Happy Endings - June 2016


These are the most recent pictures of Paper (formerly Pumpkin Pip).
She's an absolute joy to have in our lives. She can be a little madam when she wants and definitely has mastered the art of selective hearing, but she's such a lovely little dog, we forgive her for that!
My husband fell ill in September, and Paper has been his little guard dog. She sits on him and keeps him company when he's unwell.
She's brilliant with children, and loves babies. She likes cats, and gets a bit upset when they're scared of her. She plays rough and tumble with my parents' cat but never harms him.
I don't know where we'd be without our little Paper. She makes us smile
every day.


Dear Many Tears,
I am really enjoying my life now. I get fabulous long walks twice a day in fields and I have a doggie friend who is playful and fun. I am fed regularly, and this photo shows me seconds prior to getting a treat. I am settled, happy and have a daily routine which makes me feel secure.
Thank you for helping me get a good start in life, you help so many dogs like me. We are very grateful, and I want you to feel my happiness. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by the work you do But I am a happy ending, and I want you to know that when you have a bad day.
Think about me, I am having a great life, every day, in a home with people who love me, and it is all thanks to MANY TEARS :)
Love from Daisy


It's been 3 months since we saw the appeal for Simba the Portuguese ex street dog, visited Many Tears and fell in love. Within a week we brought him home with us forever. Thank you so much to Many Tears and Amigos 4 Patas for the work you do and for giving our boy the chance to have a happier life. We absolutely adore him. He is such a gorgeous boy and he has settled in with us so well. He has even been on his first holiday with us and loved every minute. THANK YOU. Xxxx


Hello everyone,
We just wanted to let everyone know how our lovely adopted,gorgeous, little diva westie is getting on. We adopted her in Dec 2015. Her name was Opal but the fosterers children renamed her Flossie as shes so soft and fluffy! She was about 2 years old when we got her and had already had some pups, bless her.
She settled in well,but has really really grown in confidence and character,and certainly knows what she wants and when she wants it now! She has been no trouble at all really. She is fully house trained now, so loving and playful, but most of all,she seems so happy and content, it makes us smile all the time to see it. We absolutely adore her! Definately stolen our hearts!
She is so funny, she struts around the garden, seeing off the birds and anything that moves really, often with her cuddly toy foxy, hanging out of her mouth, which she likes to squeak constantly, very amusing to see!
Flossie wakes up everyday like its the best day ever, lots of licks, barking, bouncing and running around! She is very exciteable but we would rather that than a scared, wary little dog.we are so pleased that we found her. An utterly adoreable little monster!
If anyone is thinking about whether to adopt a rescue dog,believe me, it is so worth it.With a little time and patience, the rewards and love you get from these dogs is amazing.Many Tears does such an amazing job re housing all of these animals,please help if you can.
many thanks and regards,
Tony and Michelle Gallagher
Buster and Flossie


Hello there!
Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that it's one year tomorrow (26th May) that we adopted the lovely Oscar from you! As you can see he's a happy, healthy and most definitely handsome little man. He has come on leaps and bounds and is the most loving, gentle and well behaved Scottie. We have our other Scottie Maggie May to thank for that, as she has led the way and taught him to trust us. They are inseparable and he still looks to her to lead the way. I now totally understand why Many Tears ask that ex breeding dogs are homed with another dog. Oscar would have taken far longer to settle in by himself. He is still quite timid but has come on so far since last year. He enjoys holidays with us in Dorset and Cornwall, twice daily walks and guarding the chicken run with Maggie!
I can't tell you how much we've grown to love Oscar as much as we love Maggie, we have found rescuing a dog in need so very rewarding. So if you're thinking of adopting a dog from Many Tears, give it a go. All these dogs ask of you is plenty of love, a warm bed, and nice food. We think the key to our success has been lots of patience and a set routine alongside lots of guidance and help from Maggie!!
We struck gold when we adopted Oscar, many thanks to you Many Tears, keep up the great work that you do!
Kind regards
Kerry and Trevor Miles xx


As promised here are a few photos of Marcus (Teddy) who is doing very well and seems to be happy. He loves his walks in the fields at the back of the house and spends time with me when I am pottering about in the garden.
His appetite is good and he has great fun with his toys. Needless to say, but he is a great time waster, and I must get some cleaning done tomorrow.
We took him to meet our Grandsons and they got on very well with lots of hugs which they all enjoyed.
He is very calm when he is groomed and doesn't mind when I am cutting out some of the tangles. He will go to the professionals for a proper trim once he has had his second jab next week. His stitches have healed very well with no problems.
Thank you so much for letting us have him. I still can't understand how anyone could have parted with such a lovely little dog.
Very best wishes to you all and thanks for the marvellous work that you carry out.
Liz and George Graham


Hello Many Tears
Here's a lovely update on Izzy Pom, we have been blessed to have Izzy in our family for a month now and she has settled in like a dream, she gets on very well with Meg our 9 year old Westie who is so chilled. Izzy is so loving and friendly, she is doing so well on her walks and loves being over the fields. We are still walking on lead for now as we are working on her recall in confined garden spaces!
Izzy loves sleeping on the end of our sofa and adores being stroked and petted. She is starting to play more with Meg which is a joy to see! Our whole family (all live in our village, around 16 in total age ranging from 3-93) have fallen in love with her. We are so grateful to be able to call a lovely dog like Izzy our pet.
Thank you for the amazing job you do at Many Tears Sending love and doggy kisses
From Victoria Stuart Harriet Meg and Izzy Pom Barker xx

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