Happy Ending - May 2017

My, my,my! Is it really less than two months since we adopted this lovely boy? He's well and truly part of the family. It is joyous to see him learning and experiencing new things and his “harem” (3 rescue girls) have been a great help. He is adored by everyone who meets him and is coming round to fuss and cuddles. He loves his food, he loves his walks, he loves his (our) bed and he is an amazing swimmer! Thank you for allowing us the privilege of loving him.
Jan and Hugh

I thought share some pics and progress of po had off you last november he is a great companion to me being live on my own
great of lead on his walks lovley chocolate lab spoilt rotton good replacement for my other one had put down last november

Hello all at Many Tears!
I know I'm biased but I think I have one of the happiest of happy endings!
We adopted our beautiful Betty (previously Ownher) at the beginning of March 2017. Collecting her from the lovely Vicky in Midhurst. Whilst she was timid and a little afraid of other dogs to begin with we took her for many walks, to parks, woods, beaches, everywhere and before long her confidence soared and within the week she would stand by the door wagging her tail when I put my coat on. She and Ruby my puggle quickly bonded and would cuddle up together. She really was the happiest little dog I'd ever seen! After sending Vicky one of my long rambling updates she told me that Betty's sister Emma had been returned for a second time and was having a bit of a tough time. Long story short a week later we were in the car to Midhurst again to collect Emma (now Sylvie)
Sylvie jumped straight up for a cuddle and a kiss and ran around Vicky's field with Ruby before jumping into our car as if to say come on then! Take me home! When we arrived home she walked into our house like she had always lived there and on her first morning at our house she was like a kid on Christmas morning, so excited and jumped up to give Betty a thorough licking, they then spent the entire morning cuddling. I knew then I had done the right thing, the two of them have gone from strength to strength, they spend most days cuddled up together with each other and Ruby. They really are a delight to watch, they are so grateful and happy about everything, from dinner to toys, a ride in the car or a walk in the woods! They love their walks together, Ruby and Betty spend a great deal of time trying to catch Sylvie but they have no chance as she's built like a little whippet and so fast! They love though and end up in a pile grinning and panting! They are like two celebrities in the park, everyone knows them and gives them cuddles and treats. People love the fact they've been reunited!
Thank you again Many Tears for the work you do, our girls have brought us so much joy and happiness - we're besotted!
Lots of love from
Lynsey, Paul, Ruby Betty and Sylvie xxx

Hello I've sent some photos of me and my sister in my new home,I love my walks everyday down to the beach. My sister is a shih tzu springer cross we do everything together - Miss Chantelle looks after me so well! I saw my vet for my yearly injection he was very pleased with my progress. I've made lots of new friends too, a coup!e of my friends are from Many Tears, their mummy told my mummy about Many Tears and that's how I met mummy and my sister. Thank you all for taking care of me while waiting for a home.
Kind regards
Pamela Miss Chantelle and Miss Nampa.


Hi Gabby here. I was adopted in July last year having been fostered by Julie in Malvern. I'm living happily in Buckinghamshire with Mummy, Daddy and Sammy the shihtzoodle. I love sunbathing in the garden, eating and sleeping! I've been on holiday twice and every week I visit our local residential home for older folk. I'm very popular there and Sammy and I get lots of cuddles. I'm proud to be a Many Tears girl and grateful to everyone involved in my rescue. Come on don't buy rescue a dog like me!


Just a quick update on our beautiful dogs Elsa and Anna, now called Lottie and Daisy. We adopted them in March 2017 and were very nervous to begin with. However, they are slowly getting better with walks and interacting with other dogs. They are full of energy and so loving. Each have a unique personality and bring us lots of laughs everyday. Plus, they seem pretty happy too!


We adopted Lili 19 March and has become a constant companion to our Staffie Harvey. They walk together, eat together and sometimes sleep together (or close by).
I cannot thank Linda Hedges enough for introducing her to me and bringing her on so well while she was a foster mummy to her. Everyday we see Lili coming out of her shell and getting more and more confident, even to the point of not letting Harvey sit I his chair.
She has become a real valuable member of our family. We love her completely and all the grandchildren can't get enough of her.

We collected Olive in August 2016. She was scared and wouldn't even let us touch her to start with but we knew we wanted her!!
She is just amazing and makes us laugh every day!
She was fully house trained within weeks with the help of the other dogs and she has turned into a loving , gentle girl but can also turn from 0-90 in seconds, racing around the garden and house like a crazy thing!!
Her and Winnie are like partners in crime although Winnie is very much in charge and Olive respects that.
Olive went on her first holiday last month to Cornwall and had the best time, Long, LONG walks and first time we saw her swim in a little stream.
Olive is also the first dog we've had that talks and that makes us laugh too!!
She really has brought us so much joy and when we look at her we often feel tearful. ( she was so fearful and subdued and now she is a beautiful, crazy girl!)
We love her so much and I know she loves us too. I know she loves her new life, long walks, lots of cuddles, ooh and puppy class!! She loves puppy class. She loves cuddling up and of course sleeps in our bed ( bit of a squash at times!)
She so deserves the happy ending and that's exactly what she and us got!
Thank you many tears for letting us take Olive home. X

We adopted Dotty (was Torris) about 5 months ago now. She is a completely different dog to when we first got her!
At first she was very quiet, timid and found things like stairs and doorways very intimidating!
Now she has really found her voice, she will follow us around howling at us until we stroke her. She loves attention from people, despite everything she's been through. She is a lot better at moving around the house although she still sees her bed as her safe spot.
She absolutely loves our other dog Ted and she loves my parents and their two bichons who come and look after her twice a week.
She is great on her walks, her muscle tone was poor at first but now she runs for miles!
She can still be a bit jumpy when we move towards her, has the occasional accident and is quite difficult to groom sometimes, but we will continue to be patient with her. Even if she's always like that, we won't care because we love her to peices!
Thank you for all you did for our Dot :)
Laura and Cristian


Hi there
We adopted Peanut (now known as Poppy) around December time, just thought we would give you an update on how she's getting on. With a lot of patience and TLC she's gone from being a timid dog who needed carried outside to go for a walk to loving daily walks on and off the lead, has a fab recall. Has been a great addition to the family and we just want to thank you all at many tears for giving us the opportunity to adopt a dog. She's also getting on great with our lab and our other cocker. 90% house trained and keeps getting better. I've attached some pictures for you.
Many thanks Yvonne and Brian Oakley.

Thank you so much Many Tears for our beautiful Cavalier King Charles, Molly (was Gem). She settled right in immediately with our cavapoo, Alfie and Daisy, our Yorkie (was Ives, we adopted from you in 2015). They make a perfect family and we love them very much. Molly is very playful and loves cuddling in with her brother and sister (and us). She loves the beach and a good run and is just a perfect addition to our family.
Thank you all for what you do

Just to let you know how Penny (was Eleanor) our beautiful yellow Labrador is settling in. She is amazing!! Penny moved in with us eight weeks ago March 19th as if she'd always been here and immediately adapted to our routine. Penny is so friendly, loves everyone and greets them with an enthusiastic wag and lean, sometimes followed by a slump and belly rub please! We go for a long walk over the fields in the morning, sometimes with friends, where she loves following her nose and exploring all the exciting things she can find. In the afternoons we go to the local park where she can meet dogs big and small and play chase. After a month she was off lead. I've trained her to come back to the whistle which she learned very quickly and it's working! Basic training is going very well; she is a quick learner. We have watched her grow in confidence and cope with unfamiliar things like stone animals outside people's houses (that need growling at) and builder's sandbags flapping (also need growling at) and water. She will now voluntarily go in to the stream! She protects us from the naughty squirrels and pigeons in the garden and has us in hysterics when she chases madly around the garden just for fun.
Penny is wonderful and we love her to bits. Thank you for letting us have her and for all the other lives you save.
From the Sutherland family.

I am just e-mailing to let you know how Missy Moo(was Zion)has settled in.
We collected a very nervous Missy form her foster carer`s just over 4 weeks ago. We were unsure how she would adapt to our home and, Archie our Springer-but she has been fantastic.
We have been amazed at how quickly she has settled and become one of the family-like she has always been with us. She gets so excited and cannot wait to see us in the morning . Everyone who meets her comments on how adorable and affectionate she is. She is now walked off the lead and has great recall. She follows Archie everywhere(much to his annoyance at times!)we have even got her on to retrieving a ball-as this is Archie’s favourite thing when out. She’s not quite as quick but very enthusiastic and quickly learning!.
They now sleep the same bed and like an old married couple-We think it will probably take Archie longer to settle-but then he has had us all to himself for 6 yrs but, that said he also seems to be adapting well.
We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity of having Missy and hope that she enjoys many happy years with us.
Kind Regards
Celia, Peter, Callum, and Ben-Webb

We adopted Blossom and Brolly in September 2016 and they have settled in so well. They are adorable and have gained so much confidence in the past few months and love nothing more than a huge cuddle, preferably on the bed! Thank you so much for everything you do at many tears and for letting us adopt 2 such wonderful pooches, we love them so much.
Warmest wishes,
Jo and Dot xx

Just to let you know that Flora, whom we adopted on 16th January (she was then called Chess) has been doing brilliantly. She was very timid to start with but has blossomed into a brave young girl. She's social with other dogs and friendly with our chickens, though mostly ignores other people (much to their dismay as so many people we come across want her attention and keep saying how cute she is!). Flora's personality matches ours so well and it's such a joy to have her here!
As you can see from the photographs Flora is still petite, weighing only 2.5kgs, but she stands her ground with large dogs. She was the smallest and by far the most timid one at puppy classes, but after a few sessions Flora was running around with the calmer dogs like old friends.
I don't know if her siblings are the same, but Flora used to be very itchy and easily stressed. We managed to control her itchiness with a fresh food exclusion diet and avoiding anything that might stress her (mostly strangers wanting to touch her 'cause she's so cute!) which is probably the biggest contributor. She's doing brilliantly now!
Kind regards,

It's been over a year now and we thought it was time we shared Otis's happy ending.
We got him from the centre at the beginning of March 2016. He was an ex breeder dog so had never experienced many things. He was terrified on the drive back and watched us in fear with his big black eyes the whole way. We let him out in the garden and immediately he was so happy, he loved the grass and ran around like a puppy even though he was 2! We think he must have never seen grass before. He did the same thing in the house jumping on and off the sofa and rolling about on his bed throwing the toys about. He was so happy, looking like he was in heaven and to be honest he still looks like that now! He was so ready to be taken home and learned everything so quickly. We followed the advice and walked him on a harness, he was confused at first by it and would dart forward to try and escape the lead. However with the support of Wicket our other dog he was walking happily on the lead after only two or three days! He house trained himself so quickly too we think he was just so ready for a new home!
Now over a year later he is such a happy, sweet dog. He loves nothing more that cuddles and tummy rubs. He likes to carry his favourite toys with him wherever he goes around the house and garden! He walks well off the lead and is loving his new life. He has gained all the weight he needed too and is thriving in his new life.
Thank you Many Tears for giving Otis (was Dorking) the helping hand (or paw) he needed to become the sweetest little boy.

We adopted Whisper (was Wish) 11 weeks ago. We have just been away on holiday in our caravan for 8 days. Whisper although still very nervous of people, including my husband and I, if we are moving about, is now enjoying walks on a trailing lead and playing with a ball and chasing Alfie. She is gaining confidence all the time and is a lovely little Yorkie. She loves to cuddle up to us on the settee and in bed.


Dear all at Many Tears,
I just want to shared that my rescue MT boy, Pie or Puppy Pie as I call his has turned from a rescue in to a superstar, bursting with pride right now....


Hi Yvonne we adopted Lola in February 2016. She is adorable sweet and the perfect companion. Our grandchildren adore her and she adores them!!

Moral of my story

Adopt don't Buy аБТ‚аЂТ„аЂТ–аАа‚аЂТŸаАа‚аЂТаАааЂТžаБТ‚аЂТ„аЂТ–аАа‚аЂТŸаАа‚аЂТаАааЂТž

Best Wishes


Hi I just wanted to give an update on Misty our shih tzu/bichon cross. She has settled in really well and adores our other shih tzu Oscar. We decided to adopt a dog because we lost our other shih tzu Ollie very suddenly and he was only 4 and Oscar was very depressed and needed another canine companion and we wanted to give a home to a dog that really needed it. From the very first day misty and Oscar have been thick as thieves they play chase in the garden they have a box full of toys that they really enjoy. Misty was very nervous the first day we had her and for a few days she would run away if you approached but now she is content for me to pick her up she comes looking for affection and she has become a lap dog. She has gained weight and loves her food. We have only had her for about a month but it feels like she always been here. She doesn't replace Ollie but it makes losing him a little easier for all of us and she gets a loving home for the rest of her life. If anybody is even thinking about adopting a dog I would say just do it you won't regret it there are so many dogs that have had a bad life and don't know what it means to be loved by humans all you have to keep in mind is patience and love if you can give them that then eventually they will give love and trust in return. Thank you Many Tears for the great work you do and thank you to all the fosterers because they keep the dogs out of kennel environments and they get to experience what a good home is like which makes the transition to a forever home easier.

3 happy Many Tears adopted doggies.
We picked up Rocky (kept his name as Rocky as it suited him) 2 months ago (26th Feb) from his foster mum Katie.......It was the best decision we had made...He's 9years old and missing 14 teeth but he is the loveliest bundle of joy since getting his sisfurs (Luna and Bella) they love him to bits apart from when he's a fidget bum and a clumsy oaf lol.
When he first arrived he didn't like fish and he had no intention of walking, now he licks the bowl until it sparkles and makes a god awful racket in the back of the car on the way to walkie's..........We ALL love him to bits, Thank you Rocky for brightening our day xx

Hi There
Just an update on Bella and Rosemary, two little Beagles. The girls are doing fine and have really begun to settle in well with our other two dogs, they are an absolute delight to have around and are starting to get a little spoilt, especially as their favourite place to be is hanging around with me in the kitchen looking out for anything that falls their way, bits of cheese, pastry etc. Rosemary usually ends up getting covered in flour that spills of the end of the table when I am rolling out.
Bella is the more confident of the two and is first into everything, mainly stalking the chickens around the place, running and playing with the pet lambs and pinching a variety of my things, gardening gloves, plant pots, slippers, even a woolly old jacket that she thought needed a serious killing. Luckily she has now managed to put on two inches around her waist which when she came to us I could circle with my hands. Her appetite was good but very small and was unsure of trying new things but she was very quick to have lots of cuddles and after no time was making a huge fuss of me when I would come home from work. Of all our dogs she is the one tries to rule the roost, and it is funny to see her nose put out when the others sort her out. Lately she has become quite vociferous in letting you know what she wants.
Rosemary has been a very different dog, nervous and scared of most things. She could not walk on a lead, did not like being touched and even the garden to begin with was a world that was just to big for her. Yesterday she chased a jogger and her dog half way across the mountain and ran back very proud of herself barking and looking for a fuss. Bella has been very good for Rosemary in that she has learnt how to play and they spend hours together fighting and wrestling to the stage where she is now beginning to join in with all of the dogs. As far as food goes she is a complete dustbin and ploughed into a pile of leftover mash potato the other day, and when Bella came around for a look, kept on grabbing at the mash until she had a face like a giant hamster, at which point I was rolling around in hysterics. Last night we were all snuggled up on the sofa and she actually let me put my arm around her for about 5 minutes, for the first time.
The pleasure that the girls have brought to our lives is immeasurable and whilst it has on some occasions been a little challenging the rewards are now beginning to show.
Kind regards
Sharon and Gwyn Mayho

We have just returned from another week in St Ives and had a lovely time. Now, as you could see from the video's we are back to normal walking in some local woods. She is acting well to the whistle, hand commands, as well as the voice. She is becoming a confident dog, allowing people to approach her to make a fuss. Carlee will now ignore noisy children and not back off. She is following our other dog's routine now, not being afraid to be hosed down when muddy, she will push in front to be dried by the hair dryer and likes to be vacuumed daily!!!!!
We are so pleased with her and love her to bits. Anyone considering a dog from Many Tears, if they are prepared to be dedicated and put in the hours of work which may be necessary, we are sure they will be rewarded. Providing they don't expect it to happen overnight.
Kind regards
Chris and Jan Bissix

We adopted Madge on 3rd march 2017. Just to let you know how well she is doing. She is a very sweet girl, still shy, but is slowly coming out of her shell. She enjoys coming with all her new family to our horses where she runs around and has a lot of fun. She learnt her new name very quickly and comes when you call her. She sleeps on the bed all night and plays with her new brothers and sisters. She is still unsure of walking on the pavement and loud noises upset her, but when she goes to our yard she runs to get her lead on, and jumps in the car. We are so happy to have her and eventually would love to adopt another

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