Happy Endings - October 2017

Hello to all at Many Tears!
Here are a couple of photos of Buddy and Ruby enjoying their annual Cornish summer holiday with their big sister Amber.
Ruby came to us a very shy little thing in May 2014, she was about 18 months old and had to get used to living life in a loving family home with big sister, Amber and 4 cats!
Buddy came to us just a pup at 8 weeks old in October 2015. Both are fantastic little dogs, with wonderful fun loving personalities. We are always so grateful to them coming into our lives. Thank you so much, Vicky and Clare xxx

Amaryllis- now called Bella (Italian for “beautiful”) - is such a loving dog. It has taken six months to develop her confidence about the world, but she’s loving life. When she first came to us, she was frightened. But now she’s so happy. We owe a great debt to her foster family for their care for her.

I adopted “Bunny” on November 13th 2016. My second Yorkie rescue from MTAR having adopted Tinsel in 2014. (pictured)
Bunny is a treasure! The early days with a teacup were enlightening to say the least. Weighing in at just 1.4 kilos, we had to ready the home against any dangers a tiny dog could find. She was also very scared for a while but it didn’t last! She was eating, drinking, playing and going out to the toilet within days and has been clean in the house after just a few weeks! Just a month after arriving her weight blossomed to a health 2.2 kilos…not a big girl but I can’t fill her up. It’s staggering what she can put away!!
Bunny is the boss. She is the funniest, most playful, affectionate and intelligent dog I have ever had! She is totally loved up with Tinsel and let’s just say tolerates my 17 year old Yorkie Molly. It has not been all plain sailing. We’ve had some guarding issues and even a year on, she is not a dog that enjoys her walks….that’s when I see her revert back to being scared and hyper vigilant of her surroundings so I carry her as and when!
Life would not be the same without Bunny …. we have found all of our lives are better for having Bunny in them. She is a truly wonderful and beautiful girl!
Thanks to MTAR and bless you all!
Many thanks,
Lisa Yates

16 weeks ago we adopted out Molly. Having had a collection of adopted dogs and a selection of foster dogs, we knew what to expect...anything.
Well Molly has been brilliant, she's worked so hard to be brave and part of the family. She's funny and delightful, always now pleased to see us.
For anyone not considering a beagle....please do. They are wonderful dogs and as deserving of a home as any other breed.
We adore her and she adores us; she has a life now, she's not just a money machine. Xx

Hello, just wanted to let you know how well Duggie has settled in. We all love him so much, he has made our lives better already, i can't wait to get up in the mornings to see him. He is still a little nervous, but is getting more confident as they days go on. He loves going to the beach, walks in the woods, cuddles, kisses and being brushed. He means the absolute world to all of us already, he is so beautiful, well, handsome! and has such a lovely nature. Here are some pictures of him in his new home.
Thank you so much,
love from The Parkers, Pete, Sue and Sarah

We adopted an ex-breeding westie in October 2016 and would like to send you our story to put on the website.
We picked Bella up on the 2nd October 2016 (her official birthday), she was a very frightened little girl who would go round the side of the room to get out of it rather than go across it. The biggest challenge we faced was that she was terrified of men, it took 6 months of patience and building up her confidence for her to accept strokes from my husband. She now loves the freedom of running in the garden and likes going for walks (when it isn't raining). She has also been to France 3 times and braved the ferry over to become a confident traveller.
She follows our chocolate Labrador around everywhere and takes her lead from her. We feel like she has done half of Bella's training for us!
We are still facing challenges but the reward of watching her grow in confidence has made it one of the best challenges we have taken on. To watch her personality come out has been priceless.
We attached some photos to show her progression. The first photo is the day we brought her home.
Carole Greensmith

The story begins with Margaret and I coming down to Many Tears Rescue on Saturday the 8th July 2018 to bring some supplies that we had got together , we had no idea that we would be coming home with a new member of the family .
When we off loaded what we had brought we enquired if we could do something to help as we didn't want to travel all that way and then drive straight back , so we were asked if we would like to walk dogs so we said yes , we walked a dog called Rosie who didn't like to walk , well she did walk a little but enjoyed getting carried , when we got back to the Rescue we asked if you had any more that would enjoy a walk and I asked if you had any cavaliers and was told "as it happens we have one that had not long arrived from Ireland , so they went off to fetch him , when he came to us they said he was called Cody and he was a really friendly chap , so off we went on our walk , he was very good on the lead and was enjoying the walk as much as we were , he seemed to take to me ( Edward ) and was very friendly toward me , we seemed to walk for ages and then decided to return to the Rescue , as we sat waiting , Sylvia came past and noticed how friendly he was toward me and made the comment " oh he seems to have taken to you " as he was trying to get on my knee and we said...he was a lovely dog and felt a bond between us , Sylvia asked had we thought of fostering and I said I couldn't foster as I wouldn't want to give the dog back , so then was asked about adopting and we both said yes , Sylvia then took our name and phone number and off she went , then came back shortly after and said they were trying to get a home checker to go to our home but none was available
, and although this was not normal practice
did we know anyone like a vet who we were friendly with so we gave them Tina our vets number and they contacted her and she gave us a glowing report ....... so Cody was coming home with us .
We brought him home and the rest of our dogs accepted him almost straight away , we didn't really like the name Cody so decided to change his name and as he came from Ireland Margaret suggested calling him Murphy which seemed to suit him so Murphy it was , he loves his walks and his food and he is really attached to me , he comes almost everywhere with me and is so exited to see me when I return from work , he runs up to me jumping up and down and running in circles , he sleeps by my side of the bed and is a real joy to us all .
We have been on 3 holidays and take all the dogs with us as we don't believe in kennels and Murphy has adapted very well to going on holiday , he loves the beach and a good run , the 8th july was one of the best days of our life , the day we found Murphy and he found us.....HAPPY ENDING .

Wanted to let you have our happy ending story!
We adopted Miami in December 2011 aged 6 months, promptly renamed her Caramel and have had a wonderful 6 years with the best little dog E-VER. The fosterer had done a wonderful job of settling her, and she has brought nothing but joys to our family, even Hobbes the cat loves her (not going to show too much though, we are a cat after all ;-))
She enjoys her walks and cuddles, is a little ball-obsessed, but everybody who meets her can’t help but fall in love with her. How could they not? Look at those eyes!!!!
So I wanted to thank everybody at Many Tears for doing a wonderful job. Hope you can continue to help many more dogs, the wonky ones (Caramel had BOTH legs fixed by Mr Supervet himself….!) the timid ones, the special ones, in a word, the really worthy ones!
Juliette Fioretta (was Oliver)

Hi I adopted Celyn a very scared Bichon Frise in May this year she had had a very tough start and she is now a beautiful loving funny character who has made our lives complete. She adores us all especially her big brother Beau
She is now named Candy-Sue gets groomed every 6 weeks, is free of matted fur and ear mites and spoilt rotten
Clare xx

Firstly we did decide to change his name to Ted. He caught my eye on your website and I kept returning to his picture. In the end my application went through very quickly thanks to Louise Hastie who knows me very well. It was a long day from 9am to return at 10pm but so worth it. Our journey back was eventful with Ted and a litter of border collie pups we were taking to their foster home. Since being with us Ted, who was a scrawny and scared little boy, has blossomed. He has put on weight and has now learned how to play. He has been socialised and still needs some work on that. Now his injections are complete he walks quite well on a lead although still a bit scared of the big wide world. Best of all he is such a loving boy and adored by all of us. He has filled a huge empty space left by the loss of our dog early June. He is learning all the time and we are loving teaching him.
Thank you so much Many Tears. Ted has a happy ending. I guarantee it. He is safe now.
Kindest wishes
Linda Morris, Walsall

Dear Many Tears
I would like to give you an update on Kristoff now know as Zac.
He was an 11 week old Cocker cross Collie we picked him up on 1st September 2017.
He has been a pleasure to have and is progressing well. He started puppy classes a week after joining us and is the star of the class.
After a long journey on the Friday it was full on the Saturday with visits to meet our chickens, horses and cats and my daughters chocolate Labrador now 6 weeks later he acts like he has been here all the time.
He adores my grandchildren especially the 8 year old following him everywhere.
Zac and Max the Labrador who is 9 are now very good friends ( I have attached a photo ) and he loves his visits.
Thank you Many
Tears for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful dog. Once he is a bit older I will be coming to you to adopt a companion or two for Zac.
Thank you for all the work you do.
Avril Saunders
Dear Everyone at Many Tears
It is exactly one year since my forever mummy and daddy came to take me to my new home and I was a very frightened little girl when I left you. I didn't really know what it was like to be loved, have cuddles or walk on a lead. Now I am the happiest little girl in the whole wide world and love my mummy and daddy and brother so much. They say I am the prettiest little girl and have had my portrait painted to hang on the wall beside that of my brother Beethoven. This is the picture they had copied.
I now walk beautifully on the lead, love playing with my toys, especially my rugby ball, and sleep beside my mummy on a cushion and fleece on the floor. I also have an igloo to go into when I want to bury my chewy bone! I love my treats and my mummy says I am thoroughly spoilt!! Mummy and Daddy also call me 'flirty girty' as I love to flirt with all the doggies I meet on my walks and my little dance makes everyone laugh!
Thank you Many Tears for finding me the best home ever and making me a very happy little girl.
With lots of love, licks and kisses to you all.

Just wanted to let you know that now it’s 1 year on from when we picked Annie up from her foster home in Andover that she is doing very well and is now enjoying life and is becoming more and more cheeky every day. She has been on holiday for 9 weeks this year travelling around the country with our Caravan and plays all the time with our other dog Elsa, our springer spaniel. She likes to boss us all around and she is a lot of fun.

Wow all my dreams have now come true and after a bad start in life as a stud dog I have found my forever home. I was a little apprehensive after my new owners came to see me and was worried that when they saw me they would change their mind as I was very thin and shy too. They must of liked what they saw has it was only a few minutes and I was walked to the car and put in a comfy dog box ready for the journey home to Hereford. I had a nice journey home and when we arrived I went in to the kitchen and was fed with my new mate Mabel the Pug . I settled in for the evening and was put in a crate for the night and my new mum and dad said goodnight and went to bed. I howled like a banshee as I missed them and was scared of being on my own as I had been used to other dogs as company. Dad came down and I think he felt sorry for me so I was allowed to go upstairs to bed with him and Mabel. I was a good dog and slept all night cuddled up to him and Mabel . I have now put on some weight and have heard my mum and dad now saying how handsome I am. I have been to the vets and been given an injection and been given a clean bill of health. My housetraining is coming along well and I have only had two mishaps so mum and dad are over the moon with me.
I was taken out on the lead for a couple of walks in the first week then was taken down Hereford racecourse where there was an expanse of grass and mum felt sorry for me being on the lead while Mabel could run free.
They decided to take a chance on my not running off when they took me off the lead and I repaid their trust in me by just running around with Mabel then sticking to mum and dads heels. They said they could not of been happier with me I heard them say. I get on well with Mabel and we sleep on mum or dads lap in the daytime with our heads on each other.
I would like to thank Many Tears for letting me go to my new mummy and daddy and its only been three weeks with them but I want to stay here forever.
Will keep you posted as I have lots more fun doing thing I have never done in my three years of life.
I am looking forward to trips to the woods and sea side and holidays away in mum and dads motor-home.
Bye for now
Love Monty xxxxxxxxxxxxx
In the photo I am the one at the back

Good afternoon all.
My story began in Portugal, were a Lady called Arlinda, found me on the streets, she got me well and paid for my passport and I was taken to Manytears, in the hope of a new Home.
I then went to a faster Mom and her family, her name was Tracey, ( she was very nice) she had other dogs, but I wasn’t to sure with them, so after some months i moved to Stratford-on-Avon to a new Foster Mom, she was called Fran, they had Chopsticks, t was nice there tooooo.
Then on the 28th January 2017, a Man and Lady came to visit us in Stratford, little did I now that my new life, would start from this day on.
They took me in the car, and we arrived at the house that would become my Home. And I love it. I have a bed in every room, sleep on Mom and Dads Bed at night. I have so many toys, I can play for hours.
I am now able to walk on and off the lead, I love Squirrel,s (not) but it’s fun chasing them,
My Struvite crystal problem is under control. I love being groomed, and I adore all the love my new family bestowed,s on me.
I love the Grandchildren who visit, but still not very keen on other dogs, they are to giddy, for my liking. I prefer human,s.
I would like to give a big thank you to Every one mentioned in my story, as with out each and every one of you, I would not be
Here today
Bye bye for now
I will be in touch very soon.
Please keep up the good work all, you are doing an excellent job.
All my thanks

Hi everyone,
We adopted Gertie in July 2017 and she has been a treasure right from day one. She is funny, cheeky and a real clown. She has wormed her way into our heart very easily.
The first picture is Gertie fast asleep in her car seat after a visit to the park and the pub! and the second picture is her first holiday to a lodge by the lake near Tewkesbury. She loves life and takes everything in her stride.
We would like to say a very special thank you to Gertie's foster mum Penny who provided us with so much information and has always been there for us with any advice....thanks xx
Glenis and Terry Clewlow

Dear Many tears,
KiKi May was adopted on 13:10:16, was known as Skye, frighten little westie, they day we meet her she ran straight to us loving the cuddles, loved her big sister Daisy who also a westie. Climbing over us loved her big brother Shadow a weimananer she would would pull on his ears long silky ears, tug at his neck, kiss. He would tess her just as much. Over the year she has came out of herself more and more. She plays with Daisy and snuggles up to her. She still has her moments of being frightened especially if you've drop something near her accidentally. She is very cheeky, has a thing for my shoes only my shoes. She is learning to play with soft toys. KiKi loves her cuddles, she will keep pawing you till you say ok. Sadly both girls and us as family lost our Shadow over rainbow bridge. The girls have gotten closer. Double trouble. KiKi went on her first holiday camping, she certainly came out of her shell, more confident, not so shy. Naughty at times when she was off her lead she went to help herself to people's picnics. She getting over her travel sickness too slowly! Love her to bits. I'm a believer in fate. Sadly I lost my westie Ben end of July 16, I have always said Ben sent KiKi to us. For us to love another rescue westie. Best decision we every made, for us as family for Daisy and Shadow and for KiKi.
Lots of love.
Penny Toomey and family

I just thought I'd give you an update on how MT Coconut the Shih tzu is doing. She came to her forever home in May and became Dollie. She has settled into her Princess lifestyle just perfectly. She follows her big brother Alfie everywhere he goes and they love nothing more than snuggling up together in their blankies. The feeling of grass between her toes is her most favourite thing ever, but she must stop and sniff every single strand of grass on her walks...so new parks take her a while. Most importantly never say the word "Sweetie" unless you are willing to get up and go to the jar...little madam will shout until she gets what she wants. It has been a blessing to watch her grow from such a scared and timid little baby into a loving and playful little lady

Here is s picture of starburst who we call Eva!! We rescured Eva in May 2015 from many tears and since then she has grown into a confident happy dog spending her days with her best friend hamish ( also a cocker spaniel) getting up to all sorts.
We are all very proud of Eva and what she has achieved in such a small amount of time and her friendship with hamish is really lovely.
Thank you to many tears for all the hard work you all do.
Kind regards

I adopted Raine (was Gerkin/Gertie) 2 years ago this month. What a beautiful little girl she is now, very, very different to the girlie 2 years ago. She is so much bolder in her approach to everyday living and will hardly shy away from anything now. Jangling keys and high pitched squeaks are her only slight fears now. She is a kiss a holic, if she gets the chance she will lick, lick, lick you. My Dobe loves to play with her and she gives as good as she gets if he gets a bit OTT with her but all in a very playful way, she may have little legs but she is quite chunky in stature. Jane Pederick described her as a couch potato which is what attracted me to her as I didn't want a dog whizzing round in the evenings. We love our long walks in the daytime or a good run around in the garden but come the evening she is content to get on the settee or my bed and snuggle up to my Dobe or me. Thank you MT for my Raine she is perfect for us.
Julia and Raine Parsons,
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