Karma is a cob. She is a very special young lady and who we think is going to be an absolute hit with all who meet and engage with her.

Karma is the most beautiful little girl. She's only young and the vet has estimated her to be around 2 years old. Sylvia first saw Karma when she was being ridden at a very young age by people who were much too heavy for her and was very sad seeing her having to start her life being used like this and decided that she would bring her to Many Tears and help her.

When she arrived with us she was mistrustful and worried about a lot of things. Somebody had done some work with her and tried to get her trust and help her but Sylvia thinks although very young, she was suffering from a lot of anxiety.

Over the following few months Sylvia spent most evenings with her and has created a wonderful bond in a short time. Karma has helped Sylvia get through some sad days by the comfort and companionship they share with each other. This may sounds very strange but Sylvia says she found love and carrots go a long way and brought out some very engaging, interesting and sometimes funny behaviour on both their parts!

Karma is going to be teaching people about themselves and about how to handle young horses. Sylvia feels sure that everyone will enjoy her as much as she does.

Karma has regular health checks and equine dentist visits often. Her hooves are trimmed every 6 weeks. Karma's wish list would be carrots, pony nuts and apples.

You can sponsor Karma for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of her and 3 updates a year in April, August and Decemberx

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