Happy Endings - July 2017

Less than a week ago, we travelled from Cardiff to Southwell, Nottinghamshire to meet Princess.
I do believe that Princess adopted me. She is the sweetest little dog that I have ever been privileged to meet and am truly blessed by being her human. Yes, she has adopted me!
To start she travelled beautifully and was completely unphased by the 3 and 1/2 hour journey home. Settled in immediately and promptly wrapped us all around her little paw.
Sunday, we took her for a picnic in the park - dogs and miniature humans alike, she greeted all and offered them a burst of her sunshine personality.
Yesterday we went for a pamper pooch session at Parklands Dog Grooming, Angela had initially introduced me to many tears and she works very closely with rescue dogs and their humans. Such care and attention. Princess took it all in her stride.
She has definitely decided I am her human and follows me everywhere like a little powder puff. As long as she can see me she is truly content.
She walks beautifully in a harness with no pulling, preferring to be alongside me in my left, knows where to potty and settles down well at night, although we do t need an alarm clock at 6:30am as she decides it is time to get up with a few little barks so that we can let her out to potty and stretch in the morning sunshine.
Thank you Many Tears for giving me the opportunity to have Princess in our lives. Thank you Princess for rescuing me!

This is my Beagle I adopted last week. Until the last couple of years I've always run a pack of four plus a MT foster, or two. Circumstances changed and I could no longer foster, then my pack started to run over the bridge. In March this year I lost my princess and started to look for another dog. Being a fan of terriers and mastiffs I was drawn towards them, however terriers don't normally 'do' cats and mastiffs are too large for where I live. So I started to look at MT pages with a broader mind, as I fostered all sorts I was well equipped for ex breeders, huskies, and bundles of terriers; however I'd never fostered a Beagle. In fact I'd never considered a Beagle. Then Petal, (now Molly) was spotted, the forms were done and visiting day arrived.
I've now had Molly a week, she's loving, cheeky, and very pleased to have a home. I can not understand why Beagles find it so hard to find a home. Yes she sniffs when she's out walking, no she doesn't raid the bins, pull on a lead or mess on my floor. I don't have to pay to have her groomed, she's not too big; neither is she too small. She's beautiful and gentle and so well matured with all she meets. For anyone looking for a dog there are so many Beagles at MT, so many beautiful souls ignored because of bread. Honestly I realise she has yet to fully develop her personality, but there is no reason at all that she will be any less cheeky, or any more cheeky, than a Labrador , a cavalier or a cross breed.
Please do look seriously at the Beagles...they have been through hell too xxx
Much love Molly and mummy x

Here are our 2 Many Tears dogs. We adopted Molly the chocolate lab almost 7 years ago as company for our cocker spaniel who had gone deaf in her later years.
Molly has to be the kindest and most patient dog ever born-she is a truly special girl. As she is getting older we wanted to adopt another dog from you for her to mentor and so on Easter Sunday we all made the long journey to your kennels to hopefully bring home our chosen dog. Tally you called him, an ex stud dog from a breeder. He was introduced to Molly and all went well so he became ours. We call him Teddy.He came to us bewildered,frightened and very submissive but craving a gentle hand and soft words of reassurance.
He has now blossomed into the most affectionate little boy who would be happy to be stroked and cuddled all day long. Since we've had him he has had surgery to remove a bladder stone and now that is behind him he loves his walks especially if he can take a tennis ball to chase. His fur is growing back nicely making him even more handsome than ever. He's slotted into our family and snuggles up with Molly on the same bed. He hasn't bothered our cat,rabbits or chickens. but is very interested in the 3 guinea pigs (I suspect he thinks they're puppies).
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing these poor souls and rest assured Molly and Teddy have a kind and caring home here with us.
Viv and Steve.

Hi, We adopted Shazam ( now Rosie) on 01/05/2017. She has settled in so well that I am astounded, but I think it is down to the time her foster Steve spent on her. She was in foster for 1 year and knows now that she is in her forever home. She is so part of our family.
She still has her morning run and a run later in the day, keeping us both fit . We very live near 3 parks, a nature reserve and 2 beaches so have plenty of choice for walks. Rosie just loves her squeaky ball and returns it most of the time and has to sniff all the smells about. We take her to Sandbay often as she loves playing in the sea. She says hello to other dogs, then walks on to finish her walk. We call her Nosey Rosie as she is interested in everything we do and checking anything else she can find!
She has her own toy box and takes them out to play daily. When the weather gets too hot we put her paddling pool out and play with her many balls and keeps her cool at the same time.
Lesley and John xx

Hello to everyone that was following the story of Fire, the little dog that was left for dead at the side of the road.
Here is an update from Fire….
I was adopted by a lady and her grown up son, Kyle.
I fell in love with Kyle instantly and didn’t worry one bit when Joyce(my foster mum) forgot to take me home with her.
I have the most fabulous garden to run around in with lots of places to explore and lots of things to bark at.
I have another dog living with me, her name is Sam and she came all the way from the Philippines. She used to live on the streets and was run over by a car.
Because of that she has a bad leg, but that doesn’t stop her trying to keep up with me on walks.
Sometimes she growls at me if I am being a bit playful, but we do sunbathe together on the decking..
I now, no longer have to go in a pet carrier when we go out in the car, I have my very own seatbelt and lay very nicely so my human mum can drive safely, that is until we arrive at our destination and then I go crazy and want to get out as quickly as possible to search for field mice or squirrels.
There is a large common not far from my new house that we visit regularly and we meet lots of other dogs.
I do tend to growl at them because I like it best when it is just me and Sam having a sniff at all the new smells…I did get told off yesterday by my human for rolling in dog poo… Sam wasn’t too impressed either.
I have met the vet, which I was a little unsure of, but I’m sure I will get to like Cathy, best thing is Michelle (Kyles sister) works at the vets so I get to see her.
Michelle has 2 dogs from the Philippines. Smoke and Chestnut. Smoke used to live on the streets and had boiling water thrown over him. Michelle lived there and rescued him. I like Smoke, but me and Chestnut still have to get to know each other.
We all go for wonderful walks out at Chew Valley, where there are yachts sailing on the lakes and lots of places to explore. I love going out there because there is long grass and Michelle and mum laugh at me when I jump through the grass like a kangaroo.
I love my new life and my incontinence doesn’t faze mum one bit. She does laugh when she picks me up and a poo drops to the floor.
I do miss Joyce and her partner but I will always be grateful for all the hard work they and Many Tears have done for me.
I am now starting on a new journey in my life and it’s a good one. I BELONG, at last I have found my forever family..
I am going to meet Dillon and Cameron soon (mums grandsons) and they have lots of pets even a snake, whatever that is…
Mum will keep you all updated on my progress and upload photos soon.
Bye for now Fire (Enya) xx

We adopted one of the 'R' named 7 week old puppies in May 2015. We fell in love with Reggie because of his one very bright blue eye. We renamed him Paddy.
He was a bit poorly for the first couple of weeks but recovered and has become the most amazing dog. He is absolutely devoted to us, particularly my husband.
He loves people, riding in the car, going to the vets, swimming, his toys, games of fetch and frozen carrots. He doesn't like baths or having his teeth cleaned and his naughtiest habit is stealing kindling from the bucket and shredding it all over the floor.
We are so grateful that we were trusted to give Paddy his forever home. He is loved and absolutely adored by the whole family, he makes us laugh every day and we couldn't imagine our life without him.
Suzane Simmons

Hi Many Tears
Well it's been 11 weeks since Oscar the whirlwind entered our lives and he has fitted in so well.
He is a cheeky chap and loves being cuddled, loves balls, loves his walks with his new best friend Eddie and lots of other dog friends, he likes to chase sheep (we found that out quite early on so he has to be on lead when they're about) and pheasants and loves running through the woods too. We can't remember our life before he came, we love him so much, we can't believe how quickly he stole our hearts almost instantly (it took at least 10 minutes).
Thank you so much Many Tears for giving us the gift of Oscar we shall love and treasure him for the rest of his life.
Lots of love
Mary and Ben

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