Happy Endings - August 2017

Hi Lily is now in her forever home and settling in splendidly. She has fallen head over heals in love with our other Bichon Alfie and follows him everwhere. They sleep together on our bed and enjoy walks on the beach and chasing games in the garden. Despite being little, Lily has a big appetite and loves her food, she will try anything, she has even trained our next door neighbours to give her a dog biscuit when she sees them in their garden. Many thanks to Lynne and Paul her foster carers who helped her so much in the first few months. She is an absolute joy and we love her to bits.

We adopted Gemma in Feb this year. As you see, with the help of her two friends she is totally settled in. We were in Marloes for a few days in the camper van, which was much enjoyed by all.
She is an exbreeding Cav and was very wobbly on the back legs when we first had her. Pleased to be able to say she is now much improved, though she does have to take a run at the sofa to jump on it. This is quite comical to watch.
She is a very sweet girl and we all love her dearly.
Jen and Ash Waite, Jo, Jasmine and Gemma

Marmalade (MT fiver) is thriving. She has really enjoyed the beach (and doggy ice cream!) she is a pleasure to take anywhere.

This is our second update and as you can see from the photos, Fawn is having a great time playing with her "step-brother" Bear, searching for squirrels and being dressed up at Christmas!
We knew from Many Tears that her mother was a Westie, but we wanted to find out about the breed on her father's side so we had a DNA test done. It turns out her father is mostly Miniature Bull Terrier with a small amount of Jack Russell. That explains her friendly nature, her limitless energy and her tendency to disappear into bushes and not emerge for half an hour!
Thank you, Many Tears, for allowing Fawn to join our family. And Fawn says thank you too!

I adopted dearest Floss just over a year ago and I'm just checking in to let you know we are both blissfully happy I work from home seeing my therapy clients - she is so well behaved and my clients love her. She has 4 or 5 walks a day as I cant't let her off the lead(because she is blind) so she needs the exercise. She loves routine - breakfast at 7, followed by a treat after the first walk. She has another walk mid morning, another late afternoon and another before bed. If I can fit in an extra walk she is always enthusiastic. At bedtime she has a couple of biscuits and this is the highlight. She has a bed next to my bed and another in the lounge. After her biscuits she takes herself off to the lounge but in the morning I find her next to my bed again.
My son and daughter in law recently acquired a puppy. Floss wasn't keen on the puppy but tolerates her well enough. I try to ensure they don't come across each other often as Floss doesn't like her space invaded
She visited the vet recently for blood tests as I was worried she had a urinary infection. The vet said she was amazing and she wished all her patients were so well behaved. She recently had her booster and a kennel cough jab.
I am travelling to Santorini at the end of September for my sons wedding and have booked her in with an organisation called Wagging Tails that offer care in a home environment. Floss and I went to meet our allocated career and I was happy and relieved. She lives alone and her dog died last year after 16 years. She is a devoted dog lover and she and Floss really took to each other.
If I had searched the world over I could not have found such a sweet matured and affectionate friend. I feel so lucky to have her.

Hi to all the very dedicated helpers at MT’s
This is an update from Izzie and Bonnie (Cavalier King Charles) 2 of the most beautiful, loveable dogs in the world.
Now I am going to do the talking (that’s me Bonnie) ‘cos I’m the most outgoing one here, I came to live here in the first week of September 2016, so I’ve been her almost a year. My foster dad Noel Morse (Best Fosterer in the whole wide world) brought me up here and although sad to see him go, I have realised I’ve fallen on my feet here as I’m in charge, Izzie has been with our mum for just over 4 years she’s quite an old lady at 11 yrs old but still likes a game with her toys being thrown around, I don’t join in that sort of thing, I just stay laying on one of my comfy beds and watch, that’s most probably why I’m fat, no fault of my mums as I arrived like a barrel. Izzie is very beautiful she’s a Blenheim Cavalier and I’m a Tri. We are both keeping very well, our mum is still trying to get us to go out on a lead, but Izzie gets upset so mum doesn’t like to push the idea, although it’s only a walk in between the fields at the back of our garden. Our vet said not to bother if we don’t want to go out, as we have our garden to run around in.
Well now, the reason I’m particularly getting in touch is to tell you that our mum entered a photo of ME in the local Horticultural Show last Saturday and guess what it came first, in the photo’s of animals which there were loads of them. I must say I didn’t think it was one of my best photo’s, I had just come back from the Beauty Parlour and didn’t feel as beautiful as my curly dirty self. We go to the Beauty Parlour about every 2 months generally just for a slight trim round the ears and toes and then once a year we get trimmed right down ready for the summer.
Our mum has attached a couple of photo’s one of Izzie and me in full coat and waiting in the garden for our mum, and the other is the photo of ME that she put into the Show.
I have to go now as I like to have a few naps in the day and this is one of the times, so I’ll say goodbye and a big thank you for finding our mum we are so spoilt here, we have cooling pads for our beds in the summer and microwave heated pads in our beds for the winter, and we have our own special sheets and blankets in our night beds but share the other beds in the daytime. We have our own grooming tools which mummy uses on us every morning. Mummy’s friends say after they ‘pop’ off they are coming back as one of her dogs lol.
Hope you like the photo’s
LORRY LOADS OF LOVE FROM BONNIE AND IZZIE (was Twist and Isabelle) in North Wales xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kizzy came to us in August 2014. A nervous little girl, too much of the world scared her... including my husband Mark. Now she oozes confidence and loves a cuddle with her 'dada', racing to greet him when he comes home from work.
We had a scare earlier in the year when a lump appeared on her tummy. Thankfully it turned out to be a benign cyst and was successfully removed.
She absolutely loves her little bro' Reggie (who joined the pack two years ago). They are usually up to something together and love racing around the house and garden - much to the bemusement of our two older dogs.
Kizzy is a sweetheart and we are so happy to have her with us.
Kind regards Deborah and Mark

A month ago we brought McGinty home and it seems he has always been with us. Obviously we don't know what the first 3 years of his life held but we can't believe how well behaved and settled he is. We were going away 24/25th, thought would have to cancel, but our son took him for 2/3 days with no problems at all. Visit from our grandson's female lab went well, playing happily together followed by us visiting our eldest daughter, when her 4 and a half year old granddaughter arrived and you will see how well they got on. Next week he is going to be shampooed and pampered for the first time and we don't anticipate any problems.
He recently had an ear infection and whilst he didn't like having drops, at no time did he turn nasty. Hope you like the pics.

Just wanted to give you an update on Missy (was Fely). She has been with us just under 4 years now and she is having a fabulous life! We have previously struggled with her fear/aggression but we have started using the Anxious/Keep Away harness and DO NOT TOUCH lead which has really helped. Most people are respectful and give her space and don't approach which means we have a happy little girl! As you can see from this photograph she is beautiful and enjoys being 'free range' when it is safe.
She is enjoying her walks in our local park and is lucky enough to get to the beach about once a month where she plays with her ball in rock pools and will happily run all day.
She is a fantastic little girl who makes us laugh every day. We are so happy to have her in our lives. We got married last year and our honeymoon was tailored so that she could come with us!
Thanks for rescuing her and letting us take her on!!
Vicky and Ian


When I was unloved and scared
With no one to call my own
When I had no hope left all
And felt afraid and alone
Then you came for me

When I as left in filth and muck
With nobody there to care
When I thought there was nothing else
Suddenly you were there
And you came for me
xWhen you took me to Many Tears
I knew not kind human touch
My world was just pain and misery
You've changed my life so much
Because you came for me

When you taught me how to trust
And how to be happy too
When you never gave up
I'm only here because of you
You came for me,
Monty x

I adopted Harry only one week ago from his wonderful foster parents Ann and John. They had worked so hard to rehabilitate this terrified little Yorkie.
Here's the start of Harry's story.
I was sad to leave my foster mum and dad and especially Non my Labrador friend who had looked after me.
It was a long journey but I felt safe in my new carrier. I had my own new blanket and two teddies inside. When i got to my new home my new mum let me out in the garden. It was great. My new sisters made friends with me. They are older ex breeding bitches adopted from MT about 5 yrs ago. I love the older one - she's really adopted me. We go for walks over the fields and i really like squeezing next to her on her armchair. My other sister is shy like me. So i thought I'll just get in the middle.
Well I've got to go now- time for walkies. Its been a busy week.
Love to everyone
Harry xxx

Hi all at MT rescue , just a quick line to tell you how happy I am in my new forever home . I finally met my prince ....you know what they say ..' You have to kiss a lot of frogs ' before you do . I really never believed life could be so much fun , sometimes i think I must be dreaming ,but then I wake up next to my prince Emilio in my mums big bed , with delicious mashed homemade food ( cos I got no teeth) , and I realise this IS my new life , for the rest of my life .....thank you Sylvia for saving me from that terrible past I had to endure for so long , and I had a fantastic foster mum for 4 months who rehabilitated me , and taught me how to be a lady , and how to behave well. I hope all the girls get lucky too, good luck girls , many kisses Cecily Pixie ( was Sisley) xx

Just a quick update to let you know that Rosie has settled in really well and hasn't put a paw wrong. The only sheep she has seen is her squeaky toy that she falls asleep holding in her mouth. She enjoys playing with her toys but hasn't damaged any and I think she is very happy in her new home.
Many Thanks,

"Ello pups!
Archie here. I'm really enjoying cuddles in my furever home. I never realised just how nice these humans can be. 12 weeks I've been here now. I definitely think this is for keeps!
I like to go down to my favourite new place at my furever home The Brookstray, I go with my poochie sis, Frankie. I often bump into new poochie friends there it's great fun.
I love meeting new friends, I love children especially and look out for them wherever I go.
I've learnt lots of new signs whilst here in my furever home, some people just can't believe that I am a deaf dog. But then I am very clever and modest too!
I've learnt so quickly to adapt to my new surroundings. When I first arrived I jumped on everything and didn't really know how to be a dog. Now I'm a different dog altogether!
I've even been off lead and won awards at a local dog show! Amazing for a deaf rescue dog eh! I'm a foster brother now too, so I'm helping Many Tears by being a good role model to my foster brothers and sisters. I've shared my favourite toys, my bed and even my favourite humans!
I'm ever grateful to Many Tears and my foster mum Laura for all their love and care. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now.
Lots of love to all my Many Tears' friends.
Woofs and fusses.
x x

Hello Sylvia
We've had Ebony for 2 years now and Rosie for about 7 months so we thought you should have a further update on them. Ebony continues to progress (thanks primarily to Rosie) but still has some way to go to reach normality. Still nervous under many circumstances, I would say she is about 85% of the way there.
Rosie has been wonderful for her having taught her how to play and also that I'm not that bad really. Rosie is the first of our many dogs that loves me more than Gill and this affection has been conveyed to Ebony. Ebony, after having been too afraid to use the dog flap, now uses it all the time. I tried for months to teach Ebony how to use the flap to no avail but Rosie succeeded within a week. Along with Charlie, the dogs get on so well together and this has helped Ebony to have a life full of joy after her dreadful start. We're hoping there's a chance that Ebony will continue to improve and that her traumatic memories will continue to subside. Rosie, in contrast, has no issues.
With all good wishes
Burt (and Gill) Flannery

We adopted Tilly, from MT in August 2015. I'm sure the family who made the hard decision to give her up, would like to know that she is healthy and happy! She has a four legged brother - Buddy, they are ideal companions, and very well suited. She is very loving and affectionate with the whole family.
We are very lucky and are able to take our dogs to work - so she accompanies my husband and Buddy every day. She loves and is loved by our co-workers.
She is a delight, and our much loved companion x
Regards Lynda

Little Skipper, who was named Horatio when we first met him, was born on August 4th 2012, his mummy was called Heidi and she had been dumped with puppies on board and had her litter at Many Tears. It was love at first sight and so I brought him home to the Forest of Dean. At first I wondered if he'd be nervous having been born in rescue kennels, but far from it, nothing fazes him. He is the friendliest and most confident little dog. We believe he is a jack Russel x collie and I also wondered if he'd be a bit hyper, but, while he is very energetic and full of fun he's really obedient and relaxed, loves other dogs, children and we'll just about to everything in his life here.
For a number of years I bred Bearded Collies but came to the decision that there are more than enough dogs in the world and that I would only have rescue dogs from then on.
Thank you all at Many Tears for the wonderful work you do and for my lovely little Skipper!

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