Many Tears Animal Rescue runs from our home. The house, the boarding kennels and all the land is owned by us and Many Tears will always have a place to run from for as long as we are here. However, Bill and I are not getting any younger and will not be here forever so we would like to safeguard the future of the rescue so that it can carry on after we are no longer able to run it.

I am aware Many Tears is my dream and that if I die because it's on our property Many Tears would die with me. I don’t plan to die or have a reason to think I am about to but I do want to ensure Many Tears' future and ensure it continues to run in the same way it does now

In simple terms if something happens to one or both of us, or when we cannot continue and must retire, the rescue would close down. If this happened, of course the assets of the rescue would be passed on to another rescue but it would be the end of Many Tears. I would like to prevent that from happening and the first step in securing the long term future of Many Tears would be for the rescue to own its own property. So I'm going to do a sponsored walk to kick-start fund raising towards this goal and on May 8th 2017 I will be starting a 280 mile trek from the ITV Studios in London to Many Tears, covering an average of 20 miles a day. I will be accompanied by two canine friends and carry a tent on my back if a bed is not on offer for the night at my stopping points!

To try and pre-empt any questions I have put some bullet points below.

  • The property fund will be maintained in a separate account and not used for the general running of the rescue. If for any reason the Many Tears were to close before a property could be purchased, then this special fund as well as all other Many Tears assets will go to another animal rescue.
  • I am not thinking of retiring in the immediate future although selfishly I do hope for a future where I would get 2 days a week off and a holiday once a year and hopefully live off site at least some days a week.
  • Once we have a reasonable amount of funds we will get this property valued as well as look at other properties like it. If we decided another property would be better for the rescue we would move Many Tears and its assets to a new location. I would still work there but not own the property.
  • If Many Tears owned this property or one like it and continued to run the boarding kennels that would give them an income which would help fund the rescue. This would be a huge help to the rescues finances.
  • I think eventually once all this is much further down the line we will start thinking about registering Many Tears as a charity. This is very tricky to do whilst we own and live in the property but it is something we will look at once we know what the future holds for Many Tears.

So in a nut shell - if I did not believe people were behind me in wanting Many Tears to continue saving dogs well into the future I would not be walking so far, putting myself through all the training I have to force myself to do, trying to get all the publicity I can for the walk. I am doing all I can to make sure that the dogs who will need this rescues help in the future have the same chance to find wonderful forever homes as all those who have already passed through our doors and I hope you will help me achieve this.

Please watch the video and if you would like to make the impossible dream become possible sponsor me and get others to do the same!
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If you have any questions or can offer me a place to shower, eat (I'm vegan) and sleep for the night on my route please email me at swvanatta@gmail.com
Thank you

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