Happy Endings - July 2021


On the 31st July ,it will be Jins 5th gotcha day !!
He is such a special boy, watching him grow into a happy loving boy over the last 5 years has been amazing , He loves nothing more than just being with you. He loves his food ,treats and sitting on your lap staring into your face whilst talking to him. Libby his little sister is much loved by Jin. They’re a perfect match . Thank you for letting us adopted this handsome boy X


Hi All
We would just like to give you an update of how our wonderful Polly now known as Molly is doing .I would like to start to say a very big Thank you for letting us adopt Molly we couldn't of asked for better dog ,she has definitely settled in and we are amazed how quickly she has become house trained ..one small mishap and that's it .As for walking on the lead she picked that up like a duck to water
Bella our Beagle found it strange for the first few days,but now they are best buddies Which is great for them both!This explains all in the photos
You all work so hard at Manytears to ensure every animal gets a forever home which is brilliant very much appreciated
Best wishes Steve, Tina, Bella and Molly


Hi there, we got Amber aka Amanda 10 days ago, we cannot tell you what an absolute joy she is, Poppy our other dog is like the sensible big sister, teaching her well, and she is already house trained too, how good is that? She enjoys our daily group dog walks and cannot wait to be able to run wild with them. Thank you for the privilege of letting us have this sweet girl, she is already very much loved. Kind regards Lynn


Hi to all the lovely staff at Many Tears,
Just a line to let you know that MT Colliefornia and MT Amber - after a Covid-induced hiatus period - today passed first time with flying colours the Bronze Award of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. I know Many Tears request people take adopted puppies to dog training and we really enjoyed having something to work towards in a sociable environment. The Bronze Level is challenging and rigorous enough without being competitive or cliquey, and the information handlers have to learn on dog health / needs and handler responsibilities is really useful common-sense but thoughtful stuff. Other adopters might be interested in the scheme?
Thank you ever so much again for letting us adopt these two lovely dogs. Hopefully we will work towards the Silver Award now.
Photos of your lovely dogs and their certificates above :)
Best wishes,
Susannah Commings and Nick Keyes


Hi. Just to let you know how Millie is after adopting her 4 weeks ago. She is a little sweetheart and doing really well. Each day we have a little progress which is great for us and a huge achievement for her. She makes us laugh with her little quirky ways and her personality is really showing through now. She has a great teacher and sister in Lottie who has guided her throughout. We haven’t pushed her in anyway just letting her find her own way which she is now doing. Next step lead training!! Oh and she’s also now found her bark. ????????????. Her first visit to our groomers went very well she was really good.
Thanks again Many Tears we’re over the moon.
Regards Steve and Diana Gorton


Hi there,
We visited you several weeks ago, and after a very succesful first introduction to our Basset Hound, we were privileged to leave with one of your rescues: Dixie. We renamed her Trixie immediately, but she has become known as Princess Trixie Bell, or Princess for short.
She has settled in immediately, winning the hearts of all the extended family and showing a great deal of character. Trixe is a Diva, with a capital D, and is sure to let you know when you have failed to live up to her high standards, which is often.
Trixie had a hard start, and has behaved as if she has no experience of things we take for granted: for example, she loves grass, rolling around in it, lying on it, sniffing it. She also loves water, paddling in streams and rivers whenever she is out on walks. She has taken very well to house training, and we rarely have any accidents nowadays, and she is starting to consider returning on command - sometimes the lure of the open road is too interesting and she just wants to follow her nose, so she is still confined to the lead. She loves her food, so with a bit of treat work we're hoping she'll be convinced that coming back on command is worth it.
She adores her "big brother" and follows him everywhere, giving him barely a moments peace! They are always in the same place, and spend lots of time stretched out together. She frequently tells him off when she's not quite comfortable, and he's not behaving like the good pillow he should be!
I've attached a few photos for you, and I was hoping you could pop them on the website in your happy ending section? I do think Trixie has found hers.
Many thanks, Sarah


Hi everyone at Many Tears!
It’s Daisy here and still Daisy. It will be 1 year on the 18th July since l travelled to Scotland to my new home. Oh boy l love it! l have a big brother who is younger than me and l love him, although if l'm lying on the sofa with my mum in the conservatory l like to cuddle in and we snooze, l don’t like Barney disturbing us and l will try and block him. Mum always corrects me and says Barney gets pats to so l have to share pats. l get loads, mum always says l have to get 4 years worth and she is true to her word p.s lots of cuddles cause lm beautiful like all dogs.
I think mum said l could lie anywhere except the sofa in the conservatory. l give great cuddles, me thinks l won her round.
I love my caravan hols, we go to the beach l love the sand though l was frightened of the waves mum helped me get over this l even have a paddle. brave me now.
I get lots of pampering had my teeth done white like the stars. We get our teeth cleaned every day mum says cost me lots so have to look after them, l like getting them cleaned nice taste. I have loads of cuddly toys and always ready to present them . I want to say l have the best life, l know mum would love more dogs but l'm happy with Barney she only has 2 hands.
P.s l forgot to say l love my dad now though l gave him a hard time for a couple of months always barking at him. l'm still working on getting in the car l get frightened mum always says lm here to stay and not going anywhere other than with us. l also don’t like vans l get scared when they pass me mum says l'm a big Jessie in a nice way and cuddles me .
Me living the dream and it’s nearly 5 time for tea.


Dear Many Tears Rescue,
I collected Tilly five weeks ago from your centre in Llanelli. She passed your 'cat test' - but I was still a little anxious about how she would get on with my two cats. She was essentially a six year-old excitable 'puppy', oblivious to the polite rules of engagement, chasing everything and everyone in a bid to play - which wasn't always well-received.
She's a quick learner though, in every way, charms everyone she meets, and already has lots of four and two-legged friends. My previous 'Battersea boy' took a long time to settle and was always a little nervous, whereas Tilly has been open, affectionate and trusting from day one. She is an absolute treasure who has already made such a difference to my life.
Thank you!
Moira Ward


Thank you Many Tears for our beautiful member of our family Dotty(Amelie) . She has settled in really well and is going for walks and is nearly there with house training. She’s going on her first holiday next week and our other girl Simmi has bonded with her so well they love one another. Give my love to Margaret for fostering her. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much we love her. Sharon


Hi All.
I’ve been on my holiday again, (actually my second holiday this year). I went to Cornwall after a miss last years as you whomens can’t sort yourself out.
I’ve spent over a year coped up with my dad, more that enough for any dog too cope with. Just imagine 24 hours a day in doors with a hooman, other than my walks but its still him... I made out I was asleep except if it was chicken time.
Missed out on a lot of sleep because he was always about. But I made up for it demanding treats, chicken if I could get it. I suppose he’s alright really.
Got very tired in Cornwall, all that walking and climbing. I also got in the sea a few times . That was really lush. I love the sea and getting really wet. But they always keep me on my long lead, meanies.
But I think that they are right as I would get carried away and swim off.
I’ve got another holiday coming at the end of September, when I’m going back to the caravan in North Devon. It belongs to my cousin and I like it down there. I expect, if its not too cold , go swimming at Bude.
I don’t know why but when I get to a roundabout at Penzance and we turn off, I’m up and excited because I know I’m nearly there. I don’t know how I know but I just do. Its the same when I get to Fairy Cross on the A38 I’m up because I know I’m minutes from the van.
Every year I am more grateful to you all for letting me come home with my ‘real’ Dad all those years ago. I hope all the other dogs are so lucky as me when their time comes.
Nina xx


Good afternoon. Lolly has just celebrated her first birthday. She continues to be a beautiful, loyal, very friendly girl. Absolutely wonderful. Enclosed a few photos. Lolly is wonderful with other dogs, children and people in general. Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of Lolly’s care.
Kind regards Lynne and Chris.


We collecteD Ellie 4 weeks ago and as always, were thinking 'Oh , what have we done?' And ,as always, things are very slowly slotting into place. Ellie was obviously very frightened of the huge change in her life, but right from day one she has been clean in the house and slept quietly in the bedroom with the other dogs. We still sometimes have to carry her to the backdoor before she will go up the garden and when she wants to come in it is a high speed dash but, everyday there is a tiny improvement and she will now sometimes come and sit by our legs and loves a fuss.
Going for a walk began very traumatically as she was afraid of traffic and people and occasionally other dogs. Here has been the biggest improvement and she will always come, very excitedly to have her harness on to go out and even better if we go in the car as this means her favourite wood walks!
A friend who does McTimony chiroropractic has had a look at her legs but as yet Ellie has been too tense for a real look. I doubt there will be anything to be done but she will look again later. Sadly Ellie has also had a few seizures at night but these have been very short in duration and she comes out of them well. I read that this is often a side effect of having had distemper and we will keep a watch to see if she requires medication.
After a few grumbles at our other dogs she is now very good with them but just for safety we do keep her separate in the car as she likes her space and my other three dogs are quite careless who they sit on!!
Our other Romanian dog, Sunny (who was called Solley) gives us tremendous hope for Ellies future as he is such a loving dog who finally is able to go off lead. We are grateful to all concerned in rescuing these and all other dogs.
Very best wishes. Sue and Mick.


Hello friends
I am Mandy. When I was with you I was called Miffy. I am very happy in my new home with my new mummy and daddy and big sister Izzy. Uncle John the vet is very pleased with me and said mummy is doing a good job as regards my eyes they are lovely and clear now.
Auntie Yvonne the doggie groomer came to trim Izzy last week and I was a good girl while she gave me a little trim.”don’t I look nice now “.my fur has grown back on my back. As you can see I now go for little walks twice a day with Izzy and some times we go to the park but daddy keeps me on the leash. When I can walk a bit better and get used to travelling in the car we may go to the seaside.
That’s it for now . Love Mandy.x


Hi Just to let you know how I am getting on, well the big news is that I have a new pet name it is Willow which is Dorothy's favorite name, apparently she was so exited at meeting me she forgot to say. Anyway I was not answering to Finka probably because it was not in a Romanian or Welsh accent.
We are getting on fine and I have sorted out the house and garden, I have also been on walks and met some of Archies mates that he used to run with before he passed on, they all seem friendly to me and I give them a good sniffing over.
The journey here was according to John an absolute nightmare due to jams, I thought jam was for eating but I'm still learning the language. I have not been up the stairs yet to suss that out as the stairs seem a bit scary at the moment but I will brave them one day, meanwhile I have claimed a bed downstairs and the sofa as a places to sleep but I hear that there is also a nice bed up those stairs, we will see.
I attach a couple of selfies one is the sofa that I have claimed and the other is my estate which I now look over. Give my good wishes to all the human carers and my doggy pals
Love Willow (aka Finka)

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