Happy Endings - January 2023


Hi everyone at Many Tears
A quick update on our beautiful girl Poppy (was Asti) who we adopted from you in October. She’s our second rescue from Many Tears but the first ex breeding dog we’ve had and she’s been wonderful. She house trained really quickly and loves being a ‘good girl’ which has made her basic training much easier.
As we live in Porthcawl she gets to run on the beach most days which she absolutely loves and is obsessed with her tennis ball. She also loves finding any pools of water or mud she can jump into! She’s slowly getting more confident with other people and is starting to enjoy visiting some local cafes, especially if there’s a pupuccino on offer!
We’re working on her lead walking (she bunny hops when she’s excited!) and we’re planning our first trip away with her to West Wales before Easter.
With thanks for the care you’ve given Poppy and all your other doggies,
from the Jones family x


Hello Many Tears,
I wanted to email in for ages and to tell you about our experience. In September 2022 we made the best decision to adopt then Snickers Now Penny. When Penny first arrived was very shy, timid and reserved but this could not be any further from the truth now. She is in loving, playful and some what bossy and we LOVE IT. We absolutely adore her and could not imagine our lives without her! She absolutely adores our other dog Spartacus. They are thick as thieves, love each other very much and great playmates running around the house. Her favourite things to do is going for walks out, cuddles with us and Spartacus, playing with all her toys, having her butternut dinners (Nom) and lording it up in bed! It really was the best decision and she has given Spartacus new lease of life. I love how much she has fitted into our lives like she was always meant to be there.
Thank you for choosing us!
Lots of love and puppy dog wags
From Erin, Luke and Spartacus.


Hello I thought you might like to know how Bella is getting on. We adopted Bella in September of 2022. She's a Tri Cavalier that had come from an ex-breeder. The thing that struck me the most on the way home, was how sad her eyes were. We're now 5 months in and there has been such a huge change in her. She loves nothing more than laying her head on you in bed for cuddles, and sometimes will come and sit on you to let you know she wants attention, even in the middle of the night! She has been so good with house training, with just the odd accident.
Learning to walk has been more of a challenge (she is a typical Cav and doesn't like bad weather!). We have been practicing in a secure field at our local RSPCA and she will bounce around when it is nice weather. Her big sister (Betty) has been the best big sister ever. I wasn't sure how she'd take to her as she's been a spoilt only child until we got her, but she loves her new friend and has taught her lots of naughty habits, like where the treat cupboard is. She's had her first trim today since we got her and looks like a fluff ball.
We adore Bella and can't imagine life without her. It breaks my heart to think of the life she used to have, especially in things like cold weather and not having a lovely warm bed. The work that you guys do is incredible and I would encourage anyone thinking of adopting from you to do it. It really does change your life.
Frankie, Joe, Betty and Bella x


Just a quick update on how our springer, Lulu (was Jenny) has settled into her new fur-ever home and family life – she is an absolute delight, and is loving her long walks in the country, and loves a trip to Barry Island. She’s getting on fabulously with our existing 9yo dog, Dexter, and he’s being a brilliant mentor on “how to do dog-stuff”; Lulu watches everything he does, and tries to copy. She loves to snuggle-up with him on the sofa in the evening. She’s enjoyed a few trips to the local pub, has come running with us, and enjoys a trip to a café. Such a precious little girl!
She’s still nervous of new things and new situations, but we cannot believe the transformation from the forlorn, defeated (and slightly whiffy!!) little girl we picked up on 9 December, to the blossoming, beautiful and happy Lulu we see today.
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do at MTAR.


New Year, new life for a new dog.
Fig (was Vary ex breeding dog) has come to live with me in Surrey with my other Many Tears Animal Rescue dog, Lemon. Lemon has been with me since August 2012 and we picked Fig up at the beginning of November 2022. It took us six hours to get home and they were as good as gold on the journey.
Fig seems to be settling in with us nicely and is very attached to the day bed complete with pillow and furry hot water bottle. I have been lucky in more ways than one. She is a very quick learner and has the best recall you could wish for. In fact it could be too good as she almost takes me out because she travels so fast to get back to me!
Lemon couldn’t care less, but if there is a reward for Fig for the perfect recall, then she is there too. Fig’s passport says she is six and came from Ireland and looks like she has had several litters of puppies, that is her history. Her future…. well that will be with me and Lemon, living her best life and forever life.
Thank you to MTAR for letting me and Lemon adopt her.
Susie Clibbon


Hi Just thought you would like an update on Pasta (now called Eleanor) the black and white collie we had from you last year (7th May 2022). She settled in very well right from the start and as you can see from the pictures, gets on very well with our 2 dogs Penny and Lucy. From the moment we brought her home, she took over the house and our hearts. She loves ball play, walks and snuggling up to her room mates. She has been a pleasure to adopt right from the start – she is an extremely quick learner and very very loving. We are so happy that we were able to give her "her forever home".
Thank you once again for allowing us to bring Eleanor into our lives
Sharon and David Morgan

Woof everyone.....I just wanted to let you know that I am Happy! I have a good life now and this is a picture of me relaxing after a lovely day with my human Mum. My mum says that if anyone is thinking of adopting a rescue dog then all they need is patience and a lot of love to give .......my mum still gets a little infuriated with me when I don't 'listen' to her calling me!......BUT I only do that when I am busy playing with my doggy friends!! Lots of love and Waggy Tails to ALL of you.....Woof Woof.

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