Happy Ending - May 2018

Just to update you on our lovely Gabby. We collected here in July 2016 from Julie in Malvern and adopting her was the best decision we've ever made. The other week she entered a little dog show all by herself with her partner in crime our shihtzoodle Sammy. It was held at a residental home for the elderly and Gabby was happy to sit on laps and have a cuddle. She wore a handmade dress and facinator for the best dressed dog class in honour of the Royal Wedding and came 3rd. We won the dog most like its owner. Gabby tells me she's never been so embaressed!! I wore doggy ears and a collar! Gabby and Sammy are regular visitors at our local old folks home and have lots of fans.


Well what can I say. We adopted Flash a three year old Collie x approx twelve days ago.
He has turned out to be exactly as we were told when we looked around at Many Tears for a rescue dog after the sad loss of our previous rescue Collie x Mary.
To say he has made himself at home is an understatement, he is very very loving, a proper gent who walks great on his lead and is a pleasure off lead. Recalls easily and knows exactly what stay and no mean.
To say he has made our lives complete again is an understatement.
Rest assured he is being spoilt rotten, returns the compliment to us and is getting loads of exercise on and off lead.
Have attached a few photos of our superstar, who charms everyone he meets, in fact have lost count a long time ago how many people have stopped for a chat and been made a fuss of by Flash.
Thankyou Many Tears, not forgetting all the staff and volunteers.
Kind regards
Dave and Ali Edworthy and Flash!

It’s been just over a year since we took our lovely Oscar home with us, he has settled beautifully, he’s an amazing dog and we describe him as random, he does the funniest things. We love him so much and feel like he’s been ours since he was born.
I call him my shadow as he likes to be everywhere I am, he’s currently fast asleep on the sofa beside me - I think he’s dreaming of running. He gets on so well with Eddie, it’s lovely to see them playing stick fight every morning in the woods.
I thought you’d like to see a gorgeous picture taken of Oscar today, doesn’t he the have the best smile.
Thank you many tears for giving this beautiful addition to our family.

Mary and Ben

As you can see Poppy has grown since leaving Many Tears. She seems really settled now and doesn’t cry when one of us leaves the room anymore.She also learned to ‘do’ the stairs last week so now she’s everywhere whether we want her there or not and clearly feels quite proud of herself for this achievement.
The surgeon signed her off last Monday so her leg is all healed now and she had her first puppy class that night. We saw one of her alter egos ‘fang’ that day —- another puppy - Ollie - came near her chicken treats !! We’ve never seen that side of her but at least she is able to stand up for herself!
She’s too tired today after a long walk by the river and wouldn’t pose for the camera so I’m afraid you haven’t got the best of photographs.
Despite all of that —-
She is an absolute delight and has completely turned our home upside down. She likes to dead head the vegetables and digs holes for us to plant in she’s also good at weeding -the only problem is she doesn’t recognise dead heads from healthy buds, thinks holes are the new fashion and that plants look better roots up but otherwise she gives a great deal of affection, laughter and fun.
I thought you might like to know how she was getting on.


Well we have had Maisie since 1 January and she has turned out to be a wonderful little dog with loads of character.
She travelled back to Birmingham without problem and even walked on a lead on a loo stop halfway back.
Once home she was understandably a little nervous but displayed no worries about Dez, our 12yr old Parson Russell. We fed her and she 'woomphed' the lot and then jumped on the sofa and made herself comfortable! We were worried about her sleeping and put out a bed for her but she followed us upstairs (NB she 'walks' stairs!) to our bedroom and launched herself onto the bed and there she stayed all night and there she stays every night now, together with Dez!
By now, she has really settled in, chasing squirrels and scampering around our fairly large garden - she seems to love just running about. However, she is very agile and can really jump and scramble - we have rearranged some fencing to keep her in!
She has become a real companion for Dez now which has helped him a great deal as we could see that he missed our dog that passed away about a year ago.
She soon took to walks in our local park where she once again loves chasing the squirrels but amazingly right from the start came back to us before shooting off again. She shows no fear of other dogs which is good and is in NO WAY aggressive! She still rolls over onto her back if she thinks she is being told off - hence her kennel name we presume!
She has been over to Ireland to our holiday home and had no problems on the journey (including being left in the car on the ferry). She loved the beach but not the sea - the one thing she won't go near is water. Falling into a lake when on a walk, a couple of months ago, hasn't helped either.
We think she knows that she has 'fallen on her four paws' and is now loved to bits.
The one thing we can't understand is how anyone could have just 'dumped' her as they did - their loss and our gain.
We can only thank Many Tears for saving her for us.

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