Happy Endings - December 2019


Hello all at Many Tears
Millie came to live with us the Friday before Xmas. We just wanted to let you know that she’s settling in well. She loves her brother Benji (he gets lots of lovely tail wags) and her walks. She’s still getting used to the various noises in the house but is progressing daily. Here are some photos.
Hazel Dundee and Martin Buck


Well she may have been an ex-farm dog but she has settled in well to home life and being an only dog. She has an amazingly calm temperament and does lovely cuddles whether on the settee or even on the beach. A fantastic companion for long walks whether it's across open countryside, the coastal footpath or Dartmoor. She is so good with other dogs and people, children in particular who often ask to say hello to her when out on our walks. Lovely to see her surrounded by children, politely sitting whilst they talked and stroked her, and this was within a fortnight of us having brought her home to Devon from MT in early July. Her passion besides food and cuddles is chasing squirrels so excuse the fuzzy photo but it captures her love of being in the woods and finding those pesky critters. A big thank you to all her fosterers, especially to Joyce and Jenny, and to MT for all their hard work and dedication.
Chris and Malcolm


Amber, who was known as Yanny, came to live with us at the end of July. She was an ex breeder from Ireland. She settled in straight away. She loves walking on our local beaches and Dartmoor. She even runs to get her lead and harness if she thinks it is time for a walk! She has enjoyed a caravanning holiday to Cornwall. She is well behaved , very affectionate , great with other dogs and we are looking forward to spending our first Christmas together. Thank you to Many Tears!


We adopted Meg and Suzie on 29/9/2019 as a pair, as Many Tears wanted to try and keep them together. Having been turned down twice, they were the third application I had made to Many Tears, and boy were they worth the wait ! They are the most beautiful loving and obedient little souls, and have stolen all our hearts, they just never leave my side. Don’t let this picture fool you, they are 2 crazy ladies once off the lead. We have already had so many wonderful moments, from swimming in the sea and chasing seagulls along the beach to running through the woods after squirrels, you can see them just loving life, and having so much fun with us! Apart from a few minor toilet issues, they have been flawless, and really settled in quickly to our routine. We are now all looking forward to our first of many cosy Christmas’s together, xx
Lisa Hickman and family xx


This is our darling Dax was called Glint, we welcomed him into our home in November and he settled in straight away, he is such a loving gentle boy and you can't sit on the sofa without him snuggling up next to you. He is the reason why people should rescue he has so much love to give. A big thank you to the amazing team at Many Tears and all they do for these abused and neglected animals. Dax is now having his 1st Christmas with the loving family he deserves.
Zacg Richardson


Eddy crazy dog here. I do loves my new hoomum and Hoodad. Let me tell you a little about life so far. I have a big brother and big sister. My big brother Max is very kind and my big sister very playful. I also have a black furry thing which at first I wanted to play with but he really isn’t interested and a little scary so now Im learning just to boop (sniff) him. He doesn’t seem phased about me at all. I have a lovely home, there are toys in a big basket and dog beds everywhere. I can go wherever I like in the house I have even tried to join Hoodad in the shower.
I have a lovely garden which I like to run in. Hoodad says I don’t run I bounce like someone called tigger. I’m very good at doing my poops and wees in the garden. My hoomum sits on a two seater sofa at night time and Hoodad on a three and I divide my time between their legs. Currently Big Bro is one side of her, big sis the other and I’m on her lap. We are just waiting for Hoodad to finish his shower so we can all go for a walk. This will be my first walk. They wanted me to stay home for a few days first. I will be so good for them.
Hoomum likes to knit and I help her, well watch her intently. She said when she has finished her gloves she will knit a jumper for me. She thinks I might get a little cold like my big sis in the morning when she takes us out before she works. I have been eating all my dinners and I’m very good at not trying to get my doggy siblings dinner. I was fed the other side of the kitchen at first whilst hoomum watched but now I’m fed the same side because she said I was so good. Yesterday I met my Hoonana. Hoodad did a trick on her. She didn’t know I was coming. Hoomum went out on the morning and picked her up, took her shopping and brought her home with her. Hoodad held me in his arms and asked her to sit and hold the cat whilst he did something. Hoonana can’t see very well and until she took hold of me she didn’t know. I greeted her with lots of kisses and she says she loves me.
Anyway I must go now and bounce upstairs I have just heard the bathroom door open so must greet my Hoodad. I will keep in touch and let you know more about what I’m getting up too. Thank you foster hoomum for all you did for me. Eddy sausage boi


Just a line to update progress of Susie the prob. 6yr cocker spaniel bitch acquired via yourselves and B/S Herts. She has settled in perfectly with our existing 8yr old cocker, now living a life of comfort and fun non-stop!! She has put on a kilo in weight and runs around local Chorleywood Common (200 acres) with Honey, plus many other countryside walks. She's ok in car and with other people and all dogs. Occasional indoor wee but winning, she's coming to name and whistle very well, and off training leads now. Wife cooks liver, I cut it up and bingo-- I have some 6 dogs around me!! She returns without though so does very well. It is a joy to see her run at full speed just for the freedom of it and play happily with her squeaky balls!! Thank you all for your help, she has certainly found her Forever Home.
John and Lyn Randall.


Hi, I was MT Colliefornia when I was a baby, but my fosterer thought that was a bit of a mouthful and called me Scoot, which stuck when I was adopted. As you can see, I had a bit of an ear crisis going on at 6 months old, but now I am a Big Boy that has evened itself out.
It was love at first sight with my mum, MT Cathy, who let me be baby and showed me how to behave and how to go out with the horses, and she still lets me run and wrestle with her. I was a bit of an Eye-Dog and so the humans spent several weeks desensitising me to the horses and I am not interested in chasing or herding anything as an adult. I was a bit scared with strange dogs for ages but now I am an adult that has worn off completely - my mum showed me how she is always calm with other dogs.
I have a very important thing called My Football which I have to be in goal for at any time of day or night, and I have a very important job called Riding Out With The Horses because we are living in the middle of fields and bridleways. I also have to patrol the fields every day to see what has happened overnight: sometimes it is nice stinky fox doings, sometimes it is deer or hedgehogs.
The house is ruled by The Cat who is 19 years old but left a claw in my forehead on Day One. The Cat stares at me until I get off the sofa. Things are good with my mum and I am definitely Important which is how I like to be; I also get to slither onto the humans’ bed when they are not looking and The Cat is not in residence...


We were looking to have a rescue Dog for a long time. We had a lovely Cavapoo and we knew Lil would be the ideal companion for a little Dog in need of a home. We were at a wedding in St David’s when I noticed Opal on the site. I just knew the minute I saw her, she was the one. We filled in the application and crossed our fingers and toes. On the way home we stopped off and were told that Opal had been reserved, I also noticed a lady was holding her and I cannot describe the disappointment I felt. Then it was confirmed she was reserved for us and the Lady was looking at her siblings. I was overjoyed when she came to me and stretched herself up my leg to be lifted. She was a wee ball of blond fur and she snuggled into my neck.
We went through the house inspection and Lil met her to see how well they interacted. The following Friday we brought our new Fur Baby home. She is now our beloved Elsie and she and Lil are inseparable. They sleep together, wrestle, clean each other and run together in the fields near our home. Lil has got a new lease of life and our house is filled with playful dogs. Elsie has the most beautiful nature, she is filled with the funniest wee quirks and has us laughing everyday. Lil calls her to play and our Grandchildren just love them rolling about and snuggling together when they have exhausted themselves.
We cannot thank Many Tears enough, they are a haven for dogs needing safety and new homes.
Maura Halsall


We already had a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Nahla, who was lonely and we decided to find a rescue pal to keep her company. When we saw the gorgeous Lyra (was Glassy), a 10 week old Bernese, on the FB page we were gob smacked. What a perfect match. When the girls first met they were a bit aloof but within 48 hours they were messing about like old friends, chasing around the garden and then sleeping it off together. In fact Lyra can be the annoying little sister and creeps under Nahla which allows her to nip and annoy at will and Nahla can do nothing about it. They are thick as thieves, with Lyra being the most mischievous one but she has stolen our hearts. She still struggles with little accidents about the house but has come on so much and now recognises her name and loves receiving treats when she sits or gives her paw on command.
Lyra came to us with a deformed right hind leg and playing with her big ’sister’ is strengthening her muscles and giving her the best chance to move and live a normal life. She bounds about like a jumping bean oblivious to her problem but thanks to my wife’s physio skills she receives daily physio, disguised as cuddles, and is improving.
Thank you to Many Tears for the amazing job you do. You ‘rescued’ Lyra and we are honoured to be chosen to be her Forever Home although there’s always space for one more…..


Jester is doing remarkably well. He came to us very nervous but is getting more confident and happy every day. He really is the most affectionate and gentle soul who loves people and doggy friends. He’s loving playing with our two older MTAR Collies, Dottie and Tilly, and is learning a lot from them. We changed his name to Finn - a derivative of Finnbar - after we were told he’s from Ireland! It apparently means white face which suits him perfectly. Working on his recall now so that he’ll be able to start socialisation and obedience classes in January in preparation for agility with Tilly. He really is a very special puppy!!! Thank you MTAR.

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