Lilly is a young donkey who arrived here with her friend - another donkey called Holy Moses. She has had a very sad start to her life but now she is here we will make sure she has the best possible life.

Before she arrived here Lilly had either been tied or left in a field with a head collar on. This had worn into her head and when this was removed she has been left with indentations and scarring on her face.

She takes all her comfort from her friend Holy Moses and doesn't really enjoy being around us unless there is food on offer! When they arrived Holy Moses was not gelded (this has now been done) but Lilly's tummy is getting a little round and we are wondering if she is in foal and will update if this is the case.

Molly uses her heels if scared and won't walk easily on a head collar so needs us to spend time to help her confidence grow. Once we have gained her trust and her confidence grows, she will start to accept the training she needs so that she can have a happy life.

Although Lilly is a project, she is a dear little donkey who like all of us just needs a stress free life and that’s what we will aim to give her.

Lilly would love you to sponsor her because she thinks that means she will get more treats! She will eat absolutely anything but carrots are a favourite. Lilly has reguarly vet, dentist and farrier checks and treatments so your sponsorship will also help us cover the cost of these.

You can sponsor Lily for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of her and 3 updates a year in April, August and December


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