Reno is an Andalusian which (also known as the Purebred Spanish Horse). He is exceptionally big for his breed but has some major leg problems which need intensive care.

Reno arrived at Many Tears from Spain. He has suffered hugely and been cruelly treated all his life before he arrived here. Reno has a total mistrust about many situations and has something called Kissing Spine and OCD of the hock which is floating bones in the hock. The vet advised he needed surgery and he was sent to have this done.

Very sadly the surgery went wrong and we have been fighting for his life ever since. There has been a constant battle to get the swelling down and make him uncomfortable. Some days this makes him miserable but on good days he is very naughty, cheeky and mischievous and is in your pocket looking to see what you've got that he can have!

We have been told to put Reno to sleep three times but each time he has recovered and although we don't know what will happen we are determined to keep trying to do the best we can for him. He may end up lame for the rest of his life but we will still look after him and love him.
Reno's needs are great. His medical expenses are large and by sponsoring him you will help us not only to cover these but also all the other normal health care treatments he needs like the dentist. You will also help us put some treats in our pockets so when he is searching in them he's really happy to find there's something in there!
You can sponsor Reno for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of him and 3 updates a year in April, August and Decemberx

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