Hickory ^


Hickory ^ Status: Available

ID: 36266

Name: Hickory ^

Breed: Beagle Cross Cocker Spaniel

Age: 5 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

08-12-2022 Hickory has come to us from a breeder. He has a Grade 2 heart murmur that will need to be monitored in the futre by his new vet. He is currently sharing his kennel with a female dog he can in with as the breeder told us this is the only dog he would share with but we will assess this further once he has settle in.  At the moment Hickory is in search of an experienced home where he can be the only dog.  He is an active boy who will need a lot of walking so we are looking for an active homes where he will get plenty of exercise.   Hickory is a bit overwhelmed to find himself in strange surrounding and was unsure of our intentions so his adopters need to be very understanding and give him time to settle.

14-01-23 UPDATE 
Hickory has been returned to us as he is a high energy dog who needs pletny of  physical exercise and mental stimulation for him to relax and be happy. He can feel overwhelmed and nervous and this stops him from truly allowing himself to switch off initially so would benefit from routine, as well as lots of stimulation and company. He is currently kennelled by himself but he does have play time in the sandschool with other dogs and has a blast. Hickory has settled well with us and we will update on his progress. 

02-02-23 UPDATE

Gorgeous, gorgeous Hickory. In the right home Hickory will be an absolute angel. He will thrive off routine, lots of puzzles and mental stimulation, and once he understands the routine I'm sure he'll be the bestest companion. 
Today we had a twenty minute walk and he learned "here" meant to walk by my side. His focus was insane, he is so smart and food motivated that he will be super easy to train to superstar level. He is totally toilet trained in his kennel and I want to reiterate that he was not returned for any fault of his own. He is your average anxious dog, who doesn't necessarily cower away but goes a bit crazy with the anxiety, he needs someone confident in managing this. Lick mats, Kong's, and mental games like "find it" will be so beneficial to help this man settle. I suspect he'll be super easy to teach a 'settle' to too, as he is so food motivated and focused. His previous home told us that he does have separation anxiety but again I believe this can be worked on with the same things as above. Alone = long lasting treats = happy Hickory. Hickory meets other dogs lovely, but he can be nervous if passing in close proximity on the lead by laying flat on the floor. 
I hope Hickory won't be waiting long, because although he is settled in kennels it still isn't a life for a dog who wants to learn so much!
13-02-23 UPDATE

Hickory is an incredible life force who is full of excitement and joy for life. He is such an amazing soul, who deserves everything you can offer and more. He’s so much fun and also loves the attention and cuddles. He deserves the time and energy you can give him and you would be the luckiest to have Hickory in your life. He loves walks and would love nothing more than to live his life with you.
01-03-23 UPDATE

Hickory is such a loving dog, and is still here at the rescue waiting for his forever home. Hickory is full of energy and will need a very active house hold, that can offer him stimulation and a routine. He sits on command and comes to his name. He loves walks and cuddles and is such a sweet sweet boy with so much to offer. 


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