Happy Endings - July 2019


Hi to all at Llanelli,
I thought it was about time I wrote to you all to let you know how I am getting on. I will have been with my new Mum and Dad now for a year and my paws are well and truly under the table.
My new parents think I am everything a dog should be - obedient , clever, adorable, loyal, and handsome, in fact pretty much perfect, certainly as far as my Mum is concerned! I have got my folks well trained.
It has been a busy year for me, I started training classes last Autumn, having been given a few months in which to settle into my new surroundings. Then in November I passed my Bronze Award, followed shortly by my Silver in the New Year. Finally I achieved Gold in June. In between I have had some lovely holidays in Devon with my canine sister. New places, new friends, new sniffs.
Every day I meet up with some of my local friends both canine and human, you see I'm truly very sociable, but best of all I get to have a good run around and stretch my legs. Also my Mum goes over some of my obedience work which makes me think and keeps me occupied. Then it's home for breakfast and a bit of a nap. In the evening my Dad takes me for a similar outing, but during the day I like to be with my family in the garden, there is always something to investigate. Of course if it's cold or wet then a have a nice comfy bed to retire to and last winter I got as close to the fire as I could!
I hope you like my photos.
Love to all, Skipper.


We adopted polly in February, she has gone from a scared dog, to a happy, funny diva who amazes us daily. She is slowly coming out of her shell, being a spaniel her favourite thing is food and is happy to tell us if we are taking too long!
She is happy to be cuddled like a baby and will fall asleep in our arms.
In August she will celebrate her 1/2 year gotcha day, her 1st ever party. The first photo is from the Many Tears website and the second photo is Polly now.


We collected Molly from Many Tears in January 2019. When we first brought her home we had to carry her on her walks as she was so nervous of the outside world. She followed our resident dog Toby around the house and needed constant reassurance from us.
What a different dog we have today - she loves the beach where she mixes with all shapes and sizes of dog and gets along with them all. She also loves the open moor and the woods. Everyone she meets loves her as she is a gentle soul who is eager to please, her tail never stops wagging. She has been a wonderful addition to our family.
Molly is in the red bed


Dear Many Tears and especially Sylvia and Cai.
MT Della, now called Connie, was rescued from Ireland in November 2017 by Sylvia. She may remember this trip because she put her foot down a big hole and had to drive for hours with a badly bruised leg. To start with Connie was a nervous wreck, she had to endure the horrors of a breeding girl for 6 long years. She was very thin, matted, and dirty, with a mouthful of rotten teeth and ear infections. All her teeth had to be removed.
Many Tears worked wonders with her, the first kindness she had ever been shown. Cai was her main carer and he clearly loved her. She was at MT for nearly 2 months, and we adopted her in January 2018, we drove the 6 hours from Ipswich with our 2 Cavaliers.
Connie settled brilliantly, she was very frightened to start with but progress was quick. She is now the dearest and happiest little dog, her favourite thing in the whole world is Louis, my ruby Cavalier, she adores him with all her heart. She loves her walks, barking at the neighbour's cats, chasing squirrels in the garden, sitting on the back of the sofa looking out of the window waiting for something to happen! She is remarkable, that a dog can suffer so much and yet forgive.
We can't thank you enough for rescuing her, and looking after her until we found each other. I tell everyone I meet about the wonderful work you do.
Best wishes and grateful thanks
from Susanne, Neil, Millie, Louis and Connie Renshaw


My uncle adopted Jonny from a MT foster family in Corsham 10 years ago and celebrated Jonny’s 10th “gotcha” day this week. We think Jonny is around 15½ years old now...he’s a little stiff in the legs and a little hard of hearing, but he and my 86 year old uncle still go out for nice walks and nice drives and are great company for one another.
Sarah-Jane Newton


Adopted from Many Tears 10/03/19

From a very frightened , sad little scrap of a girl, to a very much loved , happy, beautiful little girl who has flourished with us and her two hairy brothers. Has been hard work and still long way to go but we go at her pace not ours! Took 6 weeks to lead train but now sits and waits for her harness to be put on, loves the car, on beach every day and screams with excitement when we arrive. Will sit on my knee and have cuddles and very quiet chats! Still very afraid of people but walking in middle of the two dogs on beach much more confident. This is the most rewarding thing we have ever done.
Many thanks to all of you at Many Tears for our little girl. Keep up the good work.
Regards Ann,Bryan, PIPPY GIRL,
And Alfie and Charlie xxxx


Hello everyone at MT
It's Jins 3rd gotcha day on 31 July. He's a lovely happy, handsome mommy's boy. He loves cuddling and loves to give kisses. He has a little sister Libby (also MT) and they are,very happy together. Jin still loves his ducky duck duck, who he gives to my husband every evening when he gets home from work. We feel very blessed having them in our lives.
Much love ?
The Waters Family X


Hello Many Tears,
Just thought I'd give you an update since I left. My mam and dad say I've settled in really well, and I have to agree! They say I'm their little princess, and I've been really spoilt with toys and treats (most of which I've destroyed... oops!) My mam says that's the terrier in me coming out.
I have a big brother called Barney, and we get on really well. I have been to lots of new places, and have discovered I love the beach! I sleep on the big bed with Barney, and put up with his snoring. I have been pampered at the groomers, and mam said I was a really good girl.
My mam and dad would like to say thank you to everyone at Many Tears, and to Ashley who fostered me for looking after me so well.
Lots of love


As I was lying on my back in my Mummy’s lap with my feet all in the air I thought the time had come to send a note to you all at Many Tears about my Happy Ending. Yes, I really do believe that I have found my forever family. They adopted me on 17 December 2017. I had quite an interesting time getting to my forever family.
I was rescued from breeding in Ireland by an MT Angel. Then I travelled to Wales and was due to go to a foster home in Norfolk but the weather had other ideas. The transport taking me and other lucky dogs to meet their fosterers couldn’t get down the motorway because of all the snow. Val and Phil stepped in and took me to their home in West Wiltshire to be their foster dog instead. Only a week later my new Mum and Dad and two sisters came from Norfolk to meet me. All went well and I moved to live with them.
I live with Mimi and Kera (both of whom were also rescued by MT) and my Mum and Dad. As well as living in Norfolk I also have a house in South West France where I am now, writing this update for you all. I am very happy in both my homes. I am really happy, too, when I have a tennis ball to chase. In Norfolk I normally chase my ball in the woods. Here in France I run along between the river and the vines. Everybody tells me that I am beautiful and all want to cuddle me and I do love cuddles.
I have a special auntie - Auntie Pat - who looks after us girls when mum and dad aren’t about. At the beauty parlour I get spoiled rotten - lots of treats and cuddles!! In fact I get called a star wherever I go. Every day I say thank you several times for my rescue and my new life. The picture is me in my basket by the French Windows having a siesta.
Love from Merry


Hello to everyone at Many Tears
I was adopted 2 years ago today 19th Julu 2017. I thought I would drop you an e-mail to give you a bit of an update on how I am doing. I am now 2 years on in my new forever home, my name when I was adopted was Vanner, but my mum and dad changed it to Bertie. I came in with my sister who was called Velvet at the time, but now called Mavis, we were both in an awful state as people had not been very nice to us, so we were very unsure of both humans and other dogs. Thanks to you I have been able to make contact with my sister, and we have shared our stories and pictures. We hope to meet up very soon, which I am so excited about.
But 2 years on, after such an awful start of being so very frightened and un-sure of everything. I am such a happy dog now, I life with my mum and dad plus 2 other Many Tear rescues, Barney and Cherry. They showed me the way and showed me that life could be good and was told that no-one would ever hurt me again. Cherry and I play chase in the fields which is great fun as we try and chase the birds up in the air. Mum says all she can see is our ears bouncing up and down as the grass is so long. We love to play ball, I am a very good boy and bring the ball back every time, drop it and wait for it to be thrown again, sometimes by sister pinches the ball of me, and then wants me to chase her.
We both look to Barney as he is an old boy now and just plods through life, and when we are a little unsure we sit with him for reassurance. When I am wet he will sit and wash me, I make mum and dad laugh because I turn around to make sure Barney does not miss any bits!
We are going on 2 holidays this year, we are to the Lake District and we are spending Christmas in Cornwall in a lovely cottage, mum has told me that we can all go for a lovely walk on Christmas day on the beach and that Father Christmas knows where to deliver our presents. I am so excited because I love the sand and water and getting messy with my sister. I would like to thank you all for coming to my (and my sisters) rescue because I know that if you had not been there to collect me and my sister things would have been so different and I would not be writing this e-mail.
Mum and dad tell be that I have turned out to be a very handsome and such a good boy, with not one bad bone in my body. I am now loved by so many people. I just love cuddling up on the sofa. I have sent some pictures for you to see me now, Oh and Barney and Cherry.
Thank you again.
Love Bertie xxx


I was so frightened and shut down after spending my 5yrs at a breeders in Ireland. But then...... you at M.T. rescued me and literally saved my life!!!
After a short time at my fosterer, where I was really adored, I found a wonderful quiet and loving home with my (really) big brother Indiana and new Mum. We live in a quiet, pretty village 10 mins away from beaches forests and countryside where I can run freely, my ears flapping in the wind, playing with big Indie....whom I really really love to bits! We sleep, eat and play together. He sits with me and cleans my fur which I find really comforting.
Indiana loves to give me his soft squeaky toys to play with but I'm not sure what to do with them yet, also I'm still not understanding what "let's play ball" means but I'm sure I'll pick it up in time....Mum has loads of love and patience!!
I am still in touch with my fosterer who loves to see our updates and hope to meet up for a lovely walk with their 4 springer spaniels soon. I have not been in my forever home long but I feel so loved and cherished that my confidence is growing daily. I am so very grateful to Many Tears Animal Rescue for saving my life and finding an amazing family to live all my days with.
Mum says we might have another rescue dog from M.T. soon. Myself and Indie are sooooo excited to meet our new sister or brother!!
Thank you Soooo much !!
Benji ( Ben ) ????????


Purdy (was Terry) is now our third little shihtzu we have had from Many Tears. She has been with us since January after sadly losing our first one due to her heart condition. We were devastated and couldn’t even think about getting another dog. But as time went on we realized “Gizmo” (was Zippy) had changed. He had lost his confidence and seemed afraid of things, being taken out on his own. So we decided we would have to get him a little friend and with all the help from the lovely foster lady in Malvern we got Purdy. It was just what he needed. He has got most of his confidence back and she is such a little sweetheart. She loves everybody but loves food more. It took less than a week to settle down with our three elderly cats (also waifs and strays) which was out main concern. So its happy endings for all.
Shirley and Derek


Just wanted to update you on the adoption! I collected a very quiet little girl called Glitter in May this year. Of course I fell in love as soon as I saw her! Well from the scared, quiet Glitter, who didn’t want to go for a walk, to the gorgeous Teddy! She’s fitted in so well and loves her brother Marley, they play so well and run together, love their walks and make me smile every day. I can’t thank you enough.
Kind regards kate xxx

We adopted MT January now Luther in February after we lost our beautiful lab Hardy. We were all heartbroken and his sister Millie was not coping - she was lost after ten years together. She has athritis so we were keen to find a good match. We chose Luther because he looked like a placid calm dog lol - we were in for a shock! He was found to be somewhat younger than first thought and boy what a handful! He wouldn’t eat in front of you hid under the table and screeched when left in his crate. He has currently eaten his way through 3 carpets 3 lamps and various phone chargers... but we wouldn’t swap him him for the world because in a week that little boy was eating from out hands, feeding with his big sister and cuddling on the sofa. He was toilet trained in a week and just loves everybody. His tail never stops wagging and he is just so handsome. Sorry for the long post (a truthful post) it hasn't been easy, the damage, screaming etc but now he goes in his crate doesn’t cry when left and has all his trust back, both ourselves and Millie who was so lost say thank you keep up the great work.
Vivienne Crossland x


We have had Nigel just over a month now and he is amazing. We had lost our 9 year old dog Bess who suddenly became unwell and needed a nice calm companion for our 14 year old Wire Fox Terrier. I hadn’t considered a dog as young as Nigel (6months) but after reading the description I decided to find out more. My details were passed to the fabulous foster family and after chatting he sounded a good fit. We had a meet up with both dogs and it went so well.
We can’t thank Danielle and her family the fosterers for how well they looked after Nigel. He is gaining confidence with people (although he was always better with ). He is great on or off the lead and recalls. He is besotted with our dog Daisy and she has been amazing with him.
Everyone who meets him loves his little character and he’s helped heal our families broken hearts. Thanks to you all


Hello. It's now been just over 6 months since our new addition arrived. Having the sadness of losing one of our dogs (Chilli) in December his litter mate (Salsa) was suffering with separation anxiety and was really struggling being on her own, even though I was around most of the time. To cut a long story short we were lucky enough to be able to adopt Archie. He's a beautiful boy who was initally intrigued by Salsa on their first meeting, as she strutted her stuff but since bringing him home he's been more than happy to settle into our little pack.
It took a couple of months to get him house trained but he's a quick learner on the whole. It's clear that he'd never really played before as sounds and fast movement were enough to send him into the corner of the room or outside, which were his safe places...... now he's actually started to carry and play with his cuddly toys.
He wouldn't lay the dog beds or any soft furnishings.... now he's very happy to sleep on these, in fact he loves them. He used to freeze and go ridget when you stroked him or picked him up.... now he love's lots of fuss, cwtches and laying in mama's lap. He loves walkies (the first visit to the beach and sea was lovely) he's even started to walk off lead as well as sitting and staying, even at meal time.
He's such a happy boy now and truly believe he knows he's at his forever home. It's a happy ever after story not just for Archie but for Salsa (and us) to. I hope the photos I've attached get through to you, from when he arrived (his first bath) to present day.


Dear Many Tears
Just like to drop you line to tell you how Vista (now Bronwen) is getting along. We adopted her November last year so she's been with us for nearly 9 months. We've never had the experience of adopting an ex-breeding dog before - wow what an eye opener. We literally thought once we brought her home to live with our other dog she would settle after a couple weeks. How wrong we were.
Expected the normal problems. Toileting, obedience, getting used to new surroundings but it's been a challenge to say the least but we're getting there. She's part of a loving home now which she still struggles with. I can say after 9 months she has changed so much. From being a nervous wreck who jumped and cowered at her own shadow. To a loving part of the family who loves being chased in the garden. Cwtches on the sofa and especially settling in with our other dog. She is like her shadow where Coco goes Bronwen follows. There's still a long way to go. Ie. Still nervous of strangers but that will come. She tolerates people so farbut she's getting there and judging by the mental moments in the garden she is really happy here. This is definitely her forever home.
Best wishes Nigel


We have cared 50 years for rescue pooches and they all have been super animals, which has made us think that our new pooch will be the same HA HA HA. We were so wrong MERLIN is the most wonderful person that only a dream can do this.
Merlin is loving, gentle, cuddling, never makes any noise and is constantly with us. He sleeps of a night, mom one side, dad the other and his paws are on us after he has given us a big goodnight kiss.
I am not a rigid church person but he so wonderful that I pray everyday that he lives with us till we are due leave the world (we are in our seventies) and if there is another world we can all be together. Merlin loves us to bits and we love him to bits. All our friends think he is great and we are so lucky to get him.
Thank you Many Tears. We hope others will have an incredible gift as we have had.
Celia and Arnie

We collected Molly from Many Tears in January 2019. When we first brought her home we had to carry her on her walks as she was so nervous of the outside world. She followed our resident dog Toby around the house and needed constant reassurance from us. What a different dog we have today - she loves the beach where she mixes with all shapes and sizes of dog and gets along with them all. She also loves the open moor and the woods. Everyone she meets loves her as she is a gentle soul who is eager to please, her tail never stops wagging. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Molly is in the red bed

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