Happy Endings - June 2017

Hello , just thought I would give you all an update on my two special dogs. Jin came to live with us on 31/7/16. He was being fostered by Tina in bedfont. Tina said he was the most petrified dog she had ever fostered. But had given him a wonderful start by teaching him that not all humans are there to hurt you. He was such a frightened boy when we first adopted him, it took a few weeks for him to settle, but now he is the most loving affectionate happy boy, who gives so much love , he's cheeky , funny everything every dog should be. Earlier this year we decided Jin needed a friend. We looked through all the dogs at MT and chose Liberty a Westie cross bichon, who has the most enormous flirty brown eyes, we did a meet and greet with Jin at Libby's fosterer Rebecca in Cheltenham, on 25/02/17,it went really well , I knew what a special girl Libby was at how upset Rebecca was when we left. 4 months later and they are the best of friends, they cuddle , play , tell each other off . So thank you Tina and Rebecca and many tears for letting us adopt Jin and Libby. Xxxxxx


Hello everyone. I left you on March 1st. I left you a very frightened little girl, I was having trouble with meeting people. I am still quite concerned when I am confronted by people, but slowly I am starting to trust. As you can see I have just been awarded my Bronze award for the Kennel Club Good Citizens award. I have worked hard and I love my class. I have also met another MT dog, she is also in my class. We had to walk properly, stay in one place and not move for 1 minute, be handled by owner , walk close to another dog and be good, and lots of other things. I am now going to start my Silver award and hope to do my Gold. I am starting to trust more now but mummy thinks it might be quite a while. The other picture with me is Tilly, she also MT girl who left you 3 years ago. She has looked after me and Greta is a daxxy (not MT)We all love each other. Thank you MT for taking me in and giving me the chance of a life. At the age of 4years I am now starting my life. I even have a go at being a puppy, not something I remember having, and I do get up to naughties sometimes. We will continue to fund raise and send through what we can. Will be in touch again, who knows I might get my Silver award!!! Love to you all INDIE ,TILLY, GRETA ,WILLIS .


Hello everyone at Many Tears,
I adopted Finlay (was Raymond) from you on June 14th 2015. He was one of the "R" litter of Border Collie pups who first appeared on the site at the end of May at 7 weeks old. Have never seen any updates on Rue, Rhyme, Rio, Rupert or Reggie who were the other pups so thought I would send one in.
After the long drive home Finlay promptly sent my cat into hiding upstairs where she spent the next six months, best of friends now though! He attended puppy nursery and then training classes and eventually progressed to
his K.C good citizens classes. We did have a little go at agility and Fin enjoyed it but I couldn't keep up with him!
Last February we joined Catch 22 Wirral flyball team and have had many happy hours training and made lots of new friends, we both love it and Finlay is super fast! You never know we might end up on TV at crufts one day!
He is a very friendly boy, loves everyone, people and dogs alike and his absolute favourite thing is the pack walk we do with his team mates when he practices his zoomies. He comes everywhere with me and I can't imagine my life without him.
Thank you for letting me adopt him and keep up the good work.
Carol Smith
p.s. would love to know what happened to his litter mates if any owners see this.

Hello! Just thought I'd give you a quick update on Douei and Louei... We couldn't believe how well they have settled in 24 hours! They were very excited exploring their new home, getting to know us both properly, and milking all the attention we were giving them! They soon were pooped though, and seem to love their new spot to sleep as we didn't hear a peep all night (minus some snoring). We are in awe of how loving they are, and they have taken the changes in their lives all in their stride. They even seem to like their new names - Reggie and Ralph
We will keep in touch, but thank you so much for finding us these two unbelievable and inspirational dogs.
Roxanne and Mike


Hi Many Tears team,
I hope you are all well.
It's been 3 months since we adopted a cross breed called Bertie and we wanted to share how well he is doing. We love him very much.
Initially he was scared and so unsure of his new surroundings here in our 3 bed house in chester, he would cower into his cage as a safe place when he was unsure, he was happy to sleep in the kitchen for 1st 4 weeks , as we needed to house trained him, he became very protective of the door when people came ,
so I have done a lot of one to one training with him, boundaries, ect. I did a 4 week training course, in manchester with the Dog Farther (vic) Bertie loves to run free , and come back on a command he sits and waits for his meal until we give him the command to eat, and sits and stays on command, he even lets my old cavalier eat 1st,!! and now he sleeps upstairs with his mate.
He goes out with myself in morning, to the park, and chases the squirrels then plays , then sleeps
we have a daily dog walker who takes them to the forest or the beach , for a few hours each day , he gets on with all the dogs , some humans he may growl at , until he knows them, he just needed a mummy and daddy to help him and a brother dog to play with , we feel very fortunate to have him as part of our family.
He is adorable, and we wouldn't part with him, hes brought so much joy into our home ,
we are taking him on the train next week to London , to stay with our Daughter for a few days ,
Love Elaine, Chezz , and Bertie Boy x


Just thought I would send an update on our lovely boy Rio. He came into our lives 2 years ago at the end of May 2015 and what a joy he is.
He is with my husband 24/7 and where you see one you see the other. He has settled in so well it is hard to remember a time without him.
He goes for a walk 4 times a day to the estuary with his Dad and he always wants to go the longest way. He is in charge not his Dad! He is loving and friendly and absolutely adores our grand-daughter Sophie and our daughter. Sophie always brings him treats and as we don't know his birthday, we celebrate it on the anniversary of his adoption with a cake and presents. You can see him waiting for Sophie to open his present in one of the photos. You can also see what a lovely boy he is and the vet is really pleased with him when he goes for his annual injections. His coat is shining now and he has sardines twice a week for this which he loves and is at the correct weight. He is very partial to Joe's icecream as well but he only has a small portion at a time in case it upsets his stomach.
It is a pleasure to have him in all of our lives and is so settled it is as if he has always been with us. We all love him to bits and that love is returned by him to us all. He is a real member of our family.
We send best wishes to all the staff at M.T and our thanks for allowing us to adopt our lovely baby boy - I am sure all the animals you look after and save would thank you if they had voices to say so.
Kind regards
Linda and David James

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