Hiro (Was Rufus) ^


Hiro (Was Rufus) ^ Status: Available

ID: 28224

Name: Hiro (Was Rufus) ^

Breed: Beagle cross Harrier

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

16-08-21 This handsome boy is Hiro. He has just turned two years old and was adopted a year ago but sadly his adopters have had to make the heartbreaking decision to return him to our care due to not being able to manage some of his issues.  He is a super affectionate little dog who is extremely energetic and highly strung.
Hiro will need a very active home with adopters who have experience of dogs with high energy and seperation anxiety. He will also need an adult only home as he is fearful of children with no cats or small furries. He is also very wary of strangers but with people he knows and trusts he loves to tuck in next to them on the sofa.
Hiro would love another dog with matching high energy to play with in his new home as he does suffer with quite severe seperation anxiety and so will need adopters who have had experience of this before and who will be willing to put in the time, effort and training into helping him through this. You will need to be aware that there won't be an overnight fix for this and you would have to be willing to manage this long term.  In his home Hiro slept downstairs with another dog, but he might need someone to stay downstairs with him for several nights until he got used to his new home. He would find it hard if there wasn’t another dog present as he has separation anxiety and he does not like to be shut in a room, let alone a crate.
He is a very, very active boy who is also highly intelligent. He knows how to sit, wait, left and right and is very good at playing scent games.  He is super vigilant and knows everything that is going on. He reacts to noises outside and will bark at them. This has improved a great deal with his owners using DMT protocol (distraction, mark, treat). Their marker word is a long calmly spoken “nice” he then gets a treat (a piece of his daily kibble allowance).
Hiro does struggle to rest and can be quite highly strung, so he will need to have plenty of physical and mental stimulation in his new home to keep his mind occupied and keep him happy and calm.
We believe Hiro is house trained and he can also walk well on the lead already. He can jump very high and so he will need a very secure garden with fences that are at least 6ft high.
Hiro will make a wonderful companion in the right home with someone who was willing to put the time and effort into his training and who will stick by him and love him through thick and thin.

15-09-21 UPDATE

Spending time with Hiro is a pleasure, he is such a beautiful boy! He loves playing with his friend Olga, and as you can see from the video he has bags of energy so an energetic house hold is a must. Hiro would be suited to a home with a female resident dog his size or bigger and with someone who has the time to give him the training he needs.

01-10-21 UPDATE
Hiro is such a lovely lovely boy. He's been with us for nearly 2 months now and in that time he has completely and utterly stolen my heart.
Hiro's celebration when he sees me approaching is amazing, his whole body wiggles and he just cannot contain his excitement. Even though he can be quite over excited to see me at first, if I sit calmly with him he soon calms down and acts appropriately. Hiro loves long sniffy walks, and a good run and play more than anything in the world (except for food maybe!).
Hiro can be quite wary of new people, especially men, but once he learns that they are friendly he is more than happy to receive fusses and loves.
When Hiro first came to us he could pull quite strongly on the lead, but was very easily corrected and would walk happily next to us. As time has gone on he has become more frustrated with kennel life and he does not want to walk next to us anymore, and can hurt himself from pulling so much, so we are now walking Hiro on a halti and a harness. He has adjusted to the halti very quickly.
Hiro has lived in a home before and does have separation anxiety and hates being alone. His potential adopters would definitely need to consider this, and have a plan of how they would help Hiro through his anxieties.
Since being with us Hiro has been kenneled with quite a few lady friends, his size or bigger. He loves playing and snuggling up with them. He seems less stressed when humans leave if he has a fellow dog companion to keep him company. For this reason I think Hiro would prefer to be homed with another dog, however we could consider him as an only dog providing it is the absolute *perfect* circumstances for him

29-10-21 UPDATE

Since I wrote the last update Hiro is now kenneled with a calm bulldog who lays in bed through the day, and he is now on herbal calming aid, these things combined have helped him massively and we can really see how much calmer he is now, so ideally any potential adopters' resident dog would be happy to have a play, but also help to teach Hiro how to settle and calm down when he needs to.
Hiro has become mistrustful if he doesn't recognise someone passing or standing near while he passes, and we have had to start using a muzzle whenever Hiro is out of his kennel. This does not mean Hiro is a bad dog, he just does not trust things that he can't quite work out. Hiro has so much love to offer and really just wants to please us humans, especially if we have tasty food on offer!
I'd love to see Hiro go to a nice rural home where the chances of him bumping into someone he doesn't know are very slim, so that he can feel confident in his surroundings.

28-11-21 UPDATE
Yesterday me and Hiro headed down to the river, it was a first for both of us! Hiro loved the long walk, being out of his kennel for about an hour, and enjoying all the smells. He was so relaxed that when a van sped past us he didn't mind all that much!
When we are closer to the centre this can be a trigger for him. About halfway down the road Hiro caught the scent of something and dug a lovely hole, how fascinating it is to watch him do his thing!! He wasn't all too pleased when I filled it back in but was happy to carry on walking for all the other scents along the road.
He loved the river even though it was very very cold!! He tried pulling me in but unfortunately my wellies weren't high enough! We sat by the river for a bit and it was just nice to relax and see how well he copes with sitting still when out and about, watching the birds and sniffing the air.
I can't explain the difference I see in Hiro once we are far enough away from the noise of barking dogs and atmosphere of kennels. When we got back Hiro had his dinner in a Kong wobbler; and below is a video of how good his "stay" is coming along.

28-12-21 UPDATE

This week Hiro has been having walks with different dogs for some socialising, to show him that some things that he thinks are scary, simply aren't!
He has been a star, learning very quickly that just because he's on the lead doesn't mean that other dogs are a threat to him! We've even had some play bows once he's comfortable enough!
I've also been introducing him to people he hasn't met before, or people who he usually reacts to through the kennel. Initially he thinks it's someone he doesn't like, and lets them know, but once they have asked for a sit and waited for him to calm down, then given a treat, he is absolutely fine with them!  We are going to keep working on this, to teach him that even people he finds scary, aren't that bad!

30-12-2021 UPDATE
Today I met Betty! I've heard the humans around here talk a lot about her, so I was really really excited to meet her. She was a bit scared of me with my muzzle at first, but that's okay, most humans are too. After a few polite play bows I soon convinced her that I am full of love and play. We spent a while playing, sniffing around and getting to know eachother. I hope I get to see her more often, she knows how to play!
Hiro and Betty hit it right off today and we are going to yard them together for playtimes for now until they are confident enough with eachother to be kenelled together. I think they could really help each other out! Betty could show Hiro that you don't need to make a scene if you're worried about someone/something, and Hiro could show Betty that snuggles and fusses off people you trust are just the best thing ever! 

06-01-21 UPDATE

Today I took Hiro out of kennels for a couple of hours and what a different dog he is. He met my dogs fine with a careful introduction and so far he seems to be doing great.
We met one person out, as soon as I saw him I instantly called Hiro to my side and asked him to sit (while showing him is squirty cheese), he did this straight away and didn't even attempt to lunge.
I will be bringing Hiro home for a couple of hours a week before fully fostering him just to be on the safe side with him being with my dogs.
Before taking Hiro home, I took him and both my dogs for a long walk and then slowly one by one I introduced him in my house with them, he walked in like he's always been here.
He will 100% need a busy lifestyle where he is out walking more than he's in as he just loves nothing more than to be out and being a 'typical beagle'.
Since having Hiro here I have noticed he does suffer quite bad with separation anxiety, so he will need someone who will work through this with him and show him that you will return when you've left. He's a dog in a million and is so funny!

10-01-21 UPDATE

We had some lovely training sessions yesterday! Followed by 2 walks with 0 reactions! We passed 2 labs, 4 strangers, a pointer with a stranger, and another dog with a stranger, and Hiro just took his cheese and kept an eye on them passing. Very good boy! And some nice snoozes afterwards.


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