The Animal Welfare Company

The Animal Welfare Company was set up to help Many Tears following the loss of our food supplier once they moved. The owners noticed a sudden increase in the amount of food being ordered by our supporters and contacted us to find out more and so The Animal Welfare Company was born!

The idea is that supporters can either donate money to buy food for our dogs or donate a bag - both options means we can recevied food at a reduced price. You can opt to make a one off donation of money or food or a regular donation or order. Each month The Animal Welfare Company will be able to predict how much food they will be able to send which will help Many Tears work out if they have enough food to feed their dogs but please remember ALL donations of food, no matter what brand, are very much appreciated and needed and not just the ones listed on The Animal Welfare Co site.

In addition to this you can also buy food for your own dogs although prices are not as low as that purchased for the rescue. However, 5% of all sales whether it's for Many Tears dogs or your own will be donated to the rescue.

You will find a video giving more information and how to use the site HERE. This is an exciting and new venture for both Many Tears and The Animal Welfare Company and we are hoping that our supporter will continue to help us feed our dogs.

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