Some of the dogs at Many Tears get completely overlooked and become one of our Forgotten Souls. Day after day they are overlooked - maybe because they are not cute and fluffy, or simply too scared to come forward and be seen and occassionlly they are a dog that needs that little bit of extra care or work to enable them to become part of someone's life.

However, we believe there is a home out there for all of them so please take a moment to consider one of these special dogs and if they touch your heart like they do ours and you can offer them what they are searching for please put in an application form.

We are making our Forgotten Souls by a minimum donation which can be found on each dog's page but please be kind when you are making your donation as the cost of their stay at the rescue is significant. If you would like to support our forgotten souls while they are waiting for their homes you can do this via the link below.

Gender: Male

Jacko needs a very special home. He has very poor eyesight and would prefer to be an only dog. He is really struggling with life in kennels and the need to find him the right home is extremely urgent. There is a detailed video about Jacko on his page so please listen to this before applying.

For more information and to adopt go to

Breed: Collie Cross
Gender: Male

Solo is a bit unsure about people, particularly those he doesn't see too often. He's also reactive towards other dogs that he doesn't know. However he is kennelled with a larger dog and could fit in nicely with a well-tempered dog of a similar size in his new home which could help him settle better.

Solo needs and adult only experienced home who will help build his trust.

For more information and to adopt go to

Breed: Cross Breed
Gender: Male

Dennis is a young boy who arrived at Many Tears absolutely terrified of everyone and everything but is now a completely different dog and loves a fuss from people he knows. He still needs some work and needs a resident dog to help him and children would be too much for him but with time, patience and of course love he is going to become a really wonderful friend.

For more information and to adopt go to
Breed: Cross Breed
Gender: Female

Dolly has come such a long way since arriving at Many Tears. She now walks on a lead well for people she knows and does love a fuss once she trusts you.
She's a young girl who does chase toys, but she doesn't know what to do once she catches up to them!
Dolly would like a quiet home with a resident dog or dogs but where there are no children as they would scare her.

For more information and to adopt go to
Breed: Cross Breed
Gender: Male

Dylan is one of a most scared dog and is going to need an experienced home who have worked with dogs like him before. Dylan is terrified of everything and will panic when approached by strangers so we are taking everything very slowly and gently with him, to get him used to humans.

Dylan wlll need a quiet home and a dedicated owner with at least one other dog and no children.

For more information and to adopt go to

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