Issac Status: Available

ID: 20183

Name: Issac

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See the adoption details below

Location: In Foster in
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

23-09-17 Issac is a 2 year old  Bichon who has come to us from a breeder. He is extremely nervous and very jumpy and we believe he would bite with fear at the moment so we will be working with him to try and gain his confidence.  Issac will not be homed where they are any resident or visiting children and will be a project dog for an experienced owner who understands his fears.  He will need another dog to help him learn about home life and show him new things such as house training and walking on a lead.

10-10-17 UPDATE

Poor Issac is as scared of people as they come. He is now on my section with me and today I got to work closely with him for the very first time, which involves handling him regularly and generally trying to win his terrified soul over. As he is so fearful, he is very difficult to settle down and handle, he will do anything to get away from you and if touched too quickly or pushed in any way he will snap defensively. With daily handling, we hope soon that his scared ways will soon become a thing of the past, but an experienced owner in a home environment who could give him a lot more one on one time is what this boy really needs. It can take a while to get him into a calm enough state where he is able to be picked up and carried, once he is in your arms however he seems so settle slightly and allow you to cuddle him.
Issac is lucky enough to have a play yard attached to his section which he can run in and out of happily, when he is out there with his kennel mates he transforms into a different dog, he wags his tail, he plays and he enjoys his freedom. When he is back in his kennel his favourite thing to do is curl up in his bed in the back and sleep, every single time I come down to see the dogs on my section he is always back there relaxing! These are his favourite times of the day, when there are no people around and he is alone with his canine friends.
It goes without saying that Issac needs is a very calm, sensible and patient home, experience with terrified ex-breeders would be a massive help and an extremely secure property is a must. While he will be a big project to begin with, with a lot of time and a lot of love Isaac will turn into a regular pet dog eventually. He will not be able to live with children and as he is so reliant on other dogs he will definitely need a doggy friend in his new forever home.

31-12-17 UPDATE
Isaac has unfortunately become the longest stayer here at the rescue, although he remains fearful and an experienced home is still needed, the progress he has made is incredible. Today was my first day working with Isaac personally, the difference in his behaviour and his trust of me within just 20 minutes of work was amazing, it really leads me to believe he would flourish in the right hands in a loving home.
Initally when you attempt to pick Isaac up to handle him, he will do anything to get away from you, he needs to be very gently and calmly eased into a corner. We then slowly touch his rear end and gage his reaction, he was absolutely fine with me doing this but if it is done too quickly, he will attempt a warning nip. When I felt he was settled enough, I worked my way underneath around to his chest and he let me pick him up with no issue. We have recently began getting him used to the feel of the harness too and with all this handling daily, he is coming on leaps and bounds.
I think Isaac is a stunning boy, soon after working with him I was shocked as he jumped up at me and onto my lap. I didn't push it at this point but this was just a glimpse of his potential, there is an incredibly loving, cuddly dog in there somewhere, he just needs our help to bring it out. It goes without saying that experience with scared dogs is vital for any potential adopters, he is obviously a major flight risk and the security is most important thing.
He isn't at harness walking stage yet and would have to be taught very gradually in a completely secure area with a lead on both his harness and collar for safety.
Isaac is now my project dog, I'm looking forward to working with him every day and progressing him, however there's only so much that can be done in a kennel environment and I'm desperate for him to be in the right home as soon as possible. If you are interested in Isaac, I urge you to come and meet him or put an application form in for him. I look forward to the day he's walking on a lead and being affectionate, just like a regular pet dog.

26-01-18 UPDATE
I may not have been working on a section with Isaac today, but I always have time to go and see this lovely little guy. However busy a day the rescue brings, I still try to make my visits to him consistent and frequent, he is getting so used to me coming and handling him/giving him treats at this point that he's stopped being too phased by my presence.
Today when I went in to see him, I crouched at the entrance to the back of his kennel, he then popped up out of his duvet and actually jumped up on my arm, which doesn't seem like a lot but for a dog like Isaac who has severe trust issues, it's a massive step and it really made my day. What would make my year however, is seeing him go to a foster home or forever home.
Isaac is a lost soul in need of guidance, but after working with him closely for a while, I can safely say he genuinely has the most perfect, kind and gentle temperament, it is simply behind a barrier, the barrier being his fear of people, which is so deeply rooted and embedded in him that he is simply unable to show us his true personality. But I can see it as clear as day, I can see what he's going to become, the most exceptionally loving and selfless of dogs, it'll be a major project and he quite evidently needs a very experienced, quiet and patient home, but my my is that journey going to be worth it. Tomorrow is a new day my handsome boy, someone will show you interest soon!

23-03-18 UPDATE

Isaac is settling well in his foster home and has quickly learnt the every day routines in the home. He loves other dogs and gets on well with all the resident dogs here, male and female, large and small. He is living with cats and free range chickens with no problems.
Issac is a very complex little boy, he is still very scared of human touch, although each day he allows himself to have his harness and lead on and to be touched whilst sitting to have it on and off. He now knows he gets to enjoy a walk twice a day when having his harness on.
Issac needs the company of his canine friends and he is learning a lot from them and gaining confidence daily. He will sit on the sofa near a human, but is not brave enough to get close. He is walking well on his harness and enjoys being out with his canine friends. House training is nearly there and he sleeps soundly through the night.
Isaac is a project dog, but I'm confident he will one day be able to leave his past demons behind. He is looking for a very experienced forever home to take him onto the next stage of his journey.

10-06-18  UPDATE

Isaac has been in foster over 4 months now. He's come a long way since first arriving and continues to improve.
Isaac is still a very complex boy, he still struggles with human touch. He does however, love his life surrounded by his best friends, he loves the hustle and bustle of being in a multi dog household and acts like any average pet dog.
He loves his walks, he's confident both in and out of the house. He takes treats from visitors and isn't scared around them, except he won't allow people to touch him. I as his foster mum can put his harness on, groom. I him, dry him after a wet walk and meet all his needs, although he still won't let me touch him out of the blue or if he's on the sofa next to me.
Isaac is a very happy boy, he has relaxed and learnt so much, he just cannot let go of his past demons just yet and would still bite out of fear.

PLEASE NOTE: We nearly always home dogs who have come from breeders where there is ALREADY A RESIDENT DOG living in the house. They have usually never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company. They usually get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead. They will make lovely pets but do need a lot of love, time and patience. If the ex breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up. Please read our information on ADOPTING EX-BREEDING DOGS before you apply.

The adoption fee for an adult dog (6 months and over) is £220 and for a puppy is £250, However if the dog has a passport you will be given this when you adopt and we ask for a further £20 to help us buy a passport for another dog. You will find a break down of what the adoption fee covers under our Adoption Procedures (see link below) If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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