Happy Endings - January 2022


We collected Robyn 2 weeks ago. She has fitted in really well. Robyn sleeps with Mitzi on their bed and Dali is her play buddy. Robyn has been fantastic with toilet training and learning to sit - small biscuits are a wonderful encouragement. She was meant to be here.

Black and tan was Mika now Izzy Whizzy
Tri-colour was wishful now Iris
Blenheim was Rio now Betty Boo
Ruby was Goose now Raven
Fur ever home with hoomans Rachael and Jame's Wale
Double trouble mother and daughter Gladys (red collar) and Patty (pink collar)
Sherry was Cherry had a write up of giving up the will to live by your vet, so a donation was asked in place of an adoption fee. Within 24hrs of having sherry home I recognised the symptoms of an infection our previous dog had had, a trip to the vet confirmed a severe case of ecoli. Within 24hrs of taking antibiotics Sherry was a completely different dog... That was 3 years ago and she is now 12 years old!


Just thought I'd send you all a big thank you for letting us adopt Rosie(was Vikki) whom you rescued from Ireland as a 9 month old in 2009. She turns 13 today and has been the most wonderful girl and a huge part of our family. She has 'put up with' quite a few new dogs in her life(we rehome elderly and abused dogs) and lost her brother Matty(adopted from you at the same time) 3 years ago. We love her to bits . Thank you again for giving her to us.
Heather and Nigel Banks


This bundle of joy joined our family back in July and what a huge character she is. Noodles is a fun loving pup who wants to be everyone’s friend. We take ages walking on the beach as she has to meet everyone and roll over and have a tummy rub. It feels like she is getting bigger and hairier every day. She is a real dirt magnet and loves to run and jump in puddles and digging in the children’s sandpit and sometimes the garden. She has attended puppy school back in Autumn and has another class starting soon. Noodles and my daughter won 2nd for young handler in their first fun dog show. We are currently going through the dinosaur stage, and she has selected hearing at time. She is such a toilet roll thief, and you can’t leave the door open for a second as any opportunity she is there. She loves to be groomed daily and all the family help. She adores the children, and they love her. She makes us all laugh on a daily basis. She is definitely one in a million and we are very fortunate to have her join our family.
Warmest wishes Paula and family xx


An update on Bert the beagle since we got him in Sept 2021. He is still called Bert and now respond to various commands (with a little associated reward) generally obedient too and never strays too far from our side. Most importantly, he is getting on with his big brother (Barney) well and is very comfortable to snooze with him on the sofa. He loves meeting new dogs and has learnt some great habits from his brother (and not picking up any bad ones). He has a great character and is starting to warm-up to the idea of play. Such as the idea of chasing after a toy and bringing it back (although not always to us, but his bed instead – as he is a little bit of a hoarder). He loves his belly rubbed and stretches out to show us when he wants attention. We are very happy that we have been able to give him a new forever home.
Alex and Laura

Our beautiful Suki another rescued Bichon girl died on 20/4/21 during lockdown. It was horrific, worse than ever as we could not be with her.
We were absolutely devastated, she was so feisty even though she had so many illnesses, diabetes, her vision due to diabetes, cushings. Yet she was a fighter.
We could not think of adopting another dog. 15 months later we felt we really need to help another abused dog and our other rescued Bichon from Many Tears needs a friend to live with. So we found another Bichon on the website called Ripple, but were told she had been reserved…. This was fate as little Fanta as she was known was there waiting for us! We went to meet her at the foster home near Brighton. She was absolutely terrified and kept running away. We took her home and she continued to do this for several months. She bit us several times from horrendous fear. Suddenly she learnt to trust and see we were there to Love and Cherish her and we would never hurt her.
On 20/9 she jumped on our bed for the first time. She came out from hiding under the table and slept in one of their many cosy beds. When we took her out with Alicia she found her voice and did not stop barking from the delight of walking with freedom and joy. Now she jumps in the car every time we open the door.
Leyla absolutely adores Alicia who sadly is losing all her sight from the treatment she has before being rescued. Her eyes did not develop as they kept her indoors as a puppy.
Leyla considers Alicia to be her Mum and feels so safe with her. She follows her everywhere, guides her when walking and is always full of protection for her.
Without Alicia she would not have healed so soon, abused pets always need to live with another one side by side. They trust other dogs, they don’t trust humans.
Leyla has become a confident, happy little girl, coming to sit with us uninvited and so affectionate warming our hearts.
Leyla has now showed Alicia she can bark for her food. They both sing away until their meals are served. They also groom each other as if they are wild monkeys. What a team they make.
We thank God for bringing Leyla to us and the enormous amount of joy and love she is giving us all the time.
With Love Hazel and Michael Daniel x x x x????
In the 1st photo Leyla is lying down in front of Lishi
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