Happy Ending - May 2021


We adopted Amina last year. I think it was the beginning of November. We wanted to tell you she is happy and healthy and brings us an immense amount of joy everyday. She went pretty quickly from cowering when we approached her and hiding completely out of site behind the sofa cushions to rolling around with her legs in the air having her tummy tickled every chance she gets. It was very helpful having Isy who we adopted from Many Tears a couple of years ago. They both have very distinct characters and despite the fact Isy is five and Millie six Isy is the grand old lady who has seen it all before and Millie is enjoying the puppy stage that I suspect she never experienced when she was a puppy. We just wanted to let you know how things have turned out and to thank you for both our girls.
We couldn't love us any more if we tried.
Best wishes
Claire and Martin Mack


Hiya, I just wanted to let you know how Bella (MT Valerie) is doing. She is such a gentle, sweet, playful soul. She has settled right in, so happy.


Hallo everyone,
Just thought I would update you all on Camba....now renamed as Frodo.
What a lovely character he is, he took to Piper immediately and has certainly given her confidence. He was housetrained within 24 hours, copying Piper, has had a couple of accidents but nothing that cannot be dealt with.
They try to outdo each other by who gets on my lap first and who gets closest to me on my double bed. So funny to see. No nastiness between them at all.
Frodo is a very clever little boy, in as much as he knows that a pee pee gets him a reward, so I have to watch him very closely as he cocks his leg when I’m watching him, but doesn’t do a pee!
He is like a grumbly old man, as he is always mumbling away to himself, except when he is asleep.
His coat now is so soft, even though he has not had a Bath, just some brushing.
He loves cuddles, just like Piper does, and they cuddle up together.
He is a delight to be with, and I am so pleased he has helped Piper to become more confident.
Best wishes to you all.
Love Sandra xx

We've had our gorgeous Orla (MT Gander) for a whole year now.
We've had our challenges BUT we love and adore her and wouldn't be without our girl. So thank you!
She has the sweetest nature, loves her adopted brother Rufus our resident dog who has been the perfect mentor and companion for her, as predicted by Geri when we came to adopt Orla!
Despite the challenges we've had a year of love, fun and adventures. She's been to France twice, and we're hoping to return in the summer. We've discovered she adores walks in the woods, or by the river. She loves running alongside her brother, who she'd follow to the ends of the earth, and joining in the fun with their doggy friends.
She's now learned to trust other humans, beside us, and a very few other lucky people who she has got to know, get a waggy tail welcome and cuddles. We couldn't be more delighted. She adores being with us, cuddles on the sofa all day if possible and we adore her.
Thank you for allowing us to adopt her.
Best wishes and hope you are a well,
Debra and Patrick Clayphan


Well we have had Sprinter (now called Tigger because of his stripes and his bouncyness,) for over a month and he has settled in well. Now we know him better we should perhaps have called him the Artful Dodger but actually he is neither artful nor does he try to dodge detection. He is quite happy to take things from right under our noses, so far we have rescued gloves, a library book and the remote control for the TV but by far his favourite items are any used tissues he can find either on our person or from the bin :-)
He absolutely adores people especially little ones and is very gentle with them, they can sit with him in his bed stroke and groom him and he absolutely laps it up. Like most greyhounds a quick burst around the fields twice a day and then sleep, sleep, sleep and he is happy as Larry.
The pics. show him settled down with our two old dogs Buddy the whippet and Bella the shepherd.
Irene Jenkins

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