Millionhairs Match Maker is a way to help us match people with the right dog and the dog with the right people.

We have a small team who will log requests from people who have been unable to find a suitable dog on our website. The potential adopters will need to complete an application form and the team will attempt to find a potentially good match for them. If they do, the applicant will be contacted and, if they are interested in the dog that has been suggested, their Match Maker application will be transferred to that dog. The application will then enter our normal adoption process and our usual criteria and procedures will apply. Please be aware that this does not mean that your application will have priority or that you are guaranteed a particular dog. A dog will not automatically be reserved for you. Our Match Makers will try to contact you and you need to be able to respond asap as other applications for the dog may come in. You should not rely entirely on our Match Makers and should still look at the site and get in touch if you see another dog you think might be suitable.

If you have trouble completing the application form please email with your name and landline phone number saying you have tried to complete the form and we will be in touch and see if we can help.


  • Please read our ADOPTION PROCEDURES before applying.
  • When completing the form you will not be able to put a breed (this will happen automatically once your "match" has been made.
  • Please put under "Reason for selecting this dog" the following information:
  1. Is there a specific breed you wish to rehome? (if not please state whether you would like a small, medium or large dog).

  2. What age range of dog would you consider?

  3. Do you have a preference towards a male or female dog?

  4. How far would you be willing to travel to adopt your new dog?

  5. Would you consider a dog with medical needs or mobility issues? (This could be something as simple as daily eye drops to something more serious. Sometimes we have dogs with 3 legs or who have difficulty walking).

  6. Would you consider a deaf or blind dog?

We are all very excited about this and, although there may be a few teething problems to start with, we are confident we can deliver a quality service and find many more of our dogs their forever homes.

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