Happy Endings - October 2016


Debbie has changed our lifes so very much . Darla has started living and enjoying her life with her walks . Eating and general confidence. Thank you so very much for giving us a chance to give Debbie her forever home. Even the cats have accepted her we are all so happy .


Hi all,
We adopted Thelma at the end of July and in the past few months she has become the most wonderful and loving pet. She loves to cuddle and seems so happy to be free and just be in the world, but who wouldn't be after 7 years in a puppy farm! We have loved her from our first meeting and we're so happy to have been able to give her a forever home.
Thank you.

Hi, here are a couple of photos of Maisie adopted at the beginning of September, and Tramps adopted last November- having a fab life, Thank you x


Hi All,
Just wanted to let you guys know that Cinch has settled in wonderfully. He is such a lovely pup and everyone who meets him is totally in love. Thank you for everything you do for the dogs and other animals that need help.
Best wishes


'Classy' was a quiet little pup, always at the back when hugs were being handed out. She wasn't scared, she just wasn't pushy. She was just what we were looking for. A nice quiet little poodle cross to be company for our papillon.
Having had a bad start, (she and her siblings were taken into a vets at just a few weeks old, to be put to sleep, another unwanted litter), they were signed over to Many Tears when the vet refused to kill such tiny pups.
Classy and 3 of her siblings went to a foster family, where we picked her up from in December 2015. A tiny little girl, who we called Nora. A girl, who very quickly showed us, what a determined pup she is. Very chatty and very loving. This tiny pup, put on weight and started to grow and grow. We were intrigued. What was she? Yes she had a curlyish coat (more fuzzy really), but she was growing longer and longer. So we decided to do a DNA test.
A week or so later we received the results....... Bichon frise cross West Highland White terrier cross Cairn terrier! What a mixture!! Unique! A good old cross breed. No poodle at all! And we couldn't be happier. She is an absolute character and we love her to bits.
Ann Ward
Hello everyone at Many Tears,
I am Remy and I am a 3 year old Red Cocker Spaniel who is just loving life in Gloucestershire! Thank you for rescuing me and giving me the opportunity to find my forever home. My family tell me that I am not the first they have adopted from Many Tears but I feel so lucky that they chose me and I do everything I can to be a good girl. They tell me I am constantly so it must be true!
I have now been with my family for 6 months and although I am still very timid about new experiences my friend Dexter, the Cavachon, has helped me so much to understand family life and how good it is! This place is great… I have a comfy, warm bed, lots of cuddles and some wonderful food twice a day which I eat immediately to show how grateful I am. It is the least I can do and I would eat a second helping to prove it, should it be offered!
I have heard a whisper that we are going on our first holiday next weekend and the family are anxious to find out how I react to being somewhere new but I am sure they need not worry as I know I will be on my best behaviour.
I have been looking on the website and I see there are quite a few Cocker Spaniels like me at Many Tears waiting for a chance to find a good home. So, if you are reading this and thinking maybe I should have one then go ahead. We are a lovely breed of dog with so much love to give you will not be disappointed.
Anyway, got to go and pack now for the next big adventure. Have lead, will travel.
Yours with a lick and a wag, Remy x

We adopted Molly in September 2015, what a little sweetie she is, loves her food and can be very vocal. We all go to the beach and she loves running around with her big sister Daisy and having a splash about in the water. We wouldn't be without her now, she's a joy to have around.

Thought it time for an update on our Cammie who has been with us over 6 months now. Cammie came into foster having her pups and we then adopted her from her other foster mum. Cammie reacted to us at first so scared and timid but within a couple of days started to bond with me. We sadly lost our resident dog Dylan in August which was a very emotional and sad time for the whole family, he was my true and faithful friend for 13 years and he is missed so much by us all. Cammie kept her distance from us at this time but after a day or so she started to come round us all and has become the most loyal and loving family Lab. She is very fond of our house rabbit George and protects him in the garden from curious cats. Thank you to all at Many Tears for everything we couldn't imagine life without her!
Tracy, Lee, Annie, Finlay and George x

We adopted this Bichon about a year ago, advertised under the appellation ''damsel in distress'', and which we now call Dacy. I am not sure ''happy endings'' quite sums it up, ''happy work-in-progress'' will do. Many behavioural peculiarities still linger but it has been rewarding to bring back an animal from the brink. Fortunately she has bonded with our our other Bichon so they have proved inseperable. The attached photos include one in which Dacy is on her own rather than looking like a Siamese twin .
Norma and Richard

It's now a year since we picked Shimmy up from her foster home in Swansea.
I saw her photo and fell in love immediately, just knew she was the dog for me. We had lost our lovely boy Buddy aged 15 a few months before (a similar breed) and decided no more dogs!!! (This from some one who had dogs all their lives and now in our 70's). Shimmy's photo just jumped out and knew she was waiting for us. Quick check to see if she was still available, forms filled in, phone call to say we would be having our home check, then horror of horrors another call to say they didn't think it was the dog for us as we were in our 70's and she needed lots of exercise and children around. My world just crashed around me, but several phone calls later and the promise of references if needed to say she would have a very active life with grandchildren and great grandchildren constantly visiting. Also dog club activities and plenty of walking and fields to run in plus a big garden, we got the OK for the home check and a date to visit her.
We travelled from Weston super mare to Swansea and she was such a lovely girl, ran straight to my husband and sat by him. We were made very welcome by her foster family and took her for a walk, but just on seeing her knew I couldn't leave without her. She came home with us that day and settled straight in.
She was a very shy girl and didn't play just needed to be lying down having "tummy rubs".
She soon settled into our very busy family life and adores the children. She gradually became more confident and started to play. After about 3 months we joined a dog club just socialising and doing fun activities. She loves long walks with my daughter about 4 times a week, we are now learning Search and Rescue and Heelwork to Music, she can pick up things I drop and fetch them for me and is always willing to have new experiences.
At first she used to have "panic attacks" when she couldn't cope with a situation but, although they happen still occasionally they are far less frequent as she gains confidence and learns new things.
She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so happy we were able to have her.

Dear Many Tears,
We thought it was time to send you an update on Bella. We adopted her in October last year. She is the most adorable, happy and affectionate little darling and we love her to bits!

I just wanted to share two photographs with you taken 9 years apart.
We rescued Jack from you approximately 9 years ago. You may remember him.
After a few teething problems in the initial first 6 months with him, he has turned out to be the most wonderful dog.
The first picture was taken when my son Christopher started his first day at school aged 3 and jack aged 1, and the second picture was taken today at pendine beach with Chris aged 12 and jack aged 10.
They always have been and still are the best of friends and jack has been a huge part of Christopher's and our life's. We couldn't wish for a more loving,gentle, and kind dog.
As I write this He is currently laying by the fire after his energetic afternoon at the beach having shown our young Staffie that he can still run faster than her even though he is now an old man..
Thank you for letting us rescue him.
Many thanks
Hi, as an 11 month old Evie joined Chris and Corinne just over 2 years ago, since then she has settled in and grown into a lovely lady. She enjoys her exercise and is now taking part in Agility events, attending classes at Basingstoke’s TNG Agility group. She has recently completed her first clear round attaining a 3rd place in competition. Hopefully she will continue to progress and may even get in 1st someday.
Chris Potts

After an initial panic picking Gus up he travelled happily next to his new bestie Norman our 6 year old Wheaten. He unpacked and made himself at home. In just under 24 hours he already seemed a little bit more relaxed and happy explored the house and garden. He watches with interest when our two resident dogs have cuddles and approaches as if to say can I have a hug but when I put out my hand to him to tickle him he backs off. He is very pleased to see us when especially when my daughters came home from school . He is just a lovely teddy I am sure with time and patience this teddy bear will be confident enough to have his own snuggles.


Hello Sylvia and All at Many Tears
It's now been 8 weeks since we collected Willow from her foster mum. Sally (her fosterer) was amazing, preparing Willow for her forever home, giving her the love and attention she was lacking in those terrible kennels.
Willow's progress over the past weeks have been amazing, she's a different dog altogether, she's put on weight and enjoying life, two short walks a day and playing with her new brother Alfie.
We are so pleased we adopted Willow and although she has a heart murmur, cataracts and not very many teeth nothing seems to stop her and she's now enjoying her new life, so, thank you Many Tears for rescuing Willow, she's made such a difference to our lives.
Love Ann and John xx

Hi Many Tears,
Just a line to say we have been lucky enough to have Cathy for over two years and she has been an absolute pleasure. She remains very needy for affection, but as you can see is enjoying the Cornish beaches, Queens Camel, and an Exmoor reservoir with her housemates. She settled in brilliantly with our RSPCA collie-cross when she first came to live with us, and when my great-aunt sadly died in November 2015 Cathy was really good about her Jack Russell mongrel bitch moving in with us as well. It is not a big house but a happy - and hairy - one...although Cathy remains terrified of the 16-year-old despotic cat.
Many thanks again to MTAR and Fran her fosterer.
Suzi and Nick


We were lucky to acquire Carlee from yourselves. She has settled in extremely well and is attached to our other dog Digby. Carlee is becoming a well trained dog and really enjoys her walks in the local woods, countryside and seaside. In some situations she shows some nervousness but this is gradually improving. She is very loving and shows a lot of trust in us. She enjoys her rides in the car, being groomed and is happy to have her nails clipped. We are now attempting for her to trust us to clean her teeth. We have just come back from a wonderful week in St Ives, where she thoroughly enjoyed herself running around on the beach, and some paddling in the sea! She is a joy to the whole family!! During some of our walks we have come across other people who have dogs from Many Tears!
Many thanks and kind regards
Chris and Jan Bissix


Hello to everyone at many tears
We have now had Ruby in our family for 11 weeks and she has transformed our life, including the absence of my lie- ins! (wouldn't have it any other way). She has settled in very well with our other two cavaliers and is loving family life. Ruby loves her food and running on the beach as well as having many cuddles. She is so loving and has completed our lives. Although she can be noisy she is learning to be quieter but still loves to chat to us! Life is very exciting.

Dear Floss is happy and very settled. She has 4 walks a day - about 90 minutes. Between 7-8 am, midday, late afternoon and last thing at night.
I have found a wonderful mobile groomer who arrives in a fully kitted van with a "walk -in" bath. She uses only natural products and is so gentle with her. She never used to like being in the car but is far more accepting now. I am trying to slowly introduce her to new experiences . For example if I babysit my granddaughter I take her with me . My grandchildren love her but I think she just tolerates them. She loves a quiet life - just the two of us, lots of walks and good food. I feed her raw complete (meat with veggies). She has 2 treats a day - I have to watch her weight !
I love her to bits
Linda Bursnall
Mummy and Daddy say that I am such a GOOD girl, and it’s as though I have been here forever. I sleep with my sisters but my very favourite sister is Alice. Mummy and Daddy adopted her from MT in March 2014. She is very very clever and shows me everything I need to know and I love her so much and follow her everywhere. I make sure that I am always cuddled up to her at night and Daddy says I am so good at going out in the garden before bedtime and doing wee wees!
Mummy says to tell you that I am eating really well and I go into the kitchen with my sisters and wait while it is being prepared! When our bowls are put down Mummy gives Alice hers first then Dora ( MT was Ash adopted in January 2016) and then it’s my turn and I am so good and sit and wait. I usually finish before everyone else!! We love our treats and mummy gives us one is she has been out and I get in line for mine… it’s really good!
On the 2nd October, Mummy and my Auntie Sandra got up really early because they had a Sponsored walk to say thank you to Sylvia and everyone at Many Tears for rescuing Alice, Dora and Me. I could not go because I am not very good on my harness yet. I am trying to be brave when I go out but I am not brave enough yet to walk. Mummy says it’s nothing to worry about and she and Daddy give me lots of cuddles when they take me back in. Three of my sisters and myself were not left on our own though because ‘Uncle’ Chris came to look after us. Well the ‘walk’ went really well and Liz Middleton and lots of other people who help MT came and supported Mummy and auntie Sandra and, Mummy said that she hopes this will become an annual event and get bigger each year.
Well… this is the good bit… Mummy has given me a cheque for £351.04 made out to Many Tears and, would like it to be used for whatever Sylvia needs it for the most and it’s sent with lots of love and hugs to you all. Daddy keeps trying to take photos of me to send to you and I think it’s a really good game… I wait until he is just about to take a pictures and then scamper off and we keep going from room to room!!
Well, I think that is all for now and Mummy and Daddy say thank you so so much for giving them Alice (Azra), Dora (Ash) and me. Mummy says we are all treasures. Lots of Love and Hugs
Nancy xxxx
Lilly xx
Grace xx
Pollyanna xx
Alice xx
Beth xx
Dora xx
Tim and Wendy Whiting

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