Happy Endings - July 2016


We just wanted to update you on how Stitch is doing. We adopted Stitch from Many Tears in February 2016 where he had been bought over from the pound in Southern Ireland when he was just 5 months old. We came to visit Stitch after being matched up with him by your brilliant volunteers. We all came, including Tevi and Monty his new canine friends.
As they all got on so well and we all fell in love with Stitch, we took him home. He soon came out of his shell and settled in and became firm friends with our Border Collie, Tevi, who now has a buddy she can play tug of war with and get up to mischief with despite her being nearly 11!
Stitch is 10 months old now and seems to have developed into a leggy whippet where as he looked like a springer/collie when we picked him up. He has long skinny legs and huge ears but we still love him and he recently won Best Rescue dog and Best in Show Classes at a local dog show- we are so proud of him.
Thank you so much Many Tears for helping bring Stitch into our lives. He has made our little pack complete.
Keep up the brilliant work.
Many thanks
Kate May.

We adopted Milo (Lemo) from you November 2014 after Leah showed us some cute pics. At the time you said he'd make a great agility dog, well you were right. This weekend, after a week of exploring the lake district, he surprised us by not only winning into grade 4, but bringing home a crate of trophies including 6 wins!
Thank you again for letting him come and live with us, he's such a loving, funny dog who we love to bits.
Colin and Helen Veal


We have only had Daisy (was Sheen) for a week yet she's settled in so well it feels like we've always had her! She has already become a wonderful addition to the family and has already gone through FIVE tennis balls!
She is starting to learn not to pull on the leash and is enjoying trips to the park every day where we can safely let her chase balls off the leash and she comes back when called.
She has been a ray of sunshine on our lives and has the sweetest temperament and the whole family absolutely adore her!

Hello Everyone,
My new people picked me up last Saturday and I am now well settled in.
They thought that I wasn’t house trained but I soon showed them that I am. I’ve also showed them that I walk very well both on and off the lead. In fact, they think I’m perfect and say that they love me to bits
They have a huge garden that I enjoy running about in and they take me for long walks along the seaside where I can run to my heart’s content. I have met lots of other dogs and they have all been very friendly and I like playing with some of them.
My people have asked me to pass on their thanks to Cai and Josh who were ever so helpful to them when they were looking for a new dog.
I’m so pleased they chose me and I’m looking forward to a long life here.
I attach a photo my people took of me when I was rolling about on our lawn.
Best wishes,


Dear Many Tears,
We adopted Charlie (was Prince) from you in January 2016. Charlie is our third Many Tears dog and was by far our biggest challenge. We knew he was nervous but it was upsetting to see how frightened he was of us and in fact, of everything. When we got him out of the crate (when we were safely home) he ran into the garden and wouldn’t come inside. It took 4 of us half an hour to try and catch him and bring him inside as it was pouring with rain! He ran round the kitchen crouching with his stomach close to the floor, as though we were going to hit or kick him, which was obviously the life he had been used to at the puppy farm and when we offered him a dog biscuit he had no idea what to do with it. A few weeks later, we tried to put his harness on him, and then a lead, but he was terrified and froze. We were determined not to give up on this poor, frightened Shih Tzu and our other dogs immediately took him under their wing and taught him how to live as a pet dog!
Six months on, we have the most loving dog who adores his cuddles. His tail has a permanent wag, and as soon as we go anywhere near his harness he comes running as he knows it’s walk time, and is he keen to go! He is like a totally different dog – happy, confident and he knows we will never hurt him. He does remain nervous of sudden movements and I don’t think we will ever let him off his lead when he goes walking (a loud noise such as motorbike roaring, or a car backfiring, would scare him and he’d probably run off) but what a change. He loves to snooze on the bed and is just so happy and contented. I cannot begin to describe how rewarding it is to the see the transformation in him and the change in his character, because he knows he is safe, loved and this is his forever home, Everything he is given whether that be a new toy (he adores toys!) or a dog biscuit, he is so grateful. It hasn’t been easy to help him get to the more confident stage but we have taken things at Charlie’s own pace, and his progress has been phenomenal.
Thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt Charlie, and thanks also to his fosterer Karen, who taught him how to live in a home.
Fiona, Logan, Glenn and Brooke.
and Poppy, Bobby, Ruby, Charlie and Kingsley


Dear Many Tears,

We adopted Kingsley (was Chorley) from you at the beginning of April 2016. Kingsley is our fourth Many Tears dog. Although he was by donation (as he has a Grade 6 heart murmur), we really wanted a King Charles Cavalier and knew we could offer him his loving, forever home.
When we got him home, it was though he had always been here. He is a dog with a wonderful temperament, adores his cuddles, and is a very loved family member, getting on really well with our other 4 dogs. In some ways, he doesn’t seem at all like an ex-breeding puppy farm dog – he knows ‘paw’ and is confident and happy, adores his toys, and settled into his new home immediately. His tail wags constantly and he is a super dog. It is hard to believe he has such a serious heart murmur – he even likes taking his tablets as he thinks they are dog treats!
Thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt Kingsley, and thanks also to his fosterer, Eloise, who taught him how to live in a home.
Fiona, Logan, Glenn and Brooke.
and Poppy, Bobby, Ruby, Charlie and Kingsley


Hello to everyone at Many Tears.
Here is our wonderful little Amber who was known at MT as Amble. We adopted her in April 2016 and what a delight she has turned out to be. We had lost our last little doggie three years ago and it has taken us all this time to consider another one. I had been looking through all the websites for another dog and discovered Many Tears.
Amber is a well adjusted little dog, she is happy, she loves her walkies and of course food, adores our 3 granddaughters who think she is wonderful.
The first picture is the day we brought her home and our resident, usually feisty 8 year old cat has also taken to her as you can see.
She has had two holidays in Padstow since she arrived, the first with just her Dad and I and the second with our family. Our youngest granddaughter is showing her the sleeping arrangements in their trailer tent.
We absolutely adore this little shitty shoo who has brought nothing but joy with her.
Keep up the good work Many Tears and thankyou to all the staff who do such a wonderful job,
Best wishes, Elizabeth and Eddie Smith.

My name is Lily Pearl and I was known as Kreme. My Mum fostered me in 2015 and loved me so much she adopted me. Well I am easy to love after all I am cute and very happy! Everything I do is at 90 miles an hour! I like laying on my Mums bed and in it if it's cold. At the moment Mum has a fan on us at night so we are kept cool during the sleeping hours. I live with Peggy the Pug, Teddy who was Quiz adopted in 2014 he is a bichon. I also have two more sisters Dolly who has only 3 legs and is a schnauzer who was adopted in 2012 and Poppy another schnauzer who came to live with my Mum in 2011. Poppy is Mum to us all and Mums foster dogs. Poppy keeps us all in check and has a knack for telling Mum when we are being a bit naughty! We all love each other and Mum makes sure we all get lots of cuddles and kisses. My Mum has 6 and a half weeks off now from work so we will be going to the beach and many parks! We are all excited about this! Bye for now My Mum has kissed me and I have pink lipstick all over my head now but I don't really mind!


I adopted Peggy about 7 weeks ago and she is loving her new life. She has no vision in one of her eyes and limited vision in the other eye. She has a crooked jaw where her rotten teeth had damaged her jaw bone. Many Tears took her rotten teeth out thank goodness! For all her problems she is a lovely caring dog who enjoys her days pottering round the garden and having doggy times with my own dogs who are all Many Tears Rescues and my foster dogs as I now foster for Many Tears too. Most of all she is free! I am forever grateful to Sylvia and her team for rescuing her because without them she would not be here with me now in the garden doing what she loves best SUNBATHING!


Hi from Jessie, I was called Cartney when I lived with you till I was 9 weeks old, before you found me my forever home. Today is my second birthday and I have just had a lovely walk and swim, with my big sister Misty who is now 14 and a bit slower than me! Mum and Dad look after me well, I still get told off now and again, but nowhere as much as I did when I was learning to be good. I love going to the beach and my favourite thing in the world is my tennis ball, but I do seem to burst them a lot, but I am also very good at finding new ones when we are out, some dogs don’t have the sniffability I do! Thanks for giving me a good start to my life all that time ago and hope all your dogs get as lucky as me! Here are two pictures of me, one of when I first came to live here and the other taken a couple of days ago!


We collected Peggy (was Shindy) from her foster carers, Christina and Barry, a week ago and she has settled in wonderfully with our other wire-haired fox terrier, Stanley.
Peggy is very affectionate and loves being cuddled; she shares her space with Stan, who is very kind to her and, although it’s early, we think she will make more and more progress as time goes on.
Peggy is starting to know when to ‘perform’ (ie outside, and/or on her walks) and, although still rather manic over food, is learning to wait and not gobble quite as fast.
Peggy is becoming very good on the lead and loves meeting other dogs and humans when we are out and about.
We are so glad that Peggy has come to live with us, as we were becoming very sad over the loss of our previous wire, Alice, herself an ex breeding rescue.
Many thanks to Christina and Barry for their care, and for showing Peggy how to live in a home.
Regards Jan and Goeff

We adopted Bella (was Wimple) on 1st June 2014, after we realised that our then ten month old puppy Ruby desperately needed company. Bella was the first dog Fran had fostered, and she and her family had become very fond of her, and were sad to see her go. Bella was described as Shih-Tzu but she has since been identified as Lhasa Apso: she was incredibly thin when she arrived, and a bit unsure what she was coming to, but tolerant and calm. She arrived home and ran around the garden playing with Ruby the first night – unfortunately tearing a claw in the process, we then discovered that she had an abscess on her spaying scar too which she had licked and opened up! After seeking advice from our vet, she was cleaned up and bandaged and dressed in a special dog ‘onesie’ to stop her licking the wound, then taken to the vet to get checked the next day – not the best start, but she tolerated it all and seemed to trust us. Bella is now a real princess: she refuses to walk on rough grass and will always take the path. She is elegant and pretty, and loves her adopted mum, Jan: she adores being cuddled and presses into her when she sits on her knee. She comes and looks at us with big imploring eyes when she is hungry: she is a messy and fussy eater but loves treats (especially chicken or sausage!) She is a funny quirky little dog who likes people (especially if they have treats) and in spite of being a ‘princess’ loves to plunge up to her belly in any water she can find, and then run about in sand or soil until she is filthy! She’s quite dominant, so she and Annie (our second Many Tears dog) have occasional ‘spats’ but mostly they get along fine.

The trouble with adopting from Many Tears is that the website has so many lovely dogs needing forever homes .... so on December 2014 we adopted Annie (was Gia). Annie is a Shih-Tzu, and another ex breeder - of about 4 years old when we adopted her. She is more damaged by her previous life, and when introduced to Ruby and Bella, started off by biting both of them! She has settled and accepts and defends her ‘pack’– even Leo, a puppy, the latest arrival (and Annie doesn’t think much of puppies...too bouncy) . We have to be a bit cautious when we are out because Annie, who has a mangled ear probably from being attacked by another dog, doesn’t like strange dogs ‘in her face’ and will warn them off out of fear. She is fine now with calm dogs, and is improving all the time with confidence. She now accepts attention from humans even if she doesn’t know them, but she is a bit of a loner, and if we meet other people with dogs and stop to talk to them, she will sit a little way off with her back to everyone. To us, however, she is a sweet loving little dog, trusting us completely and even giving us little ‘kisses’ at times. She loves her home, and her bed - sleeping more than any dog we have known, but also loves going for walks and when the lead is produced rushes up with tale wagging hugely and then rolls in each dog bed in turn, gurgling delightedly. When we got her, her muscles in her back legs were really wasted from lack of any exercise so it is great now to see her run – just because she can. Because her journey has been slower, we feel really pleased at the honour of being her owners as she settles into trusting happiness and enjoying her life at last.

And then...the lure of the Many Tears website again. Leo (was Aidan) appeared on it: a tiny Shih-Tzu/poodle cross, who had suffered a very rough start in life before he reached Lyn, his wonderful foster Mum, at about eight weeks. Lyn has had over 400 dogs to foster but Aidan was special for her because he had been so ill, being riddled with worms, and sat up for five nights with him tucked into her jumper. She cried when we left with him ... we named him Leo (little lion) as he’d come through such a lot. We collected him on 29th February this year – a tiny frail little scrap, the size of a small guinea pig and all skin and bones with a thin staring coat and a tendency to diarrohea as a result of all the worming treatments he had needed. He weighed only 1 kg but was already a feisty little character. Now seven months and weighing 5 kgs, he is the most gorgeous puppy - sturdy and very confident and very affectionate. He is a total delight - loves walks, loves streams and any water, loves meeting new people and new dogs, and adores Jan. He and Ruby (our first dog, who is now three) have become inseparable, with non-stop play fighting and rushing round chasing one another like Tom and Jerry. He has being going to Obedience training and is a star pupil (if we forget that he did poo on the floor twice!)

So, Many Tears has transformed our lives as well as the lives of so many dogs. Knowing we have been able to give dogs who had a very poor start in life a loving home is so satisfying, and we spread the word wherever we go, so others can be captivated by the Many Tears website! Our dogs are the best advert for it ... they have all adjusted amazingly to home life – they soon grasped house training and are now totally reliable; they travel in cars, taxis, buses and trains with no problem; they come camping, to stay in BandBs and to pubs and cafe’s. They go everywhere with us, and are really well behaved – often better behaved than Ruby (our first dog who is Shih Tzu/ Westie cross with a barky terrier character!) Thank you so much to Many Tears and all your lovely volunteers and Foster Parents for our 3 lovely little dogs – we can’t now imagine life without them.


We adopted Beti at the end of May and she has settled into her new home so well. She loves chasing squirrels in the garden and sniffing out all the local wildlife on our daily walks round the local countryside.
She is so brilliant in the house and with everyone she meets. She's been a hit wherever she goes and coped well with lots of new people and other dogs. She is still anxious being left alone but we're working on it, other than that, she is no trouble and so easy to train. We completely love her and she seems settled. She won't be back at MT for a third time...sorry!


Just a little update on Fred (was Rinkydink) wow Fred has been with us for just over 2 weeks and what a different dog! When we brought him home he would not let us near him, and would only come over to take a treat from us, but always made sure it was at arms length!he obviously was not house trained either, but now he is just amazing, he comes running up to greet us if he has been left for a little while, is always following us round and luvs us to give him loads of fuss, hugs and kisses. Getting a lead on him at first was so hard but now he steps into his halti and enjoys his walk he's always so friendly when meeting other dogs but still a little nervous with people (but never ever in a nasty way) he's taken over the sofa in our conservatory, and is so good at going outside for his wees and poos. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do at many tears, Fred is is bringing us so much happiness and luv and is such a big part of our family now thank you again luv from Fred, Dee and Roy xx

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