Selling your Pawfect Property on the Many Tears Website
Is your properties a great pet home for dogs, cats and/or horses?
Would you like to be able to reach a huge audience of potential buyers and donate part of your estate agents fee to Many Tears without it costing you anything?*
If so then please contact Hannah Bailey at
or call her on 07921 358789
* Subject a to successful negotiation with your estate agents. If not already signed to an agent, we have our preferred estate agents who can professionally market your home on all media platforms and print and will donate a generous portion of their fee to Many Tears.
For more information please contact Hannah as above and she will be happy
to advise and discuss further.

Below you will find Pawfect Properties Waiting to be Discovered
Are you searching for the perfect doggy paradise home in the Kent/Sussex borders? If a successful purchaser is introduced to Lilac Cottage via Many Tears we will receive part of the estate agents fee. Our thanks to Equus Property.
If you are interested in buying this beautiful property please contact
Hannah Bailey at
or call her on 07921 358789 for more information.

A Dog Owners Paradise

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