Holy Moses (or just Moses for short) is a BIG donkey who came to Many Tears with his friend Lilly. Neither Moses or Lilly have been handled much and Moses was a stallion when he arrived but has now been gelded.

Holy Moses gained his name as when he was unloaded on arrival. Sylvia was not only amazed at his size he let out the most amazing bray which made Sylvia exclaim “Holy Moses!!" His bray is something to behold - it's really quite powerful and he can certainly make himself heard if he needs to!

Moses has sore joints and is a very thoughtful chap. He is starting to enjoy our company, but tends to just watch us unless there is food involved! However, every day there is a little change and with the help of anyone who sponsors or visits him we are sure he will start to enjoy his new found life with us

Holy Moses wish list is carrots, apples, hay but he loves everything! It will also mean it will help us cover the cost of the farrier and the equine dentist who both visit regularly.
You can sponsor Holy Moses for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of him and 3 updates a year in April, August and Decemberx

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