Why Adopt A Beagle?

Size - the beagles we usually have available for adoption are usually 10-15kg although sometimes we get a petite beagle and other times we get a chunky one..

Coat - Beagles have an easy to maintain coat which only needs a weekly brush to remove any lose hair. Their fur is naturally waterproof and they do not need regular bathing (unless they find something smelly to roll in)

Temperament - Beagles are gentle and loving dogs. They bond well with their family and are usually very good with children. They are clowns and will make you laugh and will get up to mischief. As most of our beagles are ex breeders they may be scared and quiet to start with but you will soon see the true beagle personality shining through.

The nose - Beagles are well known for their sense of smell, they are never happier than when they are following a scent. They tend to switch off their ears when following a scent so recall may be hit and miss. They also use this nose to find food and will think nothing of eating any food that is within reach.

Exercise - Beagles enjoy exercise and require at least an hours walk a day but will take as much as you give them, although ex breeders will need to be built up to this.

Training - Most of our Beagles are ex breeders so will need help with house training and lead walking. Beagles really love food which really helps with training. They do tend to bond strongly with their family and being left alone can cause separation anxiety so time alone needs to be built up gradually.

Dogs and other animals - Beagles tend to be very sociable with other dogs and the ex breeders will always have been in the company of other dogs and will look to canines for support initially. Some beagle are cat friendly and even chicken friendly.



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