Happy Endings - July 2018

Hi all at MTAR,
My name is Beppo (it was Earnie) and today is my 6th gotcha day so I thought I should catch up. Six years ago I had bad dreams and used to wake up howling till Mum cuddled me better. That never happens now. You could say all my good dreams have come true. I love my life and all my ex MTAR friends. I love my 2 walks every day and once I had learned to run and jump, whee! Mum called me rocket dog. I love going on holiday in the motorhome. I love my dinner (but it could be bigger ...hint,hint) and I love, LOVE Mum.The only downer is the baths - who said bichon should be white anyway? So all you fur friends still waiting for your forever homes, don't give up hope, it will be worth it in the end. I am the happiest boy in the World now!


This is my baby who was adopted from you when she was 9 weeks old and was called Snowdrop. I collected her in Minehead 3½ years ago. She is absolutely beautiful and very affectionate and loving. She’s also a very good baby. Many thanks to Many Tears for my lovely baby girl.
Burnice Burke xx


I don't know where to start sharing the story of Krystal's happy ending. She has without doubt found her forever home. Our story begins very sadly, we lost our beloved first rescue furball Tizzy at the age of twelve in Sept 2017, way too soon for us and we were truly devastated. Jon my other half says that he didn't really know what grief meant or felt like until that day, when he had to take her on her final journey. I had never seen him weep, I did that day, and numerous times since, anytime he thinks of her, it impacted us both deeply.
We didn't think we could ever have another dog. Two weeks passed and I could tell that Jon was lost, lacked purpose outside of work. The house was a shell, so quiet that the echo was deafening. One evening I was scrolling through all the lovely hounds on MTAR and I spotted her! A lab cross. We rang up, and within a few days hopped into the car driving over 360 miles to bring her home. Just adorable, affectionate with bags of personality. She was approx 1 yr not house trained so the fun began. Unconditional love started from the moment she arrived at the house and ran arounc the garden. Within one week she knew we were her famil pack and realised that she was safe. Her recall is terrific. We simply love her and Tizzy would be so proud of us for giving another doggie a loving home.
Fiona O'Mahony

This is just to say that Ted is getting on so well. We love him to bits and it seems as though we have had him in the family for years not weeks! He has settled in really well and gets on remarkable well with our 7 cats...in fact he even rubs noses with 2of them!
We walk him once or twice a day depending on the weather and he loves to go over the woods which are near to us. Ted is still on the lead when we are out but I don't think it will be long before we can walk him without when appropriate. He still gets a little bit nervous when other dogs approach but he is not an aggressive dog so backs away.
In fact he is a love and we cannot fault him.He seems to be so happy here which of course is a real compliment I could go on and on with all Ted's wonderful ways. He brings so much happiness into the home and I can sense his happiness and gratitude too. As I said before we really do love him to bits
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all he wonderful staff up and down the line and obviously including the wonderful people who go out to Romania and the fosterers who give up their precious time for these wonderful creatures a very big thank you
You make us feel very humble
Kindest regards to all. Sue and Tony Watkins and of course our Ted. x


Gabby. Our little princess has just celebrated her 2nd adoption anniversary. She so confident now. She bosses her pal Sammy and rules the roost. She took part in a small dog show in May. She wasn't too happy about dressing up but she looked so cute!


Hi, just an update on this amazing girlie. Daphne has come so far since that day in February when I brought her home. Everything about life she’s enjoying, and has even as you can see conquered her fear of water. Thankyou for rescuing Daphne, and giving her the chance to have a happy life.
Love from Buddy, Violet, Daphne and of course Me too xxxx


Elky, now renamed Elly has been with us for nearly two months and has settled in beautifully in her new surroundings. She has a great relationship with our Jack Russell "Pudding", himself a rescue dog, and has been easy to train and respond to her new name (we use a "clicker" the same way we trained Pudding).
Already she is walking off the lead on some of our regular dog walks and walks to heel alongside me. The two dogs get on great together and sleep side by side on the sofa. The garden is littered with their toys and they love chasing a tennis ball, it's always a fight as to who gets there first.
We have just had a holiday in West Wales and she just loved the long beach walks but like Pudding draws the line at getting her paws wet! In restaurants the two dogs just lie under the table without a sound. We could not he happier with Elly and, from the tail wagging, she seems to be enjoying life. So thank you Many Tears, and Anne her 'foster mum' who we keep in contact with, for bringing Elly into our lives.


We adopted Jack and Jill, border terriers five weeks ago after our beloved 16 year old border collie died. We wanted to be able to give a home to two dogs who needed to stay together and this brother and sister duo drew us despite the physical challenge of keeping them safe and secure, given Jack's athletic ability and the limitations of our fencing, which is still work in progress.
They settled really well very quickly, and love visitors and strangers alike, which tells us that they have been much loved in their first home. They have taken on a guard dog role, as their confidence has grown. They knew exactly what a settee was for as soon as they entered our home and we have had so many cwtches together on the settee since then.
They love their runs out on the mountain or the field on their long leads. They have been far more responsive than we dared expect and seem to know their job is healing two broken hearts, which job is now well under way. And if there is any doubt, they show that they know what their jobs are when they just gaze into our eyes, holding us in their loving, healing eyes. What more could we ask for? What lovely little healing creatures. Well they could be little less smelly but no- one is perfect!
They are causing some chaos in their dog training class and get very excited at meeting so many puppies. They are real terriers when out and rabbits and cats would be fair game if let off leash, which they won't be! They are funny, resilient and sociable. We love them both and really hope their original family gets to read this and know that Jack and Jill, now Magic and Star have found a home where they have the love and the time they deserve and also proper jobs and a real purpose which is really appreciated.
Thank you for two such darling family members.
Christine Davies


I thought you might like an update on the beautiful Ava we adopted in February. We had already adopted the lovely Olive in August 2016 from Many Tears. ( Bichon x) and fell in love with her instantly. She had never lived in a home but house training went smoothly with just a few mishaps and she is the most loving, beautiful girl and the whole experience was just so fulfilling.
We therefore decided to add to the family. We saw Ava (Stardust) who was already in foster with Pauline and as soon as we met her we had to have her. Japanese Spitz wasn’t a breed we were familiar with but as soon as we saw her we had to have her. She is like a little snow fox, smaller than she looks in the photos and very very fluffy!! (my house has never been so hairy!)
Well she fitted in like a dream. We had to work on a little bit of house training and teach her how to climb the stairs but other than that she was a very good girl. She prances like a dressage pony and jumps like a spring lamb.... she is crazy and is so playful, she would play 24/7 if she could. Olive has lost weight as all they do is play with each other. It’s lovely to see. Poor Olive is exhausted!! Ava is a little ‘ barky’ but we are working on that and she goes to puppy class once a week to socialise. she definitely knows she is the most glamorous girl there! Winnie our other rescue (Yorkie) is learning to tolerate Ava and Ava is now aware that Winnie is the boss!
Thank you Many Tears for two of our fur babies, they make our family complete.
Lots of love Scott and Claire

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