Serendipity is the prettiest donkey who arrived here extremely thin and in need of urgent medical care.

Serendipity is the dearest little donkey who came to us starving and was so unbelievably thin it was hard to believe. We did a worm count on her and it was so high we couldn't even read it. She was given Panacure but because the worms were migrating she got pneumonia and was really very ill and we nearly lost her.

However Serendipity picked up and has turned into the sweetest and most gentle little donkey who everyone loves.

If you sponsor Serendipity this will help us cover the cost of the farrier to come and trim her hooves, the equine dentist to check her teeth and for her to have regular medical check ups to ensure she remains healthy and happy. Serendipity would like to add carrots, apples and hay to her wish list

You can sponsor Serendipity for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of her and 3 updates a year in April, August and December


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