Happy Endings - June 2020


Hi Sylvia and Many Tears team,

A brief Melody update with picture.It is just over four weeks now since I collected her and Melody has settled in well. We have bonded closely.
Her earlier reticence to jump into the car now gone - I took her on most days over a few weeks on short trips to places to play – so she seems to have associated the ‘car’ with ‘fun’.
I’ve got her on solid foods now (by James Wellbeloved) and the looseness seems to have gone. That said on Sunday during a garden gathering she managed to ‘steal’ several bread buns while I was distracted, so we will literally see how that works through!!! (While she will sit and wait attentively for set meals, only going to up her food bowl start eating when verbally released to do so, I guess the ‘eat what you can when ever and opportunity’ instinct will not leave her).
I’ve let her off the lead since about two weeks ago when we are out in the local fields and away from roads, and without any problems, initially using a ball to hold her focus. But now I let her off the lead when we are out running, either with me alone or in a small group of four neighbours. She just stays in the middle of her ‘pack’, occasionally sprinting on past all of us, but never is more that about 50m away and I can call her and she will come (nearly) directly. If we come near another dog she will just ‘offer’ to play with them, running around and chasing, with her speed there as an easy ‘get out’ if the other dog s is a little anxious or aggressive. So as you said from her time at ‘Many Tears’ she seems very well socialised with dogs of all sizes.
Her jet black coat is so so glossy now, quite striking really. She attracts a lot of attention when out, a bit of a ‘babe magnet’ with many people asking on her background and breed – I’m sure that there is some German Shepherd in there, based on her head and ears and intelligence, possibly a bit of collie also?
I picture of her today with her favourite rope play ball – or what is left of it!!!

My best to all the team, keep on doing the great work,




We adopted Jack on Friday 19th June.
He has come on amazingly well in just over 3 weeks. He is a different dog to when he came home with us.He now loves his home, his beds and our bed.
Still does not like the car, but will jump in on his own now and not have to be lifted in.
Very well behaved, response easily to his name and gentle training that we are doing slowly.
Anybody that has met him thinks he is adorable. We do agree but then we are biased
He loves playing with his toys now. Squeak,squeak squeak is all you can hear. Leaves it at your feet to throw when you ask him to. Very responsive
Has been so clean in the house, only one little accident. We think this is amazing as we are sure he has not lived in a house before. Kept looking at himself in the mirrors and trying to work out who is that handsome dog he could see. Television and Radio were new to him.
I have attached some photo's of him in my mum's garden. She has a Greyhound and they get on very well. As you can see they are making the most of the sunshine.
Over the next couple of weeks I will send a video of Jack playing

Just want to say Thank You to all at Many Tears for the wonderful work you do
Kind Regards

Maxine and Freddy Gordon


I got Lilly Pad from you in January this year. Best thing I ever did! She is an absolute darling princess and loved by everyone. She’s still super tiny, but fearless with the heart of a lion. She’s very spoilt, has the sweetest nature and we adore her. Thank you!
Sam Cullum


MT Winnie (little one) arrived home May 2019, to be older but little sister to resident Baxter. Winnie is now about 4. She is lively and fun and so playful and cuddly. MT Fritz (now Fizzy - middle sized one) arrived home October 2019 by accident!
Winnie's foster mum had Fizzy and we got on so well and she reminded us of Winnie so she became a must have! Fizzy is now about 8, she is so lovable and wants to be with Mum all the time. The little kids play and she used to tell them off but sometimes now I can see she's thinking of joining in. I know she has play in her, she needs to realise it's a good thing.
The trio are great together, Fizzy is so good on walks she is off lead more than the kids. Some things can still spark the girls, but Fizzy in particular, simple things like unsticking your arm from the sofa. She knows she is loved and safe. She loves cuddling with Winnie.
They are both adorable and so much fun, bringing lots of smiles to our home between them all.


Thought I’d give you a quick update on Daisy. She arrived here on Saturday from her very lovely foster home, where they had made a lot of progress with her. We sedated her to travel, but the journey was not fun. Since she’s has been home, she is settling really well, third day in and she has ventured into the kitchen for a mooch around, very good at night, a couple of little accidents but nothing much. We are so proud of her efforts, we didn’t think she would want anything to do with us for quite a while! She’s eating and going on the lead in the garden really well, not too much panicking!
Many thanks Sarah Keeping


Life has been busy since we bought Ted (Formerly known as Henry) home just over a couple of weeks ago. He is the cutest, cuddly boy and just soooooo happy.
He is learning quickly to sit, down, wait and we are working on his recall which is great at home but the outside world is just far too exciting still as it’s full of smells to explore! He is becoming a best buddy to our older dog and he loves encouraging her to play and today they went swimming together.
We know that life will never be boring with Ted around but can’t imagine not being here.
Thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt him xxxxxx
Many thanks to all you staff
Natalie Sanders


We thought we would update you on how Cerys (formerly Myka) is doing. She is a happy puppy and has settled in well. She enjoys being in the garden and going on walks in the park where she often meets her friend George for a tear around. Cerys was at the vets today undergoing her op to be spayed, she has returned home but is very groggy still. When she has recovered she will start her puppy classes as they are resuming on the 07th July. Cerys has stolen our hearts and we are so fortunate to have her. We hope the rescue is doing ok during lockdown.
Kind regards Jude Morris


I thought I’d give you an update on the progress of petite Labrador Willow. I collected her from your fabulous fosterer Laurie in Lancashire after travel restrictions were lifted!
Willow settled very quickly, Laurie had done a great job of house training, lead walking and just generally living in a home as part of a family. She loves long walks in the woods and by the river, she likes paddling but hasn’t yet followed Scout’s lead in swimming for sticks! Having been wary of getting into the car she now happily climbs in with the help of an upturned crate (to create a step). She’s still reserved but wants to be around people, she’s happy to just sit or lie, wagging her tail, and watch as Scout gets most of the attention! She is calm and gentle and a delightful companion. She is more often than not off the lead now, she enjoys saying hello to other dogs, especially the boys and has very good recall. I’ve never had a moment’s doubt or regret.
Well done Many Tears, you and your volunteers do a fabulous job. I’ve been looking for a second dog for some time and I now have the perfect one in Willow, thanks to you.
Wishing you all the best in the future and hope that the current situation hasn’t done lasting damage to your wonderful organisation.
With very best wishes,


Minx is extremely well, such a happy little friend, personality is really started to shine, love her loads.
Kind regards
Suzanne Jones


This is probably quite late considering we picked Alice up from Feltham, London last year, on 3rd March. My wife has been sending updates to the foster owner who was looking after her periodically but I thought I would pass something onto you directly. You see Alice has decided I am her owner and she has bonded with me and vice versa. Alice was found by accident and then chosen by my daughter because of the back story and the fantiscic photo with her big ears pointing upwards. She was to be her future support dog as she has Asperger’s Syndrome and her first and current dog, Jessie (a Jack Russell) is over 14 years old now, deaf, partially blind and a number of issues health wise. We decided we should act now so that when Jessie passes away we would already have the replacement to minimise the anxiety. However, Alice, has fit in superbly but has chosen me as her master for some reason. Amazingly gone is the fear of men, and the general nervousness and we now have gentle, confident fun, energetic Podengo who for some reason loves me to bits and hates it when I go out of the house. So much so that we have decided that we may still need a dog for my daughter and if this is the breed’s personality in general we want another Podengo in the future. Anyway, after another fun day out with videos of Alice running around on Southport beach a week ago I decided to put a couple of videos together with some photographs and got a little carried away I’m afraid. It is the first time in 30 years of dog ownership that a dog has attached itself to me rather than my wife or daughter. Feel free to post the link on your website or indeed in the happy endings section and use the text in the video description as you see fit. I also included a number of photos, I could not decide so you will have to narrow it down.
Kind regards
Brian Wainwright


Hello – thought you might like an update on Kojak now called Alfie. He’s settling in really well and getting loads of cuddles and new toys. He’s been on lots of walks and loves going out with his new best friend, cousin Lola. His lead problems are gradually getting easier to manage as each day he learns new tricks and is a really good little dog. Its lovely to see the smile on his face. He loves relaxing on the sofa and his own bed by the window so he can see whats going on. He’s really has become part of our family and its only a couple of weeks.
Best wishes
Patricia Woods


To all the wonderful team at Many Tears,
If you have the time, please see the video I have made of our beautiful girl Nellie (MT Kimmy) and her big brother Sam. She is a beautiful soul and settling in so well. Thank you all for everything you do for these amazing animals. Hopefully seeing this will endorse why what you do is so very important to these dogs. We adopted her from you just before lockdown started. Thank you...I hope you enjoy the video....if you have audio please turn it up....by the way...the item that she is carrying is a destroyed rugby ball not a dead animal!!
Thank you once again...we are so grateful.
Emma Callanan


Hi guys. Sorry it's been long in the coming but we have some pics of Vita to share with you. Looking back at the early photos, it's amazing to see how much she has grown! She has settled in nicely to her new home and has made good friends out of Aidan and Tash who, as kids, have suffered the brunt of the arm chewing! She had her can-go-on-walks-now vaccinations last week so has been enjoying the expansive park by our house and has been making some more friends with other local pooches. We have enrolled her in an online puppy school with three other pups and is doing really well.
Kind regards, Steve, Serena, Aidan, Tash and Vita


We came to Wales to fetch Theo just a year ago as a companion for our Cocker Spaniel Ruby . Although she was quite old Ruby was quite happy to share her basket and home with Theo. Unexpectedly in October our beloved Ruby died and our dachshund become one lonely boy. We saw Dora online in February and again made another trip to Wales to pick her up. What a joy these two dacs are they immediately bonded and are never far from each other side. They have made us laugh so much during lockdown and have been our reason for going out every day. My husbands once perfect lawn is no longer as they love to dig and the pigeons that land on it these days have to be ready for a quick getaway, they are two speedy dacs!
Thank you Many Tears
Very Best Wishes
Christine and Ray Stephenson


Hello Everyone at Many Tears,
Five years ago on the 14th June 2015 I drove down from the Wirral to pick up a little black and white fluffy Border Collie pup. He was one of a litter of six "R" pups who had been abandoned but were fortunate to be taken in by Many Tears. He settled very quickly at home and we have travelled many paths together and had lots of adventures. He is a friendly sociable dogs and loves nothing more than being out and about with his flyball teammates. He now has a younger brother Moss, also rescued but not so friendly unfortunately, who Finlay helped to settle and they are fantastic together. We have tried agility but Fin is far to fast for me to keep up with so his love of all things spherical lead us to Catch 22 Flyball team and we both love it, and as soon as this enforced layoff is over we will be back tearing up the lanes!
Stay Safe Everyone
Carol Smith


Today 9th June is Mouse’s adoption day so we thought we would let you know how our lovely dogs are getting on.
In November 2018 we adopted Winnie (MTR Bunny), a 13 week old cocker spaniel cross biscon. Winnie and our standard schnauzer, Eve became firm friends, Eve showed Winnie the ropes and Winnie gave Eve a new lease of life. Winnie is quite a character, naughty but adorable and the happiest dog ever, She makes us smile and laugh every day. We decided we had room for another dog and so we adopted Mouse (MTR Titch), a Westie. Slightly underweight, no muscle, a bit smelly, timid and very unsure. Arriving home it took 3 hours for us to encourage Mouse into the house from the garden. Mouse was very bruised by her past and so we just allowed her to explore on her own terms and with the help of Winnie and Eve, she has become comfortable. We still see the signs of her previous life but these are less and less with time. Mouse and Winnie are the best buddies and play all day, Winnie is the best friend and mentor. Mouse is amazing, she was house trained within days and once we thought she was strong enough she walked out on her lead without a second thought. She is well known in the village as she is quite vocal, and the three dogs have many doggy friends. Mouse takes everything in her stride and is now a very happy, funny, confident dog, full of character and a joy to own. Even a year on mouse does something new which shows us she’s enjoying life and there’s still more to come. We can’t express the feelings of seeing our dogs develop and it’s only time, patience and love. We are so proud of them for the part they’ve played in each other’s journey.
Many thanks to MTR for the work you do.
You never know we might be back!
Heath, Elaine, Grace, Phoebe, Eve, Winnie and Mouse X


Dear Tracey and the MT Team
I have now been living with Wendy and Lee for two months so wanted to let you know how I was getting on. I share my new home with three other dogs Zach (collie x lab) who is much bigger than me and I feel very safe when with him and if something is really scary sometimes, I hide underneath him! My other two pack members are Sadie and Lilly – two JRTs that keep me on the straight and narrow.
I am learning to trust Lee and Wendy and they are showing me that the world is not such a scary place. Where we live there are 9 dogs in a terrace of 4 cottages so I am never short of canine company and Monty (2 year old sprollie) lives next door but one is great for having a wrestle and chase around with – he can almost run as fast as me and no holds barred on the wrestling front!
I am allowed off the lead in the woods near home and we play great games to practice my recall and heel work and make me more confident. Once lockdown is over Wendy says we are going to school. I can already do sit, down and wait and we play lots of games to practice and learn more. It took me a while, but I have also learnt that humans are quire good to play with if you give them a ball or a ring to throw. I am a bit uncertain about little people(children) so Izzy (9) and Laurence (6) who are used to dogs are going to show me little people are fun to play with and not to be scared of.
Wendy says I have lots to learn, but that I have come on leaps and bounds since the timid little girl that hid under the bush in the corner of the garden and wouldn’t come out on arrival two months ago. She also says I am a very smart little hound!
Many thanks to the MT team, Tracey for having me as her project dog and Maureen my foster Mum for all looking after me and finding me a lovely home.
Lots of love
Lexi (aka Five Alive) xxxx


Hello all at Many Tears.
I’m Dora. You can see me here with my Mum who I came to live with last August, and my big brother, Duffy (on the left). I am not frightened any more. I can run and play, chase the pigeons and collect sticks in our huge garden. I make my Mum and Dad laugh every day. They say when I run, I bounce, and it looks like I have springs on my front paws. I want to say thank you to LISA who fostered me for just a few days, and everyone at MTAR, but specially to Sylvia for rescuing me from a terrible life. And just like WILLOW was PIPPA (further down this page), my Mum told me that one day, by means of God’s Kingdom, all bad things will be gone, every living creature will have a wonderful life on a paradise Earth (Psalm 37: 10, 11) and every single human person in the world will love and care for each other and for animals just like you all do!
Thank you all so much.
Lots of Love xxx


We have had her just over a week now. Her name has been changed to Willow which she already responds to. The first few days were a bit tricky with her and our dog Woody, but thanks to the help of someone from your place giving us advice on the phone when we called they have now become friends! She has become so much more ‘Puppy’ now, chewing shoes and anything else left in her way, she bounces everywhere! We have had a few toilet training accidents but started from scratch and today she even started crying at the back door when she needs to go out for a wee, so that’s another win! She does wake up sometimes scared by her own reflection in the mirror during the night, but a few cuddles and she soon settles down again. Basically we cant imagine life without her and hope to have many happy years together. Kind regards


Hello everyone, my name is Indie Harris (MT Indo). I have been in Foster care for many months with FM Claire. But 3 weeks ago my forever Mommy and Daddy came to meet me and I found myself going to my forever family. I'm just writing a catch up to tell you how happy I am. I was a little confused at first when I arrived here. I was introduced to Ruby and Toby the 2 chihuahuas who are now my friends. My Mommy has shown me where everything is. I follow her about, she knows when I want something and helps me out if I'm not sure what to do. I've got lots more confidence now. I even go into the garden on my own (but I think Mommy is watching) Ruby is my best friend. We have lots of fun together dashing about and playing chase. Toby is older, he just let's us get on with our play. He joins in sometimes when he's not sleeping.. My Mommy and Daddy love me lots and now I'm settled I give them lots of love in return. I have my own space on the sofa or I can cuddle up with Ruby. Best of all though is when my Mommy and Daddy settle down. I lie on Their lap and get lots of fuss. I've had some great adventures, going to different places. My favorite is when we go to the beach. I mooch around the rock pools with my 2 chihuahua pals and trot along by Mommy's side with my tail held high. Mommy tells me we have lots more adventures planned for the future.My journey to my forever family is over now so I would like to say a big thank you to all who helped me along the way and find my true destiny.
Lots of kisses
Indie Harris.


Hello Sylvia and every other hero that works for Many Tears,
We just wanted you to know how well Willow is doing in her new home.
We made the four hour drive to Wales with our two boys...
Thursday: arrived home shattered. Willow wanted her dinner though and the slept in a small alcove.
Thursday night...a nightmare. She panted and paced all night and wouldn’t settle. She had a very upset tummy so I was up with her every couple of hours. In the end I slept on the couch to watch over her.
Friday: pottered around the garden all day. Still no interaction with my two dogs. It was like none of them acknowledged each other’s existence. Willow had all the matts shaved from her tummy to make her more comfy and cool in the heat. My wonderful groomer did it in a very calm environment, Willow was fine.
Friday night...I decided to set up camp on the lounge floor. We all had a better nights sleep.
Saturday: started in the car. We go to a nature reserve for our walks every day. Willow drooled and looked alarmed . We went for our first walk together. Willow attached to a belt around my waist and walked beside me while the other two ran ahead.
Night time: another more settled night camping on the floor.
Sunday: willow enjoying toys and treats. Pottering in the garden and the dogs have started to play together on occasion.
Night time..a bit of an unsettled night again. Saw a flashing light and it spooked her.
Monday/Tuesday: no longer stressing in the car. Settles down. No panting and no drooling. Enjoying walks but very unsure.
Night times : camping on the sitting room floor still...Willow now joining us on the mattress.
Wednesday...walk, playing, food, treats. Progresses to sleeping upstairs on big bed with all of us. A very quiet and settled night.
Thursday as above!
Friday...went to the groomers. Willow looks like a skint rabbit but she is all silky and luscious. All remnants of her breeding life are physically gone.
We have had a few wee wee accidents which are to be expected. We let her do as she pleases and gently correct her if she for example, grabs a mouthful of my hubby’s ham sandwich (ha ha) she LOVES ham.
She’s jumpy at certain things, but now she comes on the sofa to sit, she lays in your arms for a cuddle.
She is a very sweet addition to our family. We have recommended friends adopt from you who are looking for pets after losing theirs.
What you are all doing is wonderful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would always come to you now for a pet. Always.
Special thanks to Keith for fostering Willow latterly and the work he put into her. He did a smashing job.
It’s our belief that the suffering of all animals and humans will be brought to an end by the kingdom of God. (Matthew 6:9,10). All this suffering does not go unnoticed by our Father above.
In the meantime, it’s down to caring people like your team, who make a difference in these dogs lives.
Here’s some pictures of Willow and who are parents are!
Regards, Lorna, Phil, Willow, Woody and Teddy xx

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