Happy Endings - March 2023


Hi Everyone at Many Tears
I just wanted to let you know how pup Bella (now called Nellie) is getting on.
Nellie is now 6 months old and we cannot imagine life without her - she is so loving absolutely adores cuddles and has really bonded with our other dog, a cockerpoo called Maisie.
They play well together and often chase each other in the fields close to our house - Nellie attended puppy class and graduated with full honours, she did extremely well with her recall and down commands .
She is a beautiful little dog and we are so grateful that you let us have her thank you so much you are all amazing and do an incredible job .
I tell anyone I know to check out your website a lot of my friends now follow you so hopefully they will adopt a dog from you. I will send some picture across now
Kind Regards
Sue and Megan


I just wanted to let you know that Rufus is settling into his new home so well, we’re so grateful to you for letting us adopt him, he’s perfect. He is enjoying his walks out with his big little brother Mojo, he loves to sit on the end of my bed to watch Phil the Pheasant, just while I’m getting ready for a walk, after he loves to find a sunny spot to sleep, outside or in, he’s always happy.
Thank you Many Tears Rescue


We came to you having reserved a female collie but she wasn’t compatible with our girls so you suggested Sammy, the 10 month old blond Lab. He wasn’t at all what we had planned, but what can we say? He is just the best boy and we adore him. He is full of energy and he and Layla (formerly Kikas- MT rescue from Portugal) spend the whole time playing. Their zoomies together around the garden are spectacular. He is really respectful of Asha (formally Amiable- MT rescue from Ireland) who is now 13 and prefers to watch his Bambi moves from a distance. He loves the beach, sleeping upside down and of course lots of fuss and treats. Another beautiful rescue dog from Many Tears. Thank you.


We adopted Olive (Ginge) on Saturday 4 March 2023 so she has been with us for around 2 weeks. She now lives with us and her new friend, Ted (11 year old Miniature Schnauzer) at our home in Stourbridge, West Midlands.
Olive was so timid and scared when we collected her but seemed to be in a better physical condition than she appeared on her adoption page on the Many Tears website. We couldn’t wait to get her home.
Sitting alongside Ted in a separate crate in the back of the car, Olive didn’t seem to mind the 160 mile drive to her new home. We cannot begin to tell you how amazed we are at how well Olive has settled into her new life. Since arrival, she’s eaten two full meals every day. Gone from taking treats off the floor to taking them from our hand and although still quite timid, often retreating into her crate when approached, her confidence is increasing by the day.
We’ve barely had an accident from her as she responds very well to being taken outside. She get’s on very well with Ted and is learning from him all the time. She’s a very inquisitive dog and has begun demonstrating a mischievous character by surrounding herself in her crate with shoes, socks, scarves, towels and anything else she can get her paws on!
Olive also loves to go out. Whilst very nervous of the big wide world on day 2 and 3, by day 9 she had amazingly completed a 2 mile walk on an extending lead! Often walking ahead but also following at close quarters. She is an amazing little dog that we loved instant we saw her. No more tears for Olive – only Happy Days ahead.
Thank you Many Tears Rescue for our little gem.
Colin Pugh


Hi Many Tears,
On July 10th we took the 4 hour drive to your center to get Buddy (was Eddie). He is doing amazing. He sleeps in our bed every night, sits at the kitchen table waiting for food scraps and goes on long countryside walks every weekend. Buddy has had many adventures with us with holidays, beaches, pubs,canal boats, kayaking and golf days! His fondness for socks and belly rubs is still there from the first day we got him. Buddy passed his puppy training classes and has come out of his shell becoming a confident friendly dog who gets stopped in the street for people who want to meet him. Buddy loves playing fetch in ponds and swamps and is really enjoying life. Thank you so much to everyone at Many Tears for all your hard work and care.
Kind regards
Francesca, Sam and Andrew

EDIE ( E-Dee Was Cara)

On Sunday 12th March we set off on an 8 hour round trip from Liverpool to South Wales to pick up the newest member of our house. However when we arrived we were told the dog we had initially applied for would not be suitable due to us having an active lifestyle and current dog and our perspective dogs medical needs being more severe than we thought. Not to worry the amazing Chelsea at Many Tears was on hand to help us.
She offered us a walk around to see all the dogs and allow us to maybe choose a new friend to rescue. We were shown around by the lovely Irene who talked us through a lot of the dogs and showed us the bonds she had with some of her favourites.
Thankfully one girl stole our hearts and Chelsea also confirmed they she had her in mind for us too, which was even better. After a brief meeting and walk with our dog Daphne we knew she was the girl for us. We then got to take our beautiful Edie (E-Dee, previously Cara) home.
Before we left a staff member ,Tracey, came to see Edie off as she was the one cared for her and taught her to walk on the lead. She was amazing and gave us a few feeding tips should she go off her food in the days after the move. She is settling in really well and we love her.
She has been eating more than we expected to begin with, which is really positive. She is allowing us to gently stroke her to gain her trust and is becoming more receptive of it. She is already toileting outside and has become familiar with her home surroundings.
She has found “her spot” in the house already, where we had a bed under a table in our hallway. She sleeps here during the day and night and is the place where she allows the most contact with her. With a few more weeks she will should feel right at home and ready to progress even further, but all at her own pace.
Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Many Tears you all do such an amazing job.
Thank you Tracey for showing your love for Edie, we will make sure we carry this on.
Thank you Irene for taking the time on what was such a busy day at the rescue to show us around.
Finally, thank you Chelsea. Thank you for your honesty when making sure our home was right for the dog and for us. It showed us how much it means to you all and that the dogs get the best possible home.
Thank you for allowing us to choose another dog and being so good with us from start to finish
. And thank you for allowing us to rescue Edie.
Here’s to Edie’s second chance
Daniel, Jennifer, Daphne and Edie


Me and my partner Harvey came and collected Thane on Saturday 4th February from Many Tears rescue centre. He has settled in so well, and his two sisters love him so much. He is the most loving boy I have ever met, and he has made out little family whole. We can honestly say we can’t remember life without him and we are ready to provide him with a life full of love and happiness.
Charlotte Seymour


Hi Many Tears Team,
Just wanted to thank you all and give you an update on Molly (was Sherbert) who has been with us for just 3 weeks now. When we first came to meet her she was very reserved and no doubt a bit overwhelmed by these strangers that had come to make a fuss which was of course perfectly understandable.
The process of adoption was very smooth with lots of great information given and time allowed for Molly to meet her new brother, Dexter the beagle. Once safely home she nervously explored her new surroundings but seems to like this new thing called a sofa!
For the couple of days we allowed her plenty of time and space, however slowly but surely curiosity got the better of her and she started to approach for treats and a fuss. The transformation of Molly in just 3 weeks has been heartwarming to watch. She was fully house trained in a matter of days by following Dexters lead and her first experience of learning to walk on the lead was like a great adventure for her. She is now ready at the front door every time the lead is picked up and absolutely adores being in the great outdoors exploring new sights and smells.
Thank you all from us first time adopters for making the process smooth with your very professional approach.
Best wishes for the future,
Steve, Annette, Ellie and Dexter.


Carlo came to us in February 2021, he is a Visla and was just over 9 years old at the time. When we first saw him he decided straight away that we would suit his needs (we were told that he spent a lot of the time in the kennels howling). It was a quick fit as the feeling was mutual. As is usual there was no real history with him, but it was quickly obvious that he was an outside dog, but saying that, he very quickly learned from Bonnie (our resident Irish Setter, and very laid back) about home cleanliness, and we had very few accidents. From day one he was a part of the pack and a very happy dog.
We learned very quickly why Vislas are known as Velcro dogs, so decided that any future holidays they would be coming with us and no more kennels. The vet told us early on that he had quite bad arthritic joints, so as he has got older, he has the monthly jab which helps a lot, plus Cbd oil, he is much less active now, as is to be expected, but a lovely happy boy.
Drift arrived in mid July 2022,and when we picked her up, she had to be carried out to see us, poor girl was petrified of everything, and she had a very sad previous life. We took her home, hoping we could help her, especially already having 2 very good dogs at home. When we got home, as we had been warned, she went into the garden and hid under a bush. When she ventured out it was because of the others and her inquisitiveness. In a very short time she was feeling at home, but still very nervous. We could not get her out for a walk, but she would cry when the others went out? After 3 weeks she was watching the others walk down the road and plucked up courage to join them, after realising walks were not a danger it was no problem getting her out twice a day. However the vet had warned us that we couldn’t let her off the lead for at least 6 weeks as she had absolutely no muscle, and if we let her off she would probably hurt herself.
After six weeks of walking on an extending lead, we thought that it was time to let her off, we were sure that she was well and truly a part of the pack by then. However when we took the lead off she ran like a bat out of hell and disappeared over the dykes (we were walking in an area where there was about15 acres of ground one side of the dykes and 10mm acres the other side leading to the river and the beach). Happily she reappeared by our side after a few minutes and has been running and swimming for England ever since, she is manic as soon as the lead comes off (making up for lost time). The only time she is reserved is when there are people around, then she stays close. 8 months now and hardly any nerves left, such a loving little girl, but definitely not and Irish Setter as was thought, runs like a spaniel, looks like a setter, but much too small. But it doesn’t matter at all, such joy from them all.
Karan and Bill


Hello , we just wanted to give you a quick update on Riffraff who we adopted a year ago (25th Feb, 2022, originally from Romania) at 4 1/2 months old. Riffraff quickly became part of the furniture and settled really well. From a little puppy he is now enormous - but we don’t think he realises quite how big he is! He is absolutely adorable, cheeky but adorable! He is living his best life, lots of walks, food, playing and cuddles. He has fitted in so well (especially with Scruff and Frazzle!) and we can’t imagine life with out him.
Thank you Many Tears!
Best wishes - The Fisher Family


10 years ago today on 2 March 2013 we drove from Hampshire to MTR to pick up a 16 week old collie pup.
Well what a journey we've had!
We already had our collie boy Eddy who was a typical full on, mega friendly lad, so we knew life would be doubly hectic with 2. Despite lots of experience with the breed, Catriona now Flo, threw us some curved balls.
Flo was introduced to obedience training and agility with some brilliant trainers, she loves working. However she is an anxious soul and is reactive to other dogs and always will be, we have learnt so much about fear aggression and managing her. She opened up a new facinating world of dog behaviour to us. She is not an easy dog to own, but we love all her quirks and she lives the best life despite her odd ways and it has been really rewarding watching her flourish.
We always wonder what happened to her siblings rehomed just before her, it would be nice to hear their stories. Anne and Chris Mayne


Just wanted to update you on the progress on Lizzie ( previously Mari) who we adopted 22nd December 2022.
She was a little bit scared and had the saddest eyes when we met her but we instantly fell in love with her. She is the kindest gentlest soul.
She loves her new sisters and loves her new home, garden and life that she deserves.
It didn’t take her long to settle in. She only has occasional accidents and loves walking on the lead which she was scared at the beginning. She was petrified of the car but now She loves going in the car to meet more dog friends. we are looking forward to taking her on her first holiday to the Gower in May.
She loves playing with her toys and loves chasing the pigeons out of the garden lol. She loves relaxing on the sofa and coming in on our bed at night. She’s the most loving girl.
She has really fit in with our family and can’t imagine life without her now.
We are so lucky to have her and would like to thank Many Tears for looking after her so well in the 3 weeks that she was there.
Nadine, Adrian, Dan, Luna and Nala xx

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