Happy Endings - January 2020


Just a quick update to say Luigi has settled very quickly
Loves everyone he meets, people and four legged friends.
Can’t get enough cuddles but he has a lot to make up for.
We love him to bits.
Attached a few pics for you.


We adopted Sandy / Quinoa November 2019. A very nervous, anxious girl so desperate for love and kindness, she joined our family and a new sister Amber. Who over just two months has taught her to enjoy life to the full , gain confidence and Conker her anxieties . She enjoys coming to work with us , long country, beach walks and trips in our motorhome. We’d like to send a big thank you to Many Tears for your devotion and hard work
Karen and Garry Smart Amber and Sandy

This is a happy ending tale but also a cautionary one. We adopted Dottie on Easter Sunday 2014. She was a very nervous girl, compliant but frightened. She refused to go near any men for months - including my husband - and would hide under the table if I sat on the floor with her to stroke her.
Gradually, with time and patience she changed and is now a very affectionate girl who loves life. Seeing her transformation has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Last summer I became concerned as she developed blood shot eyes and was prescribed several types of eye drops over a few months. I was eventually given Maxitrol drops to use when her eyes looked sore. We were told by the vet that she would eventually go blind but would adjust to this and have a happy life. However, her one eye developed blood stained weeping so I made an emergency appointment and saw a different vet.
After examining Dottie he suggested that she had Pannus disease (chronic superficial keratitis) and made an urgent referral to an eye specialist. We duly trotted of to Leominster and Pannus was indeed confirmed. In all other respects her eyes were healthy. She was prescribed Tacrolimus drops and the improvement was remarkable. The eye specialist was so impressed on the first follow up appointment that he’s using her case in his lectures to students. She’ll be using Tacrolimus for life but there is no reason for her to go blind so it’s a real happy ending. The lesson for me is - if in doubt always get a second opinion. Also, if you have adopted a nervous dog, stick with it and be assured that love (and patience) really does conquer fear.


Photos of Raisin and Rocky (previously Trooper) relaxing after a beach walk. Raisin (nearly 8) is curled up on the chair and Rocky (5) loves the fire. They are wonderful company for each other and brilliant family pets. Thank you Many Tears and all your staff. Can’t recommend you highly enough . Best wishes for 2020.
Suzanne Davies


Just wanted to contact you all and show you Leia’s new family. She’s been with us for nearly two weeks and we are amazed by how much she has changed from the scared little girl who wouldn’t come near us without looking like going to jump out of skin to a much more confident dog!
She is being very spoilt and we have a long way to go but we will all try our best to make her feel loved and safe just a few pics of how she’s doing!
All the best for the months ahead and you really do a great thing for these dogs.

Best wishes

Leia’s new family xx


Hello, We just want to say a big thank you for the greatest gift that is Louis. We adopted him a few days ago and we were told that he didn't understand how to play with toys and only learnt how to walk on the lead, during his time at the centre. Louis has settled in very nicely, he is coming out of his shell more and more. He is inquisitive, intelligent, very affectionate and amazing to be around. We fell in love with him already!
Thank you
Kaya and Marc Sampson


This year is Wendell's 10 year "Gotcha Day". As our cherished little guy has prostate cancer I thought I would send a wee update now.
When we adopted him as "Jolly" he was anything but. Highly traumatised with a severe case of fear aggression, it was nine months before he even let my husband touch him. Luckily he bonded with me.
Over the years he has gradually overcome all his issues and I really think he could now qualify as a PAT dog.
He developed IVDD 6 years ago but after a spinal op made a full recovery. However unfortunately in his old age he has 4 vertebrae pressing on his spine and now is very wobbly. He also is on lifelong medication for Cushing's disease.
Last September the vet unexpectedly found a mass in his abdomen which after a biopsy turned out to be prostate cancer. Amazingly he still has no symptoms and has had no treatment except his Metacam. He is a wee Superdog!
Thank you Many Tears for all you do for the animals you save.
So pleased that Chris Packham has become patron. There is no one more suitable.


I wish to send you this photo of my lovely Betty. I rescued from you last March 2019.
She is adorable and much loved in her new home. Settled in very well with my other two dogs and we are very much used to the pug life,snoring and snorting...its actually lovely cos Betty is part of us now.
A very much loved little girl.
Thankyou, "Many Tears" for finding my Betty for me.
Susan Bratherton. Crewe, Cheshire.


We have rehomed two dogs now Molly and Dylan. They are both absolutely perfect. Molly was terrified at first but within two weeks was a very different happy dog! She learnt a lot from her very old big brother Toby and he has a new lease of life since his new friends arrived! Dylan came some months later and has done very well too. They are loving the beach and forests and can all be let off and recall brilliantly. Really couldn't have asked for two better dogs and the write ups of them were spot on.
Claire Pitman X


We adopted Dolly in December, thought i would update you with some lovely pictures.
She has settled quickly and has firmly taken her seat in the house (the best chair)
She is a real love and is now starting to play and we are seeing the typical Basset slobber.
Her new sister loves playing and is enjoying all the extra treats.
Thank you
Joanne, Tim, Elsie and Dolly xxx

Hi all
Just thought I'd send you an update to you about Toby (Tropcho the Bulgarian street dog) that we adopted. He's now safely ensconced with his friends Cal and pictured here with Diesel (Diesel was also one of yours). As you can see he shares the sofa with Diesel and Cal but not always easy to photograph all 3 of them!!
Anyway, he's now having the time of his life meeting other dogs, playing with his two best mates at home and he loves his long walks.
He's made friends with our cats as well especially Jet who he shares his bed with.
Thank you for letting us adopt him as he's cheeky on times, funny, playful, friendly and loving his new home. Oh, and he's not spoilt at all just really very much loved by us all
Kind regards

Hi, Just a quick update to let you all know how Cookie Monster (renamed Chester) is getting on. We collected him from you Saturday and he was as good as gold on the two hour drive back across the bridge. He settled into his new home almost immediately and loves nothing better than playing with all his new toys then curling up like a cat on the sofa for sleeps. Quiet as a mouse in his crate overnight, and polite (if not incredibly playful!) with all the dogs he meets out on his walks. He's made loads of new friends already (doggy and human) and seems a very happy little chap. He's a complete cuddle monster and we're smitten already!
Thank you for all your help in bringing Chester into our lives, from our initial telephone conversation, to arranging our home visit, through to our meet and greet with Chester on Saturday. Our house is a home again, and we couldn't be more happy.
Kind regards Katie Payne and Bryony Jones


I thought I’d send you a few photos of Ella, She’s settled in really well. House training was a doddle considering she was an ex-breeder and hadn’t been in a house, just two accidents the first couple of days and then she just followed the lead from our Cavapoo Elsa. Having travelled home and opened the crate, Ella spent the next 3 days hiding under the stairs and completely scared of everything, within a week of gentle love and encouragement, she was walking over open fields off the lead and sleeping on our bed. She spends each day coming to work with me in my grooming salon and loves meeting all the different dogs, she’s fitted in really well and is never far from my side, she’s full of fun and games, quite a little thief too, she somehow managed to get on the kitchen side and open the bread bin!! We love her to bits as does Elsa, she’s gaining confidence every day and is a completely adorable little girl. We’re looking forward to drier weather and less mud in the short-term and spending many happy, adventurous years together.
Kindest regard Kay and Barry Wilson.


Elsie has settled into her new home with her new family, you d think she’d been here all her life. She walks on her lead well with her doggy friend Benji and plays with toys. We are soo pleased with Elsie and looking forward to the future with her...


Gizzy 2015, Lady 4.2019, Indie 12.2019.
We hope that they are enjoying their new home.
And holidays, beaches, fields and the settee.


The little ginger terrier came from MT ten years ago when she was called Clara. Since then she has been known as Last Chance and has been a monster, getting through many chances since she came to me. She went to Salisbury from Warminster - courtesy of a kind driver - by train without me. She has been taken to the local rescue by the police for creating "an incident" - killing hens - and has cost me countless presents for the people who have found her when she has dug her way out of the garden. But I love her dearly and she is the nicest natured little dog with humans that I have ever known. Squirrels and hens a different matter. I now do Rally Obedience with her having found that we are both too old for Agility and she is the star of the class.Would I have taken on her if I had known what she was like? Probably not. Do I regret it? No.
Primrose Kirkman


This is Drax (previously Courage) and we've been recording his progress on a Facebook page - Draxthewolfhound so please head over and take a look if you'd like to find out more about how he's settled in. We picked him up from Many Tears on 3rd August 2019 and he was around 10months old. He was extremely shut down and scared of people. Luckily I have a lot of experience with anxious dogs as I am a Clinical Animal Behaviourist so I've been able to put my skills to good use in helping Drax develop into the wonderful dog he is today. We've still got a long way to go and we still haven't been on a walk as the harness and lead are scary (!) but with baby steps, we hope to have a fun summer of frolicking in our paddocks as we have some land just down the road. Drax lives in Hampshire with his two humans and 4 dogs Jack, Gru, Fish and Mouse.
Thank you Many Tears for such a wonderful hound and we hope you all enjoy seeing him flourish and grow in confidence!


We adopted Bliss (was Andrea) on 25/02/19, we now call this "Bliss Day" She was a terrified little beagle who would not come near us although we came armed with chicken and sausages. She did seem to like our other beagles Bella age 10 and Breeze age 6. She was carried out to our car by a kind member of staff and travelled quietly back to Somerset. Once home she hid at the back of her new crate and nothing could entice her out, not even a trail of tasty treats. We used a long training lead to take her out to the garden as she would not go outside willingly, then was afraid to come back inside. For weeks we let her out in the garden with her training lead trailing behind her as we were worried we would not be able to catch her to bring her indoors. At no time did she snap or growl even though she was obviously terrified. BUT she loved her walks around the village and through the fields and gradually became friends with people she met on her walks and of course their dogs.
We travelled to the coast as we normally would but she was too afraid to walk along a sea front so we returned home each time and tried again in a few weeks. By this time she was happy going to National Trust Gardens or coast paths and loved meeting our son and daughter in law's beagle x terrier Rascal and whippet Chase. She is perfect with our other dogs and there has been absolutely no problem between them at all. She has even learnt to sit and wait her turn for treats.
She is still nervous of strange noises but now happily visits the places that we have always enjoyed, we never thought this would happen.
Our granddaughters visit at holiday times and she is totally trustworthy with them although timid at first. They love feeding the dogs and giving them treats.
We have just enjoyed her first Christmas and New Year as a family plus 5 dogs, it was so good to see her joining in.
Can I please tell people what really wonderful dogs beagles are, they love people, children and other dogs and make perfect pets, I don't understand why your beautiful beagles don't get rehomed overnight. They will do anything for a treat and are so affectionate but don't raise your voice or get cross because they hate it. Kindness is always the key with a beagle.
Best wishes
The Cue family


These are my two rescues that I adopted from Many Tears. Tala was adopted in October four years ago and Tomaz, the hairy one, a year ago last October. They have both had obedience training and now Tala does Mantrailing and Tomaz has just started agility and also does Mantrailing. They are a joy and we love them very much.

Keep up the good work, it’s wonderful what you do.
Best wishes Jane Bouttell


We came to collect our Lulu from you in 2013 December so she has now been with us for 6 years. We love her dearly we came up from Essex and she had to get on with our collie Zak which they do and they are the best of friends. A young lady called Chelsea helped out and we stayed at a bed and breakfast called Beudy Bach. Everything went well we just changed her name from Luna then she became ours! We've taken her on lots of holidays and we are very grateful, so just wanted to say Many Thanks to Many Tears and you also to wish you all a Happy New Year and for giving a second chance to all those doggies xxxx

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