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As the owners of Many Tears Animal Rescue Bill and I have not had a holiday together that did not involve caring for relatives for 17 years. So a few weeks ago, with the help of family, we took a weeks break and went without researching our destination as all was sorted for us.

At first we were delighted to find we were going to Antigua but on arrival that soon changed. Once on the island we had to take a short taxi ride to the hotel. During that short ride we saw dead, run over and injured dogs as well as over 30 milling about thin, mangy and straying.

As the days past it was apparent the size of the problem. Four groups of animal lovers and an amazing vet and her staff all did all they could, but the key of course is to spay/neuter and educate. All four groups can barely function because the dog and cat population increases each year.

Bill and I fed and went to great lengths catching stray dogs, and that of course this has made a huge difference for the two we caught. However, on finding that after getting them well and neutering them the only option was to release them back on the street, Bill financed them to come to the UK. We felt this simply was not enough and arrived home deflated and sad. We are haunted by memories of the poor dogs and cats left on the streets, whilst thousands of humans who debark from enormous cruise ships for the day walk over and around the strays like they were rubbish.

These animals need help and we really want to support and assist the 4 groups whose dedicated staff work so hard to rescue the neglected, abandoned and abused. They would love a van (which would be shared by the 4 groups) to take animals to the spay neuter clinic and pick up dogs sometimes in appalling conditions. They would also use this to travel to villages to give talks about animal care to schools and adults. So the van will not only increase the number of dogs and cats that are helped but enable the rescuers to travel to villages to educate both adults and children. Eduction is vital if things are to improve so the GoFundMe Page and PayPal link at the bottom of the page have been set up to try and raise enough money for them to buy a van and to help finance the cost of running this for a year.

If you cannot donate financially but want to help, a lovely supporter wrote to Geest Freight Line who have offered us the opportunity to fill a container and ship this to Antigua free of charge. We are so very grateful to them for this wonderful offer and now our aim is to fill this with your help.

Please send anything you can to us clearly marked ANTIGUA at
Many Tears Animal Rescue
Cwmlogin House
SA14 7HB

and we will load it onto the container, We have just 6 weeks to achieve all we can before the shipping container leaves. We hope to take the goods to the shipping company around 29-02-20.

The dogs and cats in Antigua needs SO much and as we all here in Britain are so lucky, I thought surely we could help. I am hoping in honour of the dogs and cats in your lives you will all write letters and ask companies and vets for help and donate what you can afford.

We have made an Amazon Wishlist to help collect items for Antigua. If you click on the link HERE anything you purchase will be delivered to Many Tears and then loaded on the container that has been provided by Geest. We will be so grateful for anything donated which will directly help animals on the island.

Medical Items (your vet may be able to donate some of these so please ask them if they have ANYTHING at all they can donate even if it's just one pack of swabs every bit counts)
Suture materials (can be out of date)Nexgard
Coloured PensCrayonsPaper
Badges/Stickers for ChildrenAmall dog or cat knitted or crocheted toys
Anything else you can think of to enthuse the children to enjoy and learn about kindness and care of the dogs and cats.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Geest for their compassion and support.

Running Many Tears is hard and expensive but I am not selfish enough to disregard those I see suffering and am asking with all my heart for your help. Please post and share this everywhere and help me to help them. Together we could truly make a HUGE difference.
In Antigua everyone who cares about the dogs want to do trap, spay/neuter and release them as there are not enough homes, but the governing bodies don’t want this. None of us who are trying to help these dog want them to be killed but this is what the governing bodies are going to do. Please can I ask you all all to post your views at the end of this article AND message Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment on their Facebook page. We really need a lot of comments expressing the horror of what is going to happen.
The island rescues have very little ability to hold dogs and there are very few homes and so there could be mass killing of all the stray dogs. Everything we are sending to antigua will help, especially the spay kits of which they need as there are many projects planned for volunteer vets to help them.Your voice could help so much. We are the voice of the voiceless!!!!


11-02-20 UPDATE

Everyone is being so kind, however if anyone wanted to help one of the many dogs in Antigua who are tomented by mange, have at least one month of rest and peace from constantly scratching and itching till they are bleeding raw, Nexguard is what’s used and needed. Once they have scratched until bleeding they then have flies bothering them along with infection and misery to deal with too. The treatment is a simple tablet which we can get at cost and send to the spay neuter clinic vet in Antigua. If you want to help these dogs please donate via the link below - they are truly desperate for someone to care. The picture on the right shows the lice in the coat of dog Bill and I scooped of the road. Nexgard is expensive but even more so in Antigua so please help if you can

We have an Amazon wishlist set up for Antigua. Every item on the list will help the animals. Any items ordered will be sent to us and then put on the container that has been kndly donated by Geest.
To see the list or donate an item please click HERE

Donate with GoFundMe

Donate with PayPal

19-01-19 UPDATE
I have recevied pictures below of some of the animals that have been treated in Antigua and over the last few weeks. These are just a few of them so you can see just how bad the situation is and we will add some more over the coming days, To those of you who have alread donated from the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Geest Line was recently approached by MANY TEARS ANIMAL RESCUE in the U.K. to support a debut initiative they are undertaking in Antigua. The company has been operating a shipping service to Antigua for over 40 years and was pleased to confirm an offer of assistance in shipping much needed supplies to the Antigua Clinic for animal rescue in Antigua. The supplies will be used to help stray animals in Antigua. Geest Line has supported a variety of worthy causes in the Eastern Caribbean region including Hurricane relief to affected islands during periods of crisis. Geest Line will be providing a container to ship donated and much needed supplies to Antigua on its regular sailings from Portsmouth in the U.K.
Geest Line Ltd

23-01-20 UPDATE
I have given the last 17 years to Many Tears, to the dogs to the people and to my staff. I cannot imagine trying harder to make a difference but now I am asking you to make a difference for my life. I am feeling a failure as I can see that if only the help was there so many animals would be able to go without suffering but I don’t seem to have the support needed.

Most people have holidays abroad and many countries have animal problems. If we could help one country get things off the ground and jump start their projects we could all feel very proud. Antigua has a race course where horses where racing and jockeys riding but now this is unused derelict. Some of the hoses where turned out to forage and try to live others just left to die. A rescuer walks sometimes 3 days to get a poor starving or injured horse to safety. Dogs are constantly straying, run over and left. The rescuers need an ambulance to share which can be shared with each other along with a tow bar and a horse trailer. Yes this needs is well out of their dreams as Antigua's an island and vans are VERY expensive.

The spay neuter clinic is not mobile so animals have to be taken to the clinic and the people who do own dogs rarely do so. This means it's left up to the rescue groups with only their family cars (if they are lucky) to do this. There are derelict buildings that perhaps voluntary vets could spay in but they need equipment. The amazing spay neuter vet who works tirelessly needs supplies to carry on. I know there is someone who could help with all of this but I don’t know them - BUT MAYBE YOU DO?

Please if everyone who reads this could send £5.00 marked Antigua by PayPal or GoFundMe or send a cheque with Antigua written on the back please please do. Please help, as I am personally feeling a huge failure yet the stories and pictures cone from the amazing animal groups in Antigua every day. We all need success to carry on... and today that persons me!

This poor soul was found yesterday but has now been helped.
We have an Amazon wishlist set up for Antigua. Every item on the list will help the animals. Any items ordered will be sent to us marked for Antigua and then put on the container that has been kndly donated by Geest. To see the list or donate an item please click HERE

26-01-20 UPDATE

One of the rescue groups we are hoping to help is PAWS of Antigua. They are very active and easy to work with. They have a shelter but it's always full to bursting. However the dogs not in the shelter are important too. These are some living in a graveyard neutered and rereleased, healthy and happy. They don't know better and don't have to be suffer worse either. If all the strays were spayed the population boom suffering and hopelessness of it all would decrease. YOUR HELP WILL SAVE MANY DOGS LIVES HOWEVER SMALL.

20-01-20 UPDATE

This is the spay/neuter clinic in Antigua doing their very best.... Let's Help!!!!!
Has anyone got a grooming table they don’t need that we can send to Antigua? This is wanted for vets to spay from and others want one to groom from. Please look to see if you can help. Also welder needed to make long handled poop scoops for Paws of Antigua and also us. The robust ones here are over £20 and not that robust. Any help would be great please email Syliva at
Our Amazon wishlist for Antigua. can be found HERE

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