Happy Endings - December 2017

Gaynor's story
It was on a long summer afternoon, relaxing under the gazebo with what is now my very own family, I first felt it was time to write my story so that my very dear friends at ‘Many Tears’ and any interested readers will know how I have fared. The first years of my life I do not want to revisit and, if you had my memories, neither would you. I much prefer that my new life started from the day I arrived at the blessed sanctuary of Many Tears, where for the first time, I learnt that human hands can be loving hands and human voices can be gentle and kind. There was that time of peace and tranquillity when my terrors and fears were quietened and my poor little neglected body was healed and treated; I was bathed and groomed, in a manner benefiting a KCC spaniel.
Within a short time my guardian angels at dear Llanelly, that happy sanctuary, decided it was time to choose a family for me, so I was introduced to Joan, Barry and Carabella – their KCC spaniel who had herself been rescued 9 years before.
I will not touch on the long hot ‘non stop’ journey to Dorset on that June day. I travelled in my crate but the presence of Carabella lying quietly alongside me was very reassuring and later that summer night I finally arrived at what was to be my very own ‘forever home’
Everything was daunting for that first week – for the space of and extent of the ‘human house’ was beyond anything I could conceive so I preferred initially to sleep at night alongside Joan’s half of their bed, but then when I felt safer I was happy to occupy my own cosy bed next to ‘Cara’s’ s at the foot of theirs. So nervous was I in those early days that I would only take my food from Joan’s hand. But Cara was always there for me, helping me and teaching me to understand and adapt to life with my human family and with my new found ‘best friend’
I soon gained newfound confidence.
The past 18 months has flown by with long walks in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, runs off lead with Barry who delights, as we do, in running in Wareham Forest or, when the weather is clement, the golden beaches of the Purbeck coast. There have been picnics by the sea and the excitement and delight of ‘Christmas reunions with the rest of the family who all have dogs, indeed there are six of us at these times of and we dogs have our share of the good food and fun.
Am I ‘happy ever after’? I can now say very definitely ‘yes’ for I am, you see, never alone. The four of us go everywhere together and on the rare occasions when we are left for a few hours Cara and I have
each other. They tell me I have enriched their lives with the love I give and that
the ‘adoption’ was seamless
My temporary kennel name at MTAR was ‘Gaynor’ but my new family declared me soft, sweet and beautiful, so I am now known as ‘Dulcibella’, Dulcie for short."


We brought Hetty Mt Darling ,home on October 27 2017 from her lovely foster mum Lisa

I had been watching hetty for a few weeks on her Web page she wasnt the prettiest little dog on the site but her sad eyes and the sticky out ear kept drawing me back I watched with interest the postings by her kennel mum Josie. Bless her she was patient and caring enough to realise that a proper little sweetie was in there just waiting for the right people in the right home to allow her to be that little sweetie
Hetty is blossoming into a playfull little cutey she loves our other dog Jarvis the cocker and he loves her when she isn't cuddling or playing with him she is cuddling or playing with me . She loves her daily walks in the park although it did take a week or two to get her used to her harness and lead, now she jumps up onto the sofa and waits to have her coat put on ,and travels in the car realy well
Whilst at first she was fearful of new experiences like being bathed having her eyes and ears cleaned she now realises that she is not going to be hurt and accepts that they have to be done, treats appear to to soften the experience.
Today she and Jarvis played in the snow for the first time oh did they have fun however she pulled the lead out of my hand and started running !!!!panic !!!! But I kept my cool and called"" Hetty this way good girl "and she came running back to me.
Now I know she is ours
Best wishes to all those good people at many tears keep up the great work
Hettys mum

We are writing to you to provide an update on a spaniel we adopted from Many Tears for your Happy Endings:
We drove from the North East to Wiltshire to visit Frasier (now named Hamish) who was staying with his foster "mum" Joyce in August 2017. Prior to our visit we had spoken to Joyce on a number of occasions, as well as having had our home check visit. We were very well informed by Joyce on what to expect. Following a long trip we arrived to find a very handsome chap who immediately came over to investigate us and within minutes was very friendly. He really was everything we had hoped for. We will never know what he has been through but he does have some traits; he is quite a grumbly boy (usually whilst wagging his tail!), he doesn't like men in hats, he did not like his paws touched and he is not always the friendliest with other dogs. Nearly four months on and he loves his paws rubbed as he cuddles in, and we are joining a dog class for socialisation. He has settled so well into our home and is part of the family. He continues to grow in confidence and is happy to be left if we need to go out as long as he has "Hamish TV" ( shutters open so he can lean on the sofa and watch the road outside). He loves long walks and food and is learning to fetch and play. He is a real character, he loves to dance (he is up on his hind legs as much as he is on all 4) and is full of fun and mischief. He is the most inquisitive dog we have ever had so walks can sometimes go on for a VERY long time as he checks everything out.
We have had a number of spaniels in the past and understand their breed which did help in our decision to look at adopting a rescue spaniel. We would heartily recommend anyone considering a dog to look at a rescue dog; the love and trust we get from Hamish shows the capacity dogs have to forgive and move on. We just couldn't imagine our lives without him, he gives us so much and we feel blessed to have him. We will at some stage look for a friend for him and will certainly come to Many Tears again.
Kindest regards
Lisa and Jason Lewis


Just sending you an update on Bolly the beagle we rescued from your center in Llanelli in April.
We came up to find a companion for our lovely boy beagle Taz who had lost his loving companion Lilly.
After one visit we instantly fell for Bolly and soon afterwards she was introduced to Taz and they really got on well and became good friends.
We changed her name to Cariad as we could she was a real sweetheart.
At first she was quiet and timid apart from when food was around when all inhibitions went out the window.
However the true Beagle soon came out and she has happy going for her walks picking up scents and howling when foxes were around, silently investigating the house for extra munchies hiding the food in the garden for midnight snacks.
She has been on Holidays too, Builth Wells, York, France, Cardiff in our caravan.
We are so pleased with her progress and she has become a big part of our life.
So thank you for letting us have her.
Wishing the center a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.


Hi all at Many Tears,

We are now a month in with our lovely (Della) now Ella.
She is doing so well and has fitted into family life really well.
Ella is so gentle and loving and loves her walks, cuddles and chicken! We re looking forward to training classes starting in January.
We can’t thank you all enough for letting us adopt this beauty we can’t imagine life without her now. Please let Josh know how she is getting on and thanks him for looking after us on handover day.
Thanks again

Lana and Richard Blewitt


Just thought I would share a happy ending
We adopted buzzel (now puggy) on Sunday and she has just slotted in with our family and her sisters!!!
We all love her to bits and my other 2 girls have just accepted her and snuggle up on the sofa like she’s always been here
Even though it’s only been 24 hours it was obviously meant to be
Thankyou for letting us adopt her will keep you updated ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Aly and rich from Drybrook Forest of Dean


Hi Many Tears,
We collected Logan the little Cavachon on 1st November and haven’t stopped smiling since, he has settled in so well, is best friends with Lulu our 6 year old Cav, and he is a darling and seems very healthy at the moment. We have not had any problems, he is 90% house trained and starting to enjoy walks ...if its not wet !
Logan is getting a big boy and loves everyone human or hairy. He weighed 1.6kgs when we got him and is now 3.2kg so I have no worry about food now . He has helped out with some fund raising for a local dog rescue and was a big hit, such a flirt .
Thank you once again for all the fab work you do and wish you all a wonderful Christmas .
Love and hugs Monica , Tom, Lulu and Logan xx

Annie was Ghia)

We collected Annie on 20th December 2014. She was our third dog and our second Many Tears dog. Like Bella, our fist MT dog, she had been a breeding bitch and was described as four. She is a black and white Shih Tzu.
Annie was at first a very scared dog. When she met our other two at Wendy's (the foster mum), she went for both of them, drawing blood on Bella. She was clearly not vicious but was wary and defensive. One ear is very scarred, the result presumably of being attacked by another dog. She was at first not friendly to any dogs and very unsure about people. If approached suddenly she would react: she bit Jan (her new mum) when startled as she slept. She was scared and always ready to defend herself. She would cower against the floor if we went to pick her up. But from the first we started to see signs that she was feeling more secure: she clearly loved her bed, as her own territory. She was quite passive - not interested in the bickering between Ruby and Bella (her new sisters), but just happy with her bed and food. She also started to love being taken out. In a few days she was settled and since then we have been delighted to see steady improvement.
Annie is now a lovely sweet dog, and so rewarding because of her progress. She isn't totally recovered - if bouncy puppies approach, she warns them off, but if other dogs are calm, she is starting to sniff them and show interest. With us she is delightful - so happy to see us, with a beautiful waggy tail, and shy kisses when she gets close. She loves walks and is the first of our four to be there, wagging enthusiastically, when the harnesses appear, and then goes and rolls in each bed in turn and gurgles happily. She has a fear of crossing water, which she is getting over it with lots of support, but has amazed us by coping with the water treadmill at doggy physio, to build up the muscles in her back legs (presumably as she spent four years as a breeding dog with no exercise and not seeing the outside world). She is completely trustworthy off the lead and loves to run and sniff. She is the one of our four whom all the others accept - even having a special relationship with Leo (another MT dog) despite him being a bouncy two year old. And she is learning tricks - sit, wait, walk to heel - because she loves treats.
She has been a challenge but is now a delightful dog and we are so pleased we rescued her. Take the risk and adopt a damaged dog - they are so rewarding!
Tony and Jan Forster

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