Happy Endings - June 2019


Three weeks ago Felicity (now Mollie) came to live with us. She is a sweet little girl who adores her cuddles. She was looked after by her foster mum Jane and has adjusted well. She is getting to know our westie boy Angus who is being very gentle and welcoming to her and they play happily together. She doesn't like loud noises or fast movements and is very jumpy and skittish. She is a beautiful addition to our family and we are so glad and thankful to welcome her into our lives. She is sure to enjoy her new fur ever home and we will smother her with the love and care she deserves.
Thank you. Wendy and Daryl in Cumbria


Seven weeks ago, I was staying with an amazing foster family in Wolverhampton, who still love to hear how well I'm getting on and support me all the time. Then my new mummy and daddy collected me and took me to a different house. I got there on a rainy, cold day and was too scared to go into the house, but I soon realised that it's warm and safe in there and within just a few days I was running around the garden like crazy.
Apparently I'm very clever and learn very quickly, and mum and dad say I'm doing amazingly well; better than they could have ever have imagined. I've stopped gulping my food down and after a few little mistakes I've figured out where the toilet is. I also know where the treat cupboard is and that if I sit by the table while they're eating, that's a winner too.
I wasn't keen on having a harness put on me so for 6 weeks the house and garden have been my sanctuary, and I'm really confident in there now. I can relax and sleep soundly and even let mum and dad give me some fuss .........when I feel like it. There are lots of soft furnishings and clothes about for me to pinch and I even let them sleep on the bed at night with me and my new sister Dotty, although it gets a bit full sometimes so I get in my basket.
This week has been very busy for me but apparently it's been a massive turning point as I went for a long walk today with 7 other dogs and some people who were happy to just leave me alone with the dogs. I particularly liked Lucy and we explored a lot. I was nervous but definitely enjoyed it, and as I was so dirty afterwards, I've also had my first bath, which it turns out isn't really a big deal. I think the future is looking good.
Thank you all at Many Tears sooooo much for finding me somewhere safe and loving to stay for the rest of my life. What you're all doing is amazing. xxxx


It’s 6 months since my mumma-lady and daddy-man collected me from you. I was a bit scared at first but my big brother Fitz showed me round my new house. I had a bed all to myself and delicious dinners and breakfasts. I started going for walks with Fitz and oh the smells! I’ve got lots of doggy pals now and I’ve even been to Wales for my holidays and to Scotland to our other house. In Scotland I met lots of Fitz’s pals and they are lovely. I’ve been for spa days and mumma-lady moisturises my skin every day and my fur is growing back which is good. I love my life, my tail is up and I like bouncing through the fields and I’m even learning to jump.
Thank you Many Tears for looking after me and choosing my brother Fitz and the mumma-lady and daddy-man to be my new family.
Tessie (I was Tresy)


We adopted Millie form many tears in December 2018 following the loss of our 13 year old westie Ted a few months earlier, our other westie Ollie was missing his friend and we had a hole in our hearts and a space in our home. Millie (then Lucinda) was being fostered by Julie.
She was so nervous when we brought her home, cowering and scared. We made a bed for her in a quiet corner of the dining room and let her come to us, being so inquisitive she was coming to the door with a week and slowly began to trust us over the next few months. Eighteen months on and Millie is happy and confident and her tail wags constantly, she knows she’s loved and gives so much back. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have her xxx


We adopted Abi from about 18months ago and she was at the time a very nervous frightened little girl. We thought you might like to know how well she has settled into our home with our golden retriever Monty. Here are some pics of Abi
Maggie Cronchey


Just wanted to drop a line to let you know what a super dog Maple is. She has been with us now since December 2018 and she has settled in well. Over the months she has grown in confidence and come into her own - walks nicely on a lead, happy to meet and greet other dogs, loves her brother and sister – Nero and Violet (also MTR) – and has even had a few adventures on holiday with us. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her blossom and see her thrive. We can’t wait to see what a year with the family will do for her, she has so much potential. We love her very much and can’t imagine life without her in our pack.

Thank you Many Tears for another lovely dog.

Louisa and Steve


Hi there,
We re-homed 'Fanta' on 20th August 2017, a 13 week old Working Sheepdog. We called her 'Bea', she fitted in so well with our Valgrays rescue 'Smiley' and Bryning Dizzy Rascal 'Wrexx'....
Started doing Agility basics with her when she was a year old, proper agility training when she was 18 months old. I've now just started entering her in competitions, first one she went clear, second time out she got a 2nd place!!!
She lives with the 2 of us, the other 2 WSDs and 3 Norwegian Forest Cats. She is such an awesome little girl, still a bit 'wired', but so loving too... a little Angel with a large dose of Devil in her too!!!
Her KC name is 'The Drunken Accident' as the misses thinks I put in the request to rehome her after having a few!!! Couldn't have wanted for a better companion, my little Princess!!!
Tom Boon


Hi Just thought MTAR might like an update on this wonderful little dog. So basically I was just surfing the net ...looking for a Boston Terrier to adopt ...and voila ...up came MTAR and there was Elsie( mt Andrea. )
Well I just fell in love instantly and applied straight away. I did not think I would be successful .....but the very next day I got a phone call to say that it was all good to go. But we need a home check .WOW. Scary stuff. Home check goes well. We pass. Yaay. In the meantime Elsie went to foster with the wonderful Julie Tate ( as she was in season , Elsie not Julie !!!! ) and we corresponded by emails regularly.
It was lovely to hear how she was progressing ....but we desperately wanted to bring her home. But we waited patiently.
So the big day was upon us and we had to drive to MTAR headquarters to collect her .....it was hacking it down with rain, it was foggy and it took us 4 and a half hours to get there. Horrible journey. We arrived and met this tiny and underweight, scared and scarred little dog. She did not know what to do. She was petrified basically.
We loved her on sight. Absolutely no way we wouldn't be taking her home. So we pay the price, sorted out the paperwork and then she is carried out to our car by a lovely kennel maid. She's quite upset at saying goodbye but knows we will look after her.
We then drove all the way back home ( another 5 hrs ) in the rain, thunder, fog, terrible journey. Every time I looked behind me at her she just looked straight back at me .....big eyes ....petrified ....she was SO scared. So was I.
Had we done the right thing? Not sure.
Got her home . She was broken. We took her to our vets on Monday and he examined her and scored her condition 1 ....wow ...that was sad. I was desperate to mend this dog. So we started on a physical and mental repair.
Good food ( only the best ) , nice walks ( slow at first , picking her up ) sunshine ( fresh air) , meeting people ( everyone in our small village loved her ) and a nice comfy bed and a TON of love.
We absolutely LOVED her to bits.
Love is SO important.
She loves the car, she will go anywhere, she loves our soft top Audi, she loves coming on our bed and being cuddled, she loved lying in front of the woodburner. She loves the sofa and we have several and she is allowed on all of them.
She can do NO wrong. We have a min pin called Vinnie and they are the best of friends, they love each other completely and he's taught her SO much. He's been brilliant.
We took her to the seaside ...she loved the beach and the sea. We loved watching her develop.
Slowly things have changed ....she's gained weight ( nearly 5lbs) and can now walk up to 6 to 7 miles at a time. She loves to play, run,chase and be touched and petted. She is so happy. She has a lovely bed, nice food, lots of treats and a family that adore her.
I am SO grateful to MTAR for rescuing this little dog and our family is forever in their debt for letting us have her . Here are a few pictures of her progress

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