Happy Endings - December 2020

What a wonderful little dog we have, thanks to Sylvia and all the team for letting us adopt her. Mari has fitted into our household like a dream and she and our other little dog Mable have totally bonded after just one week. They chase each other about, play fight and share a bed...we took them both out for their first walk and Mari is brilliant on a lead, following Mable wherever she goes. She is a bit timid when she hears sudden noises but is getting better every day. Her house training is going really well...only one accident in her first week, and she has learned to sit on gentle command. This little dog came into our home nervously, looked around started wagging her tail and only stops now when she's sleeping. She smiles huge smiles..so amazing to see..one happy much loved little dog well settled in her forever home with us. Happy New year to all of you..

Lucy and Cerys (was Biscoff). How lucky we are to have these 2. We collected Lucy in July and Cerys at the end of August and it's been so rewarding to watch them grow in confidence. Watching them play together has kept us entertained and every day brings another positive.
Thank you so much Many Tears for all you do.
Best wishes for the New Year Les and Chris Sandham


Just to let you know we adopted Milkie in December 2020. We renamed her Daisy and brought her home to live with us and our resident dog Dino. We can't get over the difference in her after just two weeks of love and bonding with Dino. She can now walk on a lead, still nervous around car noises but we take her on lovely walks near us and this morning she explored the beach and went in the sea..she allows me to bath her and already gives us so much Iove. She's adapted to living in a house really well and enjoys the garden. Many thanks for letting us adopt her.


Dear All at Many Tears,
I have just received my Many Tears Calendar and Sylvia’s book. I want to thank everyone at Many Tears for your amazing work and kind ness shown to dogs in need.
We collected Kerry (was Kiri) in March. She was an ex-breeding Golden Retriever although she doesn’t know the meaning of retrieve but as you see from the photos loves to lie in water. She’s not a swimmer but will seek out the dirtiest of water possible to lie in.
She is the softest of dogs, settled well with our other resident dogs and cats, once the cat told her who was boss! She hasn’t looked back since she arrived with us. There wasn’t much fur on her muzzle which I presume was from pushing through a cage, it has now grown. The fur on her tail was short but she now has the most beautiful of feathers. She loves to be brushed and at her happiest when cuddled up with us on the settee. Her personality has grown by the day and constantly makes us laugh as she talks to us, and likes to lie on her back to have her stomach rubbed.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas, with grateful thanks,
Helen Armstrong


Dear Sylvia and the Team
Maisie the ex breeding JRT came into my life in between lockdown 1 and 2 to help mend my broken heart at having just lost my beloved MT ex breeding Labradoodle.
Maisie had her last litter of gorgeous pups in the comfort of a home thanks to fosterer Jenna and once they were all rehomed and she was ready to travel I made the journey from the Isle of Wight to pick her up and take her the long journey home. She was a very scared girly and house training took a while as she didn't have another dog to copy. My two cats (now 13) took the decision to leave home and lived in the garden for the first month, refusing to have anything to do with her as unlike their big soppy Labradoodle, Maisie was the same size of them and fast. Now they eat together, line up to be groomed together and when Maisie thinks I'm not looking, she sneaks upstairs and snuggles up on my bed with them.
As Maisie grows in confidence she likes to keep busy and as I work outside part time she comes with me for a zoom about and takes her job of digging and burying her bones very seriously. She adores other dogs no matter how big or small so a I think adopting a dog friend for her would be a good idea as she loves to play. She is a total joy, incredibly gentle, bright, cheeky, loving, extremely cuddly and I absolutely adore her.
Thank you MT for allowing me to be her person x


After the sad death of our dog Ernie, who was adopted from many tears 10 years ago, we decided to find another dog, as we felt it would help. We came across an adorable 5 month old puppy. He was very shy and scared at first but has settled in wonderfully. He is still a little shy but his confidence level has hugely increased. He is now nearly 7 months old and an amazing friend to have around. He loves his walks on the beach and playing with my nan’s dog Martha. Even our cat Daisy is starting to like him!
Asha Tristram


Good morning to our friends at Many Tears In our last Tabitha update at 4 weeks with us she was beginning to lose her constant fears and starting to run around the garden. Then at about six weeks a light seemed to go on in her head that life was unbelievably better if you stopped being fearful and instead found things fun. From then on she hasn’t looked back. Now at just over three months here she has put on over three kilos. She is now a strong, solid healthy dog about the right weight for her size.
In late October we could first take her out on the lead and she was immediately keen to explore the paths and hedgerows round about. She now enjoys meeting other dogs, little Trevor being one of her many new friends. She has just had her first trim – Nikki described her quite a dancer as she darted about the room but once lifted up she sat quietly and perky on the table. The eyebrow trim means we can now make proper eye contact and that too increases our closeness.
Her latest progression is losing her fear of doorways, her fear of being trapped. We did no special training, she built up her confidence up all by herself. After a frightening first four years Tabitha has shown huge reserves of character and built a whole new happy life for herself. We hope you like these photos of her first walk out, an early meeting with Trevor and her first trim.
Christmas wishes to you all
Tabitha, Lady, Jane and Alex


Hi, we adopted Penny (was Buttercup) back in August this year (2020). It has been a dream of mine for the past 4 years to rescue a dog. That’s when I first discovered Many Tears and I have been checking it daily ever since.
I believed that Penny was meant to be for me! I actively promote this on my social media as I am very passionate about rescuing. I believe Penny was my ‘lucky penny’ and a perfect sister to my resident cavalier Phoebe. They are best friends and have adapted to sisterhood so well haha!
I was quite nervous at first as I wasn’t sure how Penny would be but it has now been 4 months and her progress is unbelievable! She loves cwtching up on the sofa next to me and gets so excited to go for a walk over the park. I would like to thank Jan her foster carer and Many Tears for accepting my application. If you are thinking of adopting then all I can say is it’s the most rewarding thing you can do!


We picked up Leia in November a very timid ex breeder with lots to learn. 5 weeks later, and she’s changed so much. She absolutely loves a walk (especially to the beach!) and she has fitted in so well with the family, in particular her two younger sisters Nala and Jinny who are teaching her all the ropes of home life. While she‘s still shy, she’s growing trust in people every day and her confidence has come along leaps and bounds. Thank you to Many Tears for rescuing her, and for bringing her into our lives


I am delighted with the progress Daisy has made since she came home with me, she has gone from a timid looking unsure old lady, to a happy affectionate dog who is living the life of Riley. As soon as I sit on the sofa she is beside me, getting as close as she can, with paws and head on my knee. She loves to run in the field, though I did wait to make sure she was sure to come to me when called, so garden fun was the first week. She loves her bed, and has discovered Fox Muck to roll in, which meant having a bath, she was not over keen, but was as good as gold. After a rubbish year, getting Daisy was the best thing I have done, she is happy and so am I.


We adopted little Amber (Westie) 2 years ago last month (November 2018). We had some initial doubts about adopting her as we were concerned regarding her heart murmur but in the end decided to go for it. To date she hasn't had any issues whatsoever regarding her heart. She loves her walks and can and does walk for miles with no problems at all. It was a very wet day when we came to collect her and she was so timid but interested in what was going on. However, her personality has certainly shone through since then, she really is a character and is such a happy dog. We are so pleased we adopted her. Thank you.
Catherine and Gary.


We adopted Luka (who was Jack with you) two months ago and wanted to let you know how well he has settled with us. He is a real gem : affectionate, walks beautifully on the leash, friendly with other dogs. He enjoys running off leash on the beach and has a good recall. He has discovered the comfy world of sofas and is a great tv companion! He is already a member of our family and has brought so much joy and fun to us already. So we want to thank the people in Romania who rescued him and everyone at Many Tears for their devotion. A special thank you to Shannon for her loving care towards him and writing a very touching and accurate description of this brilliant dog.
Best wishes to you all , happy Christmas ????!
Luka’s pack


We adopted a Shih Tzu/something-else cross puppy from you in February this year. I kept meaning to send you an update about how she is getting on, but haven't remembered to until now. I drove across into Wales to collect this little puppy - our first dog. We had originally planned to call her Lollipop, but as I drove back along the M4 she joined in with Figaro's Aria that was playing on the radio and so Lollipop became Rossini.
She's such a sweet and clever little dog. She'll do most anything for food including collecting her toys to help tidy up. She knows several of them by name and can do most of the usual tricks, like sit, down, over, paw etc. She tolerates the bath very well, but prefers water when it's muddy. Walks are therefore best when it's been raining and there're lots of puddles and mud to play in. Needless to say, this year has been a good year for walks!
It's always so funny to be greeted by her. She loves everyone she meets and knows that she is supposed to sit calmly and wait for fuss... but that's just so hard to do when everything from her shoulders to her tail is wagging like crazy! I work from home and she tends to spend most of her day dozing in a chair next to my desk. She's such a good companion - she even has her own internal clock that reminds me when it's time for elevensies. I had no idea so much personality could fit into such a little body. We love having her around (even the cats have warmed up to her) and can't imagine life without her. I've attached a couple of photos of her, both with her favourite toy "Flat Jeff".
Best wishes, Tom


Hope has been with us since February 2020, the little dog who was once so weak she couldn't stand, has flourished. She is so loving and is never far away from us or her Cavachon sister, Gwen. It's hard to imagine life without Hope, it's as if she has always been here. She could sleep for Wales, and usually takes herself up to bed. She loves posing for pictures and is looking forward to her first visit off Santa Paws! X


Just wanted to drop a line to say we are looking forward to our first Christmas together since Judy joined our family.
She came to us back at the start of the first lockdown – she was nervous and fragile and obviously had been through so much. But her sisters Violet and Maple (also from Many Tears) showed her how life should be in the heart of a loving family home. Judy is coming along so well, still some distance to go but we are all here for her and love her so much.
We are so grateful everyday that you saw fit to allow us to adopt our precious girls. Without them this year would have been almost impossible – their optimism, sense of humour and sheer joy for life is contagious and every day spent with the three of them is a gift. Thank you Many Tears for all the hard work you put into rescuing these girls and giving them a second chance. Enjoy the snaps.
Much love
Louisa and Steve


It was 3 weeks ago we took the long drive From Surrey to meet MT Bob with Hector and Mia. The meeting went well and Bob now Ben (we just lost our old MT Lab Bob at over 13 so had to change his name) came home with us. We did bring back another 6 sweet little dogs to drop off at a couple of services on the motorways on the way back to Lingfield in Surrey. Considering our 2 were in the car 11 hours that day they were amazing and the other dogs were very well behaved.
Ben settled in so well, he was a bit manic the first couple of days but soon settled. He has been very good on the lead and loves to go for walks. He plays with Mia a lot and they have a great time. She is a greyhound x staffie and they are a good match in rough and tumble games. Ben did not have one single accident in the house, he went out when they others did and followed them.
Ben has been to the vet for his second vaccination and was very good. He has been to the groomers with the others and they loved him. Yesterday he came with me to see Paul's niece Laurie and sister Gina. He was so good and while I had my facial he laid down quietly. He met Jaxson, Laurie’s little boy who is a little under a year and already walking. Ben was introduced to him by his mum and then he was good and wandered into the other room while we watched and just had a gentle sniff and came back to sit down again.
Ben is such a star already after such a short time. We are hoping Clever Paws is open in the new year so he can do the beginners obedience classes and if all goes well then we are hoping to do beginners agility.
Thank you to you all for looking after him for us and for all the wonderful work you do.
Carolyn Froud


HI Everyone,
I thought it would be great to share the good news about Evie (was Dream).
Initially when she came home, she was obviously still in shock, very timid and scared. First few nights, did not settle but after careful care and attention, she now sleeps beautifully.
She has started to play with her toys, and although initially would not go on the lead, she now enjoys her morning run and nightly walk. In fact, gets very excited which is so great to see. She still cannot be trusted off the lead, but this will come with more trust and training.
To date, I can honestly say from both my husband, daughter and myself, it is so rewarding to see how Evie is growing and beginning to really see her personality. Once a week, she goes with a ‘dog walker’ who concentrates on Cocker Spaniels, and this assists Evie in her growth. She has a ball on these play dates.
Thank you for all of your initial support with Evie - she is an absolute Joy.


Hi We have done an update before, but I thought you’d like to hear how Tessie (was Tresy - adopted December 2018) is getting on after 2 years. Tessie has blossomed so much in her second year at home, she has grown ALL her fur back and she has gained in confidence so much.
We added a little white schnauzer puppy to our family in January and Tessie took her under her paw and has been delighted to have a puppy to look after who is staying put. She has taught her lots of manners! And Rhoswen has taught Tessie how to play. Tessie now loves rabbit ears and an antler and is even interested in toys. She still looks to our older boy Fitz for reassurance, but she likes to explore on her own on walks (although she always keeps an eye out for what we’re all up to), Tessie has a real herding instinct, she herds us all together into the same room and then she relaxes knowing her family is all within sight. Health wise she’s been fabulous so far. Her favourite place is the beach and her favourite thing is her puppy sister and cuddles with her daddy.
Thank you so much Many Tears for our beautiful girl.
Lynda and David (plus Fitz, Tessie and Rhoswen)


We collected Shimmie on Sunday 22nd November. She has fitted into our household perfectly within 3 days. We have only had one accident in the conservatory on the first evening. Having never lived in a house and never walked on a lead she has been absolutely brilliant asking to go out in the garden to do her business even in the night and now walking with my husband and Bailye at least one mile or more every day. We love her unconditionally as does our other dog a beardie Bailye. Thank you for entrusting her to us.

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