Happy Endings - January 2019


It's been a while since I wrote to you. I am now 4½ years old and was called Cartney when I was a baby with you, before you found me my forever home. I am still learning new things and now pick up things of the floor when my hoomans drop them, they say this saves them bending down to pick things up. Late last year my big sister Misty 16 years old was ill and was taken to the dog doctor, but he couldn’t make her well, but sent her to a place called the Rainbow Bridge where she can run again without pain, so I am pleased about that although I do miss her still. My hoomans say they may get me a new sister, but I aren’t sure. Being an only dog does mean I seem to get a lot of extra treats and attention so it is not all bad, but I do miss having another dog to play with. I go to training still in the warm days that they call summer and enjoy a thing called dog parkour which is a lot of fun https://www.dogparkour.org/home My favourite toy is still a tennis ball, I am very good at finding them and my hoomans never have to buy any to replace the ones that sometimes get chewed. Thank you for giving me a lovely start in life and finding the perfect forever home for me. Hope all the other dogs you have are as lucky as me. Jessie.


She is doing amazing. after 2 months on foster with me, we feel in love so she's staying forever. Over the past week she has been on park walks and meeting new dogs everyday. I think she is loving life. Photo attached of her on her park walk as you can see she has lost a lot of hair!
Also wanted to say a massive Thank you for all the work you do, having worked with the dogs you sent to us over the past few months these dogs are the most eye opening experience I have ever had and are so lucky to have Many Tears dedicated to helping them!
Finally, I was wondering if you would be able to send any information you had of Ripple when she was with you? Just like to know a little more of her background if possible!
Thank you again

Dee and Winnie


We adopted our beagle Lola (then Hover) in November 2016. It's now been over 2 years and she's doing so much better than she was when we first brought her home. She is still nervous of strangers and loud noises but has become a very happy member of our family, she even has her own spot on the sofa now. She loves going for walks and her tail never stops wagging when she sees food! Lola is now 6 years old and shares our home with our 8 year old Alaskan Malamute, she's always sleeping with her head resting on his back. She still is rather shy, but does like to sneakily play or steal slippers when nobody is watching. Thank you Many Tears for the wonderful work you do, so that dogs all over the country get to find their forever homes.
Sophie Campbell


It's 9 months now since we adopted Jenny and Jessie ( Jessica ) and they really have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months. They are clean in the house now and will go for 12-14 hours overnight without needing to go out. Their individual characters have come out now and we know without a doubt who is boss,Jessie!! They both have started to play with toys and treat puzzles which is great to watch... their confidence has grown now and they no longer cuddle together all the time, in fact they have the run of the house at night and have a bed in our bedroom but sometimes either one will go back downstairs and sleep on the sofa. They are great guard dogs and are very vocal when the doorbell goes, they are also very vocal when THEY think it's meal time but it's great.
They love going for walks now and their favourite walk is on the beach, both are happy on or off the lead and they have learnt to come when called..
These two little dogs have changed our lives and we couldn't imagine being without them.


I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our beautiful rescue Cockerpoo Lulu (formerly known as Quinn). She is the most loveable character. We got her from you in September last year. Since then she’s come on so much, at first she was very frightened never having been in a house before, not toilet trained and never seen grass before. All these things only took about 2 weeks to correct, she is so good now. I’m so glad you saved her some before and after pictures.


Dear Happy Endings,
We adopted our beautiful westie girl ‘Dee’ (originally known as Whenny) back in September 2018. We instantly fell in love with her and knew she would be the perfect addition to our family when we first met, and we couldn’t have made a better choice for a companion for ‘Billy’ our westie boy (who we also adopted from Many Tears 3 years ago. Our instincts were not wrong and Dee settled in with Billy from day one!!
Dee is only 4 years old and sadly has lost all her teeth, but this is not an issue as her food is soaked and she happily woofs it down! She is still a little nervous of certain things but loves going out with Billy for walks and gains confidence every day - it seems like she has lived with us forever.
I update Annette who was Dee’s foster carer and she loves to hear of Dee’s progress and receive photos we send her.
We can’t thank you enough Many Tears for letting us adopt Dee.
Diane and Steve Baller (Billy sends a big ‘thank you’ as well)

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