Happy Endings - September 2017

Hi everyone
Well, Kai will have been with us a week tomorrow, and he hasn't put a paw wrong. He's got such a lovely, quiet, nature but can be really playful when the mood takes him.
Our Greyhound, Lacey, has tried putting him in his place a couple of times, but he's so laid back he just takes it all in his stride...and she's given up bothering because he just doesn't react! She was a little bit territorial over toys to start with, but that has stopped now, and Kai has become very fond of a large yellow duck!
He had a few hot spots on his skin when he arrived, and scratched and nibbled for the first couple of days, but regular brushing, and the application of a cooling gel has made a world of difference.
He is much admired by everyone who meets him, but very few people seem to know what a Borzoi (or Russian Wolfhound) is. He does need his coat tidying, and I've invested in some proper grooming scissors and a book on Borzois, so that I know what I'm doing. I'll probably only keep the hair on his feet and ears trimmed, and leave the rest to a professional groomer. I'll let him settle in for a while first though.
I've attached a couple more pictures. Kai, with Lacey, waiting at the door for my husband to come in and, Kai...with his duck!
Thank you so much for allowing Kai into our lives. He's definitely found his forever home here; we love him to bits.
I've attached a couple more pics. Feel free to add them to your website if you'd like to.
Kind regards
Rosalind Pottinger

As you can see Cludo is settling in to his new life (first from right). A very disciplined regime to establish a good toilet routine is paying off. Unfortunately he has had three fits which occurred at home. His eating pooh habit is being deterred by surveillance which, I fear, is becoming my obsession. I need more tablets and as you offered to supply them at cost price, can you please let me know what they will cost and how to obtain them from you. Regards Marj

Just thought would update you on Daider.

It has been exactly one year.. She has been on three camping holidays thats her in 2nd photo. Stayed in a hotel. Even cruised up Norfolk broads on a boat 1st photo.
She is doing really well and enjoying life to the full. Still learning from big sister Shally but getting better each day.
She is a delight to have around and full of fun.
Well continue doing the good work you do.
King regards

We adopted Gemma in February this year. As you can see, with the help of her two friends, she is totally settled in. We were in Marloes for a few days in the camper van, which we all enjoyed.

She is an exbreeding Cav and her back legs were very wobbly when we first had her. Pleased to say she is much improved now, although she still cannot jump on the sofa without taking a run at it, which is comical to watch.
She is a very sweet happy girl and we love her to bits.
Thank you many tears,
Jenny, Ash,Jo, Jaz and Gemmaxxx

Hello Many tears,

This is Lucy here, the white Bichon Frise, I have been with you twice now, once when I was 6 and was an ex-breeding female with fused kneecaps on both back legs. You found me a home with an owner who had several other dogs who also had disabilities, Five years later I found myself back with you through no fault of my own. In March this year I met my for ever friends Rosie a Lurcher/Poodle cross and Nell a Cocker/Tibetan Terrier cross and have been with them since then. I now walk with them on the Beach or Park every day and get a daily wash from Nell. They have also discovered that, at food time, my bark for joy is loud, long and deep and I am happy to clean up any plates. Thank you Many Tears for finding my forever home,( I do have you on speed dial just in case I do not get my own way)!
Kind regards
Sheila Tong

Cheerio was adopted about 5 weeks ago now. We have renamed as Rosie cos she is so Nosey. Tracey one of her main carer’s had asked me to update the staff on how she was doing as I know is so important to see the results of the wonderful work of the rescue. She was described as being a bit of a crazy girl.. but we understood that taking on a rescue dog is a huge commitment and not something to be undertaken lightly and being a bit crazy comes as part of the history and package. Rosie is a Chesapeake Bay Retiever and only the second one that Many Tears has had as a rescue and rehomed.

She has only been here for five weeks and settled in very quickly. We had another dog already and I think this helped her routine. She is a wonderful dog very keen to learn and easy to train. There were a few initial issues with housetraining as we were prepared for, but with a consistent routine she is coming on very well and we just wanted to reassure other dog rehomer’s not to be put off especially in the first couple of weeks. Attached are a couple of photos of Rosie. She is putting on weight steadily. The first picture is of her and our other dog Reg, as you can see she is quite the picture diva in the front and getting the attention. If its helpful to your work I will keep you up to date as how she is doing.
Rosie is a wonderful dog (aren’t they all) and we feel very lucky to have been able to offer her a lovely new home.
Thank you all
Best wishes
Juliet Hurley



I just wanted to update you - we adopted Ivianna cocker poo from you back in June (3rd) at just 11 weeks old, and just wanted to let you know what a beautiful amazing puppy she is. She has transformed all of our lives and I don't think any of us could love her more! She regulary gets so many complements on her behaviour and personality and also how elegant and beautiful she is.
Yesterday we (myself, husband and 2 children) attended a fun dog show for my sons 13 th birthday and Luna won 2 rosettes. Please find enclosed a photo. We named her Luna and she really is the light of our lives - thank you so much for her adoption.
We collected her from a many tears helper in Danbury, if you could update her too on Luna we would really appreciate it.
Thank you
Vanessa Blower

Just wanted to share a few shots of Violet doing really well in her new role as Morale Officer here at my office.

She has been with us just over a week and had fitted in perfectly at home and at the office where she comes with me and our other dog about every other day. She is good as gold. Sleeps quietly under my desk most of the day and when she isn’t snoozing she is to be found on any number of warm laps. She is universally loved by the staff here who are spoiling her with cuddles. They all look forward to the days she is in and disappointed when she is home having a duvet day with my partner!
She has been well behaved and hasn’t had any accidents in the office. She even sits quietly on a lap during conference calls….except for the odd snore! At lunch time she stretches her legs in the park next door to the office and then it’s back to work giving kisses and licks to anyone who will take it.
Violet is great for morale, calms everyone down and puts a smile on even the most stressed faces. She is a great addition to the office and to our family.
Thank you Many Tears
Louisa and Steve
Dear all at Many Tears
I just wanted to drop you a line because seven years ago today I signed on the dotted line to bring into our lives the amazing beautiful Hosie. She is now 14, but as you can see still beautiful and doing well!! She will be celebrating with lots of lovely treats. I have also found the first photo taken of her when she came to Many Tears, heartbreaking and have also attached a recent one of her on her favourite chair.
Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt this little girl, she is amazing and very much loved. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Rosie loves her new life, she is so affectionate. She wants to say hello to everyone we meet and we have yet to meet a dog she isn't friendly with although she happily leaves them behind. Only dog is fine by her, that way she gets all the fuss and attention!
She's a very big part of our lives and we are so glad to have her.
Regards Barbara

Mojo started off being very unsure about being inside a house,
You could tell he wasnt use to a home, he would just stand at the back door looking in at you, as well as walking into the glass doors constantly and getting scared of his own reflection lol
A week later and things couldnt be anymore different, he loves attention and loves chilling on the sofa with us, he runs around the house and throws himself on to you, he doesnt like not having constant attention and will try bite your hand in a playful way if you dont smooth him, he is great with other people and dogs,
He is finding his confidence now and getting bonkers mad, even having 2 hours walk a day and he is still nuts, but we love him and think he is amazing

We adopted Nuala in February 2017. She was one of five, lurcher cross puppies looking for a home. Having had no socialisation and probably some rough treatment, she was extremely withdrawn and overwhelmed by everything and everyone – certainly the most terrified little girl we’ve ever had.
The first few weeks were difficult, mainly as she got used to living with Molly (our older Many Tears girl) and us humans, but she settled in eventually, coming out of her shell to become a fun-loving, mischievous member of our family. Still terrified of the outside world (particularly men), it took nearly five months before we could take her out on a lead walk, but whilst she is still extremely wary of humans, she does now enjoy her walks, once we have convinced her to leave the house (she loves the beach!).
Puppy classes would still be far too traumatic for her, so we’ve had to do the best we can at home, introducing her to gentle human friends and other dogs. It’s a slow process, but she’s making good progress.
Her anxieties and bad memories will hopefully fade as she replaces them with happy ones. It’s so fulfilling to watch her emerge from behind her emotional barriers. Her life has changed so much in a relatively short time and she has brought love, fun and mischief in equal doses to our home.
We love her dearly and are extremely grateful to everyone at Many Tears for the wonderful work you do and for letting us adopt this beautiful little girl. We hope that her siblings (Beckham, Banana, Biscuit and Bermuda) are also now enjoying the lives they deserve.
Best wishes, Susie and Jim

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