Happy Endings - July 2020


We, after wanting a cocker spaniel for many years finally got the call to travel from Bedfordshire to pick up 6 year old Albert. We brought him back and straight away he has settled well into our home He has adapted to us and enjoys the walking around the forest of Marston Vale where we live. He is a character with a great personality but is responding well to our training. Sleeps at night wakes up every day for a new adventure. Very happy and definitely a people dog. A fantastic addition to our life and we look forward to many years of happiness with him Please see the pictures attached of a very content dog.
Thank you Many Tears
Rose and Craig Reid


Dear Team,
Just to update you on Judy who we adopted from you in October 2019. She took a little while to completely trust us but immediately became a good pal to our resident young Cavalier. She has turned out to be an absolute delight. She and Ollie have become inseparable and we would not be without either of them.
Thanks again for allowing us to adopt her.
Best wishes with your future adoptees.
Marilyn and Barry Watkinson


Jack is amazing...happy little boy...loves walking...he's my best friend. Gill

Hello everyone at Many Tears, Its jins 4th gotcha day on the 31st july.
He's my lovely boy who loves going for walks, food and lots of tummy tickles, he's very kind and loving to his little sister libby (mt liberty).
He can still get spoked occasionally, when out walking but he's my brave boy who we all love very much xxx


We are seven weeks on from adopting Sunny.
What a lovely boy he is. Still very timid and easily spooked but we have more steps forward than back now. He spends a lot of time in his safe place under a kitchen bench, but what a change at walk times! He loves it ,either on his own or with the other dogs and now he has stopped 'freezing', he is a joy to take out.
He loves the car and we meet friends for different walks with no problems. I look forward to when he wants to sleep upstairs with the others or will come and sit with us in the evening. Still, all in good (or his own )time.
His favourite times in the garden are early morning or late evening when every thing is really quiet, but he is beginning to trust and hopefully enjoy life.



Eric came to live with us just over 2 weeks ago. When we met him at Many Tears in Llanelli he was very anxious and took some time to come over to say hello, only allowing a small stroke before backing away. He is 3 years old and due to his life in Romania he had little reason to trust humans. We saw how much he loved the people looking after him at Many Tears so were hopeful that he would come to love us. Eric was nervous on arriving in our home. We did not take him out for the first couple of days, helping him to get to know us and feel secure in the house. He ventured out in the back garden for a good sniff, and to date has only had one toilet accident in the house.
Two weeks on it is amazing to see the transformation. He is a truly waggy tailed dog. Nervous when meeting new people, jumps at noises, and not always sure of other dogs, but making daily progress. He is now walking really well on the lead since moving to a harness. He was chained up in Romania and so does not seem to like a collar lead. He is already coming when called, and really seems to be enjoying the walks, whether it is in the park, in a wood, or out in long grass. Eric has blossomed, he is loving, playful, and trusting, great fun, and always up for a cuddle on the sofa.
Now nicknamed Eric the Optimist and Eric the Clever we are really thankful to have him in our family. Thank you to the staff at Many Tears. You were surprised that we were happy to take Eric when he showed such little interaction with us but seeing how well he interacted with you gave us encouragement. A big thank you.


Hi all just wanted to give a we update on Daisy . We picked her up yesterday from Wales with a 8 hour journey home it was a happy occasion for myself hubby and Barney but also sadness for Daisy , We felt sadness for as she lay in the same position the whole journey with her head up staring into space and never slept at all probably wondering what was happening next . On arriving home in the house she then went outside slowly taking everything in and very nervous popping in and out we let her take all in and my lab gave her space . We fed her she was very nervous eating as her identity tag was hitting of the dish which is metal and frightened at all other noises . We sat on the floor patting our other dog she popped in and out watching us then after about 10 mins came to us for a pat still running in and out and back for a pat . We put her bed in our room when we went to bed she walked up and down the hall in and out of our room and went to bed in her own time about 20 mins later Daisy woke just after 2 am and went out for a pee then 4.30 for a pee and a poo . It was quite funny she watched me getting into bed .then she got in hers . Breakfast eaten and then followed me round with me not looking at her . but leaving each room when l turned to leave a room . Another poo and pee in the garden doing well though l do expect accidents none yet . Well at 2.10 she is feeling relaxed having a Sunday snooze . I know it will take time and patience for her to get over her what has happened in her earlier years . Daisy has only been in our care for 26 hours and l already see an improvement and we are so glad and privileged to have been given the chance to adopt her . Thank you all X


Hula was adopted on the 12th July by Glyn Charles and as you can see she very happy in her new home already.


Alun first came to visit us a week before he moved in . He was nervous and clinging to his fosterers. They were here for a few hours and we all went for a walk and just before leaving Alun started to approach us and allow limited petting. Thankfully this made the actual adoption much less stressful for him and he has settled in brilliantly. He eats well, plays lots and learns very quickly . He is testing his boundaries , but knows the word “no” and accepts it graciously. He loves his toys and his latest favourite is a slice of cucumber that he throws about and bombs around the garden with. It breaks my heart to think what his life could have been like if he had stayed on the streets in Romania. We are slowly trying to socialise him as we want him to enjoy his walks instead of constantly being on guard and getting scared, but he will get there. At home he is totally relaxed, and cheeky. He is a joy.


It has been a week now since we welcomed our second MT dogs into our hearts, life and home.
Harriett is a gorgeous, crazy girl who has settled in so well. She is a big sister to Mindy Mt (Jewel) our Cavachon. They are getting on great expect for both loving the same teddy. Just like any parents we are doing our best to be firm and fair.
Harriett is a right Daddy's girl and Mindy is a Mommy's girl but they love a fuss off their big brother James and don't mind swapping with Mommy and Daddy's laps.
This year has been very hard for us. In January our beautiful son Jake passed away aged 18. He had a Mitochondrial condition. There was days I didn't want to get out of bed. James didn't go out for over 3 months. Mindy kept us going, bless her. If she saw me crying she would give me a little bark and jump on my lap.
We needed another dog, a reason to keep busy. Jake had needed 24/7 care. We started looking at the MT site again. And last week we traveled upto Wales and picked up our new furbaby.
She has rescued us all, not just us rescuing her. James has started going out again. We have been taking both girls on long, long walks. Loving every second.
Thank you so much for rescuing our family.
Harriett is amazing. She loves all water, waking us up by jumping on us every morning. She thinks she is tiny like Mindy.


I thought I'd take a minute or 2 to update you guys on Archie.
We fell for this skinny slightly nervous little boy in Dec 2018 and on 1st Jan 2019 we got to bring him home. From day one he's been a friendly boy albeit didn't really know what to make of it all.... a warm house, soft furnishings and a forever family that wanted him to feel loved.
Our other older dog wasn't too sure at first and really was struggling, following the loss of her litter mate brother after nearly 10 years together. However over time Salsa helped Archie adjust and to know that the 2 humans now in his life were kinda cool... they fed him, walked him, played with him.... all the things we don't think he'd experienced before. Likewise, he helped to reduce the anxiety she had been showing since losing her brother. Roll forward 18 months and he's fully settled into home life.
He's not only house clean but he's learnt to knock the door if he wants to go out. He used to only ever sleep on the tiled floor, now he jumps up onto the couch and bed when we're not watching. He likes to cwtch up with his sister and he actually seeks out cwtches from his mammas. He's never learnt to play with his toys, but does really like to play seek and find with treats out on the lawn.
For the grim first 7 years of life this boy had, he seems to be enjoying life now.


This is Kira mt Dreamer, who we adopted a few weeks ago. She is three years old and a little treasure. The photos are off Kira and her big brother Kai, who has done amazingly well teaching her. Kira on left of picture. She has settled really well and joined the family pawfectly. She was house trained within the week and walking happily on her lead in the first week. She now runs off the lead and never goes too far away. She is an absolute nutter, full of mischief and a real pleasure to have.
Thank you many tears ?? for all the work that you do for these wonderful dogs


I thought I would send you a little update on Radu's first week with us and how he doing, (now known as Olli). He is doing so well! Monday after we picked him up he was very scared, he would not eat or drink, I had to carry him out in the garden and also carry him up to bed at night.
Tuesday he was still scared but seemed to have taken to me a lot quicker than Ross. He ate and had a drink this morning and he also went outside without me carrying him, he followed Gizzi and when to the toilet, we have only had two pees in the house all week which I think is good going! Gizzi and he did have a little wobble it was not nasty, all it was that Gizzi wanted to play and Olli was not too sure and I think she was just being a bit too boisterous for him. There fine now there has been no other issues. Tuesday eve he started to come out of his shell with me he's so funny and sweet, we drove to pets at home with Olli and Gizzi, the plan was for me, Gizzi and Ollie to stay in the car but he was an awkward shape to get fitted for the harness
I carried him in, he was so good the staff were fab I explained the situation, he seemed to have a bit of a pip in his step once we had fished in Pets at Home so as we had the harness, collar and the two leads I thought I would let him try to get back to the car without carrying him he did so well!! he watched Gizzi and followed. we made to about 10foot from the car then he had had enough. We drove homem, he loves the car he gets so excited wanting to stick his nose out the window ( i only open it about 3 cm! ) He ate well and his ears and tail were starting to pick up his whole demeanor was changing and it was so lovely he is still scared of the stairs at this point so I have to carry him up and down.
Wednesday We had to do a shop so the day before I had organized a click and collect so the dogs did not have to be left at home as I don't think they were ready at all for this yet. Olli was fantastic I sat in the back again with ollie and Gizzi ( both the dogs have a seat belt harness) he was a lot calmer in the car today to the point they both just lay down and were so chilled!
Thursday he started to try and play his tale was waging but when you went to play with him he would back off, he ate well then we thought we would try walking up the street he did so well we made a full circle walk!! we had plenty of stops and strokes, he got spooked if a large car went past but once I crouched next to him and with gentle encouragement he would carry on walking. what we did encounter is that he's very scared of men he completely backed up against a wall when two men came past to the point I had to pick him up, which might also explain why it's taking him a bit longer to bond with Ross, but he was ok with lots of reassurance and calm voice he was fine he did not try to escape out of the harness or collar he was just so scared, but I am sure with time and encouragement he will be fine.
Friday he mastered the stairs!! and he was so pleased with himself
He is now carrying toys around and encouraging Gizzi to play with him he is now also being so curious and playful everything is new and he wants to see what it is, he likes to carry things around Ross's slippers, all the dog toys, the throws of the sofa, bean bags, even tried to pull the curtains down! but he's good if you say no he does listen. managed to give him a good brush which has helped his coat too.
Hopefully, in the weeks to come, he will come out of his shell even more, and live a full and happy life.
Sorry if its a bit long ! just thought I would send you an update on his first week
Thank you, Kerry Hussey


I adopted Betty from you in March at the start of lockdown. She was happy to be with my other dog Millie but found it hard to trust me or allow me to touch her. Loved going in the garden in fact it was often hard to get her in. Her one weakness which l have exploited is food she can be bribed, she managed to wriggle out of of every harness l got her but eventually having a two lead system and kilo’s of treats has worked today we had our first proper walk outside. You cannot imagine how happy l am, although it has take a long time it is testament to her character and courage that she is beginning to over come her fear of new experiences. She is now also coming to me when called for affection and brushing.
The next mountain to climb is car rides but l think that now she has come this far it will get easier
Thank you for letting me have her Marie


To Steve and Geri and all at many tears just to give you an update on Ben's first week with us...
He has settled in perfectly, you wouldn't recognise him as the same dog and neither would we after last Friday. He fits into the family perfectly, he adores the grandchildren and they adore him. They run with him through all the fields with his other doggie friends. He's really gelled with the pack and his confidence has grown rapidly in a short amount of time especially with strangers and He's really adapted to home life. We will send updates in the future. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him he's been worth the trip.
Vicky, Phil, Orla and Ben


Dear Many Tears,
Thought we would provide you with a little update on Odie (was named Oden).
We collected Odie from you in June 2019 when he was just a puppy. He was quite poorly in the first few months we had him but is doing really well now and we all adore having him around. He takes part in hoopers, which is a new agility for dogs and he absolutely loves learning to run through tunnels, hoops and around barrels. He is super friendly, loves a cuddle with anyone he meets and we just couldn't imagine life without him now. We have just celebrated Odie's first gotcha birthday and would love to get in contact with some of his siblings who he arrived at many tears with. We can't thank many tears rescue enough for allowing us to adopt Odie. He is a cheeky chap who brings us so much joy and keep us on our toes!
Kind regards and thanks again
The Taylor Family.

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