Black Dog Poems

For some unknown reason black dogs always seem to find it harder to find homes. If there is a little of puppies it always seems to be the completely black one that is last to be adopted so imagine what it's like if you are black adult dog looking for a home!

Black dogs are ofter harder to photograph so this can play a part of why they struggle as many adopters only visit the website. This may seem like a silly reason behind Black Dog Syndrome, but it’s actually a big deal.

We have asked our supporters to write poems about black dogs to try and help people move passed what they initially see, which is a plain black dog, and look a little deeper. So many of these dogs are the most devoted and loving companions you could adopt - so please consider adopting a black dog.


A black Lab sits in the corner
A golden Lab lays on the rug
The golden is called to his master
Where he gets a cuddle and hug

The black lab sits there waiting
Will she call my name
Just because I'm older
I want a cuddle the same

The golden lab is aged one year
The black lab is eight
He's faithful, trusting, obedient
they know he wont go passed the gate

The golden lab is still a puppy
Frisky, cheeky, sometimes bad,
The black labs sits in the corner
his expression shows he is sad

They used to play with me like that
We would have fun in the park
my owner would throw me a ball
and i would run and bark

Now the black lab sits in the corner
he is fed and watered well
But the owner no longer plays with him
The golden labs favorite, you can tell.

There was a black dog here before me
i think they called him joe
One day they drove off with him
and he never came back i know

The say my hair is a nuisance
Its not my fault that i moult
I didnt  ask them to buy new carpet
A cream one that matches HER coat

The little black lab in the corner
lays down to rest his head
Its not till 4 hours later
they realized the black lab was dead.

Brenda Brooks


BLACK DOG (with heart of gold)

Please don’t be put off by my colour, I could love you as well as the rest,
For my heart it is pure and loving and the love that it holds is the best.  
And my needs are the same as my brothers, Regardless of colour or breed,
For we all want somebody special and we all have the same hopes and dreams.  
Yes my coat it is black, but it’s shiny, and I’m handsome, or so I’ve been told,
So why doesn’t anyone want me?  Black dog (with heart of gold)

Every day I wait for an owner, someone to really love me,
And each day I keep waiting and longing and I hope that my ‘someone’ I’ll see. 
And I am loyal and trusting and I hope that one day you will come,
And look in my face and know me, and take me to live in your home.  
And we will be happy together, with someone to have and to hold,
And the thought of that keeps me going. Black dog (with heart of gold)

I would not ask much from my owner, Just a corner, and someone to care,
Me on the rug by the fireside and you in your favourite chair. 
And in return I would love you, and comfort you when you feel low,
And the love that you give me I’ll treasure, more than you’ll ever know.
And I would give you riches that cannot be bought or sold,
and the love that I bring is priceless.  Black dog (with heart of gold)

I know that I am of value and each hair of my coat has been blessed,
But I still need somebody special and a quiet corner to rest. 
The love that I offer is golden and my loyalty knows no bounds,
But my heart is sore with rejection and I long for my home sweet home. 
So I sit in my cage and I’m hoping, that someone will give me a chance,
But most people don’t seem to see me and they don’t even give me a glance.  
I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect and you may have occasion to scold,
But at the end of the day I’ll still love you. Black dog (with heart of gold)

So I sit in my cage and I’m waiting, and I hope that today you will come,
And give me the home that I long for and make me your dearly loved chum. 
And we could go walking together, making friends with the people we meet,
Or we could just sit by the fireside, or perhaps an occasional treat. 
In the meantime I’m waiting and hoping, but now that my story’s been told,
Maybe my ‘someone’ will claim me.  Black dog (with heart of gold)

So I lie in my cage and I’m dreaming, and my dreams are all happy and gay,
Spending time with my ‘someone’ so special and sharing our lives every day. 
And I dream what it is to be wanted, and to have someone special right there,
To care for my needs and my welfare, to love me and show that you care.  
And I have so much love I could give you, and a heart without love is so cold,
So please don’t pass by and ignore me.  Black dog (with heart of gold)

So please stop to think and remember that under the skin is a heart,
And a heart can be easily broken, but you can, if you wish, play a part. 
And the happiness we’ll find together will make all my pain go away,
And to me you will always be precious and your love I can never repay.  
And we’ll walk through the years together and I’ll love you until I grow old,
You’re the one that I’ve always longed for -beloved owner (with heart of gold)

by Patricia Spurin



I looked on Many Tears one day,
Like many times before.
And on the screen looking back at me,
I saw my little girl.
Her shining eyes so full of hope,
She called me to her aid.
And so the call I made at once,
And an appointment made.

I had read before upon their site,
Black dogs are harder to re-home.
It's seems to many people,
Looks come first and black seems dull.
Well here's a little message,
To help you think again.
My little girl called Sasha,
Is a perfect little gem.

She runs just like a greyhound,
At the park least once a day.
She loves the park with all her friends,
Where she gets to run and play.
All you can hear is 'Hello Sash',
As she greets the people there.
And when it's time to go back home,
She leaves without a care.                               

She loves her sister Lily,
They always cuddle after play.
She even has two brothers,
Cats we rescued on the way.
She's holidayed in Cornwall,
Where she runs along the beach.
Without the help of Many Tears,
This place she couldn't reach.

We always have a cuddle,
And I look into those eyes.
No-longer do they call for aid.
But warm me deep inside.
For one thing is for certain,
From this little girl I found.
That being black is far from dull,
She's my very special hound.

I could not imagine my life without Sasha, please don't dismiss a dog because its colour seems boring


In a smart suit of black curls
Which now glisten in the light
Is our dear little poodle, Timmy,
Fast asleep in the night.

Only a few months ago
A bedraggled little fellow
Is now our delight
All calm, cool and mellow.

So don't pass black dogs by
They have love .....much to give.
Every one has a story.
And a happy life yet to live!

Susan Hills


To some the black dog means bad luck, to some it means depression,
To some black equals boring , lacking style or expression.
But colour has no meaning , it’s just fashion or a fad,
It can’t show love or loyalty, it can’t be good or bad.

My last three dogs have worn black coats, abandoned and alone,
But I didn’t see their colour when I offered them a home.
I saw their personalities, the sadness in their eyes,
saw their hope, their loving hearts, and could not pass them by.

I'll never understand those folk  who look above the skin,
When anyone who's owned a dog knows beauty lies within.
So don’t be swayed by colour, see instead their hearts of gold,
And spare a thought for all black dogs left waiting in the cold.

By Ginny Hewitt
(For Ben, Jason & Kizzy)


Silky, shiny, soft, flowing,
My black coat is a joy,
But once I had no fur at all
The mites, I was their toy.

But Many Tears they rescued me
A very sickly dog.
"One day she will be beautiful"
An act of faith in God.

It took a year, but now I wear
My velvet every day.
Gloriously black and proud of it,
Happy in every way.

Scrumpy the Somerset Spaniel

By Anne Todd


silent kennels
black as jet
the invisible dog

people come
he watches
wags his tail
people pass
this black dog

silent kennels
this dog
this black dog
this jet black dog

By a Many Tears Supporter


Just another ‘Black Dog’ I heard the people say,
as they pass by my kennel every day.

I am very loving and always do as I am told,
my carers all say I have a heart of gold.

I was rescued in a terrible state,
and I was dumped and left by the gate.

My skin was bad but my coat has grown back,
it is now lovely and soft and still ‘black’ .

Look beyond my coat and give me a chance,
maybe do agility or teach me to dance.

I will protect you and keep you safe from harm,
and hopefully soon you will fall for my charm.

Just talk to me or take me for a walk,
I would say thank you, if only I could talk.

I will always be your very best friend,
and we will be together until the end.

Love and Licks from the ‘Black Dog’ xxxx

By Wendy Waygood


Hi there, my name is Sweepie
Parentage unknown
I might have been black and crossbred
- Still someone took me home!

I started as a ball of fluff
A twinkle in my eye
My legs they grew, my coat it shone
- such a handsome guy!

I loved it with my family
Saw people come and go
But I was always there for them
- we loved each other so!

I watched the children as they grew
We chased, we played, we ran
The little girl, she got so tall
- the boy became a man!

Suddenly the children
Had children ot their own
They dressed me up as Rudolph
- tried to share my Christmas bone!

Greyer as 14 years passed by
Time it came, to part
The family had to say goodbye
- each with a broken heart

Losing me was very hard
It changed everything they knew
The house was suddenly empty
- what were they to do?

Hi there, my name is Marmite
Parentage unknown
I might be black and crossbred
- but still they took me home!!

by Julie Watmore


Do you love liquorice, blackberries or black currents?
Do you love black panthers, black birds or black bears?
Do you love black onyx or little black dresses?
Do you love black tulips, black pansies or black fritillaries?

Could you love us – black Labrador, black mongrel, black German shepherd?
Could you love us – black terrier, black retriever and black cross setter?
We are as scrumptious as liquorice and as stunning as panthers.
We are as glossy as Onyx and as showy as tulips.

But best of all we have warm hearts which we want to share with you,
We have time which we want to spend with you,
And although we can’t promise to always be perfect
We can promise to always accept you for being you.

By Rachel Meredith


Beautiful big black bouncy boy,
who once went by the name of Popeye,
He gives me so much love and tears of joy,
I'm so pleased that he is MY big black boy.

His life started sad and terribly cruel,
until one day he was rescued by an angel,
she showed him happiness and what life was about,
getting him ready for someone to love.

Four months passed, He was still waiting,
not one person who was willing to take him.
beautiful natured to scared to bark,
bathing you with licks is his biggest trick.

Then one Christmas a family came,
we are his people I wanted to scream,
waiting for the home check for everything to go through,
So pleased when they said he's the dog for you.

His name is now Thai, he's still very shy,
but not lonely or sad without his own pad,
his sister Twix taught  him to play,
fetch, sit and stay.

On cold December mornings we go in to town,
collecting for others, they give us their pounds
Charming and friendly smousing the crowd,
the warmth of the people fills me with pride.

Big black dogs are so much fun,
just wanting to please you
and show you some fun,
give one a chance, you won't be sorry,
They just filled with happiness that's everlasting

By Leigh Fullman


There are many superstitions
People have these odd ideas
Black animals especially
Seem to foster many fears

My owner says she loves me
She couldn’t love me more
I love her too, and try to please
Whatever lies in store

I’m faithful, brave and loyal
And so damn cute as well!
I’d lay down my life for her
I’m sure that she can tell.

I’m very sleek and shiny
The light gleams off my back
So many folks admire me
But hey – guess what? – I’m BLACK!

Amanda Horsley


I am dark, yes, but not in the inside.
Look into my eyes and know that I am made of light
And hope
See beyond my dark coat
Dull for now, but with some love and time, I will SHINE
And not only on the outside
I will be black, yes
And I will be beautiful
And you will wonder at how you ever lived without
‘That black dog’
Who, for the longest time
Waited and watched and dreamed
That the next person through the door
Would be MY friend,  
MY love................Be  MINE.

Lucy Osborne


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