Happy Endings - September 2016


Hello Many Tears team, I just wanted to give you an update on two Many Tears dogs, one that we had from you on 16th February 2015 (Penny, was Pina Colada) and her brother Harry.
We visited Many Tears in Carmarthen on the 16th February 2015 with the intention of visiting a little scrap of a pup called Pina Colada to see if she would be a good sister to our other rescue dog (Milo) who we had had for a year and who seemed to be needing company. Needless to say we couldnt leave without her and she came home with us that day. She had a few health problems initially but our lovely vest got on top of the situation and soon she started growing, and growing, and growing. We now call her our little horse and when shes running around you on the beach or in the fields she sounds like a galloping horse. No other dog has been able to catch her yet shes so fast.
Harry is her brother and his owner contacted me after my first update on Penny appeared on Happy endings and I gave permission to Many Tears to pass my email address on. Harry is the one with less spots than Penny.
We also know of a third brother whose last known name was Marley and we would both love to hear from his new owners how he is doing in his new home. If your reading this Marleys owner then please get in touch with me. I would love to catch up with him.
Regards Gill


Dear Many Tears
I have had two lovely holidays this summer. One was in Harlyn Bay and one was in Bude in Cornwall. I love holidays, as I get to spend lots of time with all the family - my mummy and daddy and their children and grandchildren. I hurt my leg a bit in Bude so Ella gave me a carry.
I love beaches as you can run around like a crazy thing. I'm not allowed in the sea which is very big, but the beaches have lots of sand pools and I can swim in them.
Or maybe just paddle. I live with Lottie who is 13 and growls a lot, Molly who is 11 and OK, and Charlie who is the same age as me and Good Fun. This is us on holiday.
Thank you Many Tears for letting me live with Tony and Chrissy. Life Is Good here!
Lots of love Izzy xxx


Katy was adopted by us two weeks ago 17/8/16. She had been in foster in Devizes in Wiltshire with Joyce for a year.
We were looking for another dog as Bobby our terrier cross was miserable after our lovely lab had to be put to sleep six weeks ago.
After looking locally in Hampshire for another rescue we were disappointed that there were no females of around six who could live with another dog.
I searched online within a radius of fifty miles and up came Many Tears and Kettle.
The diary that the foster carer Joyce had put online was perfect. It clearly explained the issues in the past and the improvements within the last year. Having all this information made me decide to fill in the adoption forms.
I followed this up with an email and phone call as I just knew we could give this lovely dog the home she deserved.
The foster carer could not have been more helpful and her personal knowledge of kettle really helped the decision.
My terrier immediately took to kettle which we found amazing in its self. She has settled in at home as if she has always been here.
She is enjoying the forest and beach walks, she still is very unsure of traffic but with time we are sure she will improve.
The dogs are never left on their own and we hope they enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs.
Although only a donation was requested for Katy we happily paid the full adoption fee as Many Tears does such good work in helping these dogs find homes.
Thanks to Joyce for doing the home check herself which shows her level of dedication of getting the right home and also her follow up calls.
We have had five rescue dogs and it is always very sad and upsetting when you have to let them go. To give another dog which desperately needs a home a chance is the best cure for sadness and makes you smile again.
If only people who buy dogs like disposable shopping could understand this.
Thanks for allowing Katy to share her forever home with us.
Jayne and Tony


Hi Everyone at Many Tears, Sky here. After 3 weeks of staying with my new forvever family I am now loving interaction with my new family and the other doggies. I have fallen in love with Pippa my Bichon Frise friend whom I love dearly. I also give my mummy my paw to interact with her and my tail is always up enjoying life. I also like a wee ruff and tough with my bed to show I am now a happy wee lady. I am elegant and walk about with pride now. Lots of love to you all at Many Tears for finding me my new home with the McGoverns, love you xxxxx


It’s nearly 3 months now since I was adopted by my new family. I have settled in as though I’ve always lived here. I had to learn house rules as set down by my new big sister Angel but now I know my place we get along fine. I go for lots of long walks in the country and I love getting up to lots of mischief.
Thanks again to Many Tears for looking after me so well, and thanks to Karen the home checker for making it possible for me to live here.
Love from Tilly and her new family Mandy, Mike and Jackie Dawson

Hi everyone, just a update on Gaia who we adopted in august 2011. At this moment in time, she has a grade 6 heart condition, but is doing ok with the medicines she is on. She had a faint while we were on holiday and was rushed to vet, she recovered well and is doing ok at this moment in time.
She has turned out to be such a lovable girl, considering when we got her she used to spin round in circles, didn’t bark, used to run away from you in terror and hide in the garden. She ended up at Chestergates Animal Hospital because we weren’t sure if she had syringomyelia, but she didn't much to our relief. Her behavior was probably a caused by the conditions she was kept in for years. Gaia was one of the best things that ever happened to us and we thank many tears for giving us the chance to be her forever home. The picture shows Gaia and her other Many Tears Rescue companions, Harry and Rosie who are both doing well, our 3 cavaliers.
Cheers Bill and Sue


We have now had Alice a month and she is doing great. Her and Lola play lovely now and she loves her long walks and adores water too.
She is learning really quickly and is eager to please. She passed her assessment last week to join the dog club we take Lola to and will be starting obedience classes this week.
All our family adore her especially our 3 nephews. She is a great addition to our family and we adore her.
Wendy and Andy Orr.


On the 18 August 2012, I was adopted from MTAR and went to live in Surrey with my lucky family.
Here is me celebrating my 4th “Gotcha Day”
To start, Frozzys lickable frozen yoghurt for dogs. Followed by some fun hydrotherapy. Finally a pup-cake and candle to round off my day!
Love and Licks from Lemon (the choccy lab)


Cader is now called Lottie and she has settled in brilliantly. She has totally made herself at home, loves everyone and is sweet, affectionate, confident and very clever. Her favourite things are walks, sofas, balls, chicken and our other springer Stan who is her new best friend. Can't thank you all enough for rescuing her and letting us give her a new home, she is a little superstar and we are very lucky. Will send a further update and photos soon.
Michelle and Ray

We adopted Simba a Cavalier King Charles in 2014 and Suki a Shih tzu in 2015. They were both very nervous and scared when they first arrived and had been used for excessive breeding. But just look how happy they are now.

Here is the latest picture of Maddy whom we adopted from Jenna (foster Mum) in May, as you can see she is doing very well.
Maddy has had to have a toe amputated as the claw was so grown into her pad but fortunately all her other claws could be cut and she is walking/running much better now. Whilst under anaesthetic her hips were X-rayed and fortunately there was no dysplasia, her legs and hips have got much stronger and she can jump, run and as you can see, chase the other dogs. Maddy really enjoys her walks, whether it is to the beach or the woods.
Due to her poor hearing we only let her off the lead in areas where she can see us, but as she stays very close to the other dogs we haven't had any problems. Maddy is still learning to play but has started chasing a ball. She loves her food and can smell a treat from a great distance!
Maddy has been a joy to have, she has adjusted well to living in a house with our other dogs and 2 cats and we consider ourselves very lucky and happy to have her.


Daider is finally home and has settled well- even though she was sick 3 times on her journey home. She has found a very old knuckle bone and loves to chomp on that and tease Shally (she is chomping on it now as I send this email) She can just about pick it up it is that big!
She slept well last night and went straight out to toilet after Shally showed her the way.
Thankyou to everyone at Many Tears who have made this possible. We knew she would make our family complete and will go on to have a full and happy life with us.
Paul, Nicky, Anna , Shally and Daider Smith

Hi All
It's Todd, although I have only been with my forever family a short time I love it! My mum takes me everywhere but I have to wear my lead and I don't like it much. Still getting used to Dad as he scares me a bit but Trixie seems to love him. My best friend is Trixie (another bichon rescue) who will let me chase her in the fields back home. I have just been to Wales with my mum, dad, sister and Trixie and I loved the beach. Trixie is teaching me lots of new tricks and tells me off when I am naughty and want to play when she is sleeping, so I get mum to play instead.
Will keep in touch
Todd xxxx


Hello Many Tears! Here are some more pics of Daisy, she has been with us for a month and we can tell she feels settled! She has put on a 1 Kilo so the vet is pleased with her progress, she enjoys dog training, and is learning commands and we are working on recall which is going well. Everyone that meets her loves her! We are very lucky and the cats are now used to her being around and quite curious about her! She is very calm except at meal times when she does a little dance around in circles whilst waiting for her food, here are some recent pics. Keep doing what you are doing. You are an amazing rescue and we tell everyone about you,
All the best, Sarah and Warren x


I adopted Willow was Iris at MT on the 6 August 2016. She was adopted as a friend for my other MT Cavachon Bonnie was Girlie adopted on the 17 Oct 2015. This little girl had travelled from Ireland to MT. Willow was absolutely terrified of me for the first few days but adored my 2 other dogs and followed them around gaining confidence daily. Willow had never lived in a home before there was no trouble with house training as she just copied my other dogs when it was time to go to the toilet in my garden. There has not been one accident in the house. On the fourth week from adoption I was confident enough to trust her off the lead on Ogmore beach and boy did she have fun. Now she is also off lead in my local park. I am so proud how far this little dog has come in the last five weeks. I am so delighted with Willow and a big thank you to MT for allowing me to adopt her.


It has now been 3 months since we travelled to Luna's foster home to adopt her.
We brought her home in a foldable fabric crate in the back of the Land Rover with her new Sisfur Bessie. She didn't want to leave the crate to start with which made meal times awkward for the first two days but Bessie soon showed her the ropes but she still didn't want to give up occupation of the crate so she ended up eating in her bed for a few more days.
After a week she came out of her shell and started exploring, so when she went out to the garden/toilet I hastily folded up the crate and made it disappear she looked confused when she came back in but soon snuggled down with Bessie and never thought any more about her crate.
Since then she has progressed in leaps and bounds and after 2 weeks she was walking off the lead and we recently went to a couple of steam rallies and had lots of fun.
2 weeks ago she had a hair cut after we went out and got all the trimming equipment and table.
Then a week ago she had to deal with her Sisfur, Bessie, unfortunately going over the rainbow bridge (Lymphoma)
We would like to thank Many Tears and her fosterer for letting us have the the most amazing little bundle of joy in our household. Quite possibly when we are not so upset about losing our lovely girl Bessie (17years) we may be looking for another little bundle of fun as a playmate for Luna.
Tamzin Sophie and Luna


Well Penny the Yorkie has been with us three weeks. she is a scared little girl, but we don't know everything the little love has gone through do we, time, patience and love will win out, not forgetting the food of course.
She is doing well loves food, walks and car rides. House training is taking a little longer, but my carpet (Not the cold lino in the kitchen) is favourite, the cheeky madam does it looks at me then runs out in the garden, so we have connection just not in the right order yet.
She'll sit for treats and I think she is going to be a real character.
Luna the Shih Tzu is another MT girl I have had her 21 months. Then there is Denzil my daughters Westie/Scottie he's in heaven two young ladies in his harem. I look after him when she is at work so lots of doggie fun and games.
Thank you for all your hard work at MT
Kind Regards
Jenny Parsons


Hi many tears,
Just wanted to let you know how well Prudence our cockapoo is doing, we've only had her 3 weeks and she's coming along nicely. For the first week she was so shut down and barely came out of her basket but gradually with a lot of patience she started following her big brother Harry our black lab who has been marvellous with her, she's now walking on the lead and loves going to the woods where we bumped into the nice man who did our home vetting. She's stayed on our boat a couple of nights and hopefully soon will come out for a sail with us.
I 've been looking at many tears website for months pondering wether to get a rescue dog and would highly recommend it, with time and patience we've found an adorable dog I just wish we could have more.
Thank you ever so much many tears.
Mike and Karen

We adopted Layla in July. Layla had come over from Portugal earlier in the year and had been living with a foster mum. We had wanted another dog for a while but needed to find one that would be a good companion to our other dog called Asha (formerly Amiable) who we adopted from Many Tears 5 years ago. Layla has been such a fabulous addition to our home. She is incredibly loving, keen to please and so full of energy. She and Asha quickly became best mates and they spend a lot of time playing in the garden where they run around like lunatics. Layla has fitted in well with our home routine. She is clean in the house, gentle with humans and loves lots of affection. She is a real beauty. The photo was taken this morning when the girls have there usually game of "snatch the favourite ball off each other". Needless to say their "favourite ball" is always the one the other dog has. Layla is on the left with the ball.


Ruby before and after her first groom.

Thought I would give you an update on Ruby (was Shambo). We adopted Ruby on 31st July, three months after adopting Amber (was Amble). As you can see she has settled in very well and we love them both to bits.
Amber was very laid back from the beginning and was completely lead trained but little Ruby was a little more nervy but she has come on in leaps and bounds from never having had a lead on her to "leading the charge" at every walk.
The first picture is the day we brought her home and our wonderful groomer gave her a lovely wash and trim a couple of days later. Amber and her are always together, they walk together, eat together, play together and sleep together, it's just a joy!
These little dogs have transformed our household as we had lost our last dog three years ago and when Amber came we realised what had been missing from the house.
Keep up the excellent work you all do at Many Tears, Best wishes from Elizabeth,Eddie, Amber and Ruby Smith. (These little shitty shoos become very addictive...never say no more!)


5 weeks ago a very scared little lady came to stay, I couldn't get her from behind the sofa, she spent most of the first week in the garden hiding, but thankfully it was warm and the back doors were constantly open. She missed her foster mummy and was very shut down. Her first walk on a lead with me was like trying to land a fish! Thrashing around and trying to slip her collar. So I decided to carry her on our usual walks, put her down occasionally for a sniff, then carry again. 5 days later with a sparkly new pink harness we had our first walk!
Lexie now is a completely different dog! She's my shadow, she adores her big sister Button, whizzes round the garden, walks like a show dog on her harness, fab off lead and eating like a Rottweiler! She wakes me up with a stinky nose lick, plays, likes her chewy sticks and is the perfect pal who we all adore with all our hearts. We feel so fortunate that MTAR enabled us to almost complete our family, I say almost because I think another MT is on the cards ha ha X

I adopted a collie pup from many tears in 2013 and then took on another in 2014. They are both happy and well dogs and they are my life!! I wish everyone would adopt rather than buy a dog. My two love their life with us and I am grateful for the thorough vetting that we had before we could take them home. It is now nearly four years since we adopted Ted (jacket at the centre) and the staff were so welcoming and positive. Ted and Mabel now live in rural Sussex and have benefitted from training and socialisation and are able to come to work with me when I am not working at home. I love them both to bits.
Carry on with the good work.


This is Delilah who we adopted on 7 September 2016. She was blind when rescued by Many Tears and had been with her Foster Mummy Carol whilst she was undergoing two eye operations at Rowe Referrals in Bristol. She can now see a world she could never have imagined existed. Delilah is my fourth ex-breeding survivor. As soon as I saw her photo and bio I knew I wanted to take care and love her for the rest of her life. She has fitted into our family seamlessly and daily shows how much she is gaining in confidence. Although she is also deaf we are developing a communication which is hard to describe, except to say we get each other!! We continue the daily routine of eye drops without any fuss, which will be a part of her life forever.
Thank you Many Tears for allowing us to adopt this angel. We promise you she will always be loved and cared for, for the rest of her life
Here is a photo of Dylan and Sasha when first rescued by Many Tears
...........and a photo of them together the first night Sasha came home.
I adopted Oak, now called Dylan, on the 13th of August from his fosterer. We had kept in constant contact regarding his progress so I knew exactly what his issues were, his character etc, prior to us collecting him. They even sent us updated photos. He settled in beautifully with my mini schnauzer Morgan. Sadly, after two weeks we lost our mini schnauzer as she developed complications with her diabetes. It was a devastating blow to the whole family, including Dylan as he never left her side from the moment they met. Strangely though, the day after she died, my Siamese cat Habib took her place as he had been keeping his distance. The problem was though, my cat spends a lot of time out and about, so Dylan was still feeling deprived of animal company.
After 5 weeks of Dylan being with us, he takes food from our hand and greet us in the morning. He loves his toys and being fussed and cuddles. He loves digging up the garden. On his walks, he comes alive when he meets other dogs. I felt Dylan was ready for another companion.
Many Tears agreed under the circumstances that I could rescue another dog as they usually like a couple of months apart.
On the 24th September, 4 days ago, we collected Valerie the Shorkie,now named Sasha, from her foster carers. Poor Dylan was sick on the journey up to meet Sasha. On arrival at the house and meeting Sasha, it was love at first sight! They bonded immediately. Dylan was so happy. They travelled home together in the crate and have been inseparable everer since!
Rescuing Dylan and Sasha has been an emotional experience. Losing my precious Morgan but then having Dylan and Sasha has been so rewarding and healing at the same time, We feel our family is complete now. My siamese has immediately accepted Sasha as the latest addition to the family.
Sasha is an ex breeder, who had never been in a house, never walked and unclean. She has made tremendous progress in 3 days. She now walks without me carrying her! She is so inquisitive and follows me everywhere and Dylan follows her! They compliment each other and together they are overcoming their issues of trusting humans again and discovering what a dog's life should be in a happy home environment.
I feel humble and honored to have two such beautiful dogs and knowing that they will have a wonderful life with us because we love them to bits.
I have so much admiration to everyone associated with Many Tears and for the amazing work you all do in rescuing these poor souls from their often traumatized, miserable past existence. The devotion, commitment and effort given to rehoming these dogs is just amazing. The foster carers are such an important part of the process and I commend them. They do an incredible job rehabilitating and preparing them for permanent adoption. Bless them, as they do become emotionally attached. Happy to see the dogs go to their forever homes and yet sad to say goodbye. We, the adopters have to keep in touch, hence 'Happy Endings'.
Shirley Hassan

Dear Many Tears,
It's been a year since beautiful little Phoebe came to live with us and see how much she's changed! She loves getting a hair cut and struts around with her beautiful new look! She lives with two cats who don't play with her as much as she'd like but they get on pretty well. Her favourite thing is to play fetch in the garden and she gets terribly excited when new people come to the house!!
She has lots of toys but her favourite is Dozey the dog!! She chew her ears and drags her around the room but when she's tired she also makes a great pillow! Phoebe may have grown but her love for Dozey hasn't changed!
We would love to know how her brother and sisters are getting on (Piper, Prudence and Paige) and we thank MT for finding Phoebe her forever family!
Lots of love Phoebe and the Waterhouses.


Happy dog, sunbathing.
This little girl has spirit. From the terrified creature who dare not look at us on the way home from Wales, Angelica has become so confident and she loves the sunshine (and food!). She has become so much part of the pack. I will send more food for the others. Love to all who do this wonderful work, we think and talk about you every day.
Jean Amelia and Simon Bennett xx
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