Hector (was Noddie) ^


Hector (was Noddie) ^ Status: Available

ID: 29829

Name: Hector (was Noddie) ^

Breed: Beagle Cross Cocker Spaniel

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

20-08-22 Hector is a handome boy who has been returned from his home, and is now looking once more for a loving home. His previous adopters worked very hard with socialisation and training, plus they had the support of a behaviourist to help manage Hector, but when a change of personal circumstamces arose, they felt they had no choice but to make the very difficult decision to give Hector back into our care.
Hector does have some issues that need continued and ongoing training with. He has some food guarding behaviours and when out of his confort zone , for example at the vets or if he is startled suddenly, he can become unpredictable and is at risk of making the wrong decisions and has indeed snapped in the past over this. He can get on very well with dogs under supervision, and is also said to be fine with cats. His trainer and adpoters worked hard with giving games, physical exercise - which he loved and enjoyed a good 2hr run daily and in the home, with nothing to guard and a calm home he did exceptionally well and enjoys affection.
Hector needs an experienced, adult home who are aware of his struggles, and are experienced and equipped to support him and help him make progress, whilst keeping him safe. Due to his food and resource guarding, he would be best placed as an only dog in the home where he will have the best chance to relax and enjoy life. 

07-09-22 UPDATE

Today I took Hector the bocker out on the bike and what an absolute delight he is! Hector would go miles and miles is he had his way! Unfortunately Hector got returned into our care for resource guarding. what we say around here is he's a 'typical bocker'! He has not displayed any behaviour like this with us, but this doesn't mean he won't.
Hector is looking for an experienced home with someone who will stand by his side and help him with his problems. He's looking for a VERY active home where he can go on lots of new adventures and lots of new places! He's been here far to long now and it's about time he found his happy ending

13-10-22 UPDATE

15-10-22 UPDATE

Hector is a very smart boy who will need a family that can help stimulate him physically and mentally. He’s a very good boy and listens to what he’s told, he’s a very switched on dog. Hector loves going for walks and massively appreciates it when kennel staff are willing to go for a little run with him. Hector goes out to play with other dogs and really really enjoys himself but would probably thrive better as an only dog due to food guarding issues and the fact he does sometimes get a bit overly excited. This sweet man absolutely loves people and is a pleasure to work with and be around, he adores snuggling up to people and perching his paws on your lap as much as he loves chasing a ball and having a good run around. He also adores playing with the treat puzzle games at the rescue and is so smart he usually manages to find them all every time, a family that could continue to allow him to play games like these to stimulate his mind would be perfect!
14-12-22 UPDATE

Hector is a very handsome boy who has a lot of love to give! He’s a very smart boy who learns more and more as the weeks go by. Hector has worked with pro trainers on his food aggression/guarding and has made HUGE progress, he’s a very obedient young man which makes him very easy to work with. As long as any prospective adopter adheres to the training he's been having and implement it correctly then they should have zero problems with him.
Hector is a very bouncy boy and does have a cheeky side which is very funny and charming. He absolutely adores his toys and has even learnt to release a toy/object! We are all extremely proud of how far he’s come and would love to see him flourish into a beautiful companion in his new home.
Now that the weather’s gotten colder, Hector has also started to allow us to put jumpers on him although sometimes he will pull them off to play with. This angel is also very kennel clean so house training shouldn’t be too much trouble for him and given how smart he is he should learn quite quickly! Hector also walks on a lead but is quite strong when he’s excited so his new owner(s) will have to be aware of this.
He would likely prefer to be an only dog in his new home but does regularly go out to play with other dogs similar to him in the yard so he’d potentially be able to have visiting dogs. Hector also has a very soft side and loves a cuddle and some fuss, but will need an active, adult only home to keep him busy.

02-02-2023 UPDATE
Lovely man Hector. 
Hector is a very sensitive soul who doesn't respond well to "telling offs," but because he is so motivated by food he is pretty easy to redirect and reward for an alternative behaviour if he is doing something undesirable. 
Hector is SO smart. We went for a twenty minute walk today and he learnt that "here" means to walk by my side, essentially a 'heel.' After 3/4 rewards for his positioning, he maintained the position while refocusing on me for the entire walk, and even followed the cue through around the busy centre too. Hector really needs someone who uses primarily reward based training, he will absolutely thrive with this. He picks up new things so so quickly provided he is rewarded at just the right time. 
Hector loves his Kong, and I believe will be so easy to train to superstar level if you are confident in r+ training!
I have fallen completely in love with Hector and it pains me to see him laying in his bed all day waiting for the next bit of attention. I so hope Hector's perfect home turns up soon. 
He is pretty settled here but it is no life for a dog as smart as Hector! 
20-03-23 UPDATE
Hector is an amazing dog that’s been with us in the rescue for the past 7 months. He is a very smart boy who needs a home that is willing to put in the time and effort needied, to keep up with his training and obedience. Since being with us he’s easily learned a lot of tricks like sit, wait, down, here and lay down and he’s had no issue with learning them as he’s so intelligent, and food driven. He’s still a very strong and energetic boy, who’s improved so much since he arrived here. He definitely deserves his forever home. Hector just needs to be kept busy, he’s such a smart and loving boy, who’s just been unlucky with finding his home.  He’s still going to need an adult only, active home, that can give him all the time, attention and walkies he needs.
05-04-23 UPDATE

Hector is doing really well with us and we are continuing his ongoing training every day. Please watch this video for more information about him.

08-04-23 UPDATE

Hector has been continuing his training and has this week learned about crate games to make the crate a safe and fun space for him.

22-04-23 UPDATE
Darling boy Hector is still waiting for his forever home. He needs an adult only home that can provide lots of enrichment and stimulation as he is such a smart boy. In addition he needs an active home that can take him on long walks, bike rides and runs in suitable areas. Hector is such a smart boy and wants to please you, he loves learning new things and training games to keep him engaged and promoting responsible behaviour from him. 

02-05-23 UPDATE
Hector, what can I say that hasn’t been said before? He is genuinely the most stunning boy!
I’ve worked here at the rescue over a year, and I’ve been with him for his entire time here, but 6 months ago I adopted a dog from many tears who was very similar to Hector, he had very similar habits, he was kenneled on his own, looked very similar, came from the same place, extremely smart and complex.
He has added so much to my life personally, and given me so much joy. Of course no 2 dogs are the same, but being a similar breed and similar complexities I feel I can comment on how great I believe Hector will be in a home. He is very food-centric and smart, so teaching him with treats is extremely effective. He needs plenty of stimulation and exercise. He is also very loving, and really can’t wait for you to scrub his tummy and give him a cuddle. He is so nice and I can’t wait for him to get his forever home, like mine got with me. Genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made, and I think Hector will be yours.

30-05-23 UPDATE
Where to start with Hector! He's been here for far too long now and still looking for his forever home! Which many of us here at Many Tears cannot understand. Hector is such a lovely boy who just wants to play with you, he loves his long walks, enjoys the smells and the exercise. We take him daily to the round pen where he can run around to burn off his energy, where he has plenty of it. today I took him out with a larger dog and they played together brilliantly, Hector listens to my commands excellenty alone and around other dogs. He is such an intelligent dog he has learned loads of different tricks here like sit, down, stay, wait, etc, he's a dog that needs loads of exercise physically and mentally otherwise he goes crazy in his kennel. So our staff go above and beyond to try and keep this gorgeous boy entertained during the day, which none of us mind as he's a favourite here. I just can't believe a handsome man like Hector can be in kennels for so long, please consider him for adoption he doesn't deserve to be in kennels anymore, he deserves the chance to call a family his own. He can easily be homed as an only dog as he is very confident on his own, or even with other big dogs that can play rough with him. Once he has burned his energy, he does enjoy a sit down with you. So please offer this handsome man the chance to live his best life.

08-06-23 UPDATE
Enjoy watching some short clips about Hector's day here at the rescue, he is coming along so well and is such a smart responsive boy. Hector is an affectionate happy confident boy who can't wait to be in his forever home where he can have an active enriched lifestyle with lots of love. He has been in kennels for quite a while now and we can't understand why - he brings a smile to everyone he meets. Hector does need an experienced adopter who can continue is training through posiitve reinforcement and games, getting him to focus on them and for him to listen. He will also need a home with an active lifestyle as he is an energetic boy but that just means he gets to go on all of your adventures with you!


 If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.


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