Happy Endings - March 2019


It has been 2 months since I was adopted and moved to my forever home with my new mum and dad. I settled in straight away and I think I surprised them with how quickly I made myself at home. They said they were all prepared for me to have a few ‘accidents’ through the night, but I am a big boy and know that you go outside when you need the toilet so there have been no accidents at all!
I have lots of lovely toys to play with and a choice of three beds to sleep in (as well as the sofa to curl up on). I have already been on a couple of holidays; the first one was to my mum and dads friend house where I got to play with my new best friends, Mumbles and Rocket, in a big park where we all got to run around and play. My mum and dad have bought me some lovely suits to keep me warm and so I look dapper (although they say it is so that I don’t get so dirty when I am out on my walks).
My second holiday was to a cottage right next to the beach in a place called Cumbria (I didn’t know what a beach was until I got there). Apparently, mum and dad own the cottage and they told me that I get to go there all of the time. The weather wasn’t very good while we were there but that didn’t spoil things. I got to run around on the beach every day and chase my ball, which is my favourite game. I also got to meet my mum’s family as they live near the cottage and I got to play with their dog, Rocco Calvin, so that was fun.
One of the best things about the holiday was the big fire in the cottage. I loved curling up next to that and getting nice and warm. I had a special treat while I was there; mum bought me an ice cream which was made for dogs. Apparently, there was no sugar in it, but there were lots of dog biscuits. We had a lovely week away and can’t wait until we all go again (mum says that will be in May),
Mum also said that in June we are going again and that Mumbles and Rocket and their mum and dad are coming too. That will be amazing and I will probably have to write again after that holiday.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, mum and dad had something called a DNA test done, and it seems that one of my Great Grandparents is a Cairn Terrier, just like Toto from The Wizard of Oz and the rest of me is Westie.


We are delighted to share our happy ending... we adopted Willow (Wopping) in September 2018 when she was 12 weeks. She settled in quickly and is now such a big part of our family. She’s so patient, calm and loving... and then a nutty terrier off the lead! She’s so intelligent she has learned so many commands and apart from the odd chewed shoe, she’s the perfect fur baby for us!
Willow doesn’t understand sometimes why the cats don’t want to play with her, but they do love to snuggle. We are now a full house of kids, cats and a dog - and couldn’t be happier!
Thanks Many Tears for completing our family.


James. Now called jax is the perfect little boy. We adopted him 2 months ago and eveyone in the family adores him. Hes so a lovable and follows me everywhere. Hes made himself quite at home and loves playing with his rubber bone and over the field with his ball. He didnt like the lead much when we first got him but now he tells us when its walkies time. Loves being out and about and also cuddles. Hes such an amazing addition to our family and even my older cat has taken a liking to him. He's having his neuturing op tomorrow so i hope he heals quick so we can enjoy our camping holiday in April. He's coming and hes going to love it


Hi! I’m Jake. I was adopted from MTAR Carmarthenshire in 2011, at 10 weeks. I live with my big hooman (Mummy) my other big hooman (Dad, he has to go to this thing called work, it sounds fun!) my big brother, my two sisters and another dog called Lenny (1 year). I’m know nearly 8 and enjoy going on walks to the beach and in the woods. Mummy throws a tennis ball and Lenny and I race to get it! He usually wins though, since i got diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia last year, my hoomans are very good though and give me food and belly rubs (if I rest my head on their knees when their eating I may get some chicken!) I love my new home and act like a crash mat sometimes for my youngest sister (she’s 11 now, but I still stand right by the side of her bike so if she falls she lands on me, although it means sometimes she accidentally rides over my paw but she makes it up in belly rubs).
Thank you Many Tears for giving me a home

Love from Jake

I would like to bring some happy news. I adopted Sally from your great organisation in October 2014. She was a very frightened and shy dog and she has turned out to be such a beautiful, funny but still a little nervous dog who is adored by so many of my family and friends.
She now has a grade 4/5 heart murmur and enlarged heart , she is on medication to help her and she's coping really well and never leaves my side.
This is just to help those who are considering rescuing any dog and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you for reading this and thank you for giving me such joy in Sally.
Many thanks Diane Cook


Poppy here (AKA Gaia). I joined my new pack in January. My new Mum and Dad came all the way from West Yorkshire to get me from my awesome MTR foster parents in Devon. Best part, they bought my new bro Teddy with them! I have settled in extremely well, and Teddy is showing me the way, I really love him! I’ve been on my first ever holiday, and my health has come on leaps and bounds. I wanted to thank MTR for saving me, and extra licks to my foster parents who got me on the right track ready for my forever home. Here is a before and after photo of me, and one with my bro.
Lots of licks, Poppy

I thought I would contact you about Fergus. We got him from you at 18 months And he is now 11 years old He is a cross between GSD and foxhound and he is the love of our lives. He is a therapy dog and I take him to a cancer organisation where he meets and greets. He is a gentle sole and people just adore him. Thank you so much for our boy.
David and Susan


Hi there,
Zola (was Slumber) came home with us on 4th March and slept for the entire 2 hour journey, only waking up when the car was switched off on the driveway. She’s settled in beautifully and has enjoyed trips to her grandparents houses!! Second round of vaccinations are due soon and she’s enrolled in her first set of puppy classes when she’s ready. Zola absolutely loves playing with tennis balls and curling up on the sofa at the end of a long busy day Thanks for all the good work MTAR do and thank you for letting this little one come home with us!
Paul Greenland


Just a happy little update on this beautiful little girlie. Daphne has now been with us for just over 12months, and what an absolute delight this little lady is.
Daphne now enjoys living life to the full along with her big brother Buddy, and little sister Violet.
Daphne has turned out to be the most fun loving little girl and has gained so much confidence, she amazes me each and every day. Seeing this little girl flourish into this confident and yet mischievous at times has been one of the most rewarding 12months of my life, and I’m looking forward to making lots of happy memories with my darling girl, ones that I’ll cherish forever


Hello Many Tears,
My name is Mabel but you might remember me as Tiffany. I have been living with my new family for 7 months now and I just wanted to let you know how I am.
When I first arrived here I was very scared. I used to crawl across the floor, cry at night and cower when approached. My new family spent lots of time loving me and making me realise I could love them back. I grew to love my sister (Pippa) very quickly. I adore Pippa and would often just stare at her for hours but she did not feel the same, she had her reservations about me. I am very pleased to say that we now cuddle together and chew our toys together. I still think she finds it annoying when I kiss her but I’m getting there.
On top of all that I am progressing fantastically. I am fully toilet trained, walk brilliantly on and off the lead and sit without having to be told. My mum says I am now better trained than my sister. I am currently learning how to play fetch and return my toys to whoever is playing with me.
I guess all I’m saying is thank you many tears for giving me my new family - I really am loving my life.
Mabel xx


I wanted to share Megans story. We adopted Megan from you at 10 months old. Travelling from North Wales to see her. She was a nervous dog at first but settled in to life with us pretty quickly she is still with us and as you can see celebrated her 12th birthday on Sunday She is the most loving loyal Alsatian we could of ever wished for. She still enjoys going for walks and playing with her younger brother Milo a Jack Russell who we got from a puppy. They are literally like mother and son! Please see enclosed photos.
Thank you for all your good work
Chris and Joy


We all came 600 miles round trip from Hull to come to Many Tears on Sunday 11th Feb 2018. We all met a terrified dog, scared of her own shadow who had been rescued from a breeder. A sad face which we had seen on the website and we wanted to change. The first few days, weeks and months we battled hard to get her to gain our trust....What a difference a year makes. Noises and sudden movements still worry her, but she trusts more each day, and has us all in her pocket. You guys do a fantastic job!
Will Maycock

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