Happy Ending - May 2020


Hi we adopted Lily in March when she was in our area with an amazing foster family. As an older ex breeding dog she is still hand shy at times but does love being stroked and will hit me with her paw if I stop. Within a week she was able to go on walks and overcame her fear of walking on the lead in 2 days and recall was never an issue, she is very clever.
She loves her walks, play fighting and cuddles with her MTAR brother Nigel.
It’s been lovely to see her blossom. Thank you to everyone involved in rescuing her.

Karen, Paul, Saskia and Georgia Hill


Good evening
Just wanted to send you these pictures of our gorgeous Scottie Oscar. We rescued Oscar from you 5 years ago yesterday (26th May) we think he’s approximately 9 years old? The bottom right picture is Oscar in rescue, and the pictures left and top right are Oscar As he is now and you can see he has lost his sad look.
He is such a beautiful, gentle and loving little boy. He is amazing with adults, children and other dogs. He is still a very timid in nature. He shares his life with our other Scottie Maggie May who is 6. They are inseparable and love one another so much.
Thank you for allowing this handsome boy into our lives, he is so loved!
Kerry Miles


This is willow and oliver both rescues from many tears.willow (nifty) was adopted in 2005 she's a grand old lady with plenty of spirit still up for a nice gentle walk. Oliver (Dickie) was adopted just before lockdown hes getting on fine with all the others. We also have 2 terriers and a lurcher. His favourites things are cuddles and eating


We adopted Murphy at the beginning of March, just before lockdown. Typically, our Ella (Staffador rescued from MTAR in 2017) had hurt her paw chasing squirrels the day before so there was little inter-action in the first week. However, once her paw was better, no other form of entertainment was required! They are so happy together and Murphy has settled in well. He has a lovely temperament - no aggressiveness just eagerness to learn. Fortunately we have a fair sized back garden for them to play in, so lockdown hasn't really affected them, except for the bonus of everyone being at home for bonding purposes etc.
Kind regards,
Victoria and Andrew Griffiths.


Dear Many Tears, This is Winnie (was Efran)
I am writing to say, i have found my forever home and am settling in really well. i have only been here 2 weeks now but things are really great. my new besties Jess and Dottie (was Ash and a many tears girl) are starting to have lots of fun together. we will have much more when all the lockdown has finished i am sure. here are a couple of shots of us and will update you again soon.
thank you to all at many tears for getting me here and a big thank you to maralyn my foster mum for setting me on the right road.
lots of love Winnie xx


We adopted Daisy (was Sherry) recently and we adore her! Daisy really is loving life, she’s putting on weight and loves her bed. We’ve been on beautiful walks and she loves her cuddles and playtime with our other dog Oscar. Seeing her confidence and trust grow is amazing, her little tail wags all day. Daisy has had tough life previously, she has a damaged ear, one eye and few teeth a result of years of neglect but she and all other exbreeding dogs really do deserve a loving home and their own Happy Ending.


Hello, We recently adopted Betty, she is settling very well into her forever home. We have two other dogs named Meg (cockapoo) and Poppy (cocker spaniel), Poppy was also rescued through Many Tears several years ago. She loves both of them very much and likes to snuggle up to them at bed time. Over the past few weeks she has came on tremendously on her walks, she especially likes to follow wherever Meg goes on their exploring of new areas. She also is enjoying trying new food, her favourite at the moment is eggs for breakfast. She is still quite nervous and weary of new things but she is coming along very well at her own pace.


Just a little update after three days in my home.

I'm exhausted now so I'm having a kip on mummys lap. Daddy put me to bed at 11pm, and I got mummy up at 2am for a wee. Went back to sleep after a few mins crying and slept until 6am. Mummy says this is very good.
We've been playing games all morning, I had my first accident today mummy didn't get me outside quick enough.
I have lots of toys but I'm rather keen on a plastic bottle! Yesterday mummy and the little person, carried me down with grandad to socially distance listen to some music of the brass variety, for VE day. I was the star of the show and very good.
Today I've a more chilled out day, mummy says I'm to learn the word 'no', as I already know the word 'come'. I'm hoping 'no' is as exciting as the words 'come' and 'good girl' but it doesn't seem so at the moment!

Mummy and daddy have enrolled me in something called 'socially distancing puppy training classes' so I'm looking forward to them.
I've had a bath and also been on the swing and trampoline, as Mummy says I need to learn all sorts of things.
Think I'm going to like it here, only thing is there is a cat who I really want to play with,but she at best ignores me and stalks off, and at worse seems to hiss at me!

Sometimes my people talk about Molly, seems she left me some notes, when she went to the rainbow bridge, first note....always always follow your people to the kitchen...its exciting in there!!
Love Poppy ( Roo)


Hi everyone, we wanted to give you an update on Annie ( Hungarian Vizsla) now Georgie, whom we adopted from you in April 2020.
This beautiful girl has only been with us for a couple of weeks and has come on incredibly well and settled lovely into her new forever home.
She is the most cuddliest, funniest, sweetest girl in the world and has now found her favourite spot cuddled right up next to us on the snuggle chair.
She’s getting on fantastic with her two sisters Maggie and Poppy and it feels as if she has always been here! She is a clever girl but even more keen to learn when there’s a handful of chicken for a treat! She’s doing amazingly well on recall, sit and stay and even fetching her own lead as soon as my wellies are on! She now understands that her lead is connected to long walks and playing chase in the fields with Maggie and Poppy.
She is an absolute darling and we are so lucky and thankful to Many Tears for allowing us to welcome her into our lives.
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you do, the lives you save and for helping dogs smile again!
Jo Tweedy

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