Happy Endings - January 2021


We adopted Pringle, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles cross, at the start of the first lockdown last March. When we got her she didn't know how to go for a walk on a lead and would trudge along with her head down and her tail down. She didn't really interact with us or my other dog at all. She was frightened of everything and would tremble with fear and hide in her bed if anything worried her. Additionally she was quite thin.
Now she is a different dog. She loves her walks and tears around with our other dog barking and having fun, she has put on 3kgs in weight (which I think is mainly muscle). She is generally less scared and is even getting better with my husband whom she was terrified of.
She really is a beautiful soul, loves other dogs, is good with our cats but still has a cheeky naughty streak (especially when it comes to food). Most of all we love her dearly and wouldn't be without her.
Many thanks for letting us adopt her.
Regards Sharon


Hello Many Tears team,
Here's an update on Happy - now called Echo. Well, it was love at first sight. She is just the sweetest natured dog. We have never heard her growl, even in play. She adores all the family, aged from 5 years to 89 years, and it's such a shame that lockdown is keeping us isolated from each other once more.
Echo loves other dogs. As soon as we have worked a bit more on her recall, and got it really solid, then we will get a companion for her. She picked up all the basic commands very quickly. I've helped at our local dog training classes for many years, (and it's so sad we've had to suspend classes because of Covid), but I worked through all the exercises we teach there with her. Housetraining only took a couple of weeks.
The only problem has been that she is very sensitive to sudden loud noises. When we first had her she wouldn't walk past workmen, or large vans, or even bins on the pavement, but she's conquered all those fears, and instead of trying to run away she likes to observe a scary situation from a distance until, after a couple of minutes, she decides it isn't scary after all and moves on. To help her I have taught her the command 'Middle', when she sits happily between my legs, her safe place.
She's very much an outdoor dog and adores exploring our large, untidy garden. She is fascinated by our bantam hens and doesn't show any signs of wanting to chase squirrels, cats or livestock. She loves rolling in mud and snow in the woods and open fields around our home, but doesn't mind being bathed afterwards. She ignores the dog beds in our house, and instead picks her own spots to spread out. (I know she shouldn't sleep on our bed, but she does. We love the cuddles as much as she does). She travels well in the car.
She sees the vet every few weeks. When we first had her she had a choking sort of cough, which the vet first thought was kennel cough. Although it eventually responded to antibiotics it still tends to reoccur at odd times. It doesn't bother her at all, she eats and drinks normally - she's now over 15kg - and her lungs are clear. They have advised waiting until she is a year old, and if it is still happening they will investigate further. Please trust us, we will do whatever we need to do for her.
Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have our dear little friend. We are very grateful for all your hard work, and hope to contact you again very soon about adopting another rescue.
Take care, stay safe,
Liz and Howard


We are really proud of little Ellie and consider ourselves to be very lucky to have her. Ellie is Bichon cross poodle. We adopted her two years ago as a four year old and she has developed from a nervous, frightened and bewildered little dog who didn’t want to be touched through to one that now loves her cuddles and is truly delightful.
Within a few days of having her Ellie knew her name, having been called Devon in her foster home and previously Demon at Many Tears rescue centre. We often wonder why she was called Demon? Two years later she still amazes us with her intelligence and sheer joy of living.
From day one Ellie and our other dog, Sam (a Cavapoo) have been great companions. We have never witnessed a cross word between the pair of them. Sam has shared his bed and toys with Ellie; empty yogurt pots and chews alike; and it's a real delight to see them racing around on the beach together. Sam even barks first thing in the morning to let us know that Ellie needs to go out into the garden (he stays in bed). There is no doubt that Sam has been a good influence on Ellie, but she has also been good for him. She slipped her collar on the first walk out with us, but just followed Sam home. Ellie is on the right in the photograph.
It's not been all plain sailing - far from it. We still can’t just pick her up or put on her coat without following a specific process that involves Sam, but she will jump onto our lap and settle down; races up the stairs in the morning to jump onto the bed and pushes Sam out of the way to put her head into our hands. She also still has her moments when something triggers a bad memory (she used to cry in her sleep), but thankfully these are now few and far between. It was quite a steep learning curve for Ellie, my husband and myself when we had to learn to clip her ourselves during the first lockdown, especially when it came to cutting claws (won’t go into details but her anal glands were involved!). At the start we took about three days to clip her, but it now takes about a couple of hours. It was great to discover that peanut butter is a great distraction!
It has taken a while to get to where we are. We knew it would but I admit that in the early days I did question why we had taken Ellie on, but I’m so glad we did. So thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt Ellie, but particularly to Vicki her foster carer in West Sussex who really made the difference to this little dog’s life.
Gail and Ian


Charlie has been with us for nearly 3 months now and has settled down well and is a firm member of the family. He gets on very well with my other dog Faye and has learned things very quickly from her, it has been quite fascinating to watch. In fact he has unearthed her inner mischief and she can be just as cheeky as him at times. He's grown loads and has such long legs, hopefully at 8 - 9 months he will stop growing up now and start filling out some of his slender frame.
He is good at night and became house trained quite quickly after I got him home, again thanks to Faye's teaching I think. He likes to play with us and with Faye and is very good at destroying beds and toys but does leave the furniture alone which is good, he's quite a character and also very very talkative. Over the last few days he has started to come to us for cuddles of his own choice which is really nice. On lead he is quite good but very cautious of other dogs so I keep him on a lead unless we are entirely on our own. I think he would really like to play but his fear of being attacked takes over and he reacts in a defensive aggressive way. I hope over time and by meeting other dogs often he will learn that he is not going to be attacked and calm down a bit. It is very early days yet and I think as his new family it's difficult to understand the trauma and fear he has experienced, and he really has come on so much since he came to live here. I can only thank you all so very much for the lengths you go to is rescuing these poor souls from such misery and fear for them to go on to live happy secure lives as part of a loving family. We and they are very grateful.
Many thanks
Helen and Charlie


Hi Many Tears, I thought I would send an update about Molly who we adopted in November. Wow what a difference in her!!
After the first 2 nights of sleeping on the sofa with her she settled down and soon become house trained. At the start she was very timid on the lead and cowered at every bus or lorry we passed and wouldn’t go near the owners of other dogs. Now she can’t wait to go on walks, her tail wags as she trots to the fields and she wants to smell and play with all the dogs we meet. We have just started to let her off the lead in the field and she rolls around and plays like a puppy and is starting to understand commands like 'wait 'and 'come ' although we have still have a long way to go. It is fabulous and very rewarding to see her confidence and personality coming out. I hope her sister Dolly is thriving in her new home.


Hi to all at MTAR,
Thinking of you and hope you are coping with this endless lockdown, miserable weather and short January days?
I just want to thank you once again for rescuing our gorgeous, but a little scabby, spaniel pup Marley (aka Aza). We have had him almost four weeks now, and he has brightened up our days and made us smile with his cheeky antics and enthusiasm for fun and learning. I hope you can see that he has made fabulous progress with the facial cellulitis, 'strangles', and is finishing the antibiotics and steroids under the watchful eye of our vet this weekend. He will be able to finally be vaccinated and then to play out and burn off his energy with his doggie chums after that - phew!!!
Will keep you updated with photo's and messages,
love Lyn, Rachel and Marley xxx


We picked up Stuffing (now Rodney) on the 30th December, the day before lockdown. Tiny, shy and scared at 12 weeks old. He took all of 1 day to come out of his shell and become one of the family. He adores my other dog Dolly and sleeps curled up with her every night. He is an absolute joy and we love him dearly. Just want to say thank you, and let you know you do a fantastic job.
Stay safe Ali and Dave


Good morning
I just wanted to update you on our gorgeous Luna (previously Daisy). We picked her up from yourselves mid November after losing our beloved Joey to Lymphoma (also a Many Tears Rescue). She was very nervous, unsure of the world, had never been in a house, wouldn’t eat from a bowl and barked everytime we went near her.
What a difference a couple of months makes. She is 1 years old today and the happiest dog ever. She is such a softie, adores being cuddled, loves laying by the fire in the evening after a day out in the park chasing birds and squirrels with boundless energy. No more issues with eating her dinner straight from her bowl, and no longer a fussy eater. She now has the confidence to be the dog she is without fear or worry.
We are completely smitten with this beautiful, fun, young dog and we will give her the best possible life and adventures we can.
I have attached a few photos of her.
Thank you for all that you do.
With kind regards
Julie Mascall


We collected Daffy, who we are calling Daphne as we think that is more of a fitting name for such a beautiful girl, from her foster home in Caerphilly. When we brought her home she was so flighty and unsettled and would hide from us at the slightest sound and cower when we tried to pick her up. However fast forward just a few weeks and she is settling in lovely. She gets on well with our two other dogs, she especially loves to cuddle up to our Labrador on the sofa, fitting perfectly between her legs when she’s curled up! Daphne has surprised us all with how good she’s been at house training and how quickly she is learning to be a real dog! She has a lovely little character and we think she might end up being a tiny bit naughty and cheeky. We are so grateful that you gave us the chance to show her what a loving home for a doggo should be like
We’ve attached some photos and videos of this precious little girl
Much love to all the other rescue doggos.
Marie and Barry


Here is the little bundle of fun we picked up from Many Tears in November 2020. Darcy’s was the first rescue we had ever had, so we were a little apprehensive especially as her recent experiences had been quite traumatic. The journey home took a lot out of her and the first couple of days were taken very gently. However, it did not take Darcy long to ‘find her feet’ with our home, us and perhaps more importantly our other dog, Honey.
Darcy adores Honey and as I write this they are both engaged in a bout of playfighting. Although Darcy is much smaller than Honey, she gives a good account of herself. It is a joy to see Honey so happy as she was very depressed following the sad passing of her companion, Bonnie in the summer. We have had absolutely no issues with Darcy. She is clean and obedient and lets us know when she needs to go out.
Darcy has many charming traits. She is unfailingly friendly and very vocal. Never a day goes by without her bringing a smile to our faces. Thank you for the opportunity to give Darcy a good home. We promise not to let you and her down. We’ve attached a few pictures of Darcy (and Honey).
Jim and Gwyn McLaren


Hello Many Tears,
Sandy (MT Sandra) is getting along just fine. Sandy is a really loving dog who is full of life and really mischievous. At first we wondered what had hit us! We’ve always had Staffies but as a nod toward our older age decided we’d have a smaller dog!! Sandy has proved what we should really have known as long life dog owners! Never judge a book by it’s cover!
Sandy is wonderful, we’ve had to “Sandy” proof the house (we don’t mind that). We rehoused our floor plants, as we discovered she loves digging (inside and outside). Sandy can open zips (amazing) and also get the plastic lids off boxes that I never thought she’d be able to! As we’ve got to know each other more, we’ve sometimes learned to recognise her behaviour, such as the digging if you give her a treat. Sandy will often bury, it I’m assuming for when she’s next hungry. She’s getting to realise slowly that the next meal will always be there for her, she doesn’t have to go hungry any more.
Her first bath was unforgettable! I managed to bath half of her (her back end) as she cried as though we were hurting her! She's had about three since that first one (usually as she’s covered in mud after walks or the back garden). Let me jump to the bath I gave her last week (she’d been out the back digging mud!). Lovely warm water, sprayed all over, lovely massage with puppy shampoo, rinsed off and a lovely warm snuggly pink towel that had been warming on the radiator! Not a peep out of her, she loved it. Drying completely off is fun for her, she zoomies round the house before she lies in front of the fire (her favourite place along with her fluffy doughnut bed)!
Thank you so much for letting us adopt her, she doesn’t fail to make us laugh every day!
Kind regards


I was a surprise to Many Tears, as they didnt realise my mum was pregnant. Another shock was that I was the only puppy born. Jenna took me into foster, and then at 8 weeks I was placed with my lovely family in Devon.
Every day I get to walk in a field, on the moors or on the beach. A great life! My recall is good, as is my sit, lie and paw. Stay is difficult though as I so want to move all the time. My teeth are annoying me so I chew a lot at the moment, but hope this improves once all my adult teeth come through.
I am definately spoilt, and want to thank Many Tears for my new family


Hi Many Tears Team, Here is an update on Pru. She is now called Rosie and has settled very well in our family. She gets on very well with our other two rescue dogs. Her and our little cockapoo Poppy have become partners in crime and get into mischief. Rosie is absolutely adorable! She is very friendly and was housetrained very quickly.Although timid at first she is growing in confidence every day. She loves playing and eating food. Lots of food! Her favourite things are going for a run on the beach and she absolutely loves terrorising the squirrels in our local park. Our grandchildren love very much as well and she enjoys being cuddled. Thank you for rescuing her. I want you to know she is very much loved. I have attached some photographs for you.


14 months ago I said good bye to my beautiful one eyed Bichon Rupert, who with his soul mate Roly, came from MTAR. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him and think of him, he changed my way of thinking, he influenced my outlook on life more than ANY one other than my parents.
I won't bore you all again with the minutiae, but the love and support I got from this site and Fb on his passing helped enormously and I will remain forever grateful.
Of the things Rupert taught me, most important was, ALL dogs deserve a loving home, therefore I am certain Rupert would have insisted that his spot on the sofa be given to another deserving rescue dog.
Twelve months ago after having been contacted by the truly lovely Trish, we adopted Carry (Cazzie Bear) an eight and a half year old Ex Breeder. and our first female dog.
Like all rescue dogs, she was nervous and skittish (still is in some ways) she had no reason to trust strangers and that was fine, all of our rescues have been like that, the change when they realise they are loved is one of the greatest feelings of my life.
By Bichon standards, Cazzie is tiny, probably half Rupert's (Tubbybear) size, but she is adorable, cheeky and has a character easily twice her physical size. We had a few issues with the home visit,I was surprised and slightly peeved as we already had two dogs from MTAR. Apparently our storage bins were to close to the fence. The bins were huge by comparison to Cazzie. and I really felt it was overly fussy but we moved them.
On Day 2 of Cazzies life here, we went into our kitchen and she was on top of Alans cage! Now the cage is not as tall as the bins but it's still a jump Alan would never have made, It reminded me, we often under appreciate the drive these dogs have to escape. I don't THINK she could have reached the top of the storage, but I also didn't image she could reach the top of the cage le, it was a lesson to everyone and a reason to trust MT experience on this matter if they challenge you.
Cazzie now lives on the arm of my sofa and I can fuss her by leaning over BUT if I approach frontally she is off like a rabbit. She wants to interact, but something from her past still haunts her.
She loves her walks with Alan our Westie, they have a sweet but non tactile relationship. Alan isn't a 'doggy' dog, he loves people, but he lays beside her comfortably. He still after five years grumbles about Roly being to close. Rupert was a creature of habit, when he had his evening meal, he stood in front of me and knew it was treat time. He wasn't pushy, just hopeful and his tail would swish like a windscreen wiper.
Cazzie channels that but is pushier, same tail movement but for such a nervous dog, she has no qualms about paws on my knees and demanding a share. In fact she has become a monster for demanding food and her big favourite is CHIPS! We are careful not to over indulge, a few small ones but she LOVES them.
Now that she loves her walks, she is clean in the house. She sometimes forgets her nerves and after greeting my arrival, she will start zooming around the room, she is regularly zooming around the garden, even in the pitch black when let out to toilet.
I think the best/worst thing to happen to us recently was when Alan was attacked by next doors Malinois. Shadow has never been socialised, she is prone to defensive behaviour and my neighbour of twenty years has always been very careful watching her. She is walked, but in the woods far away from us and we rarely see OR hear her. Unfortunately, this night she slipped past his father and set upon Alan as we returned from our walk.
Deb and I jumped in to protect Alan and thankfully he escaped uninjured, but In that split second I forgot I had Cazzie's lead and let go. For twenty seconds that sick feeling in the stomach was horrendous. Just then Cazzie emerged from the darkness at the side of our cars, sniffing and mooching as if nothing was wrong, she trotted up the steps to outside our front door, she looked at me as if to say, “C'mon, it's cold outside, let me in!”

I think I knew then that this was her house now and she knew it.Thank you
Love Jim xx


Dear all at Many Tears,
Just wanted to let you know how Snowy was settling in to life with us. Snowy is such a beautiful girl, we lost our previous Old English Sheepdog Monty in 2019, so I can’t help thinking it was meant to be that Snowy was left at the Shelter. Snowy moved in with us on a Saturday afternoon at the end of November and she has settled so well, she is very affectionate and is so well behaved, she has a cheeky playful side to her and with the recent snow she was aptly named as she likes to roll in it. She enjoys her walks with us and loves her bed!


Well it was just over a year ago we called into MTAR to drop off donations and left our hearts behind after meeting a little Collie called ‘Jester’. A week later we took our two older and former MTAR Collies along to meet him and brought him home. He was a little darling – and looking for love from everyone. Our two older Collies, Dottie and Tilly, just ignored him for about a week but he soon charmed them and it took very little time at all before they were all romping around playing together happily. He’s formed a special bond with Tilly in particular. We renamed him Finn after St Finbarr after we discovered he was from Ireland and he is a little saint – so loving and gentle natured.
It was obvious he had never lived in a home as he was afraid of everything – curtains, cupboards, shopping bags – you name it he was frightened of it. He was the same on walks and often just lay down and refused to continue to walk without encouragement. Even country lanes presented terrors such as cycles, people with pushchairs, tractors! We signed him up for doggy classes which helped enormously but unfortunately there’s been several disruptions to the classes due to Covid. Still he’s getting there has made huge steps forward having a go at agility (although he still hates the tunnel) and being confident enough to explore unfamiliar surroundings with intense interest and curiosity.
He is the most wonderful little chap and has brought us such happiness with his affectionate nature and funny little personality although buying him a bed was pointless as he’s either on the sofa or on our bed!!
Thank you so much MTAR for letting him join our little pack! We can’t imagine life without him now.
Love and best wishes for 2021, Sheila, Neil, Catrin, Dottie, Matilda (Tilly) and Finn


Hi Happy New Year
Just wanted to update you on my adoption of Dolly the French Bulldog. We have had a wonderful first Christmas together, lots of presents and love! As expected she was very confused and nervous at first but is settling in well and gaining confidence. She is playing now and does the most amazing zoomies around the house and garden. As her confidence is growing her personality is emerging, she is such a loving funny little girl (although a bit of a thief with socks etc!) I have fallen head over heels in love. She is still anxious going for her walks but it is early days yet and we are taking things slowly while she gains confidence.
Thank you so much for letting me adopt this little cutie she is wonderful !
Best Wishes Nicola Bennett


Hi Many Tears
It has been just over 7 years, since I came to you and brought home my beloved Sadie. In that time we have been almost inseparable. I say almost, the only time I leave her is when I go on a holiday where dogs are not allowed. In that case she goes and stays with my sister.
Sadie is now the Lady of the House and I am the Lodger. With friends, we have walked most of the West Country, South Wales and parts of North Wales, and the South Eastern area of England. A very gentle soul, Sadie, is loved by all who meet her, and family and friends just love having her in their company. The children of the family take great delight when they ask Sadie to dance, and she obliges by getting on her hind legs and does the "Sadie Shuffle".
Where we walk locally, people have noticed how she carries a plastic bottle, and I always say she is litter picking, and will carry it as far as a bin is and drop it there for me to place it in, and then go look for another to carry.
Thank you Many Tears for letting me have such a Wonderful Companion
Best Wishes for 2021
Michelle May


Dear all at MTR,
We adopted Teddy (previously Ned) in March.
He is a great addition to our family, we feel like we have had him forever.
He has learnt well how to be a member of our house, how to walk on a lead, and how to play with toys. He has learnt all this from our other dog, Roger.
They like to spend time together: Playing in the garden, running in the park and being naughty around the house. Together they fill each day of our lives with joy and happiness. You can see from the photos how much Teddy has changed in a few months, as well as him and Roger.
Thank you for all your hard work, amazing !
We wish you a Happy New Year and hope more dogs are adopted in the new year!
The Urbanski Family
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