We are delighted to have been able to source some really good quality hoodies, zoodies and sweatshirts. These are UNISEX and all have an embroidered logo with Many Tears Animal Rescue around it and the words Homing Dogs Across the UK on the back with the web address. The zoodies have a full length zip down the front.

If you are able to collect from the Many Tears Christmas Fayre which is on 18th November in Tumble Hall, SA14 6EL, you will be able to try on before you take your hoodie/zoodie/sweatshirt away and can swap the size if necessary as long as we have the size you want in stock. However, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the sizing is clear so if you are ordering please note the measurement given is the distance across the front of the garment so the best thing to do if you are unsure is measure something you already own and then select that size.

There are 2 prices for each and the higher price is for those who want their item delivered and includes P&P. PLEASE NOTE we will start to dispatch after the Many Tears Christmas Fayre so even though you order now they will not be with you before 25th November.

The cost of a hoodie is £21.75 if you collect from the fayre or £24.45 to be delivered.
The cost of a zoodie is £24.25 if you collect from the fayre or £26.95 to be delivered.
The cost of a sweatshirt is £17.75 if you collect from the fayre or £20.40 to be delivered.
The cost of a child hood is £15.00 if you collect from the fayre or £17.70 to be delivered.

To order select the garment and size you want. If you want to order more than one in different sizes select the first size and this will launch the PayPal page, then come back to this page and select the next size. This will automatically be added to your order or you can place separate order for each size. You can also order different garments using the same method select a garment which lauches the PayPal page and then come back and order a differennt one. You can order as many as you like!

Please make sure you select the right PayPal button depending on whether you want to collect your hoodie/zoodie from the Christmas Fayre as this means you will not be charged p&p.

Hoodie - Collecting from Fayre


Hoodie - To Be Delivered

Zoodie - Collecting from Fayre

Zoodie - To Be Delivered

Sweatshirt - Collecting from Fayre

Sweatshirt - To Be Delivered

Child's Hoodie - Collecting from Fayre

Child Hoodie - To Be Delivered

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