Happy Endings - December 2021


Lulu is an ex breeder. She is the most gorgeous shihtzu and has the most gentle soul I’ve ever known. She is not a typical ex breeder and has developed into a confident little lady! She gets along so well with her beagle brother, they even cuddle when they go to sleep at night. She is food obsessed and is always trying to get extra treats by being really cute. She loves her walks and had a lovely birthday party when she turned 6 years old. She is very cheeky and loves to steal mine and my husband’s socks! Wow, Lulu has really come a long way and has settled in like she was always meant to be here. She is a part of our little family forever.
Thank you Many Tears Animal Rescue for everything that you do. You rescue and look after so many dogs a year and it’s amazing how much you really do. Thank you for uniting us with Lulu, she makes our hearts so full of love and happiness.


Dear Sylvia and all,
?We collected “Pudding” from MTAR on 20th December 2019 so I thought it was about time I did a little write up about her.
We made a 6 hour round trip to collect her on a foggy, wet, filthy day…..it was steadily raining when we arrived, and the dogs had all been playing in their runs!
Pudding was brought out to us and I had a little weep, she looked so scared and wet and sad.
I was worried about her being nervous at our home, especially being so close to Christmas and my noisy grandchildren coming…..
As soon as I came home I gave her a quick bath in the sink and then put her down. I expected her to run and hide….no she chased one of the cats, grabbed a cushion off the sofa and decided she was home! She is very clever, sleeps all night and a well loved member of our family, now called Ellie.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rose Eadle and family x


Lisa and I rescued Esta (now Bella) from you in April this year and thought we'd share some pics of her for the team.
Although Bella is still very shy and nervous with strangers she is absolutely lovely and at ease with Lisa and myself and we thought you'd like to know that Bella is our gorgeous little girl that we love so much.
Keep up the phenomenal work that you do and please share our pics with whomever you wish.
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .
Jez and Lisa. X


Here is beautiful Florence who we adopted from you just over a year ago. Pictured with her bestie Mr Wiggles (our miniature Dachshund who we had from a pup) Mr Wiggles was two when we adopted Flo and had had such a privileged life which we wanted to bestow on to a less privileged dog.
Along came Flo! Florence was such a sad case when we adopted her. We believe she had been a breeding dog for years. She had had no life whatsoever. She had no clue what anything in the outside world was. She was petrified of literally everything.
Mr Wiggles helped her along the way and has taught her a thing or two - especially how to play!! She is now happy and healthy and living her best life! She is still a bit nervous but miles better than she was. She loves her walks and is amazingly bright. She is sweet and loving and we love her so much.


Dear Many Tears
Thank you for letting us adopt Daisy (Milkie when we got her) one year ago today. She is the most loving girl and has got a most kind nature. She has grown into the most adorable sister for our resident dog Dino who has taught her how to live in a house and walk on a lead etc. She still does not know how to play with toys but can now chase a ball off lead and run round with it... a true joy to watch. She is loving life now and has made the perfect addition to our family.
Thank you.
Elain x


Hi everyone at Many Tears....Lucy here! (I've kept my name) I've been in my new home for nearly 6 weeks now and I love it! I have gained 2 new brothers who I get to play with all the time and as you can see from the pictures I've even got a job as head of cwtches at a residential home where my Nanna works...they all love me there and sneak me treats. I have made myself right at home and enjoy snuggling up on the sofa with Marlo or in bed at night with Mam! Everyone is shocked that I'm a rescue as I'm such a good girl and have so much love to give....although I can be a bit bouncy. I've started going to doggy daycare once a week now with Marlo and have made lots of new doggy friends, mams happy as we both come back knackered!
Message from my humum:
Thankyou to everyone at Many Tears for matching myself with Lucy, she has been part of the family since day 1 and has been a perfect match for my lifestyle. She has settled well and loves nothing more than a cuddle, she is also amazing with my 3 year old niece. She walks good on the lead and her recall is excellent!
Thank you for making our family complete.
Taryn, Marlo, Lucy and Ollie xx


I wanted to update you on Misty since she has been home two days with us. The delight and joy she brings to us is indescribable. She is the most loving and affectionate dog. She sits to have her lead put on and now sits to have it taken off. She is eating well and loves her food. A few little toilet mishaps but she is learning to go outside and puppy pads are helping.
She is a joy on the lead and harness and loves her long walks by the river. A little crying at night but she has a heartbeat toy that helps her settle. When we go out she is so excited when we come home, she just wants to be told she is a good girl.
Next week we are going to a trainer to see if we can start recall and some basic commands. Thank you so so much for allowing us to be her parents, the love we have for her is just something I can't put into words. She has a cuddly giraffe and pheasant which she carries around the house and sleeps with. I've attached a couple of photos.
Thank you again for everything.
Love Emily, Chris and Misty Moo


Dexter (was Robert) has been living in beautiful North Wales since we rescued him in September. He has settled into our family unit with big brother Ralph with no issues at all.Ralph an only ‘child’ for six years has shared everything.
Dexter loves a run on the beach, isn’t too Keen on the water but loves to chase the seagulls.
He has been for his first salon groom and took it all in his stride. He is much admired wherever he goes. He doesn’t travel well but we are working on that and hope he out grows it. He has been on holiday at his Nanny’s and met his 100 year old great grandma.
We have had his DNA tested out of curiosity and found him to be half old English sheepdog and half Poodle.
We are so very happy MTR allowed us to take him home and love him


Boris came to us in August and he shook with fear all the way home because he was obviously so happy at Many Tears and wondered what was coming next. However, he soon realised he was going to be happy here too and has settled in well with Tia (was Tess) who came to us in January 2019 and is now 12. She is half his size and looks on him as her bodyguard. They make a lovely couple. Thanks for all you do in rehoming these dogs, they give us so much joy and thanks for all your help when we picked him up.
Best wishes to you all.
Tony and Glenys


My husband and myself adopted Heron from you a couple of years ago and would love it if you could post her picture on your Happy Ever After website. I know that the kennel assistant who looked after Heron seemed especially fond of her and we would like her to know that Heron is much loved and enjoying her life with us. She has brought so much joy into our lives and makes us laugh every day.
Thank you for all that you do for all the wonderful dogs.
Much love, Margaret and Graham Read


Hello to everyone at Many Tears Animal Rescue,
It’s Barney the golden cocker spaniel here!
I wanted to write to say thank you to all of you at MTAR for allowing my two mummies to adopt me. My life has really changed for the better since June that’s for sure! The only thing that’s not changed is my name...my mummies loved the name you gave me so it’s stuck!
You may remember that I left you with a terrible ear infection, which was later diagnosed by my new friend Toby the doggy doctor as pseudomonas. It seemed quite worrying for my new mummies at first but happily, thanks to the care and attention of Toby who washed out my ears and my mummies who cleaned my ears and gave me two different kinds of drops two times a day every day for weeks and weeks and weeks, I now seem to be on the mend. I only have an ear clean once a week now. Everyone’s said I’ve been a very good boy about my drops but to be honest I love ear rubs and treats so I’ve not minded too much.
I have a new sister called Revel who I love, even though she teases me sometimes. She wasn’t too sure about me at first, and I had to work all my charms on her to win her over, but now I think we’re the best of friends. We love to play in the garden, and explore together when we’re out on our walks, although she hurries me along sometimes because I just love to sniff and wee up EVERYTHING! I love my walks ‘cos I get to say hello to all the other friendly doggies too.
I like to cuddle up with Revel on the sofa and sometimes she lets me cuddle up with her at doggy bedtime too, even though I have a lovely soft and squishy bed of my own.
I have a box of toys (which I’ve learned to share with my sister!)....I just never know which one to play with first! I just love to run around the house with a cuddly toy in my mouth and my mummies have noticed what a waggy dog I’ve become.
I must mention the gourmet menu here...I absolutely love my new raw food diet. I cannot pick a favourite flavour, they’re all sooo delicious! My mummies fed me extra at first to build me up ‘cos they said I was a little bit underweight. I feel much happier and stronger now that I’m a healthy weight and my tummy feels full.
Mummies are very pleased with how quickly I’ve settled in and with how well I’m doing. I’ve hardly had any accidents in the house and they always give me lots of praise when I do my business in the garden.
I do get a bit worried if one of my mummies leaves the house but usually when they come back they have bags full of food which I like to rummage through...well if given half a chance!
I’m mostly a good boy I think. One of my mummies calls me her “Best Boy”! Although I don’t think Mummy thought that the other day after I stole the meat off her plate when her back was turned...I just couldn’t resist...it smelled sooo good. She wasn’t cross for too long! I still got to cuddle up on the sofa and I got tummy rubs later the same day...
Today is Sunday. I think that Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I get extra roast meat and gravy after my dinner...mummy’s gravy is the best!
I even got to go on holiday in September when I got to stay in a cottage on a farm which had a huge garden to run around in. I also got to play on the beach and paddle in the sea...I love holidays and I hope we can go on another one very soon!
I’ve been told that it’s Christmas soon. My mummies seem very excited about it...they say I’ll be spoiled, especially by my new Grandma and Grandad...I can’t wait to find out what this Christmas thing is all about.
Well I think that’s all for now...thank you so much again for my second chance.
Merry Christmas to you all at MTAR!!!
From Barney and Revel, and Sam and Donna Rose-Gray.
P.S. Mummies have said that one day they hope to be able to adopt a little girl doggie from MTAR so I may get another sister....here’s hoping!


Beau has now been with us for 5 weeks after we collected him from you on 10th November.
What a little joy he is! He has settled in very well.
He sleeps through the night and is 99% clean in the house. He walks brilliantly on his little harness, has excellent recall and understands basic commands like "sit", "off" and "come". We worked hard on his training at home before his vaccinations were complete and he could go out and we continue to teach him in lieu of puppy training classes beginning in January.
He is a bundle of energy and all legs, having grown so much in the last month. He was a shade over 3kg when we took him home and he's now well over 5kg.
He is full of kisses and love for absolutely everyone he sees and supremely curious when we are out on walks.
We are so grateful for the chance to bring Beau into our lives, our home and our hearts. Losing our other beagle, Alfie back in October broke our hearts and we were so full of grief. Beau can never replace Alfie, but he has helped us put our sadness aside and focus on love and positivity. He reminds us of Alfie every day with his little beagle ways' his noises, his personality, his stubbornness, his appetite (!), his intelligence.
Thank you so much. Here are some pictures!
Kelly, Tony, James, Luca and, of course, Beau x
P.S - I was delighted to learn that Beau's mum, Oyster also found a happy ending. I hope Beau's sisters also found loving homes x


Well it's been just over a year since Newfypoo Bella joined our family. I saw a shared post on Facebook of a Newfypoo with a terrible haircut needing a home and instantly fell in love. We weren't the first choice family but after her adoption fell through we were invited to travel to Wales to meet her.
We travelled to Wales in October 2020 as Wales went into lockdown. There we met a tiny Newfypoo (well she was tiny compared to our Newfypoo E.V) with a bad haircut, who if I'm honest didn't seem too impressed with us!!!
I'd love to say it was a match made in heaven but we really did have a difficult few months, there really wasn't a honeymoon period!
Bella wasn't an ex breeding dog or a stray, she was a surrender. We're her third home in 5 years, fourth if you count her breeder.
She's extremely loving (though yet another 4 legged family member whose love is very much on her terms!) so was definitely once very loved but there has been trauma at some point in her life exhibited by lots of behavioural issues we'd never had to deal with with our other dogs.
She had terrible lead aggression and seemed to be highly offended at everything from skip trucks to gulls flying high above our garden. She'd also growl if you walked past her while she was sleeping - it was definitely very strange having to announce your intention to walk past to a dog so she didn't growl at you!!
And I'll be brutally honest at one point (after she bit our 11yr old Newfoundland on day 3 all because Darcy was lying where Bella wanted to walk) I did think we were going to be those adopters who returned their dog. But after advice and reassurance from MTAR we realised a rescue wasn't a puppy and love didn't conquer all so a totally different approach was needed.
Being in the throws of lockdown we couldn't seek the help of a behaviourist so we got googling and slowly but surely Bella settled into her new life with two fur sisters and her behaviour gradually improved.
Bella is highly intelligent, (far more so than our other two dopey dogs), which has helped massively with her training. She's always first in the queue when it's time for our Newfoundland to have her tablets, as Bella learned very quickly Darcy's tablet time equals ham for her and E.V!
After the biting incident our Newfoundland tends to gives her somewhat of a wide birth, but our 7yr old Newfypoo E.V loves having someone to rough and tumble with. Some days Bella will lie on the floor having what we can only describe as a tantrum and E.V is quick to go over to her, give her a lick or have a play with her and it always calm her down.
Bella may not be the perfect dog, she definitely has her quirks, but she's our, we love her deeply (growly sleep aggression and all!) and we wouldn't change her for the world.


Hello and Merry Christmas!
Just wanted to forward a couple of photos of the lovely Gilbert who has been with us for 3 months. He was a very timid and shutdown boy who was frightened to go outside.
He soon overcame that and is now the loveliest friendliest and most chilled dog ever- my two other dogs who are much smaller are definitely in charge! He is getting really fit and loves his long walks then crashes on the sofa afterwards.
Thank you for letting us adopt him, we feel very lucky to have him in our lives
Very best wishes

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