I was asked to write a piece on little Magic and I will start by saying that like so many before me I never intended to leave Many Tears with another furry kid to foster but I believe some things are just meant to be and sometimes my heart just doesn't give my head even a look in!
It was whilst volunteering and doing my small bit for the rescue that I found myself with my hand on this little ones heart talking to him gently whilst he came round from his operation. Magic is a little Yorkshire Terrier and when I say little I mean he's not just small in size but when I first saw and felt his little warm body under the blanket I could feel every bone sticking out through his skin. He'd just been neutered and had his teeth cleaned and his ulcerated tongue treated.
It had been noticed that Magic had a funny heartbeat so that had to be checked too. His heart is abnormally large. Way too large for a dog his size and being told all this while waiting for him to wake up, hoping and praying he would wake up I asked Sylvia what his prognosis would be. She told me he'd need to see a heart specialist but probably not so good. Magic woke up to smiles and relief all round, this turned into happy laughter when he was offered some food and the little fella ate the lot! He had seconds and would have loved thirds but little and often is the way you feed dogs with no weight safely so no thirds for Magic!
I could see some fighting spirit in this littlun and it was then I said to Sylvia that if needed I would take him to foster. Over the next couple of days Magic did well at the centre and a Cardio Specialist was found who would kindly have a proper look at his heart to see what if anything can be done. As it happens the specialist vet was only 20 minutes away from my home in Kent!
Magic came home with me and the following day I took him to see the wonderful Ian at Sandhole Veterinary Centre. I have to compliment everyone there they were just lovely and Magic even got a 'Bravery Certificate' for being such a good boy while he had his scan.
The right side of Magic's heart is so huge because he was born with an abnormal valve on that side which hardly opens. It opens just a teeeeny bit but that means that his heart has had to work extra hard to push and pump through that tiny hole the blood he needs around his body. He will never get better but there is an operation that can be done which may improve the quality of his young life but it won't extend it. My job right now is to help Magic get stronger, to watch him and feed him and love him until he is ready for adoption. It would take a very special person to take on a dog like Magic but he is truly amazing!
He's doing better than I thought he would. Actually I think he may be doing better than anyone thought he would! He loves his food and is slowly gaining weight, he's feisty and quite a little character. He loves to play with toys and has managed to 'hunt down' and 'kill' 2 squeaky ones!
He loves walks but obviously can't go for long ones so I've been letting him have a few minutes walk then I carry him for a bit then he walks a little bit more with the rest of my rescued furry kids.
He is very loving and a real snuggle in your lap kind of dog who goes all sleepy and just melts your heart looking at his little face. Over the next few weeks I'll be caring for this little one and he'll be coming along travelling in my campervan as I support Sylvia when she does her EPIC Walk of Dreams to keep the centre going and it's future secure. If you'd like to support Sylvia and Many Tears by making a donation then CLICK HERE. If you'd like to meet Magic then have a look at the route Sylvia will be taking with her gorgeous pack of dogs over 280 miles from London to Wales and perhaps join her for a few miles. I will be there in my campervan at the beginning of the day, at lunch time and at the end of the day.
I think dogs like Magic who would never have had a chance embody the amazing work Many Tears Animal Rescue do and the world is a little better for having him in it. At least I am very happy to have a little Magic in my life :)

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