Happy Endings - June 2021


Hi all at many tears just an update on Ben.
Today we have had him 1 year it's hard to believe he is the same frightened little dog. He is having a lovely time going all over the country in our caravan and loving every moment.
He is the funniest dog we have ever had he makes us laugh all the time.we all love him to bits and thank you so much for trusting him into our care.
Please keep up the fantastic work you do. Vicky, Phil, Orla and Ben Mansell


It's a week since Belle came to live in her forever home. As you see she has tucked right in beside Pipaluk her new big brother. She is full of wonder at everything in her new world. A joy to watch as she bounces around and jumps for joy, often right over Pip and teases him into a game of chase. She is so brave and trusting and just heart meltingly gorgeous. Thank you so much to the courageous folk at Many Tears for the wonderful work you do.


Three months living with us in Devon and we couldn’t be happier with this delightful girl. She has the sweetest nature and is a joy to have around. The little problems, particularly the terror of being put in a car leading to vomiting in under a mile, are now resolved. She has learnt to trust us and I think she realises we mean her no harm. Her recall is good, she is very sociable with all dogs, children and adults, we will gloss over mentioning cats! Thank you so much for choosing us to adopt her, she has filled the huge gap in our lives that was left when we lost our last dog. We couldn’t have found a better match.


Bobby has been with us 12 months now and adopting him was the best thing we have ever done. He is a happy, loving wonderful dog. If his foster parents read this you didn’t know how big he would grow, he weighs 3.4K just perfect. Thank you many Tears.
Shirley Fred and Bobby. Xxx


We adopted Rio 6 years ago and thought time for another update. He is a wonderful baby boy who we think is now about 8yrs old. He had been ill treated and was very frightened when we adopted him but the only fears he has now are water and eating in front of anyone but we can cope with that so life is good for me, my husband and baby boy.
He is so good and is loved by all the family and especially our daughter when she visits. He is gentle and so loving. We are lucky we live 2 minutes away from the estuary and although he won't go near the water he likes walking on the grass surrounding it.
On the anniversary of his adoption we have a 'birthday party' for him with presents. He can be fussy with food and does not like sweets, ice cream etc but absolutely loves custard. He is a Dad's boy with Mum being ok if Dad is out! We receive so much love from him that the last six years have been a pleasure.
We are thinking that perhaps we can get a companion for him soon. We are retired so have all the time and love in the world to give him and possibly a companion to play in the garden with etc. We are so grateful to MT for bringing this lovely boy into our lives. We send our love and best wishes to all the staff at MT and grateful thanks for the way you look after all the animals in your care. I am sure they would thank you if they could.
Kind regards Linda and David James


It's a year since we brought Alfie (aka Kojak) home with us. He's really loving his life in Liverpool, lots of walks in the park and along the canal. He becomes more confident, relaxed and happy every day. We love him to bits and can't imagine life without him.
Trish Woods


As you can see Dottie and Hope have settled in to there new home. After 3 days, they were going into the garden and doing a bit of exploring. They have both took to playing with there toys and dragging them around the living room, putting where they want them. They are eating well and sleeping. We have 2 beds, which they chose the one that they wanted to have. Please feel free to use the phots on your website
Regards Dave and Julie


Hello all at many tears! It has been nearly 4 months since adopting Amira, and what an amazing 4 months it has been! In such a short space of time, Amira has come along so much - she is full of confidence and just the happiest dog! Her training is developing so much and she is still so keen to learn new things. We see a 1-1 trainer to help guide myself how to train her to be the best she can be and Amira loves it and is responding so well! In the 4 months we have celebrated her first birthday and been on a holiday to Newquay West Wales, where Amira was in her elements being right on the beach! The beach is her absolute favourite place and we luckily live very close to Ogmore and Porthcawl so we aim to go there about 4 times a week. Since things have started opening up, we have been going to doggy socialisation sessions - where Amira can play with other dogs, she recognises where she is when we pull up now and is always so full of excitement, she absolutely loves playing and chasing other dogs and luckily has lots of fur friends in the family and close friend group that she plays with. (I have lots of videos of her playing also if anyone would like to see!) Sorry about including so many pictures, it was very hard to narrow down and I wanted to Show lots of different aspects of her life :) All in all, it has been the best 4 months - and I’m so excited for our future together. We are already so in love with eachother, as is everyone else in the family. I can’t thank MT enough for giving me the opportunity to adopt Amira and give her the best possible life - as she deserves. I wake up every day feeling so grateful, lucky and thankful for her. Caitlin, Amira and family


This is Ginny (MT Ginny) who we adopted last May 2020. She is a tiny bichon poppet and has come so far this year. She's sassy, so loving and loves her mummy cuddles and being comfy! She maybe small but keeps her doggie brothers Ringo and Bertie (MT Bala) in check. She's a wonderful pet and cannot thank MT enough for giving us the chance of having her as part of our family.
The Uranga-Woolaston family


Here’s Missy on her favourite seat. She enjoys the garden and her walks every day. She’s overcome problem with greeting other dogs and is now relaxed and appropriate - exchanging sniffs and sorting out who’s who and even playing with two particular dogs she sees on some of our walks. She does recall beautifully as she loves a fuss so will run for one when called. She pretends to go to bed in her own bed and thinks I don’t know that she gets on the sofa as soon as I’ve gone to bed. (she doesn’t know about glass doors) and goes back to her bed when she hears me come down! But do I mind? She is such a fantastic companion, makes walks fun and makes my every day. Many thanks for helping me find her.


Sia has now been with us for two weeks and is settling in beautifully. She is such a gorgeous, loving and spirited soul who has had a tough life. At 7 years old she is beginning a new chapter and appears to be loving her new life. She is curious, intelligent, obsessed with squirrels and loves racing around the garden and the woods and fields where we walk her on a very long training lead. She has already responded well to recall commands and will wait patiently at the front door before heading out to chase the squirrels. We feel very lucky to have her.


On 28th May I made the very long journey to South Wales in hopes that Betty (MT Kitty) and my Cavachon (Mabel) would instantly hit it off and become best friends. From the moment I saw her picture on MT’s website I fell in love with her little face and just knew in my heart she was perfect. I’m glad to say they got on perfectly and I was so happy that Betty came home with me.
Betty has been with me just over a week now and she is growing in confidence, still a little nervous of sudden noises or movements, but is getting better every day. She loves to follow Mabel around and is quite a little character. Mabel is very good with her and gives her space and doesn’t pester her, but let’s Betty cuddle up to when she wants to. She is still the sweetest little thing but have found that she is partial to helping herself to the dry dog food if I’ve forgotten to shut the door to where it’s kept. Still away to go with toilet training but I’m sure she will get that in time. I’ve only just managed to get her out for a walk the last couple of days as she was very frightened of the lead so have had to introduce it slowly. She has managed a couple of very short walks with a little persuasion and bribery of some cheese, but it has been her first steps out into the big wide world so very proud of her.
Can’t thank MT enough for rescuing her and allowing me to take care of her and give her the best happy ending she so deserves.


Mabel and Mari down amongst the daisies after a lovely walk on the field opposite our house. What a beautiful, loving and well trained little dog Mari has become despite the fact that she has very limited tunnel vision. We noticed strange movements of her eyes and head and she always has her head down when out walking The vet confirmed 100% that the condition has been caused by being kept in the dark for a long time. Her teeth are ground down in the front..caused by chewing at metal bars. Mari's vision will never improve but the little she does have shouldn't get worse.We are still learning a lot about this lovely girl and she is happy in her new life with us and follows Mabel everywhere and really loves her walks. We hope that more people will think about adopting Romanian dogs and give them good homes. It is very hard work in the beginning as they are scared of everything but like Mari, with loving training they give so much back.

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