Happy Endings - March 2021


Hi Many Tears Staff
I just wanted to let you know that Margaret, now Ruby, is doing well. Ruby is a delight and has learnt a lot from our 11 year old labradoodle who is very patient and motherly towards her. In turn Ruby has made her feel young again. Our other little dog mainly ignores her but they occasionally surprise us and cuddle up together. Ruby seems to grow by the day - her legs are getting so long - and she will do anything for food so her recall is excellent. She loves a cuddle in the evening, when she is finally tired out and she has learnt to relax and ignore household noise, although she still barks at the vacuum.
Ruby was easy to housetrain and will do anything for a treat, so although we haven’t been to training classes yet she has learnt a lot of moves! I think she would like agility when she’s all grown up. We are very lucky to have her as she’s been so easy and a real joy. Thank you for entrusting her to us and we are so grateful that she was saved from Romania.
With best regards Louise


Annie was rescued from Romania and I adopted her from Many Tears in December 2020. She was very nervous and anxious at the beginning and easily startled by loud noises and buses. Three months on and she has come on in leaps and bounds and has quite a mischievous streak to her! She loves attention and being stroked and loves her food! Shes not very keen on dog toys and I've learnt recently that she prefers cat toys!
I've just started letting her off the lead and her recall is on the whole good! I want to say thank you to the staff at Many Tears for allowing me to take Annie home! I can't remember what life was like without her now!
Jess and Annie


Hi, Just wanted to send an update of MT ‘Twitter’ now ‘Bella’
We adopted Bella at the very beginning of January.
After the first few weeks of getting used to living in our home and sleeping loads, she slowly started to come out of her shell.
She is a truly beautiful and lovely little dog! She is totally toilet trained now, loves her walks, loves all other dogs and even loves our rabbits and Guinea pigs!! She also now enjoys settling on the sofa on an evening and lapping up our attention! A different dog to the small scared animal we brought home.
Thank you to Many Tears (Sylvia and Bill) Home-checkers, fosterers and all the staff! What a brilliant job you all do in giving these dogs new lives!
If you would also like to add our miles to ‘Walk the Walk’ I will send a donation. This week we have walked a total of 10miles (don’t know if two dogs means 20miles!!!!)
Pictures are of Weston Super Mare North Somerset.(and one at her first groom and at home)
If you want to add to both pages!
Thank you Amanda


Hi Many Tears
We adopted Sky the chocolate Cocker Spaniel after losing our beloved rescue Akita, Abby in December. Sky won our hearts from the moment we saw her cheeky grin and waggly bottom.She is just a bundle of joy and happiness. She wasnt house trained but we have a dog flap and she went flying through it from day one following the example of our little Bedipoo,Bugsy.
She soon learned to "do her biz" outside and will do anything for a treat a really quick learner.She had never lived indoors so barked at the telly and mirrors but adapted quickly. She took a while to realise she couldnt run through glass doors! Toys and balls meant nothing to her and she didnt know her own name. Now she loves playing and her recall is excellent.
She is best mates with Bugsy and they tear around the house and garden at full speed-although we do call her the bulldozer she is so enthusiastic!! Sky loves every person and dog she meets even the vet. She sleeps in her open cage in the bedroom and on the sofa or Dads lap other times. Together Sky and Bugsy fill our days with great joy and are an interesting combination.
Thanks for letting us have such a great girl and keep up the good work you are all doing.
Love Huw,Ruth,Bugsy and SkyXXXX
p.s Sky has had her first haircut and she is quite slim under all the tangle


We adopted Dora in December 2020 and she’s fitted so perfectly into our family. She and Lottie, our other dog, are best friends already and she also gets so excited when she meets my parents’ dog, Willow. She and Willow are very similar and have a similar play style!
We have really enjoyed taking her on runs with us - in fact she completed her first half marathon the other week after gently building up the distance over the last few weeks. For a little dog she can run really far and fits our active lifestyle really well.
She is completely spoilt and sleeps on our bed, has multiple dog coats, collars and toys! Since we’ve had her she has mastered toilet training, stopped barking at strangers on walks and is learning how to control her excitement and not always bark - she is so clever and such a fast learner! Although she likes to venture far off the lead her recall is really good and she always comes trotting back.
She does have a cheeky side which we love as Lottie is very serious so she compliments her. She really looks up to Lottie and often follows Lottie around. We were worried as her fosterer described her as a shadow dog always following you around the house and that she may struggle to be left alone, but recently she’s been sneaking off upstairs to our bed to have a afternoon nap, so she’s really learning how to be more independent.
We’ve left her with Lottie a couple of times to go shopping and she’s been absolutely fine - we are just so pleased she is so settled here already! We can’t wait for lockdown to lift so we can take her to our local pub and go on holiday to Devon to the seaside!


Hotshot is doing so well settling into his new home and enjoying all his new experiences and sniffs, he became part of the family instantly. His training is coming along so well and hes just full of life. Would like to thank all the team for all their help with what they've done for hotshot and the helping with the rehoming at this awful time with the restrictions, hes certainly has such a positive impact for everyone in his new family and thats exactly what we all needed.


Hi team, I just wanted to let you know that Tomasina has settled and is very happy. She loves her cuddles and sleeping on the bed, and she seems very relaxed and happy. Thank you so much for letting me adopt her, I think she is gorgeous and I look forward to many years together xxx


Annie joined us in August 2020 - she was such a timid little girl when she came and spent the first few weeks just lying one her bed and only moved to eat and go outside. What a difference 6 months has made! Her character and personality is just wonderful - she is a magpie collecting toys and teddies, even carrying her favourite teddy to the park for a walk.
Annie now shares her bed with Albie our tri boy and he takes care of her when other dogs become too interested in her. Her favourite place is the sofa with her head resting on a pillow. Annie has a number of health issues - mammary tumours, bladder cancer and advanced heart disease which means she is unable to undergo surgery. Her prognosis is only 9-12 months but we love her and she has brought such joy to our family. Thank you for letting us bring Annie


A few photos of our beautiful Mari (formerly Shiri) the little Romanian dog who is now an integral part of our family. We adopted her at the end of 2020..a good end to what was a difficult year for all and she has literally come on in leaps and bounds. She and our other dog Mable are now bonded and they love playing tug o' war with an old t shirt, chasing their softball around the house and going for walks..which are the highlight of their day. Mari loves her orange alien which to be fair Mable allowed her to have. She still has quite a serious little face at times but a good belly tickle makes her really laugh and wriggle so much we can't get a decent photo of her. We still see remnants of her past life occasionally..cowering when she hears loud noises, sees vans/trucks or men in high viz vests or jackets..we are gradually building her confidence when out for walks and she is getting better. Thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt our second little dog, we love her to bits.

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