Happy Endings - March 2020


Hi there, I wanted to give you an update on little Addison - now called Maddie - whom we adopted from you last August. The picture in the car is pre-walk with Beau and Patch (unfortunately we lost our wonderful old boy Patch a month ago and we miss him terribly still), and a chap called Chester whom we're fostering for a lady in hospital. The other picture is of Maddie and Patch snuggling up for a Sunday afternoon snooze.
Maddie's had two ops on her back legs to fix her luxating patellas; she's recovered really well and we're now working on building up the muscles in her legs through daily walks.
She still has occasional accidents in the house but that's our fault! We've learned her routines and sometimes, if we get distracted, well.....when you gotta go, you gotta go!! She still eats as if every meal is her last one and is still nervous about going through dorways and men in general.
However, I can't thank you enough for letting us adopt her. She is an absolute bundle of joy and we love her to bits. It feels as though she's always been a part of our family. Each day there's a tiny breakthrough and sometimes, just for a moment, she lets go and you get a glimpse of the dog she'll become once her trust in humans has fully repaired.
Thank you for all the work you do to rescue dogs like our Maddie.
Jan Murphy


Dear Many Tears Rescue Centre,
On the 9th June 2019 we adopted a rescue dog named Molly and I am writing to you about this to tell you that she is fitting in perfectly with our other dog Max. She looks like she has found her right home!
She is starting to act like a real dog because she has been woofing and barking when the doorbell rings and at dinner, she has been eating grass from our big garden! At bedtime when we have all gone to bed she is usually walking around the kitchen squeaking for her momma, usually she gets the better of us and we come down to stop her crying!
Molly is a very special dog and we are very proud of her so much and we are very thankful that you let us have her. Molly is now very happily running around the garden as fast as lightning! I am sure that she loves us just as much as we love her.
Chloe Louise Dedicoat

Dear Many Tears Rescue Centre,
Molly is a special dog to have. We are lucky to have her. Since the 9th June 2019 Molly has come on loads! We are so proud of her and she is now even collecting my slippers!
Molly has grown in confidence and is even woofing along with the other dogs around us. She occasionally plays along by chasing and barking our other dog named Max. She is egging Max on to bark with her when it is breakfast and dinner!
She always wakes me up in the morning by her squeaking and hot stepping by the smell of Breakfast, or jumping on my bed to get a hug.
Molly is so sweet and she always makes me go ”awww” by her stretching or yawning or crying when she gets stuck in the bathroom!
She loves going outside and we will never forget that big smile on her face.
We wish for her life to never end.

Yours Sincerely,
Emily Dedicoat.


Lucy has now been with us since Valentine's Day, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate the day of love than giving this loving girl her loving and forever home.
Lou-Lou has found her happy face, that smile that melts your heart. She has been perfectly clean in doors from day one, within 5 days she had learned how to use the pet flap, is excellent on harness and lead, and loves her walks and runs where secure areas permit. She is happily living with her two new house mates (sisters as we prefer to call them) Bessie (Black) twelve and a half and Pippa (red as Lucy, so alike) three and a half. They eat sleep and play together almost as though they had always been together. She has also been perfect with our cat Rosie and her with Lucy.
Our greatest thanks to MTR for introducing Lucy to us and vice versa. We feel a match made in heaven on Valentine's Day. Thank you all so, so much from us all.
Lots of love, Lucy-Lou, Bessie, Pippa, Rosie, John and Natalie


Its just over a year ago that we drove down to Wales and collected Woody and I just want to let you know that he has settled in beautifully. Rosemary, our basset hound loves him. We adopted Rosemary in 2017 (please see happy endings 2018) and she had got ever so lonely as her companion, our terrier-cross passed away unexpectedly over Christmas 2018. It was apparent that Rosemary was not happy being an only dog as she would howl all night, so Rosemary decided for us that she needed some company. They are best friends and have been inseparable ever since.
As Rosemary was already going to dog training, Woody started classes too and in the year has passed his bronze and silver Kennel Club Good Citizen exams. He is so well behaved and gentle, he loves nothing more than to sit on the sofa and have a cuddle. Both dogs sleep together on the sofa and in their beds, they are never far away from each other. I have enclosed a photos of both dogs collecting their exam certificates (Rosemary with the gold and Woody with his silver) and another photo of the two cuddling in front of the fire. Thank you again for letting us have such lovely dogs and not forgetting their wonderful fosters
Jane and Sue. Andrea and Martin


I adopted MT Shish in May 2018. It wasn’t planned, her fosterer suggested we would be what she needed as she knew I was considering having 3 dogs again.
Well Jessie as she became (named after her human Great Grandmother), is an ex breeder who was terrified to start with. I know a lot about behaviour, and it was meant to be.
This is her first night in her new home. I lost her and my Westie... I soon found them on my bed together. I think they had bonded,

Jessie with big brother Cody at her Holiday home on the beach in Norfolk. Her first holiday.


Here are my 3 MT girls, Isla and Indigo adopted Sept and Nov 19 and Wish adopted 8/3/20.
The whole experience of adopting these girls from MT has been so rewarding and wonderful, challenging at times yes but the positives far outweigh the negatives. The support and care not only from the kennels right through to the fosterers is second to none and I can thoroughly recommend the whole process. Pics attached are of my girls living their dream as they so rightly deserve. Thanks Many Tears x


Well its 17 days since we adopted Elsi, and wow has she changed in such a short time. She is now house trained, had a few accidents initially but it was surprisingly easy, she copied her brother Gel who will wee on demand! Walking on a lead with harness came quickly, used training lead first few times, now walks beautifully and enjoys her walks. She is still a little anxious but will come for cuddles and loves having her head and ears stroked. She had a visit to the groomers and was so good they said, she looked so different after going. She was distressed in the crate after two nights, so bought another and brought her to sleep with us in the bedroom, she cried in that also, so she now sleeps on the bed with us and her brother and there is not a peep from them all night. We have just come back from a weekend in our caravan, Elsi had a great time, loved the beach and was completely settled. Thank you for letting her have a chance in life, she is so loved.

This is Bess (was Esta). This beautiful girl has only been with us for a few days but she has soon settled in. She adores our cairn terrier and follows him everywhere and is learning about living in a home so quickly from him. She already walks well on her lead and is clean in the house. She loves to be outside and has explored every inch of our garden and she loves toys and empties the toy box several times a day, not yet learnt how to put them back though! What a delight to have her and watch her enjoying life. Thanks so much to her foster Mum for all the care she took of Bess. We now have a wonderful addition to our home.


Look who went out today, she won't walk yet, so she had a lovely ride. She sat and looked at everything, it's a country park and we took her through the woods. She watched all the other dogs and people and made no effort to escape. She sat there with the sun on her and the breeze blowing those cavvy ears! What a beautiful sight to behold, so that's a massive step forward for us, she can now start going out. She went in the cafe and lay down in the buggy, despite all the noise she settled down wonderfully.
On Monday she's having a blood test so the vet can send off for a titre test to see where we are up to with the mythensea gravis. She weighs 7.54kg and keeps all her food down, she's now drinking out of a raised bowl. She likes to be near me, but she's still hand shy, I hold her to feed her so she does have plenty of contact. She is not on any medication and hasn't been for the past three months. She is a lot better off the meds, we won't get the results of the titre for three weeks, so I will let you know what happens next.
Take care Susan x


Hi there
Well we have had Freddie now for 10 days......and what a delight he has been.
He is full of fun and so confident, his Foster carer certainly helped him to adjust to home life with her loving and caring ways.
Our other dogs are happy to have the little chap amongst them and enjoy a good cuddle session.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Freddie,he is a delight.
Much Love and Woofs
JIll C


I’ve been at my new home for two and a half weeks now and thought you might like to see how I’m settling in. Mum says I’m the most loving little soul, I love cuddles and my waggy tail always makes mum smile. Walking in the woods is fun, so much to sniff and I went to the beach for the first time today and even went to work with mum yesterday, she’s a doggie hairdresser so I’m on meet and greet duties which I enjoyed. I’ve got a lovely comfy bed to get cosy in and Alfred whippet is my new companion. Thank you all for the amazing work you do with these special dogs. Me and George are so grateful.
All the best, Julia and George

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