Happy Endings - December 2018


We adopted our handsome boy Harley (known as Hal) 29th October 2019. We instantly fell in love when we saw him online and knew he would be the perfect addition to our family.
It’s east to say our instincts were not wrong, he settled in from the first day but it took a little bit longer for his two big sisters to adjust but after 2 days they are now the best of friends and do not like to be apart from each other.
Harley is the prefect gentleman and is loved by everyone he meets. He has sailed through his puppy training and enjoys his walks up the mountain with his big sisters and their friends. He enjoyed his puppy pamper session at the groomers in preparation for when it’s time to have a proper groom and hair cut (which won’t be long now!)
He has truly become one of the family, we are so grateful to Many Tear Animal Rescue and his foster carer Julie for allowing us to adopt this gorgeous boy.
Jade Barnett


Just wanted to let you know how Hope was doing. We were prepared for a tricky time at first given Hope was an ex breeding dog , but she has been an absolute joy from the beginning.
She has been clean in the house , is loving to us all and my other dog Lilly. She has got used to walking on a lead and now enjoys her walks and loves running on our back garden. She has her own little personality and is beautiful.
She does have a few quirks like my other ex breeding dog did, little bit possessive of your attention but this just a makes her more adorable and can be managed so your other dog does not feel left out.
I have kept in contact with Claire one of the fosterers and she has been a great support. Don’t hesitate if you want to adopt from Many Tears (just hope your nearer than me - it was a 6 hour drive away)


Daisy is settling in well with Harvey, our rescued GSD cross.
She still had a long way to go when bonding with humans, but we all love her.


We adopted our beautiful boy from Many Tears 2017.He was known as"Sprite" now Dexter. We love him to bits.Such a funny pooch.Loves his walks on the beach and parks


Dear Many Tears
Our family would like to update you on our wonderful rescue dog Conker who came from you as a puppy in 2015. He was found abandoned in the woods in a box with his sisters before he came to us where he’s grown into an playful, happy, If a little cheeky, young dog.
He is loved by all our neighbors and family and loves speeding around the beach with other dogs.
Adopting Conker was the best decision we’ve made, he’s a huge part of our family. If possible we would love to hear about how his sisters have gotten on in life and see some photos of them all grown up! I have attached some photos of Conker below to see how he’s getting along
Thank you Ella Lewis and family


Hi, We adopted our boy from you in August 2016 and I wanted to let you know how he's doing. Brock was being fostered by a lady called Bev at the time for you. When he came to us Brock was very nervous and timid. I have to say he has come on so much. He even has two doggy friends, a staffy girl and another lurcher boy (who he loves to run around with like a nutter!) He loves having a run on the beach, he's so beautiful to watch and he's just as happy on the bed having a cwtch with the whole family. He really is an amazing character and a fantastic addtion to our family.
Many thanks
The Owens family.

We thought you might like to add Handsome (now Ben) to your happy endings page. He was adopted by us on New Year's Eve 2 years ago. He is almost completely blind but that doesn't hinder him at all.

His muscles on his back end are all built up and strong now he is getting plenty of exercise, his pads have toughened up so he can walk for miles now. He has lost some of the excess flab and is an incredibly good looking boy. I call him my shadow as he follows me everywhere and after six months of trying and having to come downstairs at 3 in the morning, we finally relented and he sleeps beside my bed (much to our beagle's disdain ).

He is a happy guy, all he wants is cuddles and his tail wags and bangs the floor the minute he hears your voice. He is a pleasure to have and we can't imagine life without him

Hi to everyone at Many Tears,
Just wanted to say hello and give you an update on Goldie - 1 year anniversary with us 17th December 2017.
Goldie is the most beautiful loving, sweetest little Labrador in the world. She is my constant companion and with me from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed. From day one she has slept on the bed with me and hasn't missed a single night. She has settled in to our family and loves her sister Mitzie so much. They are inseparable. She was off the lead for walkies within 5 days of living with us and at first she would just walk quietly by my side. She didn't understand playing with balls or other dogs. She was so timid and nervous.
Fast forward to now - One year on she loves playing ball, she runs around with Mitzie and is very sociable and happy to play with all the other dogs!!! She is very happy and playful now. She has put on some weight but is still very trim. Goldie is the best decision I ever made. She is my best friend and I could not imagine life without her. She is so well loved and always will be. She found her forever home the moment I saw her.
Thank you all so much for all your fantastic work. Keep on doing what you do. I wish I could save every poor dog and give them the happy and loving home my beautiful girls have got.
With much love and thanks.
Christine, Paul, Jamie, Mitzie and Goldie Lilley XxXxX


Holly has been with us for two and a half weeks and has come on leaps and bounds , literally! She’s a very happy lively girl who loves her walks with Max her companion and her other new friends . She’s eating very well and has gained some weight. We think she will benefit from some training classes in the new year with a view to doing some agility in the future.
Thank you MT rescue for helping Holly to find us , we adore her!
Dave Morgan


Dear Many Tears Animal Rescue
You will remember that in the middle of November you sent me off with Mark and Ghislaine to my new home near Cirencester. I thought I would let you know how things are going.
Over the past month, Mark and Ghislaine have settled down very easily. They have made very good progress and their training is going fine. They walk well on the lead, feed me regularly, make a fuss of me and keep me supplied with toys. They don’t yet let me sleep in their bedroom, but shut me in the kitchen; I have evidently got a bit of work to do on them there. However, I do take them on long walks around the area, where there are fields, country lanes, footpaths and many interesting smells. I make extensive use of their two acres of field and wood, in which I show them how good I am at running and football practice. All in all they fit very comfortably into my life; I think they fell on their feet with me.
The one slightly disagreeable thing is that they have changed my name, on the somewhat flimsy grounds that they already have a son called Toby. Why they couldn’t have changed his name is beyond me. But otherwise, all is very well.
Thank you for looking after me at “Many Tears” and for pointing Mark and Ghislaine in my direction. I include some pictures of me in the field with my football.
Best wishes and Happy Christmas to you all,
Toby (was Turbo, and is now Bodie)


We adopted him from Many Tears on November 25th 2018. We lost our beloved dog Rolo in August of this year and didn't think we would get another dog, but soon realised there was a big void in our home, so I stared to look for another rescue dog as Rolo was also rescued by us and was such an amazing addition to our family.
I came across your organisation and went from there, was a long few months but finally got the amazing news we had AJ and what can I say, he’s fitted in to our family perfectly. He’s such a happy, playful and loving puppy who about loves cuddles. He’s just started going out on walks and meeting new friends at his puppy play group. He loves playing fetch and chewing his toys along with a few other casualties along the way :) And he even licks my face to wake me up when my alarm goes off, he really is the cutest puppy.
I just wanted to say thank you for giving us to opportunity to love another dog and give the happy ending they deserve. And I look forward to giving AJ a little brother or sister next year so will be keeping an eye out


I adopted Pepper, a male miniature schnauzer aged 7 weeks on 06/11/2018. Pepper was missing a back paw due to it possibly being chewed off.
Six weeks on :-
Pepper has been renamed Gert. He settled in very quickly and adores his big brother Enzo, another mini schnauzer who is two and a half. Enzo is a protective big brother to Gert.
I run a dog walking and home boarding business, Gert has already been very well socialised with lots of dogs and has loved every minute!!
Gert along with Enzo attended Schnauzerfest at Broadhaven on 08/12/2018 which I organised and everyone just adored him .
I feel very privileged to have found Gert, so thank you Many Tears for giving me the chance to offer this very special boy a home.


It's seven years since Lockie (AKA Sherlock Shortshanks) came to live with us from his foster home with the amazing Jo Lyon. He has developed from a very frightened and sometimes aggressive little dog into a lovely intelligent funny energetic boy. He has made a brilliant recovery after his cruciate ligament operation in March 2017 and is back to enjoying his walks and is having a great time competing in agility events. Earlier this year he was a very clever boy collecting his advanced obedience award with Ann Nash at SW Dog Behaviour and Training. The award included competitive obedience, agility and all sorts of tests over 2 years including retrieving hidden article from a field, identifying and retrieving named articles, backing up and send away exercises and lots of other stuff. Lockie was given several lovely rosettes and certificates, some toys and his name on a special shield with the other 20 clever dogs who over the years have passed this test.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Many Tears with love from Jill and Lockie xxx


Sophie is truly settled in is eager to get out for her walks house trained loves her dinners and treats she is loved by everyone and she enjoys all the attention, she has seen the eye specialist the prognosis wasn’t great she has been on eye drops for the last three weeks going for her follow up appointment tomorrow I am keeping my fingers crossed for her keep you updated.
Richard Fiona Ozzie and Sophie.

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