Happy Ending - May 2019


Dear Many tears,
We adopted a little blue roan cocker nearly two years ago. We picked her up on the August bank holiday from her foster carers near Skegness and brought her back to Bonnie Scotland. The name you gave her was Delores but we thought she looked more like Daisy and that is the name we gave her and she took to that very quickly.
I suppose like all your rescues, all they want is lots of love and to be able to trust and we have given that in spade loads. It took a few months to house train her but she is totally reliable now. We call her our little princess and she acts it. It took a while for her to develop her character and she has some really cute little bits that she does. She is definitely ruled by her tummy ands she knows exactly when she gets different treats and her breakfast and supper. We have to watch as she is only a small cocker so we have a target weight the vet has suggested that we try to keep her to.
We also have another rescue working cocker called Buddy. We adopted him some five years ago and he has been so good with Daisy and Daisy certainly looks up to him as her mentor, On our walks Daisy is like a shadow to him and it is lovely to see. We also have friends who have two springer spaniels and she know them very well so walks can be very exciting for her. She has also discovered water which she loves to splash around in but we have to watch as she would follow Buddy who is a strong swimmer.
We thank you for doing such a wonderful job in rescuing all these wonderful animals and we thank you that we found such a lovely little dog in your care. Daisy is very happy and we get a lot of happiness from her.
Thank you and best wishes
Heather and David Dawson


I adopted crossbred Jade in April 2016 at about six months old after she was found running the streets with her brother and sister. Jade lives near Crosshands with three Bernese Brooke, Nia and Shona a Finnish Lapphund Inka and Melody a Leonberger. She loves to sleep curled up on the hind legs and tail of the other dogs. She loves to run and enjoys trips to the local Country Park and the beach. During the summer months we take part in fun and companion shows, last year at Nevern Agricultural Show (8th August) she won best rescue winning a big bag of food and a trophy. At Hayscastle Show (11th August) she won Judge to take home (with a trophy), Best Condition and Fancy Dress was second in Short Haired and Happiest Dog, thirdin Over 12" and then won Best Novelty in Show with another trophy. On Wednesday 8th May 2019 Jade passed her Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze award at training. Thank you for letting me have Jade and I hope we have many years together to come.
Shelley Williams and Jade.


I thought you might like to have an update on Holly, the Red Cocker Spaniel we adopted from you at the end of January 2019. As you can see she has settled in really well. She gets on really well with her brother Jock, a 7 year old Border Terrier/Jack Russel cross. They have their own beds, but prefer to share one between them, they love going out in my car, their favourite place is the beach chasing each other, sea gulls and playing fetch with a tennis ball. They also love their daily early morning walk (6.30am) in the Afan Forest for at least an hour, they love chasing squirrels if they see them.
She is a very active, happy little dog, who after a good long walk, with her nose seemingly glued to the ground, loves nothing more than to either curl up with Jock, or on my lap. She is currently going to obedience classes, where she is coming on in leaps and bounds, it is also helping with her socialisation with other dogs and people. We are hoping that she will eventually join Jock competing at agility, and maybe fly ball, it has also been suggested that we take her to field trial classes, as she is showing an aptitude for working, this suggestion came from someone who already very successfully trains his own Cocker Spaniels and others for field trial events, it is something that we are considering, as one of her favourite games is to find one of her toys that we have hidden for her to search for.
Thank you for for allowing us to adopt this beautiful little girl.
Yours Chris Brown


Oh how I love my new home
Not a concrete pen in sight
I went into a thing called lift
It gave me quite a fright
But mummy two leg was with me
So I knew It was alright.
I know that I can trust her
In all new things I do
I love my mate called Beanie
And I just want to say Thank YOU

Thank you for finding mum for me
Who gives me love and life
Kind hands, not like those I had before
Just fun and new things, never strife.
I did have few odd hangups
When I first came here to stay,
But patience and understanding
Soon made these go away.
Been holiday and groomers
it's great for dogs to do
But most of all I want to say
a huge big THANK YOU.

Love from Boo (and Beanie)


Hi just wanted to thank you again for our lovely Missy ( was Rema). We brought her home just before Easter and she is so lovely!!! She's very comical, she does a little dance for us, she's still not fully trained but she's trying. Her brother loves her even though she steals his chews and she loves jumping over him when he's lying down. We've still not managed to get her on a lead as she's still terrified of it,but, she loves her food and snacks. She's had her visit vet trip to meet her new vet and she was very impressed. Thank you all so much but especially her foster mommy Ann and her personal driver Annette . They both took great care of her and gave loads of advice. She has definitely found her forever home. She is very spoilt already.

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