Happy Endings - December 2022


I adopted Sky from you in February 2008. She was 18 months then. Sadly she passed away yesterday, but lived to the ripe old age of 16 and a half. I can't thank you enough for her and whilst I'm heartbroken she's gone, I cannot complain about the many years of happiness she has given me. In the summer of 2016, I adopted a husky puppy from you originally named Zara, but renamed Star. Star is now 6 and has had an absolutely lovely time with Sky. I attach pictures of them together, having fun in the lake district hills where we live and on the beaches in Cornwall. Thank you again for both of them. Joolsy


Pheobe came to live with us in August, she is so gorgeous and is still learning lots from her new brother and 4 sisters by other mothers. We are nearly there house training, her problem is she doesn’t like to miss anything going on, so will wee indoors sometimes, she’s very greedy and when we eat our dinner on a tray instead of at the table, sometimes the odd Yorkshire pudding or potato, seems to walk off your plate, she’s very quick and sneaky and is a little monkey. We love her very much and is a fantastic addition to our family, thank you for letting us adopt her


We brought Lottie (was Zoomies) home on the 16th October. We were besotted from the get go! We‘ve always had rescues but Lottie was our first ex-breeding rescue. She was a bit overwhelmed in the house for the first few days (the TV particularly frightened her) but she took the lead from our other rescue dog and was housetrained and settled in no time.
She took to our Saluki rescue, Tyler, straight away and she was frequently found snuggled with him in his bed (whether he liked it or not lol!). I’m lucky enough that my part-time job is in a dog shop/dog groomers so she comes to work with me and has become a firm favourite with all the regular customers. She is lucky she is so sweet as she can be a naughty little minx emptying bins, eating things she should not (fox poo, her own poo and anything left lying around) but she learns new routines quickly so she is still a work in progress lol!
She is the most loving, gentle girl and we could not imagine life without her. Thank you Many Tears for making our life more Lottie and for all the amazing things you do.
The Brown Family


Cali (was Eire) came to live with us in September after having a short stay with an amazing foster family. She was an ex breeding dog for all of her 6 years and had never lived in a home, walked on a lead or knew how to be part of a family. She was an absolute superstar from day 1 and tried so hard to learn and really wanted to be a part of our family. She quickly became attached to me and followed me everywhere for the first few weeks but with the patience and understanding of the rest of my family, she soon let her guard down and now enjoys cuddles and affection from all of us. We already had a 4 year old Cavalier (Lola) who definitely helped Cali to settle in. Cali copied Lola and after a slow start, they now behave like typical sisters and enjoy their walks together and snuggling up on the sofa! After about 6 weeks, we started to let Cali off the lead and now her favourite thing to do is to run free through the woods. You can literally see a huge smile on her face and she seems so happy to run and explore. We are now at the 3 month milestone and it’s as if Cali has been with us forever. We have loved watching Cali grow in confidence and are so thankful to Many Tears for rescuing her and for all they do for the dogs in need of homes.


Cooper was a 7 month old unsold pup when we adopted him from Many Tears in September 2022. Initially he was a shy boy who needed a whole lot of love and patience and to be taught right from wrong. Cooper has been learning from our older dog Rufus from the very first day we picked him up and is now using the garden for the toilet, has basic training under his belt and can walk on a lead or go off lead. Cooper did not know what a toy was or how to play other than puppy play but now he loves his toys and plays lovely with Rufus. On walks Rufus and Cooper are often mistaken as being from the same litter as they look so alike, they really are just like brothers. Cooper is a very affectionate dog who is always wagging his tail and loves humans. He enjoys running round the garden (zoomies), being on neighbour watch, snuggles on the sofa and munching tasty treats (especially rabbit ears). He has settled into our family really well and is always smothering us in kisses. THANK YOU Many Tears for all you did for Cooper and for choosing us to adopt such a kind natured boy. We look forward to our first Christmas with Cooper and wish you all at Many Tears a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best wishes Emily and Lewis


Just want to let you all know we adopted Charlie back in Dec 2nd 2021 last year. He’s 17 months old now living life to the full. He such a loving dog and has settled well in his home. He has given us so much love and enjoyment.
We have also introduced a little brother for him for company a toy poodle called Chester who he adores and plays all day with.
Many thanks
Stephen and Janine

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