovely we are so happy to have her. I think she likes it here too! She adores going out for walks and rides in the car. She gets on very well with all of her doggie and human friends. She is putting on some weight and her coat is now shiny. She is still learning how to play and some basic commands. Thank you so very much for letting us adopt her!
Best wishes
Tina, Dave and Freya x


We were introduced to Angel (formally Mistletoe) by our parent’s neighbour who was fostering Angel back in summer 2015 by chance really. We had always discussed having a dog one day as we both grew up with and love dogs, little did we know how much we would adore Angel within 5 minutes of meeting her.
Our parents own 4 huskies so naturally we love this beautiful, energetic, fun breed. Angel has a wonderful, loving, relaxed nature about her and is just a big softie for a cuddle from any of her humans big or small! She was 18 months old when we took her on and although she knew a handful of tricks, was a very excitable walker. We have dedicated our time to continue her training and walking and over the last 7 months she has come along a great deal, walks nicely to our sides and has good recall (although letting her off the lead is a little too tempting for her at the moment!).
Angel settled into our home perfectly within just a few days, she has two beds, a mountain of toys and a 100ft garden to herself to do ‘zoomies’ around! She often has play dates with our families Doberman puppy and 3 huskies and they have become the best of friends. She has had a trip to the groomers which she loved and smelt beautiful after. She has been on a doggy holiday to Somerset for a week which she enjoyed as much as her owners, lots of walking and exploring. We are planning another doggy holiday in late summer 2016.
Life simply wouldn’t be the same without her.
Maria Louca and Darren Rackley


Hello All
Some pictures of Alfie who we collected on 02/01/16
Not easy to get pictures ,as always moves and when out walking all you get is a blur dashing past as he investigates all the interesting smells.
He has settled in so well and is well behaved with good manners.
When he first arrived he was scared of lots of things and seemed to expect to be hit and was terrified of my husband if he had the lead to the point of wetting himself.
Thankfully we are over that and will happily allow my husband to put his harness and lead on and he loves running around the woods for miles and has only recently discovered he likes streams as would not go near them before no matter how hard my collie X tried to coax him in to play.
Still some way to go around my husband as though confident outside still wary in the house and keeps just out of reach most the time but we have come such a long way.
He love cuddles from my daughters and myself ,sleeps on his bed in our room and enjoys having baths as he had mites and scabby skin we was advised by the vet to bath him reasonable often and from hating it he now comes and stands by the bath and as I shampoo him his eyes half close in a very relaxed happy way.
Alfie will be going on his first holiday to Cornwall in April so we will see what he makes of beaches and many new experiences and smells......looking forward to taking him.
He is a wonderful dog to have around and he makes all of us very happy
In the future we will come and find another companion but not till Alfie if totally settled and got completely over all his fears
Many Thanks to everyone who helps all the animals that come your way needing help.
Jenny and Paul Shepherd


Hi all at Many Tears, hope you are well.
On 21 February last year (2015) we travelled 4½ hours to meet Nyphadora with her Mum Nucha, in the home of foster carer Ian. Nucha had been rescued from Portugal whilst pregnant and had given birth to her litter in Ian’s home. All the puppies had been given names starting with an N and had the Noodle surname. The following day we collected her and drove the 4½ hours home.
She is now nearly 15 months old, weighs just under 9 kilograms and has changed the colour of her fur from all black to a mink brown with beige parts in it. We have had a busy year! We stayed with the N theme and changed her name to Nelly and she still has the Noodle surname. She went to puppy classes starting the second week we had her, was walked around the village in my arms until her 2nd vacc kicked in, calling in local shops and pubs and was always delighted to see everyone. She was spayed at 6 months.
She loves kids and loves playing with them best of all. The first time she met my 4 year old niece however, she was a little wary of her. My niece has Down’s Syndrome and I think Nelly knew instinctively that she was special – she’s fine with her now though.
Shadow, our (then) 10 year old Oldies Club rescue was initially very unimpressed by this new interloper. However, once he had taught her his rules (about 3 week) he relented and now they often play together despite the age difference. Nelly adores Shadow and when they are off-lead on the beach she never leaves his side and chases after him if he races off. Back home, she loves cuddling up on the sofa next to one or other of the two humans also occupying it.
We recently had her DNA tested – she is 25% miniature poodle, 12½ % American Cocker and 12½ % Labrador! The other 50% wasn’t definitive but listed as highly likely top of the list was Portuguese Podengo (the little version). Considering I gave them no information on her background, nor did I include a photo, I was pretty impressed with this link.
Anyway I’ll sign off now. Thank you very much for letting her come to live with us. Rest assured we will continue to love her and keep her safe.
Love Julia


Just a quick update as promised as I know he touched a lot of peoples hearts at the centre. I can't believe it is only two months since we adopted him, it seems like we have always had him.
Clay is like no other dog I have know, he is adorable, well behaved yet sometimes extremely stubborn and others totally submissive, energetic and lazy in equal measures, he is a dog of extremes. He had fitted in with our two cockapoos so well and we are a real family unit. We have just come back from a ten day holiday to the south coast, Clay just loved the beach and was so well behaved. He has become even more wary of strangers as he has become reliant on us, so I want to try and find if there is anything around that could help with his socialisation, his deafness makes this more difficult, he tends to shut down when we have visitors, but as soon as they have gone he will be leaping in my seat on the sofa giving me his cheeky I got here first look.
We have a way to go with him but he is a joy and apart from around others he is a very happy boy. He has taught my larger cockapoo the joys of bin raiding and we can no longer keep butter on the side in the kitchen as he can reach the very back of the counter.
I love reading other Happy Ending stories as it reassures me it is early days in his socialization and really he is doing just great.
THANK YOU Many Tears for bringing this adorable goofy boy into our lives.

Hi my name is Pip. My original name was Roberta. I was very scared and very thin. when I arrived at Many Tears but luckily, Many Tears have very kind and loving foster parents, who are more than willing to help ‘lost’, sad little dogs like me. I will always be grateful to them for the love they gave me.
Then my forever mom and dad, saw me on Many Tears website, and fell in love with me. They travelled from Cornwall to Nottingham to collect me – so they were definitely keen!
When I arrived home, I just wanted to sleep and be loved all day long. Slowly, slowly, I started to feel less scared, as I knew mommy and daddy really loved me.
You should see me now. I have a toy box all of my own. I have a warm and furry bed to snuggly into at night, and lots of walks and good food.
If mommy and daddy are getting ready to go out, I make sure I go with them by lying across the doorway! They don’t go out without me very often. Sometimes when daddy has to go to hospital for tests, I am left at home., but I am lucky as Aunty Sally comes in and takes me out or stays with me, so I am never lonely for long.
Thank you to all you kind people who have changed my life.

Hello Many Tears,

In August 2006 we adopted Max from you (known to you as 'Bouncer'!) we just wanted to let you know that we have had lots of fun with him over the years. He has been a great companion and we would not have been without him. He is now 10 years young and still enjoys his daily walks. Thank you for finding him for us. Keep up the good work. Please find a recent photo of him with me.
Kind Regards
Jan Avery


Hello Many Tears
Pom is now coming up to 7 months old. We picked her up when she was 7 weeks. I still remember being nervous when we came to get her….I have remortgaged the house the night before buying up everything Puppy related in Pets at Home! Most of it we took back as we didn’t need it. Pom is 100% part of the family and completed spoilt by everyone who meets her. I work from home with her so she has quickly become by companion and although she loves to have a little bark at the neighbours occasionally they have all warmed to her too. The first couple months were definitely hard work but with some training and lots of treats Pom has come through and is a very confident and loving dog. It is strange to believe she hadn’t been in a house before ours…now she just relaxes on our sofa all day! She is confident and great off the lead and is good on the lead too when she needs to be. We wouldn't change a thing about Pom and are so happy and lucky to have her as part of our family. Thanks again for all your advice and help at the beginning…we now hope to send a few more friends and family your way in the near future (all of whom are wishing for a dog like Pom!)
Sophie Godfrey


Alan and I adopted Lily (aka Riches) along with Nora in June 2013. It's certainly been a rags to riches for our little treasures.
Nora was featured in a MTR video as a bedraggled and forlorn yorkie with no fur on her back and with resulting infected skin. We thank MTR for rescuing her and caring for her until we came along 4 months later. Nora took a long time to trust anyone and still faces challenges but has more confidence and has the most endearing personality. She has boundless energy when out and enjoyed fun agility when we attended some dog obedience training, at which she gained a bronze certificate.
Lily and Nora are inseparable, and most of the time can be found snuggled up together. Lily, although submissive, is the bold one with the most to say. Thank you Many Tears for ur little ones and may you continue to have many happy endings.


Hi Everyone
Major Tom ( Picasso) came to live with us at the end of January. We are completely in love and he is settling in well. He is still very nervy of new people which is not surprising due to his traumatic start in life. He is growing in confidence gradually and his list of 'safe humans' is increasing.
Major Tom comes along with us on all of our adventures and loves to explore new surroundings, so far including the beach, the South Downs and even Dartmoor already. We have started puppy classes and despite his nerves, he is doing great.
He followed me everywhere around the house for the first few weeks but is now feeling happy to relax and curl up for a while, however he likes to be near us and loves nothing more than a cuddle.
We just want to say Thank You to Many Tears and Amigos de quatro patas for all your hard work in bringing our boy and so many others over from Portugal and saving them from an almost certain death, without you they did not stand a chance.
Emma and Family xx

Well....what a sweetie, she has been with us a year now and she and the ridgeback are inseparable, she has learnt to live in a house, walk on a lead, meet people, dogs, live stock and traffic as well as gaining her Bronze Kennel Club Award and is working hard on her Silver as well as finding agility training tremendous fun.
She has a huge cheesy grin and lots of wagging for everyone she meets and knows that we will forgive her any little thing if she "smiles" at us - not that there has been a lot to forgive!
Still a bit noise reactive at night, foxes, deer and cats all bring forth a lot of very loud "bad language"....... but she is improving and is far less noisy when she is sleeping on our bed rather than her bed.........wonder why that might be...:-)
Needs her space when on the lead and meeting new dogs - off lead she "meets and greets" very politely - and we have met quite a few dogs who don't have good manners- so I'm very proud of her.
Thanks to everyone at Manytears and all the hard work you do to give so many dogs a second chance, I have no hesitation in recommending giving a rescue dog a home for life.
With very best wishes from Andrew and Bridget

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