Happy Endings - June 2022


My wife and I adopted Bunty from Many Tears in May 2019 and she settled in with us marvellously here on the Isles of Scilly. On Sunday 12th June, my wife’s birthday, we went to a beach with our daughter, her partner and their two daughters. My wife was swimming with our daughter and granddaughters along with Bunty who has swum with them before. This time however my wife decided to go snorkelling. She was face down on the waters surface when she felt Bunty’s jaws closing around her wrist. At first my wife thought that Bunty was going to bite her. But no she closed her jaws firmly enough to grip my wife but not hard enough to bruise her or or break the skin. Then she began to tow my wife back towards the shore!This action was not only experienced by my wife but it was observed by our daughter and granddaughter. We can only assume that as my wife was motionless in the water Bunty thought that she was in distress and endeavoured to rescue her. What a marvellous way for Bunty to thank us for giving her a new home!Stephen Manning


We adopted Shelly one month ago, as you can see from the photo she needed love, attention and a whole lot of walking. For a dog who had never lived in a house, she settled in really quickly with only one or two mishaps and soon took advantage of the luxury of lying on the sofa. She is such a bright dog, so eager to please but not adverse to a bit of mischief. She learnt really quickly from our older dog how to walk on the lead, swim in the river, behave around livestock and settle down at night. Already she is looking so much healthier and slimmer and as you can see she really enjoyed her first trip to the beach.
Thank you for looking after her at Many Tears until she could come to live with us.
Paul, Debbie and Harry.


Sally (was Unique) has been here since mid- December, about six months ago. She has settled very well with the help of Fern, a working cocker, who shows her the way. Sally is affectionate, adorable and now a very happy dog who loves being outside, at times zooming round the grass on my acre smallholding for the sheer joy of running as fast as she can, and at other times lazing about in the warmth of the sun.
I am so proud of her for all she has learned since being seven years old. Then, she didn’t even know what grass was and wouldn’t walk on it. No problem now. Her lead-walking is good with a harness and lead that fastens near her chest, and her recall is also good (usually!) She soon learnt simple commands, e.g. ‘sit’, and gradually became accustomed to and relaxed with many things that were strange and scary to her at first, including the sound of my viola and our string quartet!
She came with a very strong fear of being shut in any small space, and the car is still a problem. We are working on that having had help from Fiona Whelan, animal behaviour counsellor. At the moment Sally is no longer frightened by the car and will jump in for treats, but she still gets anxious if I close the door.
Since April she has been house-trained which is great – earlier she was good at using her poo mat in the house. She sleeps well in her crate with the door open and no longer wakes us all at the crack of dawn, having learnt to wait for my alarm to sound. She has made such progress.
I think the ‘Happy Ending’ is for me as well as Sally! She’s a lovely dog and I am so happy to have her. Thank you Many Tears Rescue.


Just want to let you all know Charlie is 1 year old today. We adopted Charlie back in Dec 11th 2021 last year. When we picked him up he was 5 months old. He was a quiet shy little pup. He is such a kind loving boy. He is now living life to the full. Running round the garden, going on his daily walks and meeting new friends on his way. He has changed our lives and has given us so much love.
Stephen and Janine


We adopted Jumble aka Bonnie (the Bon Bon) on Thursday 26 September 2019.
She was only 12 weeks old when we fetched her from brilliant foster carers in Carmarthen. She and her siblings were treated like royalty. She is extremely lucky as she has no idea of her start in life. She has a fused back leg but it doesn’t get her down. She is the sweetest girl and has a huge personality.
She is always happy and calm.
Kind Regards


I thought you might like an update on Marv who's been part of our family for just over a year now. He's had quite a journey. Diagnosed with both epilepsy and pancreatitis it's taken sometime to balance his medication and his diet. Our vet has been amazing unravelling his issues and we've read around the subject and joined Facebook groups for support. It wasnt helped as he was so difficult to handle at first - still has his moments lol. However, after much patience and persistence Marv is a happy, more confident little dog.
He goes on walks across the field, plays with a mountain of toys and sleeps on my parents bed. He still has issues with people leaving and bags and wallets will stress him out - there's a story there we're sure. Feet was another trigger but he tries hard not to redpond now.
Of all our rescues dogs Marv has been our greatest challenge but we all love him dearly and are so proud of how far he's come.


One year ago we picked up Maisie (Kinda). Sweet, scared but lovely. At first progress was very slow. With a lot of help from our resident dog things began to work out. We still have a very long way to go indoors but outside she is a different dog, calm, relaxed and a bit of a nutter. We presume all of her traumas must have happened indoors. Ten months on we saw another little girl on German Shepherd Rescue South. Zara (GSRS Peanut) another worried little girl. Now all the rescue girls have helped each other. The power of the pack and a big help from the resident dog. Life is very good for all family members. Thank you Many Tears for allowing this little sweetheart to come and live with us.
Jane Bullimore


Hey Many Tears
Frida formally known as Lady before we adopted her is doing AMAZING. She is such a kind gentle natured girl and has settled in so well since we adopted her back in May. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her. Frida is now learning life isn’t as scary as it once was and not everyone is bad. She has also found her voice and likes to make anything her toy even if that means stealing her big sisters.
Frida is still food obsessed, although she is slowing down when eating. She also enjoys her many walks per day and has even mastered walking on and off the lead and enjoys nothing more than sniffing around the fields with her big sister.
Frida has also started to learn how to play with a ball and sometimes has a crazy 5 minutes of 110% energy which makes us laugh so much.
Thank you once again for all of the hard amazing work you all do and for allowing us to give Frida her forever loving home. We will be forever grateful.
Jordan and Marcela


Hello, I wanted to let you know how well Penny has settled with us and to thank Lee for all his help when we picked Penny up on the 27th May.
After a slow 5 hour journey home we brought the cage into the garden and opened the door, Penny took some tentative steps on to the grass, she watched Mollie but was very overwhelmed. Her new fluffy beds became her safe place.
The first night we didn’t get a peep out of her. On her first day she slept for 23 hours, only waking to go out to the toilet and to eat her breakfast and dinner. Sunday she started to explore a little more and stay awake for longer, Sunday night she followed us upstairs and slept at the side of the bed.
On Monday she was introduced to her new Nan and Grandad, they love her and she started to be inquisitive when Mollie went out for a walk.
On Tuesday she went to the doggy parlour for some TLC, we carried her in and she walked out! Our groomers said she was amazing. We couldn’t believe the difference in her.
On Wednesday we walked to the top of our road which we thought was brilliant.
On Thursday she was introduced to another dog in our family called Cody, he loved her and they had lots of sniffs and waggy tails. But today, a week after we picked her up has been a highlight, she walked to the green, saw lots of other dogs and absolutely loved it.
We are so proud of how quickly she has settled in and can not wait to take her on longer walks soon.
Thank you again for letting us be her new family.
Love Tracy, Lee, Ciaran and Caitlin x


Hello Many Tears
I thought you might like to see little Moppet, who was fostered with Sue in Bristol. The first picture was taken on her very first morning with me - she slept in her bed in my bedroom without trying to get on my bed, which was really surprising, and she’s slept soundly there every night!
She quickly learnt her new name and responds well when I call her - not that she’s ever very far away, wanting to be with me all the time. She’s a good guard too, barking if anyone knocks on the door. She’s not had her 2nd jab yet so no walks but she zooms round the garden chasing a tennis ball which is too big for her but I’ll take her to the pet shop in due course to get her kitted out with harnesses etc. and a smaller ball.
She’s an absolute little star, so gentle and loving and I hope she’ll be as happy living with me as I am with her. Thank you so much for trusting me to look after her.
Very best wishes Jill Benton


Hi, On the 1st May we collected Alana an 18 month old Maltese cross who we’ve renamed Dolly and bought her back to her forever home and just thought we’d give you an update to her progress.
Dolly is such a happy little girl who absolutely adores our other dog Ruby. Ruby has been our only dog for 10 years but within a couple of days had completely accepted Dolly to our family and they follow each other around the house and now always sleep next to each other usually taking over the whole sofa!!
She had her first visit to the groomers where they shaved off most of her coat due to the matted fur. She was very well behaved and very much enjoyed playing with the groomers dog and the photo shoot at the end of the groom. She came home like a different dog bouncing around and very much happier.
Dolly has met so many new dog friends in particular our other dog Ruby’s brother who lives round the corner and my nephews puppy (they had great fun chasing each other round the garden). She’s progressing really well with walking on a lead and has progressed to a long line over the country park which she is really enjoying.
On Monday we took the dogs including my other dogs brother to an enclosed field that can be rented so we could practice off lead recall and plenty of space to run round. Dolly had such a great time and her recall was excellent. Then we took them to a cafe nearby which is especially for dogs. It has a dog menu and a special play area for dogs. Dolly particularly enjoyed the ball pool.
Dolly’s an absolutely sweet little girl with such a personality and she’s fitted in so well with our family and friends. She loves her toys and likes to spread the entire toy box all over the place but she’s plays so beautifully with her toys. She’s definitely settling into her new life very well and we feel very lucky to have her.
Clare Whitcombe


Hello to all my friends.
Dolly Dimples here. Letting you all know how wonderful my life is now. Yesterday my mom took Bonnie and me to the groomers for our pampering and it was Bonnie's 15th birthday. I love sun bathing in our garden, zooming and short walks meeting other dogs big and small. I love my sister Bonnie, she is so kind and let's me into her bed, well we swap. I sleep on my mum's bed, oh the joy of such comfort and every morning I give her loads of kisses. She tells me and Bonnie we are beautiful girls and her friends say the same. I know how much she loves us. The photos are now and when I first came home forever. What a difference.
A message from our mum, Thank you @manytearsrescue for finding me for her.
Love to everyone From Dolly Dimples and Bonnie too


We have had Bandit for about 4 weeks now and it feels like he's always been here. Bandit and his brother Bodhi (MT Broccoli) are the best of friends and literally play together all day, nap together, then play again!
He is smashing puppy classes and his calm is getting loads better as he wants to kiss everything a million times! He had never seen a cat before and loves his feline brother and sister (sometimes a bit too much)
He is the smushiest boy ever, gives a great cuddle and likes to lick your neck before he falls asleep. Our family is now complete and we can't wait for more adventures!


Hi m.t this is Charlie, was Turkey when adopted Dec 2019. What a beautiful dog inside and out. Nothing she loves more than running in the fields. So affectionate and a bit of a piggy at food time. Can't put in words how much we love her. Regards Jean. Thankyou!!!

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