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Many Tears Animal Rescue runs from our home. The house, the boarding kennels and all the land is owned by us and Many Tears will always have a place to run from for as long as we are here. However, Bill and I are not getting any younger and will not be here forever so we would like to safeguard the future of the rescue so that it can carry on after we are no longer able to run it.

I am aware Many Tears is my dream and that if I die because it's on our property Many Tears would die with me. I don’t plan to die or have a reason to think I am about to but I do want to ensure Many Tears' future and ensure it continues to run in the same way it does now.

In simple terms if something happens to one or both Bill and I, or when we cannot continue and must retire, the rescue would close down. If this happened, of course the assets of the rescue would be passed on to another rescue but it would be the end of Many Tears. I would like to prevent that from happening and the first step in securing the long term future of Many Tears would be for the rescue to own its own property. So I'm going to do a sponsored walk to kick-start fund raising towards this goal and on May 8th 2017 This is my Walk of Dreams and I will be starting a 280 mile trek from the ITV Studios in London to Many Tears, covering an average of 20 miles a day. I will be accompanied by two canine friends and will carry a tent on my back. I would people to offer me somewhere to pitch it each night as I want my dogs to sleep with me and I would not want to bring them into people's homes if they were dirty or wet which is quite possible.

To try and pre-empt any questions I have put some bullet points below.

  • The property fund will be maintained in a separate account and not used for the general running of the rescue. If for any reason the Many Tears were to close before a property could be purchased, then this special fund as well as all other Many Tears assets will go to another animal rescue.
  • I am not thinking of retiring in the immediate future although selfishly I do hope for a future where I would get 2 days a week off and a holiday once a year and hopefully live off site at least some days a week.
  • Once we have a reasonable amount of funds we will get this property valued as well as look at other properties like it. If we decided another property would be better for the rescue we would move Many Tears and its assets to a new location. I would still work there but not own the property.
  • If Many Tears owned this property or one like it and continued to run the boarding kennels that would give them an income which would help fund the rescue. This would be a huge help to the rescues finances.
  • I think eventually once all this is much further down the line we will start thinking about registering Many Tears as a charity. This is very tricky to do whilst we own and live in the property but it is something we will look at once we know what the future holds for Many Tears.

So in a nut shell - if I did not believe people were behind me in wanting Many Tears to continue saving dogs well into the future I would not be walking so far, putting myself through all the training I have to force myself to do, trying to get all the publicity I can for the walk. I am doing all I can to make sure that the dogs who will need this rescues help in the future have the same chance to find wonderful forever homes as all those who have already passed through our doors and I hope you will help me achieve this.

Please watch the video and if you would like to make the impossible dream become possible sponsor me and get others to do the same!

If you want to help raise funds for the walk of dreams but hate collecting money read on. If you will take the sponsor form to your local pub or club or to work and ask people to sponsor Sylvia per mile, filling in the form with their email address, telephone number and signature, you can then once the form is filled send it to Many Tears where Sylvia or a volunteer will email each person saying the walks completed (God willing) and asking if they will honour their pledge. If every line was filled and they all pledged 1p a mile your form could bring in £67.20p. If everyone did this, the dream would and could be well on the way to being a reality.


DAY 1 8th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00.
Starting from ITV Studios London UPPER Ground, London SE1 9LT
Environment Agency Teddington Lock, Teddington TW11 9NG

Following along the Queens Walk on the south bank past the London Eye, staying along the river to Vauxhall Bridge. Cross Vauxhall Bridge to the north bank then getting on the Thames path heading toward Putney Bridge. Following the Thames path to Grosvenor road (A 3212)
Then following Grosvenor Road (A 3212) past Chelsea Bridge staying on the A3212 which then becomes the Chelsea Embankment, following along that past the Albert Bridge and Battersea Bridge then it becomes the Cheyne walk (A3220)
Following Cheyne Walk (A3220) on to “Lots Road” then along Lots Road to Chelsea Harbour drive which becomes Thames Ave and goes back to the Thames Path.
Then follow the Thames Path past Imperial Park then up past the Sainsbury’s and left onto William Morris Way. Follow to Townmeade road and go left along Townmeade road crossing the A217 along carnwath road staying on that to broomhouse lane then following that left onto hurlingham Road.
Follow Hurlingham Road past Hurlingham Park and then left along the A308 then left along the A219 going across Putney Bridge.
Now Back on South bank of the Thames, follow the Putney Embankment past Leaders Gardens then along the river towards Hammersmith Bridge , onto the B350 (Lonsdale Road) follow the river past Dovecote Gardens, past Chiswick Bridge on the A316, past the Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew, past Richmond Bridge A305 , past Buccleuch Gardens, past Eel Pie Island, past the Teddington Obelisk.
Ending near the Environment Agency Teddington Lock, Teddington TW11 9NG

DAY 2 9th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Teddington Lock TW11 to Egham TW20
Starting just outside the Environment Agency Teddington Lock,
Teddington TW11 9NG on the South Bank of the River Thames.

Following along the south bank past Trowlock Island staying along the river then along Lower Ham Road then still along the river past Canbury Gardens, along Thames side. Onto Horse Hair/Kingston Bridge.
Cross Horse Hair/Kingston bridge to the north bank then follow the barge walk along past Hampton Court Pier to the Hampton Court Bridge A309.
Cross the bridge to the south bank , then follow the river walking past Hurst Park, past Sunbury Lock to Walton Bridge Road.
Cross the bridge to the north bank and follow Walton Lane to the B375, turn left onto the b375 and follow along as it become Renfree Way and then Chertsey Road then Chertsey Bridge Rd and back at the river turn right onto Thames Side and follow along past Laleham Park continue along river to Staines Bridge.
Cross Staines Bridge to the south bank then follow the Thames Path to Runnymeade Pleasure Ground.
Ending at Runnymeade Pleasure Ground car park . Windsor Road, Egham TW20 0AE

DAY 3 10th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Egham TW20 to All Saints Church Marlow SL7
Starting just outside the Runnymeade Pleasure Ground car park
Windsor Road, Egham TW20 0AE

Following the Thames Path West along the south bank past the National Trust Runnymede office. Past Ham Lane, past the B3201 onto the Prince Alberts Walk following around Windsor Castle left onto Datchet Road.
Right on Farm Yard, then across to the North bank, left on Brocas Street, then back along the river walk still heading west, past the A332, past the M4, then onto River Road to Bath Road. Turn left on Bath Road, cross to the South bank , follow the Ray Mead Road/A4094 then it becomes the Lower Cookham Road/A4094.
Following the river walk to Mill Lane, go left onto Mill Lane, then across Sutton Road/A4094 to School Lane, follow this across the B4477/High Street, then follow the walkway along Strand Water along Spade Oak Reach, onto Gibralter Lane, then onto Quarry Wood Road, past the A404.
Turn right onto Bisham Road/High Street across Marlow Bridge.
Ending Marlow Bridge near All Saints Church High St, Marlow SL7 2AA

DAY 4 11th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Starting at Marlow Bridge near All Saints Church High St, Marlow SL7 2AA
on the north bank, head west along the river walk.

The river walk will follow Harleyford Lane for a short distance then cross to the South Bank. Stay on the river walkway heading west, passing the slipway at Hurley Riverside Park, then following along Black Boy Lane, Frogmill.
Still going west will go on to Remenham lnn, then cross to the north bank at the A4130/White Hill then follow along Thames side and the river walk then along Bolney Road.
Then right on Station Road, then left on Mill Road, left on Mill Lane, then back onto the river walkway which becomes the Shiplake Public Footpath. Then crossing back to the South Bank at the B478 and following the Thames path west still into Reading.
Cross to the North Bank at Bridge Street, then passing by the A329, passing the A4/Berkeley Ave, then crossing to the South Bank at Rose Kiln Lane.
Ending at Waterloo Meadows, Elgar Road/Rose Kiln Lane, Reading, RG2 0BN.

DAY 5 - 12th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Starting at Waterloo Meadows. Elgar Road/Rose Kiln Lane, Reading, RG2 0BN
On the south bank of the River Kennet, follow along to Rose Kiln Lane.
Cross the river at Rose Kiln Lane to the north bank and follow along the river walk west towards Newbury.
Past the A33, crossing back over to the south bank after a short while then passing Fobney Island Nature Reserve and Burchfield Road then crossing back to the north bank.
Crossing back to the south bank, passing the M4, passing Hangar Road, past Tyle Mill lock, crossing to the north bank at Ufton Lane then passing Padworth Lane, passing the A340/Basingstoke Road, crossing back to north bank at Frouds Lane. Then crossing back to south bank and passing Station Road, then crossing north bank and again to south passing Brimpton Road, passing Colthrop Lane, crossing to north bank an Chamberhouse Mill Lane, passing Monkey Marsh Lock, crossing the B3421, passing the A339, passing bridge street in Newbury, crossing to the south bank and following W Mills west.
Ending where Bonemill Lane crosses the canal near RG20 0EX

DAY 6 - 13th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Bonemill Lane RG20 to WoottonRivers Marlborough
Starting at where Bonemill Lane crosses the canal near RG20 0EX

Follow the canal walk west along the north bank. Passing the A34, passing Milkhouse Road, passing Station Road, crossing to the south bank at Dunmill Lock.
Passing the A338 /High Street in Hungerford, following along next to Oak Hill, then passing Brook Street, passing Savemake road, passing the A346, then crossing the canal at Forest Road.
Ending near The Royal Oak Country Inn and Pub, Forest Road, Wootton Rivers, Marlborough SN8 4NQ

DAY 7 - 14th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Wootton Rivers SN8 to Giles Wood Trowbridge
Starting at The Royal Oak Country Inn and Pub, Forest Road, Wootton Rivers, Marlborough SN8 4NQ

Return to the canal walk and continue west along the South bank.
Passing Marlbourgh Road/A345, then further along crossing to the north bank and passing Alton Road, crossing to the South bank at Church Farm Lane, then following south bank, passing Horton Road, passing Windsor Drive, Passing London Road/A361, passing New Park Road, crossing to the North bank on Couch Lane, following to The Nursery/A361 , passing bath rd, passing marsh ln/B3101and after passing Foxhangers campsite crossing to north bank, passing bath rd/A365, passing Spout Lane, passing Bollands Hill,
Ending Giles Wood, Seend, Trowbridge BA14 6LH

DAY 8 - 15th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Giles Wood, Trowbridge BA14 6LH to Jolly Sailor, Bristol BS31 3ER
Starting on the north bank at Giles Wood, Seend, Trowbridge BA14 6LH heading west.
Follow canal past A350, passing High street, passing semington brook, passing Whaddon ln, passing marsh rd/b3105, passing thestfield dr, passing river biss, passing trowbridge rd/A363, passing moulton dr, passing frome rd/B3109, after a while crossing to the south bank, then passing the avoncliff aquaduct, passing Winsley Hill/B3108, passing the Dundas aquaduct, then crossing to the North bank, passing ferry ln, passing high st, passing meadow ln, passing beckford rd/A36, passing Sydney rd, then crossing back to south bank, then crossing back to north bank on bathwick hill, passing pulteney gardens, crossing to south bank on pulteney rd, passing Rossiter rd/A36 , passing halfpenny bridge, crossing to north bank, passing A367, passing midland bridge rd, passing Windsor bridge rd/A3604, then following the Bristol and bath railway path still on the north bank, then along brassmill ln, then across the river, past Newbridge rd/A4, across the river again, across the river again, then rt onto mead ln, follow Mead Lane to the Jolly Sailor pub, Mead Lane, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3ER
Ending Jolly Sailor pub, Mead Lane, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3ER

DAY 9 - 16h May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Starting at the Jolly Sailor Pub, Mead Lane, Saltford, Bristol BS31 3ER
Follow Mead Lane south west to Avon ln, turn right onto Avon Lane, follow Avon ln north about 100 meter to the Bristol and Bath Railroad path on the left. Follow the BBRP north about 6.2 miles going past A431, A420, A4174.
Turn rt onto Teeewell Hill/A4175, then crossing broad street/B4465 onto park rd then passing page park, then turn left on Salisbury Road, then right onto Buckingham Place, left onto Westerleigh Road, then right onto Badminton Road/A4017/A432, left onto Cleeve Hill/A4017, right onto Overndale Road/A4017, then left on Cleeve Wood Road. This will become Cleeve Road, then right onto Beckspool Roadd, then right onto the Bristol Road/B4058 , a slight left onto Old Gloster Road following that past the M32, then left onto the b4057.
Then right onto Bradley Stoke Way at the roundabout, After about 2 miles turn right onto Gloucester Road/A38. Go through the roundabout at the M5, left onto over ln then after 250 ft right onto Sundays Hill. Follow to a slight left onto Church Road, continue on as it becomes Tockington Labne, passing the M4. Then it becomes Lower Tockington Road. This will turn slightly left and become Upper Tockington Road, then it will bend slightly right and become the street. Then bend slightly left and become Aust Road. after a mile turn left onto Redhill Lane/B4461. After passing the roundabout for the Serern Services on the A48, follow the walking path along the A48 across the bridge. Follow across the bridge and at the first roundabout on your right side Basepoint Business Centre , Riverside Court.
Ending at Basepoint Business Centre , Riverside Court, Beaufort Park Way, Chepstow NP16 5UH

DAY 10 - 17h May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Beaufort Park Way Chepstow to Croes-y-Pant
Starting at 8:00 Basepoint Business Centre ,
Riverside Court Beaufort Park Way, Chepstow NP16 5UH
Follow north along the A466 at the roundabout take the first exit onto the A48 then right onto St Lawrence Lane, left onto Mountain Road. At the roundabout right onto Smooth Stones, then right onto Earlswood Road, left onto the B4235.
Turn left onto Trelay Road, right onto Llanynamnt Road, left onto Alltybella Road passing the A449 then it turns into Red Hill. Turn left onto Chepstow Road, this will bend to the left and become Four Ash Road.
Through the roundabout to the A472, left on the A472, then right on Porthycarne Street/B4598. This will turn slightly left and become Chain bridge rd, cross the river and stay on chain bridge to the left, then left on star rd, continues on to become school lane, then continues on to become Park y brain ln, at the camnal turn right and follow the canal walk. Passing saran rd, and ending at old Abergavenny rd where it crosses the canal,
Ending at Old Abergavenny Road where it crosses the canal. Very Nearby is Hanover Chapel,
llanover Abergavenny NP7 9HD

DAY 11 - 18h May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Croes-y- Pant to Brecon Beacons
Starting where the old Abergavenny Road crosses the canal

Follow the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal Path towards Brecon.
Ending where the A40 crosses the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal.
Nearby is the caravan club Brecon Beacons LD3 7SH

DAY 12 - 19th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Brecon Beacons to Llanddeusant, Llangadog
Starting where the A40 crosses the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal
Follow the canal path west into Brecon, getting onto Canal Road. Follow Canal Road through the roundabout and turn right onto Scott Lane. After 50 feet turn left onto Danygaer, then left onto Ship Street/B4601.

Follow to the roundabout, at roundabout take 3rd exit signposted towards Mynydd Llytd, follow that road aprox 6 miles and turn right onto the A4215. Follow for 2 miles then turn right onto the A4067, after about 300 meters turn left, follow this road for 2.5 miles and turn right. Follow for 1.5 miles and turn left, follow for 7.5 miles and turn right at the Red Kite feeding centre. Walk 50 yards to the Black Mountain Caravan and Camping Park on your left.
Ending Black Mountain Caravan and Camping Park, Llanddeusant, Llangadog SA19 9YG

DAY 13 - 20th May 2017 - WALK STARTS AT 08:00
Llanddeusant, Llangadog to Many Tears
Starting at the Black Mountain Caravan and Camping Park, Llanddeusant, Llangadog SA19 9YG

Follow road towards Llangadog, after 1.5 miles turn left where signposted for youth hostel. After 1.5 miles turn right on A4069, go 50 feet and turn left, follow that road for 2 miles and turn right, go for a mile and turn left. Go 200 feet and turn right. Go 3 miles and turn left and after 150 feet and turn right. You will pass the Cennon Arms Pub on your left. Follow along to the A483, turn left at the A483 and follow along past the rail road tracks. Then turn right, follow that road up the the A476, cross the A476 and follow to the B4297. Turn right towards Maesybont, at the school, turn left and follow that road to
Many Tears.

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