Happy Endings - June 2018


We adopted Tommy about a month ago already we can't imagine him not being here.He is such a character full of fun and has so much love to give;he really enjoys going for long walks and has made lots of new friends on the walks be it over the park or over the estuary ,he absolutely adores our grandchildren he follows them everywhere. At the end of a very busy day there is nothing he loves more than bedtime which he is always the first on the bed.we really want to thank many tears for making this possible it has really been a great success for us all.


We adopted Susie, a ruby Cavalier King Charles who had been used for breeding, from Many Tears at the beginning of January. We already had Daisy, a Black and Tan, who has been ours from 8 weeks and was now nearly 4 years old, for whom we wanted a companion and decided to rescue rather than buy a puppy. It was the best decision we ever made! Susie has a couple of health issues but is the most wonderful, loving, appreciative dog who is making the most of her new life. We quite simply adore her, as does Daisy, the are a definite twosome now. She has completed our family,


Hello everyone ! I thought it is about time that I put paws to my laptop and tell anyone and everyone about my little life all of 3 years. My name is Jessie, and I started my life as an ex-breeding dog and had puppies. Then I was discarded and thankfully was rescued by Many Tears. When I got there someone at Many Tears noticed I had a lump on my head so I had to have it removed so they could check it was nothing bad. I was also given an operation so that I could not have puppies agin. After I was better someone told me that I was going to live at my fur ever home. I was so afraid, I had been treated so badly, what if I was hit or treated bad again? The day came for me to go.........

My new Mammy and Daddy and 2 young girls were in a unit where I was carried there. They looked at me and my new Mammy was in tears as I had a bald head from the operation and I had red and blue stripes where I had my ' girlie operation' But, I was scared ! the first person I went to very slowly was my new Daddy, then the youngest girl Harriet. But, they wanted me to live with them, despite the coloured stripes and my monks hair cut! I was put in a crate with fluffy blankets. After a while, I was sick. I didnt like the car, I still dont.
I got to my new house and I just stood there. Daddy put the crate down and I ran in there and wouldn't come out. My food and water was put in the crate at first but, over the days the bowls were put outside and once I started leaving my crate I started getting better and sniffing my new house out. I had a brother called Frasier and he liked me and I liked him. After some weeks little by little I started to see that my new family were kind to me and gave me treats. The girls didnt live in my house but, they come here a lot.
This was all in January 2018 and over the course of time I am a little imp!! I run up and down the stairs, I love going in the garden and sunbathing under the unbrella! I chase my brother and then he chases me. I am still a bit nervous as I think it will take more time before I can erase those horrible memories. But, I am getting there. I am really good with other dogs and Mammy tells people I dont have a bad bone in my body.
I love my Daddy, so I give Mammy lots of love in the day and when Daddy gets in, its only fair that I give him love too. I love singing and adore barking!! I really hope that many people will adopt more animals from Many Tears as without them, I wouldnt be living here.
Thank you Many Tears for your care you gave me.
Pawshakes and cwtches Jessie xxxx


What can I say about this busy bundle of fun. After our 17 year old fur baby crossed Rainbow Bridge we were devastated. Never have another dog we said. Leave it six months we said. After 4 weeks we visited Many Tears and adopted Jac!!!!! A Portuguese street dog who was called Black.
He is a joy. He only has little legs but boy can he shift. He has 4 long walks a day. He has taken away the sting of loosing our Souk. Of course Jac is not a replacement for his "uncle Souk" (who left him his many blankies and toys) but he was never meant to be.
Jac is an addition. Everyone he meets loves him. We are setting him up with behavior training just to help us with his "busyness" and jumping. It's just a case of him being excited. He's been to have a groom and vet check and behaved well while there.
THANK You Many Tears for our Portuguese wonder xxxx
Alison and Justin Griffiths


My little foster dog Asti now called Alfie was adopted by a lovely couple only 10 days ago. He is bringing much joy to them already and meeting all their friends, family and new doggie pals. It gives me so much happiness to see the bond that has already formed between them and they would like me to share their happines on the Happy Endings page


Just thought I would give you an update on Misty who we adopted just over a week ago. She is settling in really well; we spent the first week walking her on the lead and getting her used to her new name. On Saturday, we let her off for the first time and yesterday we took her to Gilwern Hill where we let her meet sheep (firstly on the lead to see how she was). We are happy to say that she was excellent.
She is getting on well with our Staffie cross Sophie, here are a few photos.
Her fun personality is really starting to come out now and she is a lovely addition to our family.
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