We really hope your pennies are going to turn into pounds! This year Many Tears has struggled more than ever with vets bills. More and more dogs come to us in need of specialist care and although we have had successful fund raising projects for certain dogs there have been far more that pass through our doors who have also had very high veterinary costs. We struggle every month to cover our costs and keep afloat so now we are doing a desperate plea to all in the hope our financial situation will be in a much better position by then end of the year.

PEvery Penny counts and helps:
EHelps sightless Eyes to see
NGives a dog with No chance a chancea
NHelps us Never to give up on a dog
YGives us the chance to say Yes to a dog in need

So how can you help? From the 1st October there are 85 days left until Christmas so it's our hope you will all donate an amount you can afford to help us over the coming months.

If you donate:
20p a day on the 25th December you will have donated £17.00.
50p a day on the 25th December you will have donated £42.50.
£1 a day on the 25th December you will have donated £85.00
Of course you can donate as much or as little as you like! These are just an idea of how much a little can help.

If enough people do this it would be amazing and really help us. You can pay the money either every week, every month or put it aside and pay it all on the 24th December. Please please consider doing this. We really need help to keep the rescue running and to give our dogs the care they need.

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