xxxxxxxxRecently we were fortunate enough to have one of our Play Yards re-designed. It's gone from a dull and boring play area to an area bursting with colour and texture. There are sand pits, grass, water features, tunnels and all sorts of exciting areas to keep our dogs entertained and offer them plenty of enrichment.

The majority of our dogs are ex-breeding dogs and so have never experienced anything like this before. It's so wonderful to witness them encountering things like sand for the first time and they all seem to really enjoy discovering and exploring and all the different areas. Even some of our most scared dogs seem to get a lot of enjoyment from being out in the new play yard and it really does make a huge difference for them.

We have another area in the rescue which is currently not being used and we would LOVE to turn this into another similar play yard. We would need to replace the fencing and kit this all out with sand and grass as well as things like ramps and tunnels and toys. We estimate this will cost us around £5000 to do, but we think it would be so rewarding and wonderful for the dogs.

If you would like to donate anything towards our new Play Yard we would be so grateful or if you are able to supply manpower and equipment to help us build it please email Sylvia at
Thank you!


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