Happy Endings - August 2016


I would like to send you an update of Tipple now Betty.
Betty arrived timid, thin, no social skills from toilet training to wearing a collar and lead. After the first week which was awful, upset tummy and sickness and a very messy ear infection she has integrated to be a lovely addition with our other pets.
We brought her two beds one for downstairs one for up, but after her sickness she was put into our bed where she sleeps every night, but being tiny has to be lifted on and off. She eats three square meals a day and not really a snacker but has been caught helping herself to biscuits from the packet. Her weight is now normal.
She loves her walks getting more confident every time. A bit of a scallywag likes to sit in the plant pots and shred the plants, also tends to get onto patio table. A real Daddy's girl and any opportunity to sit on him like a cat is taken, if not as close as possible, I am a second best if he is around, otherwise number one in his absence.
Thank you for Betty she's now at her forever home and we love her.
Julia Burrows


Well it has now been 6 months since we adopted Maisie (was Ester) and she is now very settled with us and she gets on amazingly with her "sister" Millie.
Although to start with, she was scared of the outside, she soon followed Millie out to the garden and it is now one of her favourite places to be. She is such a clever little girl and it only took her a couple of weeks to toilet train. Although she could walk on the lead, she doesn't like it when people are behind her, but we're hoping with time she will get over this and start enjoying her walks. She is also still very wary of men with beards and/or hats, but again, given a bit of time we are hoping she will get over this.
When we picked Maisie from the MT website she had only been with you a couple of days and she was very scruffy and underweight. However, with a diet of good food, she has put on the correct amount of weight and is looking much healthier. She's also just been to the groomers for the third time. She's not overly keen, particularly getting her face done, but after a lot of time and patience they now have her looking like a proper Westie, as you can see from the attached photographs. The first one is her the day after we brought her home, the second was taken a couple of days ago after her visit to the groomers and the third photo is of her playing with Millie.
Because we live in Central Scotland, we knew we had a long journey ahead of us the day we came to collect her, however we ended up driving through Hurricane Gertrude, got lost as roads were closed due to flooding, and it ended up taking us 10 hours, but she was so worth it. We would say to anyone thinking of adopting from MT don't let distance put you off - you won't regret it.
Despite her bad start in life, Maisie has grown into a very affectionate, lovable wee dog and we now cannot imagine life without her.
Sheona and Steven

I was looking at your website and saw the 'Happy Endings' section so I thought I'd send you some images of Blackie who my mother in law Ann Fernquest had from you approx September 2011. She's called him Blackie although I think you referred to him as Black Jack. He was a right handful initially with ridiculous amounts of energy, which he still has even though he has calmed down a little. Loves going for long walks up the woods or to the beach and leading the way whenever he's on the lead! He's great with people, and most other dogs when he's off the lead but doesn't like other dogs approaching when he's on the lead. But he detests cats!
Regards, Nigel French.


We adopted Chewie, a 1 yr old bichon frise, on 22nd January 2015, and it was the best decision ever!
He was a little unsure at first, he stuck to his new brother Bobbys side like glue for the first month, but adjusted surprisingly quickly and we could not have asked for a more affectionate dog, he is always happy and wagging. Both dogs have tons of fun playing together, and we cannot imagine our lives without them both.
He was scared of getting groomed at first, and it took a LOT of work and patience to get him used to us cleaning his ears (he has chronic ear infections), but he did, and he even lets us brush his teeth now!
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, Bobby and Chewie will continue to promote adoption on their instagram, where you can see how spoiled Chewie is now!
Thank you, lots of love and dog kisses
Sara, Neil, Bobby and Chewie


Just thought we would let you know that Hunny is settling down really well. She has been with us a week today and is getting to know her new name, her recall is improving and we are teaching her the basic commands. She loves going round the field for her walks and is full of energy, after her third day with us she became much quieter, we think she had a lot of stress energy. When we are at the stables, if she is unsure she comes back to the house. Thank you so much for what you do and for allowing Hunny to enter our lives, she is wonderful. We have a attached some photos for you
Thanks again
Best wishes
Gina and Lee Griffiths


Hedy (formerly Huff) came to live with us in October. At first she was terrified of everything and every noise. The first night we had to turn the tv off because she was so scared. She did the dance of the door, sticking her nose round and then running off when she saw us for a couple of days. We had to teach her to climb stairs and she needed some house training. She began by waking up in the night squealing as if she were having nightmares. But once she had decided that we were okay she turned into a happy dog who loves cuddles. She is such a joy to have around because she loves everything: going in the car, walks, grass, sunshine, food, cuddles, the beach, having her tummy tickled, woods, parks, just about everything. She has a sort of non-aggression pact with our older Westie, Harry, and they get on reasonably well. We called her Hedy after Hedy Lamar the glamorous actress who was beautiful and extremely clever. It was a good name because she is gorgeous and very bright.
We really love her to bits and she loves us. Harry might have other opinions.
So glad that we adopted her. Good luck with your work,


Charley has proved to be the most loving and affectionate dog imaginable. We're so glad we found him and persevered with him... The idea of him spending all that time in kennels before we found him is so heartbreaking!!!
Charley really has fitted in to our lives brilliantly - he’s already very popular with family and friends and loves to meet new people. There was/is only one issue for us to try to address with Charley - and that’s his behaviour towards other dogs. Luckily enough he seemed to get on just fine with our 13yr old black Lab Frodo and they seem to be completely happy to share our house. We often look after other Labs for work colleagues when they go away on holiday and as a result Charley has also had to share the house with several other dogs for weeks at a time. We’re pleased to say that he has been on his best behaviour for this and is clearly making good progress in this regard.
Charley does love to get out and run in the fields as often as possible and he’s made some friends with the other local dogs who we see regularly. He can be overly boisterous when he meets a new dog - but always does this with a very waggly tail, so it’s clear he just needs more socialisation in order to learn how he should behave. Once he’s met a dog and got the initial interaction out of the way - he’s absolutely fine and can be trusted to go back to rolling in the mud and charging around the field without any worries. Charley has also recently started to learn how to engage in ‘play’ with other dogs which represents a big breakthrough for him and his development.
Around the house - Charley is just the most affectionate and cuddly dog you could ever imagine. He seems to be especially glad that he’s allowed on the beds and sofas and takes every opportunity available to snuggle up with anyone who wants to make a fuss of him. Charley also loves to come out with us at any given opportunity, even if we're just popping to the shops. He walks proudly around on his lead and is happy to accept strokes from the many people who stop to comment on what a big handsome fellow he is. Charley is also now a familiar and popular face at my cricket club. He loves to spend the day with us around the club house meeting new people and generally being the centre of attention.
All in all - Charley is now a much loved, spoiled, fussed over and generally adored dog. We can see the smile on his face everyday and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to give him a new home and welcome him into our lives.
Thank you many tears
All the best
Jamie and Amy


Hello all at many tears,
I emailed you a year after we adopted Dilly and Dally the ex breeding border terriers and let you know how well they were doing but I just wanted to quickly update you that three years on (we rescued them in late April 2013) we have never looked back! Also, to once again say thank you so much for all the hard work that you do and the good that you do for all the animals you help.
Dilly and Dally came to us very frightened and pretty out of shape. They are now the most laid back, but also very friendly, dogs who are happy to meet anyone and explore everywhere. Including recent camping trips and after obtaining doggy passports a road trip in The Netherlands. I've enclosed a few pictures of their recent adventures for you to see.
Thanks again,
Gemma and Dan Stoneman and Dilly and Dally

It's been two years since Kizzie came to us. A loving, cuddly dog who is never far from me. Despite sleeping alongside me in my bed all night, she greets me enthusiastically each morning! Her little face lights up as I stretch and she seems to be saying.. "Hey it's you! Look it's me! It's another day, let's get going!"
It took her many months to be equally comfortable around my husband, but she now asks to be lifted up and snuggles into his beard.
She is still wary of strangers, particularly men. And she is very reactive to strange dogs... Walks are always carefully planned!
She is a happy, contented and beautiful little dog who has enhanced my life.
Kind regards Deborah Gogarty

I just thought I would email in an update about a puppy we rehomed from Many Tears 8 years ago. I believe you named her Carol and we changed it to Izzy, in rememberance of my Nan 8 years ago in July.When we adopted Izzy we soon discovered her back legs had not formed properly and she had severe problems with her knees, subsequently this led us to being unable to insure Izzy and the possibility of very hefty vet bills in the future, however we were all so smitten this did it deter us and there was no way we were going to retract on the adoption. We were informed by the vet that she would not be able to attend puppy classes as the play with other puppies would be too much for her poorly back legs and she would have to have a strict exercise regime which limited Izzy to two small 15 minute walks a day to begin with.
Being concerned about Izzy being socialised with other dogs we set about organising to meet up with my granddad's little rescue terrier and other friends and family's dogs on our little strolls but she also had our little rescued chihuahua crossed staffy butch for company too plus our 120ft by 60ft garden for playing in too. We also decided to try and help Izzy a bit more by taking her for regular hydrotherapy sessions too. We did have a few hiccups a long the way like every one does with puppies for instance Izzy once ate our back room sofa and when caught in the act tried to pretend she was asleep!! She also ate several shoes, carpet and even doors!
We were also quite surprised by the fact Izzy never seemed to stop growing, Many Tears were not sure of Izzys breeding but thought she would be a medium sized staffy type, however 18 months later Izzy finally finished growing and tipped the scales at a whopping 9.5 stone and had to be watched regularly as given the opportunity would swipe food off the kitchen counters!!One such occasion was when my dad was cooking a Sunday roast, he left the chicken at the back of the counter whilst he went to get something out the freezer and when he came back said chicken had disappeared.... Thinking he was going mad he searched everywhere in the kitchen then out the corner of his eye he spotted said chicken being licked by Izzy in the garden where a very amusing of 'tag' ensued between my dad chasing Izzy around the garden to retrieve the chicken which went on for about 20 minutes with the rest of the family in hysterics watching! Needless to say said chicken couldn't be used by us but made a nice special dinner for the dogs for a couple of days consisting of rice, veg and shredded chicken so Izzy won after all!
Both our dogs Butch and Izzy have always been included on our yearly family holidays to Gloucester to visit family and as Izzy got older and with the careful exercise regime when she was younger and hydrotherapy sessions she could enjoy up to a slow 2 hour walk through the forest in the Forest of Dean.
A big change for Izzy was when I fell pregnant and had my Son Euan, whose 5 in September. When I first brought Euan home Izzy found it very difficult, she had never really been around babies and she was very confused by the crying of a newborn baby. To make Izzy more comfortable and Butch I used to always make sure I spent 1-1 time with time so they didn't feel pushed out or jealous and we never left Euan on his own with the dogs. When I was up to it I started taking Izzy and Butch out for walks with Euan in his pushchair and 5 years later they are the best of friends, Izzy will only let Euan brush her and Euan feeds her, her breakfast and dinner (with supervision) and if he falls asleep on the sofa she will lay down in front of him on guard! To say Euan idolises Izzy is an understatement and we know he is going to be debased when she does eventually pass.
Unfortunately 3 years ago Izzy's back legs took a turn for the worst and the vet even suggested putting her to sleep as at the time they didn't know of any vetinary surgeon that would be prepared or would be able operate on her rear legs due to her size. We cut Izzy down to two short 15 minute walks again and her pain was managed with medication until a new vet at our surgery recommended and suggested with take Izzy to the now famous Fitzpatrick vetinary clinic. We jumped at the opportunity and got her referred and seen asap. We were informed she would require major surgery on both hind legs but they could only do one at a time and there was guarantee of success, the other obstacle was that it would cost us £5,000 per each leg. Due to Izzy's leg problems being identified only a week or two after adopting her we were unable to get insurance for her, however we didn't ever want to be caught off guard with any unexpected vet bills and we put the money we would of paid to insurance company in a savings account each month so we had a sizeable chunk towards the operations and my dad paid the rest on his credit card.
Izzy had become such a loved member of the family there was nothing we wouldn't of done for her. After the surgery Izzy was in a lot of pain but slowly and gradually she improved and the pain subsided and it was like having puppy Izzy all over again! After the first op she made such an improvement it was decided at Fitzpatricks not to operate on her other leg but manage her with light exercise and hydrotherapy. That was 3 years ago now and Izzy is still going strong. Recently she has started to develop arthritis so every now and again she has some pain killer medication but the vet is happy with her, she still enjoys her walks and her swim in the local dog pond and when there is food she soon forgets there is s problem with her legs and will try and swipe the food!
We as a family would just like to thank Many Tears and Sylvia for allowing us to adopt Izzy, she is truly loved by all the family, especially by Euan and Butch and we just couldn't imagine life without her. We hope people would not be put off by adopting a rescue dog with problems as there are always ways around things, like we did with the insurance. We know Izzy may not have long left with us due to the problems with her legs but we still wouldn't have it any other way.
Thank you again.
The Lyons family.


We adopted Daisy (Crimble) in June and she was very nervous and she would constantly shake and run away from us, she hated us touching her paws and she didn't want to play with us or our other dog and she would never wag her tail. Just within a few weeks we started to notice some changes, she started to come up to us and wag her tail (especially if we had food) she's now very cheeky and she steals the washing from the washing line and she loves to chew our shoes, she plays with us and jumps all over us! She walks perfectly on a lead now and she doesn't shake or run away from us. She loves the sofa, her favourite time of day is when we are all sat on the sofa watching the TV, she cuddles up and falls fast asleep! She has no problem with us touching her paws anymore. She's a completely different dog! She's completed our family and we couldn't of asked for anything more than her! She's so happy and her happiness makes us happy!
Thank you Many Tears Rescue!
Tanwen, Diane and David x


We adopted Rio 15 months ago and what an absolute joy he has turned out to be. We cannot imagine life now without him.
He was a timid boy when he came to us and wanted lots of love and attention. He was desperate for love which I am pleased to say he has had in bucketsful from the whole family.
He felt safe in the house and didn’t want to leave it to go for a walk at first but it did not take long to overcome this. We think it was because he was afraid he wasn’t coming back.
He put on weight and although he had lost some front teeth the vet decided to leave them as they are for now. The vet is very pleased with him and he was up to his normal weight quite quickly. His has sardines twice a week for his coat which is now really shiny.
He is with his Dad 24/7 and you see one and you see the other. He even waits outside the bathroom for his Dad as well. He sleeps on the sheepskin rug on the floor at the bottom of the bed although he does go in his large basket in the hall.
He adores my daughter and grand-daughter who always make such a fuss of him. One of the photos you can see Rio with my daughter having a cuddle. He always has treats from them and because we don’t know his date of birth, my grand-daughter decided we should have an “Adoption day”.
On the anniversary of his adoption we had a party for him with presents and treats! His favourite treat is Joe’s icecream.
He has three long walks a day over the estuary and has a running track around the garden; around the shed, round the tree, round the bird bath and around the greenhouse and what a speed he can go.
It is hard now to imagine life without him and although it did take a bit of patience at the beginning when he came to us, it was more than worth it. He wants and needs to be loved constantly and I am pleased to say we have all the love and time in the world for him.
He rewards us every day with his love.
It really was our lucky day when we came to see you at M.T. and adopted our lovely boy.
Many thanks to you all at M.T for the care you take with all the animals who are unwanted and abandoned.
I am sure they would add their thanks if they could speak for themselves.
Love and best wishes to you all.
Linda James

My name is Harry Sidney Squillaci and I am a poodle. My Mum Tina was supposed to foster me but fell madly in love with me at first sight (it does happen). I share my home with Poppy the mini schnauzer, Dolly the three legged mini schnauzer, Teddy the bichon, Lily Pearl another bichon and Peggy the Pug. We are a family and Mum says I was the missing piece! We all came from Many Tears so we know all about being rescued! I spend my days lazing in my garden playing musical chairs with all the garden chairs. Mum makes me stay in the shade as she is worried about my skin and the effects of the sun so I have to wear sun block! I am happy here and my Mum is always kissing me and telling me that she loves me which is nice as before I had a hard life as a stud dog. I only have 4 teeth so my food is all mashed up for me and I have to eat fresh carrots daily to keep my 4 teeth healthy! I was very skinny when I came here but I am on a good diet to help me put on some weight which will make me feel better. I have a slice of banana daily as I love it so much. I am usually covered in pink lipstick kisses which is pretty embarrassing for a boy but hey ho you only live once don't you? I want to thank Many Tears for saving my life because without them I wouldn't be living the life I always should have. Lots of licks Harry xxx

We first adopted Alfie in June 2015 followed by Lily in April 2016 and finally Bella in June 2016. All three of these dogs we rescued from Many Tears and they have all come on so well in the time we have had them. We have been well blessed with the three loving and gentle fluff balls which, with some TLC, they have now become. Watching these dogs transform from the state they were in into loving and happy family dogs has been very rewarding and is something very special to have been a part of. These three little beauties all love each other very much and love to cuddle together in the same bed. They love to play together and chase each other around the garden which is also so lovely to see them enjoying themselves and having the life they so deserve.
Thank you to the foster homes for the TLC and handwork they give the the dogs in their care.
Thank you Many Tears for all your hard work and giving us the opportunity to be apart of it by adopting these lovely dogs.
Best wishes for the future
Brenda and Graham Titley and Family.


As you can see Benji has grown into a beautiful little dog. He keeps us on our toes as he loves to play. We can't ignore him as he comes to sit in front of us with his squeaky tennis ball, one of many, we have a little bucket full as they tend to disappear anywhere in the garden or under the furniture.
We have been very lucky to have him in our lives. He is loved by our neighbours and any one who sees him, he loves children.
Best wishes to you all at Many Tears.
Delyth and Malcolm Phillips.


Dolly came to us on 30th July 2016 from her foster parents in Bath who did an incredible job helping her adjust from the terrible life she had previously. We’d spotted her on the Many Tears site and fell in love straight away!
Having lost our 13 year old Yorkie to Diabetes we hoped to offer another small soul a life of love, reassurance and happiness. Well the call to say she was ours had us both in pieces and once more we would hear the tippy-tap of tiny Yorkie paws following us around again!
Off we drove the 146 miles to meet our sweetheart hoping everything would go well. Concerns were short-lived and on arrival she ran to the fence to greet us. Overwhelmed, she exceeded all expectations and she liked us. Yes!
Well three weeks on we have one incredible little girl who takes everything in her stride and each day that passes she trusts a little more than she did the day before. We’ve given her time to adapt at her own pace; initially she was hesitant to make eye contact, didn’t play with toys and would just sit where you placed her. We didn’t hear her bark for a week or so but that was fine, knowing once she found her feet her confidence would shine!
She’s learnt lots from her new big sister Cola the Norfolk Terrier and now walks perfectly on a lead. Traffic noise isn’t quite as scary as she first thought although we’ll stop and let big Lorries pass because we’re not sure about those yet! She now likes chasing balls, exploring the garden and general silliness! We’ve come so far in such a short period and seeing that tail wag fills us with pride.
Quite a star at the local vets who are smitten with her cuteness and have affectionately named her ‘Dolly Dog’ She was given her a clean bill of health but does have mucky ears from her past and cleaning them is now part of her routine - although this will never be her favourite activity!
On Saturday we went to the beach for her first visit – Sensory overload! Paddling on the shoreline, taking in the new smells and generally watching people, seagulls, dogs and ponies (really liked the ponies!) She had a lovely day making memories and slept all the way home.
We can’t thank Many Tears Animal Rescue enough. Well done you’re all Super-Stars!
Chevone, Jon, Cola and Dolly xxx


A little update on Olive who we collected on 7th August. She came as a scared 10 month old puppy with no house training. She has settled in so well. She walks lovely on her lead although is scared when she meets other dogs at the moment. We've had a few little accidents in the house but apart from those she goes outside to do her business. The first week was hard as Olive had little concept of sleep at night however she sleeps most nights now with little disturbance. She is so gentle and she had a bath and brush today which she enjoyed. She has bursts of running around the garden and house like a puppy and then snuggles into her bed. She's eating well and loves her toys although she also loves socks and shoes!! We have fallen in love with her and it hasn't even been a fortnight. She is such a good girl!!! Will update again,
Scott and Claire xx


Dear All at Many Tears
Sorry I haven’t written sooner but I have been settling into my new home in Cornwall, with my new big brother Louie (Cavachon) and my new guardians Tricia and George. It was along drive back to Cornwall and I was a bit sick but I’m ok now. Louie was sitting next to me outside my cage reassuringly.
Louie and I run round chasing each other and playing in a huge garden, which we both really enjoy. We sleep together because I can snuggle into Louie because he is slightly bigger and very cuddly. I am still very nervous about being picked up or having a lead put on but when I get picked up, I get my tummy and back ticked for hours, sheer ecstasy.
Lots of love to you all and thank you for rescuing me.
You all do such a wonderful job.
Ollie xxxxx


We have only had Shaun for two weeks but it feels like he has always been ours. He's such an affectionate little man, and now he knows us his cheeky personality has really developed. He doesn't let his blindness hold him back at all and trots out confidently on walks, hops up onto the sofa.. he's such a brave boy, and clever - he worked out his way around the house so quickly, and he hardly ever marks in the house now. Now his ears are all better and clean it seems that he is not completely deaf he does notice some sounds. He loves his walks, loves his food, loves a cuddle, loves snuggling up to our spaniel girl at night, loves having a mad five and attacking his own tail, loves pinching my dressing gown belt and having a good old tug of war... he's a star


Following the death of our much loved 15 year old Collie/Alsatian cross, we had a large dog-shaped vacancy in our lives and were looking for a potential candidate for the job. We'd tried elsewhere without any joy. Then the Man found a link to Many Tears and went looking at the web-site.
“Look at this one,” yelled the Man.
I peered over his shoulder at the screen. First impressions weren’t great—sad-looking, mismatched eyes, wonky ears, oily-rag-coloured coat.
“But read the blurb,” said the Man.
I scanned the text below the picture: “…very friendly … good on a lead … playful … full of affection ... a smart little dog who would love agility …”
“Might be worth a look,” I said.
So next day we were at Many Tears, and held that little furry head in our hands, and something clicked.
“You’re gorgeous,” I said.
“You’re neat,” said the Man.
“You’re my mummy and daddy,” the little dog replied. The two-way bonding between us was instantaneous, as it had been for all our previous dogs.
We told the staff we had to go away and talk about it but we both knew that he was the dog for us. We raced home, fired up the computer and filled in the online form. The next few days were filled with feverish activity, fixing garden gates, putting an extra 2ft on the fence, preparing for the home inspection. Finally, we got the call to say we could pick him up. According to the staff at Many Tears, he knew we’d come for him, even before he saw us. He jumped all over us and leapt straight into the car.
We decided to rename him Finn after the legendary Irish hero, since he originally came from Ireland. On arrival, he showed no signs of anxiety. He simply checked out that we had all the important stuff—dishes, fridge, cooker, microwave, garden, basket, toys, sofa—then settled down to supervise the kitchen while his first meal was prepared. That evening he sprawled across my elderly mother’s lap and went to sleep. Clearly he was at home.
Finn has the most delightful happy temperament. He’s very loving and playful, obedient, clean and quiet. He’s also very gentle and careful around children. His view is that people love dogs and dogs love people. He is even prepared to be friendly with the neighbourhood cats.
A natural at agility training, he can run like the wind. He enjoys high speed racing after his ball and running for the sheer joy of living. As with all husky types, his recall is not totally reliable and he is inclined to run too far (especially after seagulls). We are in the middle of a training programme to deal with that and he has made excellent progress, coming instantly to the whistle so long as there aren’t too many distractions present. He is a willing learner and that problem should be cleared by the time the local beach dog-bans finish. It’s been suggested that he’s part Alaskan Racing Husky, which we can believe. Maybe we’ll have a DNA test done.
Overall, he is so good that we decided to take him with us on our annual holiday to Ireland. He slept peacefully in the car during the crossing and took all the new experiences in his stride, such as long walks in the mountains, racing around a beach totally enclosed by cliffs, making each morning’s first pawprints in the sand and sharing the odd ice-cream! His presence greatly enhanced our enjoyment of the holiday.
How glad we are now that we didn’t judge him by first appearances, but paid attention to what Many Tears wrote about him, which was spot on. You couldn’t ask for a better dog. He is a very relaxed and happy dog who suits us perfectly and fits into our lives as if he had always been there. He’ll be our companion for ever and a day. What a handsome boy!
Mike and Daphne MacDonagh

Just thought we'd update you on our recent, and not so recent adoptions form Many Tears. Here are our MT dogs, Guto (formerly Rand) and Nambo. Guto has been with us for almost a month now and is settling in brilliantly. He's got to be the calmest puppy in the world! He loves every dog, person, cat and chicken that he's met since being with us, and already knows all basic training commands! Nambo has been the perfect role model for him, having been with us 7 years to the day, after being born at Many Tears. Although completely different to Guto when he was a puppy (excitable was an understatement), he has become a fantastic companion. Our dog training, boarding and daycare business would never have happened without him. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our home with our boys. Thank you so much, Lisa and Paul.


What a year I have had. Sandra and Alan are very kind and spoil me, I am so lucky. Alan takes me to work sometimes, though he got spoken to, he still does it, they all adore me and I'm the centre of attention being picked up for cuddles or just playing running around the staff room. Also on these days he takes me to the groomers and I must say I look fab when the nice girls at the salon have groomed me. They are really nice too.
I visited Scotland at Easter to visit aunty Nellie, what a long drive that was. It was really fun, the woods and forests and seashore for me to run and run all day long. I was not too sure about the sea moving in and out, and it was very cold when I ran towards the sea as it changed and rushed towards me, splash. Izzy and me got our passports and we went to Switzerland I have sent you some pictures of my holiday.
Today I think I will have a lazy day in the garden with the rabbit.
Hope you are well and thank you for looking after me and finding me my forever home.
Love from
Rebus x

Hello Dear Sylvia and Many Tears, just a little message from me!
I was named ‘Hal’ but my new name is Robbie! I have been on an amazing journey since you rescued me and saved my life back in January.
I was a very sad little boy and so afraid, I only weighed 5.5kg and my skin was so sore, my fur all knotty and both my eyes were badly infected and sore.
But with all your love and wonderful care I got better. You fed me and gave me a soft bed to sleep in; the first kindness I had ever known.
In March I went to a foster home in Surrey and had two foster mums and five other dogs to run and play with. On March 20 my new mum came for me and brought me to my ‘Forever Home’ by the sea in Dorset.
So here I am, if only you could see me now with my lovely sister ‘Abbey’ (‘Eckle’ – also a M.T. rescue dog - we sleep on my mums bed even though we have lovely soft beds of our own!).
I am so confident now I have many friends, we go off every day to one of the many parks here, we are so lucky.
I so love my food and now I weigh 8.9kg (the kitchen is my favourite room of course!).
My skin is good and the vet passed my last eye check A – O.K. The vet thinks I’m younger than my five years, maybe three or four years as I am so full of energy and puppy-like still, I think he means I’m cheeky!
We went on holiday in June to Cornwall and had so much fun with my sister on the beach every morning and night great adventure! I am such a happy boy now so I'm sending you many hugs and kisses and I shall never forget you all.
Robbie xxx
What can I say – Robbie is a little charmer, everyone that meets him falls in love. He has come out of his shell little by little into this very cheeky loveable little boy.
He is still wary of water but like you did if his front paws are raised he feels safe in the bath and it works..
What still amazes me is that they give us humans a second chance, so forgiving after all their suffering, I have seen this so many times with rescue dogs.
Robbie is a wonderful little soul and all the sadness has now gone from his beautiful little eyes.
Lots of love and best wishes
Robbie (Hal)
Abbey (Eckle)
And mum Jan Webster


On Sunday June 26th we picked up the lovely Angelina from Many Tears Rescue Centre. We brought home an ex-breeding, timid, frightened Welsh Terrier who had undergone surgery and was on antibiotics. Within a week - we had a real character on our hands and she made big friends with our 3 year old Welsh Terrier, Trev. She is certainly the boss and is a joy to have around. She loves a ride in the the car and land rover and has even been to the local pub and show. Our vet commented that anything that has come from Many Tears would have been well looked after. Thank you for the opportunity of adopting her, she is such a happy, lovable dog and we would not like to be without her now. Thank you Many Tears!
Ionwy and Non Thorne


Just a few pictures of Alicia and how she is settling in we have renamed her Molly she walks exceptionally well on and off the lead and has also been clean in the house for the past 3 days :-), can I say a big thank you she is a joy to have we all love her so much even our vet fell for her :-) xxxx


It’s been just over six months since we first met Misty and it’s hard to imagine how much she has changed in that time. From the scared, unkempt, smelly little creature who wouldn’t come out of her travelling cage when we first carried her into the house, to the still slightly timid but beautiful family pet who is lying on the floor alongside me as I write this.
It’s been a long uphill struggle with still some way to go. Toilet training was a major issue and though I wouldn’t claim total success yet, it’s been 4 weeks and counting… She seems to have a fear of being trapped in doorways but is getting much better as she learns to trust us. We usually walk the dogs along our local canal towpath and yesterday tried letting her off her lead for the first time. It was a surprisingly uneventful moment.
Thankyou to everyone at Many Tears for bringing Misty into our lives.
Kind Regards
David Whitfield


2 weeks ago I was brought home by my new people. I am so happy here. I can be as lazy as I like and sleep all day on a comfy cosy sofa while my new doggie companion, Millie snoozes on my new bed. I have a new best friend in the shape of a small person. He gives me all of the cuddles, he lets me put my head on his lap and he shares his food with me! I also have a cat friend, Rolo. She lives in my new house and sleeps on my feet to keep them warm. She is purry and old and I like to sniff her.
I have had so many different walks already; I have been to woodland, fields, parks and rivers and yesterday I went to the beach. I even had a swim in the sea! I am so well behaved for my people when we are out and about that I don’t even need to be on a lead anymore because I won’t run away and always come back when I’m called. This is great because it means I can run really fast to chase Millie and our Frisbee... or a plastic bottle!
I am really friendly to everyone I meet, 2 legs and 4 legs alike and everybody stops to say hello to me. My people think that I am a perfect fit for our little family.
Thank you, Many Tears for giving me the chance to find my forever home, I think I’ll be really happy here.
Lots of love,


A year ago we adopted our beautiful Millie. We all love her so much and cannot imagine life without her. Ozzie our large Border Terrier is very protective of her. He even chews rawhide bones until they are soft and manageable for her (she has lost a few teeth). I discovered a small lump by one of her teats which was malignant but thank goodness it was discovered and removed early. She really rules the house now and Ozzie is an old gentleman who let's her have her own way. Many thanks to Penny her foster mum and to Many Tears for saving this lovely affectionate little dog and for giving us the pleasure of giving her the life she should have. She has been on holiday for the first time and enjoyed running on the beach but we couldn't persuade her to get her paws wet! We are the lucky ones because she showers us with love and kisses. The only sad thing is that she has no idea what to do with toys.
Regards Mary and David

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