Happy Endings - March 2022


Just wanted to share an update on Carly that we got from many tears a year ago.
You can see from the pictures that when we first had her she was quite timid. But we would tell all would be adopters the real personalty dog come when they come out of their shell. We had no idea she would become such a loving and confident dog, even more cuddly and confident than our first dog is.
Thanks for all the work you do.
Mark and Catherine


It has been nearly 6 weeks since we adopted Mavis.
After a 6.5 hour drive home back to East Sussex we thought she had done really well and actually ate chicken from our hand.
A good start. We are now nearly six weeks in and she makes more progress every day, still a little nervous and goes to her safe place, the crate she comandered off our other beautiful furbaby, Mabel.
She climbs stairs, walks on a lead, nearly jumps on the sofa and bed (work in progress) she is learning off her sister (our Cockershon Mabel). She even spends time off a lead, and we are working on her recall.
We think that she had made tremendous progress in such a short period of time. We are now looking forward to our Easter break away in our campervan.
Thank you Many Tears, just wanted to let you know that she a very much loved furbaby who had bought us joy in such a short space of time and are so glad we were able to offer her a forever home.
Few pics attached.
Craig and Sally-Anne


We adopted Winter when she was 3yrs old in 2012 a very tiny Cavalier king charles 4kg. Winter has just celebrated her 13th birthday she has had many illnesses but has always pulled through. She has just been diagnosed with a Heart Murmur her favourite pastime is barking.
We then adopted Whisper an 8 week old pup in 2012 a blenheim Cav he will be 10yrs next month. He has been a treasure loves his ball even though he now has arthritis and heart murmur.
Then in 2017 we adopted Nova a Cavalier Cross she was a very thin very scared girl aged 18months took 3 days to come out of cage when she did she went to Whisper and still follows him. Nova is great at home but still very scared out she just loves being smoothed.
Carol Jones


We took Bella, formerly Shirley, home to Bristol on 16 November 2021, still recovering from surgery and wearing a medical collar. For the journey to her new home, she remained passive until we reached the Severn bridge when she threw back her head and howled, as if lamenting leaving the land of her fathers.
She was initially reluctant to go into the garden or for a short walk. Her home was what she clung to. But once the collar was off, she gradually became more adventurous as she discovered the pleasure of walking on grass or snuffling through leaves on her daily walks. She now loves her walks, meeting other dogs and exploring new smells. A walk through the woods sees her in full hunter mode.
She has formed a good relationship with Woody, our Jack Russell Cross, and they now “gang up” on us at food time and to go out for walks. She has taken time to get to know our granddaughter but, once a ball was introduced, they began to play together. We have learnt to understand her – including finding out how to keep her occupied and encourage her enthusiasm – and she has learned to understand us and communicate. If one or both of have been out we are greeted in full spaniel mode, everything below the shoulder wags! It is clear she learns quickly and we have started going to a training course to bush up our skills.
Bella has settled happily into being a full family member and is giving us, and dog-loving friends, much pleasure.
Sheila and Sid Stace


I adopted Betty from you two years ago as lockdown was announced. I’ll admit it was difficult at first she had been so badly treated and there were so many things she had to understand and learn, beginning with trust, so hard for her but little by little she let her guard down.
We celebrated each hurdle passed first walk on lead, first car journey with out panicking, first walk off the lead. Walking on the beach The list is endless
Her only slight hang up now is going through gates although even that is a lot easier now it took time for her to relax and trust but she is a joy now a loving fun gentle little soul loves her walks and snuggling with friend Ellie who also came from you
Thank you all so much and thankyou to Viginia her foster mum


Hello all
I am just giving you an update on my new life - oh boy do I love my new family.
Last week, as it was start of the season, mommy, daddy and Fleur introduced me to our caravan at Charmouth (cannot wait for Friday when we go again), and I loved it - even had my first swim but coz mommy and daddy were so shocked I jumped in after Fleur they did not take a photo.
It was great fun and running around after to dry off before going to what is called a pub where me and Fleur were treated to a very yummy doggy ice cream yoghurt for being very good girls. I even met the goats at the bottom of the pub garden.
All mommy and daddy's friends at caravan think I am amazing coz I so clever and good off the lead - they think I been to training school coz of how good I am - basically I am just copying/following what Fleur does coz I get a special treat.
Mommy has attached a few pics of us at our second home and had promised to do a video next time of me swimming. As you can see we are so very tired after we get back to the caravan we have to have a good sleep in our beds as we know we going to go out again later.
Thank you for giving me such a loving brilliant family who treat me as "best thing since sliced bread" as Mommy is always saying.
Until next time x
Eva xxx


We adopted the lovely Dottie last Saturday, she has quickly settled in with us and is enjoying playing with her toys in her new garden. She is a joy to have around the house and is learning how to sit.
She is so loving and affectionate and we can't believe how well behaved she is.
She has met a few friends and family and they have all fallen in love with her, as have we.
We have been practicing on the lead and are really looking forward to building up her time on walks.
Thank you so much for making our family complete.
Rebecca and Ben


I adopted Luna (MT Luna) in Nov 2019 and from a tiny 8 week old puppy she has grown into the best friend I could ever ask for. Life is so much more fun with Luna in it, we have adventures every day of the week. It’s took me over 2 years to trust her off lead due to her beagle prey drive but now that we have managed that, our walks are even better. I work from home so it’s lovely to have that company from her. Luna is also best friends with one of my cats. Thankyou Many Tears for all your fantastic work.
Vicki, Remi and Coco


Just to let you know that although a "work in progress" Albert adopted on 17.02.22 (now known as Loki) is settling in well and loves his mam, dad and Bucky (a former MT boy - adopted on 17.01.17 was Hairy Mclairy).


We got Plum Pudding in 2015 and was our second time adopting a dog from you. We got her around Christmas as you can tell by her name she became part of our family straight away she’s such a cute little dog. Her favourite thing to do is to eat everything in sight so we always have to keep an eye on her, she’s always begging for food and normally sits at the table with us when eating dinner. She absolutely hates the cold and will refuse to go outside even if there is a tiny bit of wind or rain she’s always wrapping herself up in blankets like a little burrito so she’s nice and warm. Just want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a lovely dog she’s been amazing.
Jane Mahany


On May 1st 2021 my dog ‘Torrie’, my partner and I drove 5 hours to get to Many Tears for an introduction to Tressy, a guesstimated 3 year old ex breeding bitch Golden Retriever. We waited in the sand school as Joyce brought Tressy around the corner wearing her post neutering op collar, a thin, nervous but beautiful dog. I turned to my partner and said.....’we’re taking her home aren’t we?’......’Yes’ he said.
My previous ex breeding bitch from Many Tears had been a very nervous, inexperienced and unsocialised cavalier, she needed oodles of patience to finally become the happy dog she was, but Tressy took nervous to a new level. We renamed her Tishka as Torrie and Tressy were too similar.
We arrived home, Tishka sat in her crate and shook like an earthquake, even my very calm laid back friendly dog didn’t seem to help in that first week, Tishka refused to eat or drink unless no one else was in the room, including Torrie, and every night she had the most horrendous diarrhoea.
We realised quite quickly that Tishka was most frightened of my partner, presumably as he’s male. So I started sitting on the floor the other side of the kitchen and gently talking to her while rolling irresistible titbits to her, I did this regularly throughout the day and for weeks, until she stopped shaking if I approached and my partner ignored her other than to drop treats for her when he walked passed her.
Tishka was frightened of so many things....grass, flowers, particularly if they moved in a breeze, all items of furniture, TV, collars, leads, household noises and cars, even stationary ones, out on a walk she would lay flat as soon as she saw a car, even if it was parked! Thank goodness we live next to fields! Tishka did like the sound of the rustling of the inner wrapper of boxes of cereals though so we wonder if that’s what she’d been fed on. And Tishka also liked children so if we had visiting children she would slowly sidle up to them for a stroke!
Sadly Tishka’s socialisation was hampered by her health, the diarrhoea continued; vet visits, investigations, medications, then it got worse and was blood, weight loss (she was already so thin), so eventually an investigative operation, followed by a surgical operation to remove a growth in her intestines and then convalescing. This all took about 6 months, but hooray, the op was a success! All the while we kept working on her socialisation, Tishka decided that Torrie was a friend and that copying her behaviour was the way to go.....hallelujah!
Little steps, patience, kindness, love, a little push now and again and my very beautiful laid back goldie, and eventually we now have a happy and settled Tishka!
Tishka enjoys her walks now and walks tail wagging, she’s still on a lead as she could get spooked and bolt if she was off lead. In the house she loves a snuggle on the sofa, with one of us or Torrie, she is wary of new people, new things and sudden noises or movements but from where she was 10 months ago she has come on no end. She has a beautiful gentle soul and tries really hard to be good. She still has occasional accidents in the house but with what we went through for the first 6 months we consider this a doddle!
So....Tishka has her happy ending, we love her to bits and we are sure she will continue settling until one day she can go off lead and run with Torrie until then she will be treasured.
I know sometimes people get frustrated when Many Tears stipulate that there must be a calm resident dog in a household that wants to adopt but believe me, Tishka and previously my little cavalier Sasha, couldn’t have settled as they have without that resident dog. Even with the resident dog it can be a long slow road, but it’s well worth it!


Just thought I would let you see how lando has settled in with us, he is more confident, cheeky and extremely loving, he has gained some weight and really calmed down so is not terrified of everyone and everything anymore.
Please see the pictures I have attached for you, he is with his best friend and mentor Carlos who is 9 today.

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