Caleb ^


Caleb ^ Status: Available

ID: 30706

Name: Caleb ^

Breed: Cross Breed

Age: 1 Year

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

28-03-2022 Caleb has very sadly been returned.  He originally came to us from Romania and had a terrible start to life being brought up on the streets.  This has left Caleb a very worried boy and although he loved his family they had a busy home and he finds new people and new situations very stressful which has resulted in him in snapping at strangers. 
Caleb needs an experienced adult only home with at least one other confident dog and owners who understand the fact he is so worried he can be unpredictable in certain situations.  He needs a quiet and calm home where there is not too many people coming and going.  Caleb is house trained although he can be worried about going in the garden on his own especially in the dark but with another dog that may help his confidence with that.  He walks on a lead but can react to people when out walking and may always require a muzzle when around strangers but that should not prevent him from living a full life. He is a very young and trainable dog who just needs the right environment so if you have the time, experience and comitment to work with Caleb please apply and get him out of kennels as soon as possible.

04-04-22 UPDATE
Caleb has been back in kennels for a little while now and initially he was very reactive to any new person he saw, he'd bark at them non-stop and hope they'd go away. So, we put in place a plan for different people to go in to his kennel, completely ignore him, crouch down and then offer him treats. When he'd had a couple of high value treats they would get up and leave without too much stimulation. It's only been a few days and the difference in him is incredible. So, Calebs new home will have to be able to continue his training and positive association with new people and experiences. He does love other dogs and he will need a resident dog in his new home, he loves to play but could do with a very good role model to learn from. I am smitten with this boy, he has a heart of gold and deserves people to truly love him and be by his side for the rest of his life.

03-05-22 UPDATE

Caleb had his first taste of Squeezy cheese today and he was instantly a fan.
Caleb is the sweetest boy who needs a home that will help him gain confidence and become a happier boy. He finds some men to be scary, he has been good with all the female staff of MT but does find a couple of the men intimidating which he communicates by barking at them. He needs a child free home with atleast one resident dog that will show him the world isn't that scary. He has also passed his cat test.
I find it heartbreaking watching this boy in kennels, he has so much love to give, he just needs people that know how to help him and will fully commit to forever.  

19-05-22 UPDATE
Caleb has been waiting in kennels for a while now and although he may need some extra attention in some areas of training, he is such a wonderful boy who truly deserves to be back in a home again.

He is super affectionate with people he knows, and trusts, and he meets 95% of people beautifully, with a happy tail and a bit of a naughty jump up for fuss. The 5% he isn't sure of are usually men, normally if they're carrying something bur it is men that he is most wary of. For this reason he is looking for a home where his main caregiver is a woman.
Caleb has sooo much love and life to devote to that special person who will give him everything he needs, he does need a resident dog in his new home, he loves to play with other dogs but he thinks the best way to get a dog to play is to hump it does die down after a little while, but if your dog doesn't like it then he wouldn't be the right match. It is purely play, he isn't a dominant dog, just a puppy who hasn't had a steady life so far, so some puppy behaviour shows itself from time to time.
I love him, I could walk with him for hours and cuddle with him for the rest of the day if I could.
His new person will have to be prepared to continue his training and help him gain even more confidence when it comes to people.

05-07-22 UPDATE

Hewooo hoomans,
Kennel mummy says she's written some updates but they must not have been good enough as I am still waiting in a kennel for my forever people to find me. Kennel life isn't that bad when you have the BESTEST Kennel friends to play with and nap for most of the day with, but I still want to go back to a home with people who can help me continue to overcome my insecurities around new people. I am doing SOO WELL here, well that's another thing Kennel Mummy says, but she gives me lots of treats so I believe her. I don't ask for much and I am a good boy with so many things. I can't help it that I find some people so scary and want them to go away.
I nearly had a forever home and I loved the people, but I played a bit too puppy like for the resident dog so they took another dog that was in need instead. It's okay, I'll find my right new best friend soon, I know it.
Kennel Mummy loves me and my Kennel friends so much, I can see that she knows who I am inside and I trust her with anything. I'll do the same for my forever family too if they give me the time to bond with them and if they promise to never give up on me.
Anyways, I'm off to snooze again. Night hoomans of the interweb.

16-07-22 UPDATE

Look at my boy! Being so brave and making friends with people who used to scare him (mainly men).
He's doing so well, but his training, socialisation and desensitising with new people is going to be ongoing.
These poor rommies have the hardest starts in their lives and sadly that trauma can get carried in to adulthood, despite their families trying to do everything right.
So now Caleb is looking for a special family, that live in a rural area, have a very safe garden and that can and will carry on helping Caleb, at his own pace, to help him become an all round amazing boy.
Whenever I introduce Caleb to anyone new, I don't let him near them at first, we get used to being around them without him feeling the need to protect himself - which he may feel the need to if I were to march him up to someone. Then they or I give him treats and then walk away with him, then we continue this until he sees that person (and being around that person) as purely rewarding and not at all scary anymore.
He really has come a long way, but he needs his forever people now, all his love and happy pup personality is wasted in kennels. He deserves so much more than kennel life can give him.
Can you offer him his everything?

25-08-22 UPDATE

As a member of staff, I get incredibly attached to the dogs I look after, especially the long stayers as they learn to see you as their person. When I have a week off, I miss them like mad, so this week, during my holiday I wanted to bring my Mum in to meet the dogs I look after and this handsome boy absolutely stole my Mums heart.
Caleb was wary for a minute but he was soon giving her cuddles and kisses in the kennel, so we then took him and his kennel friend, Chuck (who is being adopted today, yay! ) out for a walk and Caleb just kept asking my Mum for cuddles and giving her lots of kisses at any and every opportunity. He has such a beautiful heart, it's just buried underneath a bit of fear.
Caleb so deserves his own forever family, one that will understand him and read him well, he does give you all the cues to show that he's nervous and if you listen and go at his pace, he does get better. He's just looking for someone who can commit to him and give him his version of the best dog life.  

13-09-22 UPDATE

Caleb’s demons..
No one can know what these dogs from Romania have been through.
Not many know how courageous, brave and loving these dogs truly are until they live with them.
Not many know, and few give them a chance!
So here is Caleb, who learned to fear man’s irrationality, unkindness and barbaric actions very early in his life.
However, here he has learned to trust those he can watch and observe, to enjoy what was once a fearful experience, and to take direction and respect some humans.
Here we taught him to wear a muzzle, to trot beside a bike and exercise, to adore his carers.
He’s travelled miles both in his trust levels and from Romania.
He now waits for an adult family with a kind, gentle steady dog or dogs to help him continue his journey. A forever home who will not put him in danger and who will understand what a truly amazing boy this is and love him for ever.  

 If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.


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