Happy Endings - July 2022


Sasha is an absolute gem she loves our other two GSD she is still very timid but she follows me around everywhere. Still rather afraid of my husband and other people waking around down the Loughor Estuary where we take her every day she loved chasing a ball with our other two dogs though she is on a long training lead, doesn’t know what she is to do when getting to the ball. We love her very much she is so gentle and is now a big part of our family.

We adopted Kelp one year ago. We kept her name as our standard poodle Skye, who we lost two years ago, loved playing with the kelp on the Northumberland beaches, so felt it was meant to be.
Kelp was a very scared girl who didn’t want to be touched and spent all her time lying on the concrete outside and even refusing to lie on a rug when one was provided. We soon realised that there would be no quick fix, so we have gone at her pace for everything.
Our standard poodle Willow, has provided guidance which has been invaluable. We have given Kelp time, love and patience and she has done all the rest herself. She now loves going in the car, loves her walks and has been on numerous holidays and has taken all new experiences in her stride. She can still be quite skittish but we know how to cope with this now. We love her to bits and feel so lucky to have her in our lives.

I wanted to share an update following adopting Napples, now known as Matilda (or Tilly) last month. Tilly is a very special four month old golden retriever who was born without the toes on her front right paw and has part of her ear missing. It is a month today since she came home with us and what a great month it has been.
Tilly has settled into our home wonderfully and from day one she has been the calmest puppy we have ever had - sleeping through the night with no accidents, letting us brush her teeth, put balm on her paw, happily going into her crate and even falling asleep whilst getting her nails clipped! Tilly’s foot certainly isn’t holding her back so far, she loves nothing more than running around the garden with her big sisters Ruby and Margot, going for walks and jumping in the paddling pool.
Tilly is starting puppy classes tomorrow and loves being in the company of other dogs and people, we are certain she will excel as she already sits very nicely, comes when we call her name and walks well on the lead. Tilly loves cuddling up with us in the evenings and sits under my feet all day whilst I’m working. Considering she has had a bad start in life her little tail never stops wagging, there hasn’t been a day yet where she hasn’t woken up happy and pleased to see us.
Tilly will be going on her first holiday later this year to the Peak District and we can’t wait! She is starting hydrotherapy in a months time to strengthen her legs so that her paw shouldn’t cause any problems as she gets older. Tilly has slotted into our family perfectly and we can’t imagine life without her ??.
Kind Regards,
Eleanor and Jack


Hello wonderful team !
Having lost our beloved dog (from Many Tears 9 years ago!) we were finding the house just didn’t feel like a home without a pup.
Having applied for a puppy and passed our home check, we were en route on the long journey (and nearly arrived) at Many Tears from our Hampshire home, we were phoned to say we couldn’t rehome him as he was ill. We were invited to still come and see the others - which we did.
We were so lucky and over the moon to find a black lab cross. He was just what we wanted and left his food to come and see us. We decided he had chosen us, as had our previous dog !
This was one week ago and he is just gorgeous ! He already knows ‘sit’ ‘down’ ‘dinner’ and comes when his name is called. He sleeps from 10pm til 6.45am when we come down, and will scratch at the door to go out (where he promptly disappears into the bushes for a private wee or poo !).
We have lots more training to do, and we have the odd accident, but we can’t believe how far he has come already.
Thank you so much Many Tears


My fiance and I rescued Lily (was Orca) from Many Tears in February 2022. She's settled in amazingly with the help of her now best friend Luna, who shows her how life is supposed to be. Since being with us she has been to the beach, explored lots of forests and fields and has been to a few 'Beagle Parties' at our local bark park. She warmed up to Luna straight away but took a while to fully trust us and other people. Now she is the most snuggly dog you could ever meet and loves to cuddle up in our bed at night and early in the morning.
She's learnt the 'sit' command but still gets too excited over treats to be interested in learning any other commands but that's okay. She also absolutely loves sunbathing and has learnt all the places in the house where she is able to sunbathe at different times of the day.
We're so happy and so grateful that Lily is now part of our family. It's like she was always meant to be with us and we're so excited to continue giving her the best life possible, full of so many adventures and of course lots of treats!
Thank you for all the hard work you do!
Georgia and Rob


Ollie (was Pasty)
I was a little overwhelmed when I arrived at my new home, which is actually a small farm, it was so big and there were so many new smells I just didn’t know where to start!
Week 1. So much happened this week! I started a new raw feeding diet and it’s amazing, I’d recommend it for sure. As I’m a bit nervous we do lots of different things to get me used to noises and people. Going to the pub for a meal is a little scary but as long as I have Bean to lean on I feel safe. II wasn’t allowed off the lead to start with as I didn’t know my name and was easily distracted by birds and butterflies! It didn’t take long though because I worked so hard at training with my new humans.
Week 2. I’m a bit more settled with the daily routine now, learning from my buddy Bean all the time, he’s older and wiser.
Week 3. I was off the lead and coming back to the whistle EVERY time! I do like making my humans happy as then they call me a good boy and give me lots of praise.
Week 4. I went to the vets for a check up today and I’ve put on 2kg in weight which they were very pleased with, I was so thin my harness kept slipping down. I’m now allowed to run round the orchard at pig feeding time and I even help round the ducks up at bedtime. I really love it here and enjoy my training (we’re always training)
Week 5. I now sleep past 5am and my humans are really happy!
Week 8. We went for a walk down the green and I was let off my lead, it was great running along side my house mate Bean, I always made sure I could see my humans though so I didn’t get lost.
Week 9. Oh my god I never knew I could swim! Chasing a ball on land is awesome but swimming is definitely the best I love it!
Thank you to Many Tears for finding me this lovely home. I’ll continue to learn and grow with my new family and you never know, next year I might be herding the pigs instead!


Hi I wanted to give you an update for Luna. She has almost doubled her weight to be a mostly Bassett shaped dog! She is honestly the biggest couch potato and is not a fan of long walks at all (it is said that a bassets and working cockers like long walks…..). She likes a quick run to the local skate park to meet her buddies and chase birds. She has settled really well into her new life and other than guarding her new family a bit too well she’s perfect! (and we are working on the guarding - especially if we are eating). She is a reluctant student, refuses to react to the word ‘down’, cannot shake paws and only comes half the time she is called. Stubborn stubborn stubborn. A Hilarious dog!
We worried about our pond but it turns out this girl is extremely hydrophobic. We sadly lost her fur brother a couple of weeks ago - to liver cancer. She has enjoyed being an only dog so far and doesn’t seem to really miss him. Her favourite toy is a football and she has trashed several already. We have to watch her at the park if anyone has one…..
A serious shredder, all toys go the same way, as well as the odd shoe, but nothing valuable yet! She’s a bit of a thief and tall enough to reach the worktops, once snagging our dinner and scoffing it in the garden. She is also sneaky at night and often we find her snoring between us when we wake up. Big paws and a big heart, she makes me laugh every day, we are the best of friends.. Thank you for helping us to find our baby girl, she is beautiful and a great conversation starter because she looks so unusual.
Kind regards Nikki and Nigel


We visited Many Tears out of curiosity one day in June . We had no concrete plans to adopt a dog but this decision was taken away from us when Krisp (now called Willow) chose us. This cliche saying about a dog chosing it's owner never made sense to me until that day. The very kind and friendly staff patiently showed us around the complex and we were warmed by several dogs. Towards the end of our tour, however I wanted to be acquainted by one particular handsome looking dog so the kind Many Tears employee let us mingle with this dog and his fellow siblings. This is when Willow (not the original handsome one) jumped into our arms and we fell in love instantly, we have grown together and it has been the best decision we have made.
Thank you to you all at Many Tears!
Kind regards
Georgina and Jonathan


Hello friends!
Woof woof it’s Elena here with an update for you on how I’ve been getting on since I left my friends at Many Tears.
Firstly, my name isn’t Primrose any more, my new family thought that I might like a Romanian name as it’s where I came from so we changed it to Elena which means golden light in Romanian. I like it so much I always arrive straight away whenever it’s called!
I’ve fit in with my new family really well, I think they love me very much as I get lots of attention and smoothing. I’ve also had a tiny Jackchi doggie friend called Belle to show me the ropes and keep an eye on me, she’s very kind but also a bit bossy at times.
My favourite things in life are waking up in the morning and being let out to play in my garden, eating chicken and chasing shadows, I will sit and stare at the grass for hours on end waiting for a shadow to pass, butterfly shadows are the most fun, I have even dug a hole in the lawn trying to catch one!!
Today I went to the woods for the first time and it was great.
Bye for now
Elena (was Primrose)


Nell joined our family last November, at 4 months old. Even then, she was a big girl, being BernesexBoxer. She will be a year old this month. The older dogs were extremely rude to her at first and would leave the room when she entered, but Nell is such a sweetie and won them round quickly. She's very much part of the gang now, leading the charge when the squirrel appears and always first to the tennis ball. She's still growing and is powerful and inquisitive, so daily training is a must - especially when the boxer brain kicks in! We feel so privileged to have a Nell living with us, she's an absolute joy.

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