Happy Endings - March 2017

Hi everyone just letting you see I am happy in my new home . I was called Lazy - Mae but I am know Nancy . I am finding my feet and keeping everyone on their toes with my fascination of washing dirty or clean and pegs . I was trying a bit to be boss dog but Schnauzer Poppy soon put me in my place . I love the garden and I am nearly there with the housetraining . I have two brothers and four sisters and I love them all especially Peggy the other Pug . Thankyou for saving my life Nancyxxx


We adopted Lulu who was Larue in February 2015. Looking at her back story it was hard to believe how much she could improve from such a scared, anxious and shy dog, but two years on she is just as mental as our other Bichon, Lily. Lulu has changed so much into a lovely, kindhearted family dog who only ever wants love and attention. She used to not be able to walk down the road without being struck with fear but now she will run up to the field and sprint around until she has no energy left. Although she still gets nervous around new people she has learnt to trust and is a very good guard dog!! Thank you for helping us find such an amazing addition to the family.


Hi All,
Just wanted to update you on Macy's progress. She has been with us for nearly four weeks now, and has settled in really well. She is a lovely girl and although we still have some barking when she is nervous it is getting less and less as time goes on.
Every day we get in the car and go for a long walk and luckily she seems to have conquered her travel sickness. Her recall is improving and Eve our other dog has been helping to teach her how to listen and how to behave, and in return Macy has taught Eve how to play in the garden. We have enrolled on obedience classes in a few weeks time so that I can learn how to teach her.
I have attached some pictures from our walks over the weekend and as you can see our two girls are now inseparable. Thankyou so much many tears XXX

I thought I would send you a brief email about my (3) wonderful dogs rescued from yourself (Nate, Minnie and Yuki). Through some really tough personal times - divorce, house move, cancer, family bereavement, redundancy...and more besides. These little bundles of joy and love have steered and supported me with unconditional love and acceptance, creating lots of laughter - even in my darkest days. They have laid close to me when I've been sad, they have made me go out, even when I was reluctant to do so and have enriched me and my children's lives in so many ways. They were even in no small part responsible for me meeting my partner...so, my advice is, get a dog (or 2...or 3)..they have definitely proved more effective than any dating site, a better tonic than any medicines I've taken and more successful at getting me fitter than the gym.
Thank you to Many Tears and all the wonderful work you do.Julie


We adopted ebony, who is now zara in the summer of 2015 as a very scared puppy from Portugal. She was a sweet puppy and found trust in our older dog milo and finally after two weeks of hard work found enough courage to say hi to everyone in the house. Now after a year and a half she is the cuddliest craziest dog ever. Still now fond of strangers but loves nothing but long walks in the woods and cuddles on the sofa, she refused to lay on anything but your lap.
Many thanks, the Lewin family.


Well, here are a few pics of our gorgeous boy, Milo. I can’t believe it’s nearly a year and a half since we made the long drive to Abingdon to pick him up from the lovely Annie (who I’m supposed to say definitely did not cry when we walked out the front door with him!).
We were initially a bit worried as he was very, very quiet when we collected him. But it only took a quick introduction to our neighbour’s spaniel across the garden fence to hear Milo speak for the first time – and what a bark he has! We were very relieved.
We didn’t really have much in the way of back history for Milo, but he was underweight at 6.8kg with visible ribs and several battle scars around his ears and eyes for such a little pup. We had a fraught initial week where he wouldn’t eat much of anything, but we eventually learned the irresistible draw of tuna and puppy milk (not together). Now he’d eat like a horse if we let him and at last weigh in was 37kg – we’d like him to stop there, please.
There was much debate as to what our no-so-little Labrador crossbreed was actually crossed with – wild speculation included Rottweiler, Pointer and Staffie. In the end we ordered a DNA kit, which indicated he’s a Lab/Collie cross. This hasn’t stopped the debates, but it's a handy point of reference. He has the most gorgeous tri-colour brindling on his muzzle, up his legs and through his coat, which could be Collie, but also has the look of a GSD or Alsatian. We think he’ll look different again in another year as this colouring looks set to spread further around his ears, across his chest and along his haunches.
Milo definitely shows some Collie traits – he’s a very independent young man, not really one for lots of cuddles unless it’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night, when he’s invariably on one or other of our beds, lying alongside or across us. He also likes to run off a distance and lie very low to the ground for you to throw his tennis ball (which he absolutely loves!) – and looks like he could be lying down to herd a flock of sheep.
His favourite things, in no particular order include: socks (clean or worn – he’s not fussy), the beach (swimming in the sea or digging for France), landscape gardening (although he and I disagree regularly on exactly where he’s allowed to excavate!), running everywhere, chasing crows, squirrels, seagulls, ducks, any large deliveries (he always assumes every cardboard box is for him – probably because he enjoys playing with the packaging!), helping you with your work (see photo of him sleeping on Paul's hand as he's on his laptop!) and generally any kind of playing to excess. His adventures so far have included three holidays, to Northern Ireland, Shropshire and Dartmoor, and he’s thoroughly enjoyed the new sights, scents and wildlife on each trip.
As you can see from the photo with rosette and certificate (now proudly installed on the fridge), he completed his puppy training class with flying colours last year – he’s an incredibly intelligent boy and came top in every exercise!
It’s a daily delight to see his welcoming tail wag on our return home, which seems to encompass his entire rear half, even if we’ve only been gone five minutes. We’re so grateful to you for entrusting this little soul to our care and we wouldn’t be without him for anything. We do think he’d like a canine companion, and we’ll be coming back to you to find him a friend when the time is right. Until then we’ll just have to continue our daily visits to the your website torturing ourselves looking at all the other dogs we’d love to be able to help.
Thanks again
Jane and Paul


We adopted Ethel in Jan 2017 after Our other dog Peggy lost her sister very sadly due to a serious illness a few months earlier. Ethel was lucky enough to have fabulous foster parents near to the kennels who really helped her as she was very, very nervous. She has been coming along in leaps and bounds! Peggy and Ethel adore each other and chew the same antler horn at the same time ( one at each ). We are very proud of Ethel she getting braver every day and has wonderful kind cheeky nature. Her favourite past times are her walks and being a lap dog. Thank you all at Many tears and thank you to her wonderful fosters. She is loved by all Photos Ethel on the left in garden and in the red coat on windy beach walk. Ethel being a lap dog


Hello ….this is Wordsworth (now Trigger) who we adopted just over one month ago .
He is an absolute dream ….we adore him. We are so pleased how settled and content he is in such a short space of time. He gets on brilliantly with my other three dogs even if they are slightly bemused at his fascination with balls !
Everywhere we go I tell people Trigger is a rescue dog (you can see their shock) because too many people still believe that rescue dogs carry too much baggage . Unfortunately they don’t allow for their forgiving nature.
Thank you so much to everyone at Many Tears especially Noel (fosterer) who had faith in us to love and care for
Trigger FOREVER.
Once again thank you so much for our wonderful boy .
Cheryl and David x

I thought you might like to see some pics of Bree (or Quiver as she was known with you). Caroline might like to see these too as she has been great in helping us out after Bree's issues with her partial spay. Thank you for your compensation for the vets bills, all received and sorted.
Bree is such a lovely girl, she is a total home bird, her favourite thing is a sleep after a walk and a cup of tea out and about! She is a typical lab, so sociable and cuddly, amazing with my two children who she adores and she is absolute besties with our chocolate lab Coco, Bree is to the front of the first pic. She didn't know how to play but now loves her toys, always pinching them from Coco, she also now travels well (after a dodgy start!), sleeps well (after a dodgy start!) and has fitted into our family as if we've always had her, she is a really gorgeous girl, thank you!


We were lucky enough to adopt Snickers and he has settled in really well. He lived with foster carer Stacey and her family and her four dogs and is very well behaved and trained by their wonderful care.
He is the brother of Maisie also on Happy Endings
We love him already and he has been playing with our dog Mutley a black labrador.
Thank you Many Tears


Hello everyone at many tears, just would like to update you on how Twiggy who was rescued from turkey is getting along in her forever home. It's been a few years since we adopted twiggy who was 2 years old and now is 6 years old. Twiggy was named as she was so underweight and when we met her we felt the need to change it. However she seemed to know her name well and we didn't end up changing it because she had been through enough change in her early years already. She's gained a lot of weight gradually as she is a very spoilt girl who is loved dearly by her family. She loves going on long walks 3 times a day with her new sister Judy who is a jack Russell. Twiggy is very playful, happy and a very gorgeous girl but who always seems to get her own way a lot HAHAHA!! She is very calm dog expect her meal times as she gets over excited when she sees food but having the background she had we don't blame her for this. She would love to get Cwtches and belly rubs all day long if she could as she loves getting attention!! Me and my family would like to say a massive thank you for all that was done for her whilst she was in your care and thank you for letting us adopt this wonderful girl!!

Jeremy and I would just like to say how grateful we are to you for letting us adopt George, he was part of a 6 pup litter that Laura was looking after in Birmingham. We took him home on Saturday and already George has settled incredibly well, and he is a big part of our lives. He’s a little bundle of joy, we could not have asked for more. Laura’s commitment and standard of care is second to none, and the organisation from Many Tears was fantastic and super-efficient, the response after the application was speedy and very pleasant.
We will be grateful forever and will spread the word about the fantastic work you do at your organisation.
Best regards,
Jeremy Perkins and Nuria Corzo-Menendez

I was just pregnant with Josh when we adopted Sable. My eldest son was 2 1/2. Sable was an ex breeding girl. It was quite a few months before she would let us fuss her, now she loves it. She remains wary of men, but from the beginning has had a bond with Josh since his birth in December 2014.
She would always come and just check things out if he was crying, and when strangers came to the house, (midwife/health visitor) she would sit next to Josh.
Now when they are out walking she will often walk next to him as he toddles around!
For safety they don't get left alone, but it is not unusual for Josh to disappear only to be found sitting next to her in her crate.
He has taken to feeding her breakfast and feeds her one piece of kibble at a time! She is so gentle and never snatches or steals from him.
She has come such a long way since he brought her home, when she cried all the way from her foster home to here!
We have always had greyhounds in the past, but for us with small children adopting a Beagle was the right move. She is making friends with dogs in the area, and loves nothing more than chasing her ball!
She is not perfect and we have had some struggles with her, but she was worth the effort.
With regards,


Cadbury (now called Murphy) and his new best friend, Ella, our 8 year old border collie. They are inseparable and play constantly. Ella is so much happier now.

Thank you for letting us adopt this gorgeous little guy.

Hiya just wanted to send you an update on Thistle and Skye they have settled in amazingly. They are beautiful girls and they love each other so much. They go everywhere with us, they love going out in the car and love their walks. The also love bedtime and being cwtched up in our big bed with us.
Thank you for our gorgeous girls we love them, Tracy x


Can't believe it's nearly 7 months since we first met this loveable dog.
Coco came home with us on a Saturday afternoon. And by Saturday night you could swear she been living here for years.
One thing we found out very quickly is that she loves being made a fuss of. And boy don't we know it if she not getting enough cwches and tickles. I've never seem a dog that pouts lol. Even turns her back on you . It's so funny. She has settled in great. Bit protective of her home. But not in a bad way.
She loves her walks but loves the woods or beach more. Where she runs riot but never goes to far away from us. Constantly looking back to check where we are. We've both fallen in love with her. She definitely found her forever home.
Many thanks
Nigel and karen


Ze Colmeia is doing very well. I've renamed him Pwka (Pooka). He's turning out to be a great wee companion and we walk a couple of hours a day together, so he's training me! He's taken some time to settle down and still displays anxiety growling and barking, as well as sitting at the window barking at the world! He's quite a character and the whole village has come to know him. He's calmed down so much in the time we've been together and his coat is sleek and shiney now. I think he's happy and I love him; we have lots of adventures and do nearly everything together. Soon we'll go to training classes, but he's learnt loads already (but sill tries to chase buses!!). Thank you for bringing us together!

This is Maisie (Caramel) who we adopted in January. She has settled in like a dream and is a hit with the wider 'pack' of dogs in my extended family. Her best friend is a chihuahua and her mentor is a wise old staffy (both my mother's dogs). Her second best friend is a begrudgingly obliging brindle cat called Glenys, who has coped well with having her peace shattered! Maisie loves field walks, playing with our 3.5 year old son Alex, sleeping under the covers and, of course, dinner time. We walk three times each day and Maisie keeps up, although had been known to have a decent sleep upon our return from the longer walks. She's happy. We couldn't speak highly enough of her fosterer, Stacey, either! Thanks for everything.
Tom Molloy


Dear Many Tears,
How wonderful it is to write this update on our little angel ‘Holly’ (originally Olivia).
We travelled up to Surrey in November last year where she was living with two wonderful fosters. They did say she was very lively and confident for an ex-breeding girl - we had only sadly lost dear Abbey a month previously (she was an ex-breeding girl from Many Tears as well).
We collected Robbie (who was ‘Hal’) from Many Tears in March last year and he needed a friend but with all feelings put to the side we knew that there was another little angel out there that needed a forever home.
From day one she walked into our lives and made herself at home, no fears at all! Pretty confident with Robbie who really needed this as he had a pretty bad start in his life. He took to her from the start and Holly took to soft toys! especially balls! so amazing - really so full of fun and so good for Robbie.
She was on the lead for a couple of weeks until she got to know the area and has learnt recall pretty quickly, such a wonderful sight to see running free across the fields having a great time and making so many friends. Holly is only 3ish and Robbie 4-5ish so they are pretty much on the same page. Holly loves her food but I stay with them at meal times as she will try to sidle over and try and help Robbie out with his meal - really pretty cheeky!
We are off on holiday at the end of April to a dog-friendly cottage with a huge enclosed garden so they have a great adventure ahead of them.
Anyone who reads this who is feeling unsure of having an ex-breeding dog; all they need is lots of love, care and patience, never give up - you will see them come out of their shell (some quicker than others). It will pull at your heart-strings but you will find such happiness at the end of it all and it’s so wonderful to see them have happy lives which all animals richly deserve.
Thank you Sylvia and Many Tears again for letting this wonderful angel come and share our lives.
Love and best wishes always,
Robbie and Holly we love you XXXXXX
Jan Webster XX and Graham XX


We thought it was time to send an up date on our two beautiful Collies, Dottie and Matilda, or Tilly for short. ( Matilda was originally Aqua) We adopted Dottie in April 2004 and Matilda in October 2005. Dottie can still be shy and timid with strangers but she's progressed so much and grown in confidence it's a joy to see. Matilda continues to be a live wire in every possible way (her foster carers did warn us) but she's the funniest and most affectionate little soul and makes us laugh every day with her antics. They both love agility classes. Matilda is a natural at agility and is coming on really well with obedience classes. Dottie is fantastic at obedience but will avoid the agility obstacles she doesn't fancy like the 'A' frame. They both love swimming, running in the fields, exploring in the woods and socialise really well with other dogs. Their recall when we're out is fantastic - unless there are rabbits to chase that is!!!
We are very pleased that they both seem so happy to be with us and so grateful we're had the opportunity to adopt them. Thank you Many Tears for the wonderful work you do and please pass a heart felt Thank You to the foster carers who cared for Matilda before she came to us. We know they will be pleased to know she is doing fine.

Hello. This is Smudge (on the left) and Katie (was Blossom) who we were fortunate enough to adopt from you in late October 2016 on the right. Katie has come on in leaps and bounds, unfortunately she is deaf, but has little Smudge, also adopted from Many Tears in 2015, to be her ears, they absolutely love each other and anywhere you see Smudge, Katie is by her side.
Thank you Many Tears we love them dearly.
Best wishes to all Pauline and John Bathgate.


First there is Alys, adopted November 2015, so very frightened and is now loving life. She's cheeky and curious. Secondly there is Poppy in her new pyjamas! Adopted October 2011 previously called Paris. She is quiet and loves being pushed in her stroller. Last pic, is Alys n Poppy snuggled. The joy they have brought to our lives is immeasurable. Thank you amazing fosterers, and Many Tears.


Hello My name is Reggie and l am now happily living with my new family, when l first came here l had breathing issues and made snorning noises. Then my Mum took me to see a doctor l have had both my Nasal Passages opened and a Soft Palette resection and now everything is great. I have 3 Brothers and a sister we have lots of fun, l love playing with my toys and having lots of cuddles with my Mum.

Fizz is now a very active almost 2year old liking nothing better than to chase a ball across open parkland or more often Goodwood racecourse car park, a wide open grassy area on top of the downs.
The vet has commented that his heart murmur has faded somewhat.

Hello Many Tears
I think I have landed at last in the real world and at the age of 4 I can start to live my life. On Saturday February 25th an adoption form was filled in for me and on Wednesday 1st March I was in my new home. Many Tears thank you for saving me.I am now living with my new sisters, Tilly the Cavalier who 3 years ago was also rescued by Many Tears, and Greta a mini wire hair daxxy. (not an MT)I am a little bit nervous because all is new to me. I have had no accidents and I am slowly learning to walk with a lead. I sleep well all night and I am now eating well. I had a lovely bath and I was dried with a hair dryer which I did not mind, lovely and warm. I shall be going to training classes when I am settled just like Tilly and Greta, very good for us for socialisation, and I can also get my awards to.Below there are two photos one of the three of us together and the other one of myself and Tilly (the 2 MT cavaliers.)Any one reading this who knows nothing about MT please if you can consider helping a desperate soul who has in the main had very little real life, and just been a money making machine try and offer a proper home. These little dogs are so affectionate, loving and reliable, you will never ever regret it.
Love from Indie, Tilly, Greta

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