Happy Ending - May 2016


A year ago we collected Zanthia, now known as Zantie, from Tracey in Westbury where she had spent a couple of nights.
Zantie was totally shut down and very unsure of things. She had obviously lived in a home as a pet at some stage in her life before being put out for breeding. This became clear as she has been clean in the house from day one, loves to retrieve a ball and has perfect recall. She has put on much needed weight and her ear problems have cleared up. With the help of Archie, our other Many Tears spaniel, who came to us 4 years ago, she has blossomed. Her coat is now glossy and she is a picture of health. It's been so rewarding seeing her gain strength and confidence. Zantie and Archie can be quite independent of one another now but sometimes they do share the same sofa or bed as you can see in the photo. Thank you all at Many Tears for letting us have these 2 fabulous dogs.
You really do a great job. Jane


Hi all at MTAR
We adopted a 4 month old dalmation called Tutti Fruity from you in Jan 2010 - she was in foster with Sue. She's now our beautiful girl Dizzy (Dizzy Wiggle !), pretty as a picture, still cheeky and very determined.
We got Bruce, our super handsome yellow lab, from you last April. He was in foster with Joyce, and he's been every bit as much of a star as the write up suggested. He's now our Rocky, and is absolutely my little rock star. He is obsessed with toys and things that squeak, and is a complete soft lad carrying teddies and grunting pink pigs around the farm all day :-)
They both get kissed all the time by Wil, our adopted terrier from the neighbour's farm. When we're out on walks everyone admires our handsome family, all so different yet all so close. We've just had to buy a new superkingsize bed so that everyone can pile into bed together, us and the 3 dogs. Dizz gets under the duvet. Wil pins it down in the middle, and Rock sleeps with his head on the pillow spooned up with me. He snores and brings skanky teddies to bed!
Please let both Sue and Joyce know that their foster kids are doing grand, and thank you so much for letting us adopt them. They are wonderful dogs who you gave a second chance to, and we are so grateful. Couple of nice recent pics attached.
Anne and Nick Perry x


Curley (now renamed digby) was adopted by myself and my family almost two months ago. And what a different dog he is now! He is thriving and is a different dog altogether. He is no longer nervous and is getting more confident everyday, although the Hoover is still a work in progress! He is following in his big sisters foot steps and is doing amazingly well in foundation agility and overall trick training and can almost do as much as his big sis. He has had his first trip to the beach and to the woods and we couldn't be happier with our new family member. His feeding habits when he first arrived ie eating all his dinner in five seconds has now vanished and he will happily totter around and walk away from his bowl in the middle of the meal (a huge milestone) although he will pinch some of his understanding and caring sister if he can. He has completed our family and we couldn't be happier with our boy. Oh and he has gained half of his body weight from the first day we brought him home from 10.3 kilos to 15.3 kilos and is an extremely healthy little man. I can't thank you enough for your fantastic work that you do everyday as if it wasn't for you he wouldn't be curled up on my squished lap right now! (By the way on the photos he's the big guy!)
Elise Finney

I have looked after Bear for nearly 3 years now, having taken him on “by donation” when he was 5.5 months old. He had apparently suffered from possible brain damage, hence people we understandably anxious about taking him on. See http://www.manytearsrescue.org/display_mtar_dog.php?id=6742 for more info.
He has been an absolute joy. Whilst he is a shy little chap, there is absolutely no malice in him. He loves to be with people, and to be cuddled.
Whilst I am pleased to say there is no evidence of any brain damage sadly he started suffering from epileptic fits last year, which is very distressing to see. He is now on medication so I am hoping that will keep them under control or even eliminate them.
I attended a village open day at Cropthorne, Worcestershire, on the Bank Holiday Monday at the beginning of May. They had a small dog show there so on the basis that someone has to come last I entered Bear in the Best Rescue Class. Much to my delight he won! The winners of each heat were then invited back for the ‘master class’. I was astounded when the judges picked him as best in show!!! Not bad for a dog no-one wanted… J
Bear really is a lovely dog, and goes to prove that just because a dog is in the ‘by donation’ category, they can still be a fantastic choice.


My family and i had lost our beautiful blue roam cockier spaniel four years ago, Since then there has been a big hole in our lives but just didn’t feel that we could replace her, until my husband has done a recording of her and we played it again and again realising that after four years we could now move on and get another dog. I always felt that i would like to get a rescue dog and give it a loving home. In January we started looking on rescue site and putting our names forward, local rescue didn’t seem to take us seriously until we meet at a party a couple who had adopted from many tears.
Jo Jo gave me the details of many tears and I got in touch with them best decision we made. At the end of march I received a phone call from Ruth telling me she had a possible dog for me, and would i be interested. I looked on the website and there she was a black and white cocker spaniel. she looked so sad we needed to give her a chance.
On the 6th april we left our house at 8am and travelled to south wales near swansea 300miles there and 300miles back we got to the rescue centre at 14.55 a long way. when we got there, there was a little while to wait but was glad that there was a toilet there. As soon as we saw her we fell in love she was beautiful.
On the way home Bella was sick we stopped off at my aunties and cleaned her up. We got home at about 21.00 Bella was very nervous and still is. We have had a few misshaps but nothing bad.
Bella gets on well with other dogs and other animals especially our rabbits charlie and dillion . Our daughter sometimes comes round with her poodle indy and the dogs play lovely together. Bella is very scared of new situations especially meeting man, she loves my son but has not taken to my husband she runs from him and will not stay in same room and barks at him and yet will not bark at any other time. We hope in time she will realise that he is her friend.
When we go to the park I let her of the lead and she just runs and rolls on the grass its so lovely to see. When she walks out of sight she is always looking back checking we are there. The only problem is one of the parks we go to she stands her ground and will not move because she loves it so much. She is like a puppy smelling every thing and just runs . We still need to sort her house training out , but now knows not to go on the furniture but will still wee in the kitchen. She is so lovely she is a joy. But not good with traffic and scared of lorries, busses, and big vehicles, We have had her seven weeks tomorrow and very happy.

I adopted "Gambler", now "Paddy" in 2013. I have already sent you a huge update back in July 2014, but I just wanted to let you know his exciting news.
As I explained then, I work at the Oxford Playhouse as Stage Door Keeper. Two weeks ago we showed "Of Mice and Men".
Paddy auditioned for the role of the dog, and was reserved as understudy because his tail was too waggy.
However, he got his chance to shine on the last day in Oxford, appearing in both the matinee and the evening performances. He was wonderfully relaxed, calm, happy and alert, and has been much appreciated by the cast. They've had more than a few issues with dogs (they have a new one for each week of the tour), so Paddy has gone down rather well!
During the interval, actor Dudley Sutton asked if he could have his picture taken with Paddy too. I'm very proud of him, as I am sure you can tell!
Attached are photos, one of his audition which was in the local Oxford Mail newspaper so I imagine may be shared, and the one of he and Dudley Sutton who has given permission to use the photo.
Kind regards and thanks for such a fabulous hound!


Here are some photos of Lizzie (formerly Nikita) and Bailey (formerly Kit Kat) Lizzie the black lab came to live with us in April 2014 and was a great companion to our older blind lab , Jack. When Jack passed away last year he left a huge hole in our hearts and we eventuality began our search for another rescue dog. Despite a few false starts when we visited Many tears, to look at other chocolate labs, non were quite suitable for one reason or another. Then in November 2015, I saw Kit Kat, a choccie boy from a puppy farm. He was fostered not too far away and we arranged a visit. Well the rest, as they say, Is history. He came home with us on December 18th, just in time for Christmas. He has had lots of fun exploring the big wide world with Lizzie, they are so well matched. His training is coming along too, his recall is improving daily. Both he and Lizzie have are a joy to own and keep us smiling every day.


Hi Many Tears
Just wanted to give you an update on Rally who was renamed Holly by her wonderful Foster mum Julie.Julie did a fantastic job of house training Holly and getting her to start to trust humans.
We collected Holly on the 6th March 2016, she was a very scared little dog, she was fantastic in the car on the way home, once we arrived home we let her out of her crate and she ran straight out into the garden and it took some time to get her to come in and when she did she made a run for the far corner of the living room which has now her safe place,it's now been named "HOLLY CORNER"!.
We never realised it would be such a slow journey to undo 4 and half years of ill treatment and unkindness from humans, it has however turned out to be one of the most rewarding things we have ever done, every day brings a little step forward in her recovery, little things like taking a treat from us to getting her to walk on a lead and then today, letting her off the lead for the first time,to see her tail wagging and playing with the other dogs is fantastic and there isn't a word that describes how it makes us feel.
Keep up the good work
Richard and Debbie


Teegan (now called Tiggy) has been with us for a month and I thought you would like to know that she has settled in very well and is now showing some of her personality. She enjoys going to the field and meeting her new friends. Her favourite game is finding out how much fox poo she can roll in and and where you can get it to stick. If we have a day without a bath we count it a bonus. She doesn't yet understand toys but Abby, our labradoodle, is trying to teach her, I'm sure she will learn soon. As you can see she's been to the beauty parlour but she would rather be a tomboy rather than a princess.

Elaine Beadell


We adopted Hugo from MTR in March. Hugo was the first dog in the Spence family. We just couldn't resist this little chap even though he is in his later years and has limited sight and hearing. He has become part of the family and it feels like we have had him for much of his 11 years, not just 2 months! We cannot imagine him not being in the house. He has a lovely time in the garden but isn't too sure of the beach! He follows us everywhere and just wants to be near you. We love our little old pug to bits - he is spoilt rotten.

I'd like to thank MTR, in particular Julie, the foster carer and Keely who carried out the home visit - both were so friendly and encouraging given we had not had a dog before.


Good Evening my friends at Many Tears its over a year since I last wrote to you all.
I would love to say that I am very happy with my forever family, when I came I had two brothers Charlie and Robbie, not long after my mum lost Charlie it was very sad for myself and Robbie, but after a few weeks my mum had the chance to re-home a new brother Harvey. All three of us got on really well and we all enjoyed ourselves going out wih our mum and dad. We all went to Norfolk for a holiday near the beach it was lovely, we stayed in a cottage that donates to many tears called Milestone barn, very suitable for us all. We spent a lot of the summer at the beach hut in Walton it was lovely and we all enjoyed the trips down.
Unfortunately Robbie was diagnosed with MVD and had lots of medication, but we all enjoyed our walks and mum bought Robbie a pushchair so he could enjoy his walks as well. We got some funny looks but we did'nt mind because it was good for Robbie. Then three weeks ago Robbie became very ill and he died with us all at home, it was a very sad time for all of us but we gave mum and dad lots of cuddles and licks and we all miss him because he was a very gentle dog and he was 10yrs and 8mths. I am now head of the dogs and I love going for walks with Mum and Harvey he is very full of energy and chases a ball all the time, he is scared really but the ball gives him confidence with other dogs unless they try to take it away and then he is not very pleased.
We can now walk a lot further and quicker which mum says is good, because I need to lose some weight and my mum says she does as well, but I am not sure if I like it although I keep up with everyone, but we only get very small treats now. We went to the beach yesterday and we have been in the garden all day, its really tiring just laying watching the world go by but I suppose its a "dogslife". Thank you very much Sylvia and the team for letting me come to my forever home, perhaps one day my mum may let us have another brother, she says not yet its to soon, whatever that may mean. I have sent a photo of Harvey and me at the beach yesterday I hope you all like it. I am the tricolour and Harvey is the ruby. Lots of love Casper, Harvey and my mum and dad Joy and Brian.xx


We have been very lucky to have found our forever home. I am McKenzie a Cavachon and I came to live with my mummy in January 2013. I love all the fuss I have and attention I get at home . I still don't like cats but they don't mind . I sleep with my mummy on the bed all night long , generally horizontal ! I have a little sister too who is 16. In October , we adoptedanother little girl from MT. An ex breeding Schnauzer called Sparkly Leaf but we call her Lola. She has is such a happy little girl and loves to follow me around everywhere and cuddle up to me. We go on long runs together and share our food nicely. She likes lots of cuddles and sits on my mummy's lap when ever she can . Mummy says she is a special girl and is very lucky to have the three of us. thanks MT for finding us such a lovely family ,
love McKenzie and Lola.

Hi, I adopted this darling little shih-Tzu from Many Tears on 21st June 2015. I have had her nearly a year and thought I would share with you all how beautiful she is. She was called Pod at the foster home but I have renamed her Hattie. This is her with her sister Florrie! They love each other very much.

Thank you
Sharon Alexander

We are down in the Midlands this week for our debut at kc shows. Can't believe I even considered this never mind went ahead with it with a wee dog from his background that I've had for under 8 months but he's such a star and excels at everything I ask of him.
To say he nailed it is the biggest understatement ever, 3rd in novice freestyle and 2nd in novice heelwork in a huge show with dogs from all over the country!!!!! He's truly amazing and I'm so very lucky to have him, thank
you so much for trusting me with him, he makes me smile every single day just to see him happy being a dog!!! the fact he is enjoying heelwork to music is the icing on the cake.


When we brought Nessie home from Julie's she was very nervous but soon made friends with her new brothers and sister its taking time for her to get use to people she is getting better meeting lots of new people on walks and in the home she doesn't bark at everybody now. 4 months later she has had her first scottie haircut and is settling in very well and everybody loves her.
best wishes
Joy and Mike Harthill


We brought Ray the lovely cockerpoo home on Sunday 15th May. We renamed him Buddy and he is just the happiest little puppy. He follows us and our other 2 dogs around all the time wagging his tail and wanting to join in with everyone and everything.. He has to put his nose into anything he can find and has already pinched some of the toys from the doggy toy box. Think we are going to have our hands full with this cheeky little man... We have taken him to our vets for his second injection and she also confirmed that there was aproblem with his right eye - seems to be a congenital problem where it wasnt formed correctly at birth so he probably has no sight in that eye. But it doesnt seem to bother him in the slightest and certainly does not slow him down at all. Nope - not at all!! We love Buddy - happy, waggy, confident little bundle of shaggy fur that we've ever seen xxx
This is Buddy (on the right) with Lola our cockerpoo and Molly our springer. He has already had the zoomies around the garden a few times with Lola (she is a little bit put out by our new arrival but forgets this when she wants to play with him). He loves Molly - keeps putting his front paws up around her neck and kissing her - cheeky boy !
Hope little Buddy has a happy life with us all. x


We adopted Seamus when he was about six months old and he is now nearly five. We gave him an Irish name as he was rescued from Ireland.
Everyone says “a collie springer cross.. he must be really hyper” but he is the most chilled dog you could ever meet. He is much loved by all and greatly admired when out walking. People want to know how he is so clean, but luckily he hates water, so he stays out of the puddles.
Seamus likes to go to the cricket club and help out with rolling the pitch (he runs around) and he goes for two long walks a day on the heathland, where he enjoys chasing squirrels and sometimes even a deer (although he never catches anything!)
Seamus doesn’t understand that he is part collie. The only thing he tries to herd is our cat, but the cat is not playing! Here are some pictures of Seamus playing in the snow, modelling a Barbour scarf and with his new best friend (not!)

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