We need your help to raise funds for Many Tears.
If you would like to take part you could win a fantastic art prize and rosette!

We are running a competition open to all children.
There are two age groups - 8 years and under and 9-15 years.

Each child is to draw or paint an A4 picture of a dog breed on good quality paper.
The drawings will be judged and a prize sent to the winner
and then to try and raise some funds we will then auction your
fantastic drawings to raise money for the dogs.

Please write on the front of your drawing what breed of dog you have
drawn, eg "Collie" and ask an adult to enclose your age,
address and their permission to take part.

Send the picture to the rescue IN A HARDBACK ENEVELOPE
or with some cardboard to protect it in the post at
Many Tears Animal Rescue
Cwmlogin House
SA14 7HB
Please send your entries to us by 22nd April 2021.
Judging will take place 24th April 2021.
Art will then be auctioned via eBay the following week.

The prize for age group 8 and under is a Super Deluxe Art Set for Kids

The prize for age group 9 and over is a Gifort Acrylic Paints Set,
24 Colours (22ml/Tube) with 10 Brushes, 2 Canvas, 1 Palette

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